The conversation
Why #spiritsays?
For me or many?
Who is #spiritsays?
Who is talking to me when I write #spiritsays?
When you say the dead?
If I were an outsider looking in I might say this is Karen just being a storyteller
How do I know it is right and correct for me to publish?
Why me?
How it works?

The conversation

According to Spirit, I am to do readings, scribe for God and goodness, fight fear and dogma, teach others how to hear what I hear and do everything except wash windows every third Thursday between 2 and 4. If I’ve learned anything over the past 20 years, it’s that you never know what’s up Spirits’ future sleeve. Hey Spirit, should I start stocking up on Windex now or do I have some time?

When they told me to write #spiritsays, I had no idea that it would evolve into nightly serial of clichés, pop culture and butt-kicking wisdom, nor did I understand the impact that it would have. Of course Spirit intended to pack an inspirational punch, but I thought I was being offered “lite duty” for time well-served. I should have known better. Spirit is always evolving us; opening doors for us to sustain and support others. Love (serving others) is, after all, what we came here to do. Just ask Jesus or Buddha.

S: #spiritsays will show others that they too can tap into the source, listen to our guidance, and improve their situation through their own creation and our support.

Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall? Put on your listening beanie and prepare to ascend. As you read the snippets of my conversations with Spirit, Spirit will be winding your propeller to lift you up and into your highest and most joyful adventure.

Why #spiritsays?

S: It is not only spirit-inspired, but is the stepping stone to bigger and more evolved teachings.

The ultimate purpose is to teach others how to listen and believe what they hear is their knowing. To live and understand that they are divinity. To love God outside of themselves and to love God within.

S: #spiritsays is a commitment some will see as a threat, some will see as nonsense and some will see as truth. All will see it as a story well told and that is the point, to open doors through the bath of your words. With every passing day, your beacon will shine brighter and beckon more people to question the laws that hold them back and the God that loves regardless.

K: I don’t want them to question a God that loves regardless. I want them to know there is a God who loves regardless.

S: Exactly. And you will share that message. A God that slaps you down is no God at all. That is human behavior. God is not human but understands human behavior—you are to grow up and out of it.

Karen, every day you are becoming more sensitive to the energy of the written word. You have asked to write, been willing to write, and what was once just a thought is now the reality of your existence. But you are not writing about the planting of trees or the exercising of your dog. You are writing about Spirit and taking the path of announcing that there is more than the naked eye can see.

For me or many?

S: The people who are supposed to understand will. And the others, while you can explain a bit, do not go into detail for it will be lost and cause fear and that is not our intention.

I rarely know who is the intended recipient(s) of the #spiritsays message and, even when I think I know, others will email me claiming it was for them and just what they needed to hear. “I know nothing!” —Sergeant Schultz, Hogan’s Heroes

I do know

  • Spirit will “seize the day” and any opportunity to offer guidance, comfort and lift us up
  • 1000 people can read #spiritsays and each of them will interpret it differently
  • Not every #spiritsays will resonate with you—but those that are meant to hit home will

Who is #spiritsays?

#Spiritsays is actually a team of Spirit collaborators who want us to live our highest, healthiest, happiest but even higher than that, they want us to love unconditionally and serve.

K: Who is spirit says?

S: You are writing it with your divine collaborators. Us.

K: Is it from the source, from your average Joe spirits, from higher frequency beings, from spirit guides?

S: Yes.

K: Are you of God?

S: Yes Karen, you know I am of God. We are of God. We are from God to assist you in your decisions and in your case to assist you in spreading the message of God’s unconditional love. We are part of the mentoring program so to speak. God is perfection and we all strive to “perfect”. I am not leading you astray, but am a conduit from God to you. It is the difference between reading the cliff notes (me) and (War and Peace) God. I make it easier for you to journal the messages so that all can be led to God. There is evil in the world, but I am not of evil. I am of God, the father of all, the one, the all-knowing wisdom, the universal source. God is one for all universes, for all galaxies, for all beings, for all time. There is no other.

Who is talking to me when I write #spiritsays?

Tea for two (plus a few)

S: We all are. Many, those who wish to send loving thoughts, humor-filled and joyous thoughts to the planet. You are now where the listeners are. (Facebook/Twitter) Soon you will be less of a listener and more of a storyteller and show those who sit and listen how to be proactive in their lives. You are a conduit just as I am a conduit, Karen. You have tapped into the source and we are protecting that information so only the highest comes through. You will get controversial statements, as how else would people stop and contemplate? If it was always soothing and soft there is no “stop, wait a minute, what did she say?” It will take bravery.

Do not be afraid to write, to make a commitment to your belief in an afterlife, to your capacity to outreach and talk to the dead, to be a conduit for God as it will serve. A speaker for the other side, we do not allow negative statements or influences.

When you say the dead?

S: We want you to get used to the harshness of that term, but remember to us it simply means another form. We blinked … remember? We are in beauty and experience vast love and it is our deepest desire to shower you who still live in troubled times, in troubled circumstances, with the love that we can. It is our desire to offer comfort and bring joy.

If I were an outsider looking in I might say this is Karen just being a storyteller

S: Would you really? Hmm. Well, then what? You would walk away perhaps shaking your head and be left just as cold as before you heard the message. The point is to walk away feeling hopeful, aspiring to love unconditionally, aspiring to please God, be God, acknowledge God within you. We understand why you would think that arrogance and others may too. It is not, it is a responsibility.

If you are like God, then you feel for all humanity and want to ease their suffering. You feel for all who are in spirit. You feel for yourself. Is God arrogant? No and neither are you. You are called to service and as part of the preparation for that service, you are being reminded of your power, of the God spark that lives within you, of your absolute divinity. The divinity is what will keep your movements for the greater good and on the track toward enlightenment. Enlightenment cannot be found in darkness so do not worry about negativity. Again, you are protected and loved. We are here to keep you safe even as others would try to question. We did not say it would not be challenging (as you made it so) but we are here to help every step of the way.

How do I know it is right and correct for me to publish?

S: It is right and correct. We are watchful and sharing for a purpose. There is nothing written, however odd, that is not meant to be published. Fear is our “f” word… one of our favorites. Glorious that you published it, Karen. It took courage as there could have been flap back. We knew there wouldn’t be but you didn’t and so we are proud.

Why me?

K: It seems you are creating a celebrity.

S: We are creating someone who always was, but we are expanding your balloon, to create opportunities for you to serve, to teach, to love, to heal, to soften, to tickle, to delight, to change the world. You are capable and we are calling you to step up and you have. It is no small task, it never was. We did change it up a bit when you were dragging your feet so it took us a bit longer to get you to the trust point, but you are there and flying now.

You are embracing who you are. God’s plan, your chart, and all the lives before this one. It is purposeful and you can see the outcome and reason for the talk.

K: Just that it will and is serving.

S: Is there any other higher purpose?

K: No, I suppose not.

S: If you can help others to grow and be less fearful, to trust the truth of God’s existence, and the truth that they carry God within them and in all things, could there be anything higher?

K: No. Are we still doing it with humor?

S: Yes, but also with wisdom. Humor serves, simplicity serves, taglines serve, but also wisdom serves. You will allow accessibility through all channels. Keep up the good talk. People are listening.

How it works

There is no elite process. Initially, they would say it is time to write and I would sit down to jot a thought. A gaggle of spirit professors would then grade the page, critiquing, suggesting, tweaking or authoring anew. I would feel their intent and understanding would dawn—I would get the gist.

After a few of these sessions, and in full agreement with Barnum’s go big or go home philosophy, I took it upon myself to send a shout out to all otherworldly writers including the Shaws, Hemingways, and Faulkners. Then, just for kicks and giggles, I added crossed-over comedians and recently passed playwrights (this century) to the RSVP list. Even though the spirit wisdom was being funneled through layers of God’s white light, it got a little raucous, like a comedy club on a Saturday night. FYI, there are no unused words in heaven. The masters (Jesus, Buddha, Thoth) didn’t put the kibosh on the run-on ramblings and silly scribbles, but they did add their energetic layer to tighten the message and smooth out the delivery.

Now, with many years of #spiritsays under my belt, I say a simple prayer, listen for the first few words or an intent and start writing. Sometimes I am simply the scribe (aka transcriptionist) and other times I am the author, but at all times there is divine oversight and a purpose to the pen.


Stepping Up To Full Serve

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