The Ask

I say, “I’m not noble by nature.”

They say, “You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world.”


Tea & Crumpets

When Mary Magdalene says Don’t worry about what others think you should probably listen.

Mary Magdalene—yes THE MARY MAGDALENE—paid me a visit and over invisible tea and crumpets and in her lovely serene way, offered a bit of friendly but pointed advice, don’t worry about what others think dear. When she appeared, her energy comforted like a sweet-smelling blanket just taken from the warmer and although her message was steeped in love, in it was the undeniable mandate to get the #spiritsays show on the road and serve.

The more powerful you are, the more you can help others, the more you can serve, so do not diminish your capacity to be bold. We know you and know you are perfect for the job.


Spirit says fear of being the whole of who you are not only diminishes you, but also restricts how much service you can be to yourself and to others. Only when you are accepting of who you are, warts and all, will you model self-love and be able to extend yourself truthfully. Be yourself and celebrate every wonderful curve, nook, cranny, and fold.

Horse walking through tall grass

Acknowledge when you feel “less than” and then release it as it doesn’t belong to you and never did. Reveal to all who you authentically are.

Looking up at tall tree

Tall order

So, the ask? It was a tall ask.

Practice self-love AND…

Do readings. Write every day. Scribe for God and goodness. Share my experiences, mystical or otherwise. Live my soul lineage as a seer. Travel fearlessly through dimensions and be a representative of celestial tribes. Understand the hermetic texts. Share the wisdom of antiquity. Steer people to their purpose and path and away from lesser human foibles. Lay my heart out on a page. And paint for the joy of it.

Forever changed

Overwhelmed by this calling, I tried to negotiate, charm, plead, and pout my way out of doing the work, but Spirit had a vision for me that was so much higher than I had for myself. Spirit changed me rather than the other way around.

I surrendered to divine wisdom and opened to the potency and power of pure love consciousness.

Overwhelmed woman lying in forest
Boy with giant stack of pancakes

Big bite

Most people open to their spiritual path and evolve over time into their highest role, and I am no exception. In the beginning, rather than walking in faith, I stacked my plate. Not what they intended but, like most of us newly activated, I thought I could do it all. And then I learned.


And so, in a nutshell, I said yes. I made the commitment to do what they asked—write. Over time, in-person readings transitioned into #spiritsays. Today, #spiritsays has over 25,000 fans and followers who read its channeled wisdom daily. 

Oh, but that’s not all folks. There’s so much more to share. Stay tuned for the books.

Calling all kindred spirits, it would be an honor to have you join us at @spiritsayshi.
The more, the merrier!

Connect with Spirit

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