#spiritsays: Powerhouse partnership

#spiritsays: Powerhouse partnership

#spiritsays: Her perfumed in Charlie and the requisite Aqua Net-encrusted beehive, and him sporting English Leather, mom and dad were hipsters before hipsters were cool. They were a potent combination then, and are an even more powerhouse partnership now, and while leisure suits and Yardley white lipstick are no longer the fashion, true love never goes out of style.


#spiritsays: Bundling your ‘best self’ package to sell, prepare to negotiate the deal. They want to work with you. They love your silly putty self.

#spiritsays: U-turn

#spiritsays: Pining for comfort and the familiar, you wonder if you can do a U-turn to rekindle the past. Let the past stay where it belongs as there is a suit waiting to walk in that is a much better fit.

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