#spiritsays 2022

Spirit’s daily dollop of divinity
Your north star for transformation


Little dog pulling scrarf


The more you ignore it, the more your true calling will tug.
Woman looking up in awe at giant redwood


Beautiful things are coming and going from the higher realms all the time. Keep the connection going. Infuse this world with that.
Girl at top of water slide


Running through the hypotheticals, Paige knew it was decision time. As in all things, never let fear have all the fun.
Child with big ice cream cone


Goodness always melts hearts.
Woman on slip n slide


Real grown-ups remember how to play.
Dog smiling

9/5/22 – 2

Always keep a smile and a kind word on the tip of your tongue.
Child's hand holding miniature train


Fearful to take the next step lest it topple the dominoes so carefully set in place, change is not your enemy; it is inevitable and the only way to evolve. It is stepping into life’s grandness rather than staying in H0 scale. Leave the miniature mindset behind and go big.

Confidence on a pony


Delete self-doubt and life will be a divine ride.
Pier at sunset


A sweet summer vision, you can practically hear the strains of “Under the Boardwalk” and smell the fresh buttery popcorn from the pier. Knowing that to everything there is a season doesn’t stop you from wishing summer days would stretch endlessly like saltwater taffy. Never fear, the warmth of the sun will return again next year.
Sitting in giant tree


Accept this dimension of magic for it is where evolution has lovingly deposited you.
Dog and dog mom pretty in pink


Peskily pawing at your arm, you can’t help but laugh as the polishing process gets iffier and iffier. She doesn’t need words for you to understand her meaning so she gets first dibs on being pretty in pink and then happily preens while you finish up. When she wants what you have, lend her a helping hand and she’ll forevermore lend you a paw right back.
Girl in red cape walking through the forest


Having the best forest friends a girl could ask for, Red knew she was protected as she followed her path. If you ever feel there is something on the prowl in your neck of the woods say, “nothing of lower vibration can come in or around me.” Walking in love and light, there is nothing foul that can breathe.
Girl in inflatable donut in inflatable pool


Your dreams, having started small may be a tight squeeze now, but with a little bit of huffing and puffing you’ll find the perfect fit.
Ice cream cone covered in sand


On the rare occasion when your day is a bummer, let it melt away.
Waving at UFOs


You’ve been living with extraterrestrials as your neighbors above, below, and next door for years. There is no reason to stop being neighborly.
Rainbow walker


Gracing the sky overhead, when the blessing appears it’s always wise to stop and take notice, for in doing so you show your appreciation to the universe and affix a “more please” sign to your front door.
Woman reading in nature


Measuring your intent, the poetry of the planet will fill your mind, body and spirit when you make space for it.
Little pirate making a wish


Yo ho blow. Teach them to have a swashbuckling spirit—to believe in magic, miracles, and most of all themselves.
Girl climbing branch


Some would see it as a reckless sport, but Tabitha loved to climb. Her spirit animal a monkey, she saw the world as her jungle gym and took every opportunity to see things from new higher perspectives. And because it was fun, it lit her up in a thousand different ways. Find what lights you up and do it.
Boy staring at dog


Having a staring contest to see who would blink first, Caleb knew he would win because Ivy would let him. Giving love is never a losing game, no matter who blinks first.
Wild mustangs running


Never let your wild spirit be tamed.
Woman balancing on concrete block


Knowing where you wanted to go this lifetime and what you wanted to accomplish, your spirit leaves concrete crumbs for you to follow. Still, stepping out in faith is a bold requirement. Trust that your happiest, highest next step will rise up to meet your feet.
Friends running in park


Remember your lesson from childhood: the more hands the better when trying to build momentum and then everyone can enjoy the ride.
Spirit husband next to wife


Not gone forever; not even gone for now.
Three cute alpacas


Optimism, Enthusiasm, and Hope were barnyard besties. Their positive mindset a beacon, people gathered at their paddock just to feel their smile. Let your parcel be a pocket of positivity.
Farmer loving his cow


Being enveloped in love is the best feeling on the planet.
Colorful toucan


It’s not just that you’re all adaptive creatures but how you adapt that makes you magnificent and unique in all the universe.
Funny dog with bubbles


In fairness, Finn thought he had helped it live up to its name but then realized the only way to have a clean slate was to come clean about who actually made the mess in the mudroom. The truth always bubbles out.
Surfer adjusting wetsuit


Jake, comfortable in his own skin, saw life as a series of waves. He knew that wherever life took him and whatever challenges he would face, solutions would always be within his reach.
Little girl with face to the sun


Even with the autumn chill in the air, you will always find sunbeams.
Man connecting with higher self


Before you can instill hope, serenity, and reason in others, you must first find it in yourself.

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