#spiritsays 2021

Spirit’s daily dollop of divinity
Your north star for transformation


Boy walking in wizard hat


12 going on 20, he intuitively ‘knows’ things it took you years to understand. Appreciate the newer upgraded model. Fresh from Wizard School, he brings a special brand of magic and will lead this world well.
Rays of light


You are a visible ray of divine light and more important than you know.
Hiker's boots falling apart


When things seem like they’re falling apart, remember stepping into your grandness is no small feat.
Rubber duck


Most days you feel like a lucky duck but on the rare occasion when you feel like a sitting duck, remember that you are not alone. You are surrounded by kindred spirits who’ve got you beak to back.
Sponge cake


There are many ways to manifest and no one way is the right way. It can be as simple as a wish exhaled in the wind or a note written by a hopeful hand and tucked in your pillowcase, but expressing what you want creatively is the most potent. Whether you want a new chapter or a sweet new ride, create and the universe will rise to the occasion.
Father flying funny baby


Baby, you were meant to fly.
Rock cairn


The universe is your rock—a reminder of grace, balance, and enduring love. Feel free to pile on.
Penquin march


Their show one of the most popular in the park, every Monday and Friday they marched toward the stage intent on slipping ‘n sliding their way into every adoring fan’s heart. Filling their gullet with fish was good but creating a sea of shining smiling faces was even better and would fill them for days. Feed your soul. Make their day.
Woman in resonance


Emotional resonance in the extraordinary has become your north star.
Sea lion in sunshine


Soaking up the morning sun, Pebbles thought life couldn’t get much better than this but then heard a whisper in her heart, “Oh, but it can and it will,” and intuitively knew it was true. As the world wakes up to what’s true, so too are you.
Strawberry milkshake


Some of the best outcomes happen when you mix it up.
Man looking out at canyon


You too have depths waiting to be discovered.
Old classic cars


Listen to the ancients. They have been around the block a time or two and have earned their extra tread and cred.
Panda bear face


Having a heart-to-heart doesn’t always require words.
Kids tugging on smiling father's arm


Whether big or little, priorities will tug at you until you awaken to their value.
Old waterfall sign on tree


It’s never too late to find your bliss. Follow the signs.
Man and dog meditating


Only when your spirit is strong can your heart be soft and live its truest most loving nature.
Black and white great dane on checkered rug


Trying to play it cool and conceal your excitement, you are poised on the precipice of a big change and your happy smile says you know it. Leap at the door when it opens.
Carnival ride


Imagine you were inside ascension right now and 5th dimension understanding and higher form thinking were your norm. You are and it is.
Woman in boho skirt walking through sunshine meadow


All answers and all questions for that matter reside within you. All that was ever known and unknown resides within you. You are a walking encyclopedia, a regular Funk and Wagnalls.
Two elephants wrestling


When you wrestle with your conscience, be all about fair play, not fair game.
Girl standing at portal


What you think is supernatural is just that—super natural aka the most natural thing in the world.
Woman in a bed of daisies


Do things that make you sigh with fresh pleasure.
Orange glittery eye


You are in the miracle zone—the place where things happen in a blink of an eye. Open wide and blink often.
Wax Halloween fangs


Really sink your teeth into it this week.
Mummy and daughter


Stocked up, Mike had everything he needed to be a true rags to riches story. He had everything he needed period.
Skeleton with painted shell eyeball


Up to your eyeballs in busy work, you realize life is going to take some rearranging if you’re ever to see your grin again. We’re not talking bare-bones, but commit to balancing “yes” with “no.”
Purple donut with sprinkles


Shaving a little off the sides, Dave had done the prep work and now it was time to get ready for the big day. His head filled with seeds of new ideas, he knew he brought a lot to the table and if this job interview went well, he might soon be a boss rather than a bench sitter. You’ll soon have an exciting turn of fate that lights you up.
Man with lookalike pumpkin


New to this whole carving business, Sherwood thought he would keep it simple and picked a small one just to try his hand. When all was said and done, he was surprised at the character smiling back at him, himself, goofy grin and all. Put passion into any project and what smiles back at you is your heart.
Little girl with handful of candy and big smile


Your wand always wiggles to create giggles.
Two boys scared on Halloween


Last year getting cold feet, the boys made a pact over pizza that now, older and wiser, scarecrows wouldn’t scare or send them scurrying behind their dad’s pant legs; they understood it was spoof rather than spook. The plan to knock on every door until their plastic pumpkins were stuffed, all was going well until they heard their first “boo.” Sometimes it requires bravery and a buddy to get what you want.

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