Tea and crumpets

When Mary Magdalene says “Don’t worry about what others think” you should probably listen.

Coming out of the closet implies that you are revealing something you had previously kept hidden from view. Sometimes it means that you are stepping up to claim an eccentricity or power that until now you were unwilling to own in public. I suppose that’s me. Incrementally, I’ve let the world know who I am. I would speak my truth if asked and if I’m being honest (ode to Simon) sometimes even when I wasn’t, but this is my “Come to Jesus Moment” as I realize that I am claiming my belief system, exposing my soft underbelly and revealing what I hold dear.

Mary Magdalene—yes “THE MARY MAGDALENE”—paid me a visit today. (We’ll get into who I talk to and how later.) Over invisible tea and crumpets, in her lovely serene way, she offered a bit of friendly but pointed advice, Don’t worry about what others think dear. When she appeared, her energy comforted like a sweet-smelling blanket just taken from the warmer and although her message was steeped in love, in it was the undeniable mandate that I should walk head held high with heart and arms wide open, get the #spiritsays show on the road and serve. If this gentle lady could wear the mantle of outcast, demeaned and dismissed, and still carry the message of unconditional love and service, how then could I do less?

Out from Oz’s curtain

S: You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world.

For more than two decades, I’ve had front row seats to the Spirit Show, and should by now be a full-fledged groupie waiting at the stage door waving paper and pen. Without fail every performance has amazed, opened doors, lifted people up by their bootstraps, comforted, healed, matured, and loved. I’m a practicing “reluctant” in all things and so spirit has had to prod a bit to get me to step out from behind Oz’s curtain and into my next potential.

Today I take both hands from behind my back and tell you that I talk to Spirit. (I can actually hear the chips falling where they may.)

S: The more powerful you are, the more that you can help others, the more that you can serve, so do not diminish your capacity to be bold. We know you and know you are perfect for the job.

Spirit says fear of being the whole of who you are not only diminishes you, but also restricts how much service you can be to yourself and to others. Only when you are accepting of who you are, warts and all, will you model self-love and be able to extend yourself truthfully. Be yourself and celebrate every wonderful curve, nook, cranny, and fold.

S: Acknowledge when you feel “less than”, and then release it as it doesn’t belong to you and never did. Reveal to all who you authentically are. If others do not accept, it is on them and is their lesson. For you, your lesson is to step up and into your beautiful self.

Rubbing their hands together in anticipation, #spiritsays let’s get this show on the road!
My Awakening

How do you know you are talking to spirit?

The short answer is “I just know” but that isn’t very forthcoming so how about the longer version? When I was very ill 20 years ago, a veil dropped. I started seeing, hearing and feeling in a way that I never had before. I would hear conversations. I would catch glimpses of body parts walking briskly by or open my eyes to discover a face floating inches from my nose. I would see wispets of energy swirling around people and feel the love emanating from those wispets. When the veil dropped, I could recognize patterns in all things, synchronicities, the big picture. I thought that once I was healed it would go away but it hasn’t.

Over the years I have befriended the heavenly community of spirit guides, ascended masters, ancestors, and loved ones, and have learned to trust their wisdom. They have shown me through experience, whether joyous or uncomfortable, hysterical or tragic, that nothing happens without a lesson learned, a high purpose served. Faith is personal and for some no proof is necessary. Although I always believed in God as the source, it took hundreds of experiences before I learned to trust spirit guidance and be willing to live to the level of service that they ask. I believe the guidance we receive is part of the universal intellect and of God. The most important takeaway here is that I am no one special and you don’t have to get sick to see thru the veil. We all have access to universal knowledge and our spirit guides, through prayer, through meditation, through a simple ask. You have your own spirit team guiding, comforting, and loving you, answering your question before it is even fully formed and asked.

Who is Spirit Says?