Spirit is…

Benevolent and beloved ancients, ancestors, and on and off-planet beings


Spirit is anyone and anything not seen—everyone from average Joes to the big “I AM” himself. Spirit might be Great-Aunt Hester who had a fondness for baseball or a ship full of enlightened beings with a “just visiting” earthly parking pass.

Spirit is source consciousness.

Spirit woman
Ancestors in fur


Back when we were wearing fur hides fashionably draped over one shoulder and dragged a club rather than a Coach bag, very few of us were sensitive to every little dust mote and spore. Now the veil between the earth plane and other dimensions is virtually non-existent and people are finding themselves nose-to-nose with Spirit, whether they be loved ones, guides, masters, or little green men.

You walk all dimensions simultaneously. For now, it is our word and an occasional déjà vu feeling when you bump elbows with your other realm selves.


When you ask to experience a deeper connection, there is no one tribe, clan, ancestor, ET or dimension that your soul is not connected to, speaking to, listening to. You are one with the whole, a direct descendant of Source. And, knowingly or not, you’re getting an earful, the intent to elevate your soul.

Woman looking at the stars

All beings, be they terrestrial or extraterrestrial, are bound by the light of divine love.

Man in pool stargazing


Spirit is “next level” enlivening. Laden with love and goodwill, Spirit awakens our dormant divine consciousness, tunes up our vibration, unscrambles our low-res thinking, and reminds us of our power to love “it” into being whatever our happiest “it” is.

Spirit invites us to take the high vibrational road, to be a master of our thoughts and feelings, and hold dominion over our intent. 

Loved ones

The active and essential part of our friends and loved ones are constantly trying to communicate with us from the other side, reaching out with love to point us toward our highest potential. Their messages offer validation of their status as living but simply in another form.

Our own personal cheer squad, they root for us from the ethereal sidelines, shouting at us to turn this way and that as we navigate our unique crooked mile.

Old-fashioned glasses

Throughout your life you have built a rapport with your guides.

Girl in rainbow tutu twirling


Like a pal on the playground, I’m happy to give you a boost to the bar you think you can’t quite reach, but you don’t need me. You do not need an intercessor in order to access the divine—not a priest, shaman, or teacher. All beings are created equal and all of your senses are turned on. Fully activated, your visions are awakening and you are remembering your soul purpose. You’ve got this. Spirit will see to it.

Calling all kindred spirits, it would be an honor to have you join us at @spiritsayshi.
The more, the merrier!

Connect with Spirit

Dolphin and woman connecting

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