#spiritsays 2021

Spirit’s daily dollop of divinity
Your north star for transformation


Firefly on blade of grass


Nervous about hanging on their turf, she thought her beauty couldn’t hold a candle to her willowy backyard friends but it turned out she could and would. It’s time to turn on your brights. Get your glow on.
Dog leaping for Frisbee


Untouched by “can’t,” Izzy used her superpower to fly and, in the process, inspired a tent load of tail-wagging believers in their own ability to rise up. Every leap you make inspires others to use their wings too.
Two little mermaids digging in sand


Curious by nature, the little mermaids didn’t mean to disobey their mother’s mandate to stay in the sea but up top there were castles to be built, sand dollar treasure to be hunted, and a big wide world of two-legged friends to make. All creatures are meant to quest.
Bird on girl's sunglasses


Called to the shine, Crackers went looking for his reflection and found it in a friend. There is something magical that happens when you see eye to eye with a friend.
Boy with water balloon


The fun is not over, not by a long shot.
Woman standing on mountain by rainbow


Create free to beautifully be.
Unicorn inflatables looking at duck inflatable


Having kept the tourists afloat all season, the buoyant gang gathered in the shade to take a breather. Their tour of duty almost up, they compared notes so next year they could blow it out of the water. It wasn’t until they were folding up shop that they noticed that not everyone had attended the debrief. Never apologize for floating your own boat; for standing out even among unicorns.
Woman with climbing gear looking up at mountain


Be grateful for the mountain. See it for what it is—an instigator.
Bulldog swimming across the pool with life vest


Even paddling as fast as she could, Petunia was having a hard time keeping a stiff upper lip. Keeping your head above water but feeling like you’re swallowing half the pool in the process, remember you have angels cheering you from the sidelines who’ve built-in buoyancy to guarantee you’ll make it through this swimmingly.
Woman with fern angel wings


You are consciously agreeing to let the shadows fall away and the curtains, once drawn, be opened so that you have full view of what is your true nature.
Surfer girl wiping off sand


Even with Addison who loved every aspect of the beach, there was a limit to how many pounds of sand she would willingly take home with her. Only you determine what you carry away from the experience.
Two vintage women with life preserver


It is your spirit’s nature to soar. Let it.
Cat and man reading


Ancient wisdom is being integrated effortlessly and continuously. Reading everything you can get your paws on is just bonus material.
Turtle on its back


No one could ever accuse you of a lack of application. We see your Herculean effort but rather than struggling through it, give it to us to make it right. You were never meant to do this alone.
Kite flyer


Your body holds the string so your spirit can surf the cosmos.
Princess bulldog


Some said she was a princess, but Lulu knew she was simply discerning. She would let her adoring gaze fall on those who were truly worthy and banish all others from her kingdom. It serves you best if you hold yourself in the highest esteem and surround yourself with others who believe you are a jewel too.
Boy jumping over log


The pioneer spirit is making a comeback.
Woman in river


Soak up the extraordinary for you both flow from the same source.


Whatever you’re trying to build, wherever you’re trying to build it, we will support you and when it comes time to branch out, we will light those rooms too.
1950s shuffleboard players


Never let your cherished memories get lost in the shuffle. They deserve sunlight and your smile; to come out and play.
Senior man and woman drinking orange crush


Once it was two straws in one bottle, now to each his and her beautiful own. With age comes wisdom and a willingness to lean in and relax back.
Stacked tupperware bowls


You have things stored here and there, tucked in nooks and crannies of your heart. It’s time to do a refrigerator clean-out. Toss the containers that no longer serve.
Precious little girl smiling


Precious, named for her grandmother, intended to wear the name well. A wise head on young shoulders, she loved butterflies and rainbows as much as the next kid, but it was kindness and caring that really mattered in her young worldview. Wisdom is best represented by those who have it.
Walking on rocks


It may seem you’re on rocky soil right now but there’s gold in them thar hills, nuggets of wisdom to be gleaned with every step.
Moonbeam woman


Made of moonbeams, it’s time to work your magic. Shine the light on love everywhere it exists and create it where it doesn’t.
Girl looking up at sky


She and her kind will one day be entrusted to reconnect human beings to their ancestors, the master weavers in the sky.
Woman hanging from playground equipment


Sometimes the point of squeezing into a situation you’ve clearly outgrown is to be reminded that you’ve outgrown it.
Purple donut with sprinkles


Caught in the act of gobbling an afternoon snack, the telltale crumbs on his tie, Simon knew he was busted. Heartened by the room sprinkled with smiles and never one to let a yummy opportunity slide by, he happily went for round two.
Kangaroo staring contest


Follow your instincts and kick dark to the curb. Low vibe energies never were nor will they ever be your kindred spirits. High vibe mates always prevail.
Woman in alien headband laughing


It’s time to do a little cosmic improv. Move out of your head and wiggle into your heart.

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