#spiritsays 2022

Spirit’s daily dollop of divinity
Your north star for transformation


Grandma holding up cookie


Her impish smile tells you she’s got a secret ingredient. Your heart tells you her secret ingredient is love.
Sitting in medicine wheel


Your answers forthcoming, remember the words you hear were handpicked for you.
French bulldog running through the waves


It is easy to push and push, then whine when life pushes back. There is a natural flow to all things. Let it be and it will be.
Flowing stream


You know what you must do, but do not tarry for, as is always the case, those who tarry get swept up and carried away by life’s current, their highest backburnered by logistics and chores.
Seagull recycling plastic cup


The wisest do more than squawk; they walk the talk.
Woman releasing butterfly


As lightworkers, you serve like midwives in the birthing of humanity from dense physical into the etheric light.
Dog's footprint on beach


Your happy place is waiting for your pawprints.
Happy kids on hayride


Grandpa didn’t say much, preferring to show rather than tell, but when he hitched his wagon all it took was a quick whistle to get them up and in. Sowing memories, the lessons he left behind lodged in their hearts and minds was a legacy of love for the land and for the man who cared enough to bother.
Woman in laundromat


Allow the sense of authentic knowledge to wash over you. Let yourself be carried away by the rare and profound gift.
Dog on fluffy rug


Life is one big, long feel-good opportunity if you let it be.
Close-up of skateboarder's foot


Landon knew it didn’t matter whether he leaned right or left, but that he honored what rode around in his soul.
Little superhero looking at crosswalk


Doing the right thing isn’t always easy, and sometimes it’s even a stretch.
Chewed up couch


Trust misplaced is not easily recovered; but the miracle is even before the fingers dial the obedience school and the eyes start looking for the broom, the heart finds forgiveness. Love is forgiveness and forgiveness is a blessing.
Squirrel reaching for food


Patience will always get its fair share.
Girl nurturing french bulldog


Kaitlyn knew that raising little animals was a commitment of colossal proportions but then unconditional love always was.
Girl with boxes of pizza


Nora knew the world was her oyster, but pizza was more her jam. Enlisting the help of family, friends, and Google, she would let her imagination run wild with every order. Even when you phone it in, you can craft a monumental outcome.
Parakeet on laptop


Never wonder if you have all the right parts to be the newest online sensation, for comparisons can crush spirits and stop you before you start. Even if it feels like you’re plucking your aspirations out of thin air, if it’s in your heart, do it. Let the world delight in you.
Woman in crochet blanket


Feeling the love settle softly on her shoulders like one of grandma’s hand-knitted shawls, Columbia felt her heart swell and tears begin to form. She would walk all of her days knowing she was wrapped in unconditional love.
Balls on the stairs


For those earthly jokesters who think it fun to throw little challenges your way, don’t play. Never let anyone stop you from ascending.
Handful of marvels


Lately feeling like you’re all thumbs, take five and think how clever you really are. You are a magical vending machine that constantly dispenses handfuls of marvels.
Kids eating caramel apples


Let the laughter stick.
Little boy lifting big pumpkin


Caleb knew picking the perfect pumpkin was only one piece of the pie. Then it needed to go from patch to porch and he was just the little man to do it. Powerlifters are never content to let others do the heavy lifting.
Lab puppy chewing on pumpkin


Having spent the better part of the day cleaning and carving, his creation was ready for its big debut. When a pure heart puts its stamp on something, the light it brings leaves a deep and lasting impression.
Friend drawing a smile on a costume


Friends will always put a smile on your face.
Black kitten surprised at pumpkin


Don’t get the willies when new things pop up unexpectedly in your life. Change is meant to be a surprise.
Peaceful easy feeling


Your intention blessedly more, invoke your inner sacred creator spirit to signal simpler and sunnier pleasures.
Woman with Frankenstein mask


The man of your dreams need not wear armor, but here’s hoping he doesn’t sport bolts either. Frankly, you’ll be charmed.


Tending to the fields day after day was no small feat but the brothers stood their ground, welcoming friends and warding off foes, including the occasional crow. Restitched and restuffed every season, they were built for this job, and whether they served the nest builders or spooked the seed eaters, they loved living their purpose.
Trick or treater with bat headband


Mom didn’t bat an eyelash when Harper said not an angel or fairy — she wanted wings of a different kind this year. Instead of white or pink thread, mom pulled out the black and started stitching and the result was an ear-to-ear smile and a confident claim from her big girl that she could walk by herself. Nurturing their children’s mojo, parents are the real wing wearers.
Witch with broom


Having found it on Craigslist, she knew it was meant for her, for it was the perfect tool to sweep out the old and usher in the new. You are the muse for your magic.
Little girl kissing her grandmother


She loved hisses and bugs but she loved her mamaw more, so kisses and hugs it would be. Heartfelt ‘thank yous’ always work like a charm.

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