#spiritsays: Prepared for the worst

#spiritsays: Prepared for the worst

#spiritsays: Always prepared for the worst, Margo’s bomb shelter mentality painted an “adversity stop here” target on her back more effectively than if she were wearing a fluorescent neon bullseye. Like attracts like and what you fret about is what you pull toward you. Rather than dwelling in disaster, repel negativity by choosing higher, happier, more empowering thought. Laughter will launch you into a stratospherically good space.


#spiritsays: Hens cluck over their morning feed, happily sharing the news of a newly hatched chick. All it takes is one opportunistic, egg-hunting fox face to turn a happy morning into an unhappy afternoon. Are you the hen or the fox?

(photo: http://ow.ly/rs38M)

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