#spiritsays 2022

Spirit’s daily dollop of divinity
Your north star for transformation


Fall leaves


Fall, when the leaves show their true colors and you do too.
Salt shakers


When you hear something that doesn’t quite ring true, take it with a grain of salt. Tune in to you because no one knows your truth as well as you do.
Woman journaling


Writing, singing, dancing, drawing, meditating—all are sacred ritual. Say “info is now flowing through my soul” and it will be.
Sliding down slide


Only you can stop the spin cycle.
Woman surrounded by sunflowers


Walking your spiritual path, you are surrounded by those who stand by your side to cheer you on.
Man standing at canyon


Whether you live serene or extreme, we’ve got you covered.
Man sitting in car tent


Your ethos to leave it better than you found it, that everything and everyone you touch be better for having come into contact with you, you step lightly and kindly.
Sweet puppy hiding in mom's skirt


You may feel like going into hiding right now but trust that there is a greater divine plan afoot.
Woman standing in clouds


Sunny skies infuse your spirit but it’s the cloudy days where your true strength of self shines.
Heart-shaped potato


Po-ta-to, po-tah-to, love unites all.
Stunning sunrise


When a new day dawns in all its splendor and glory, no thought is given to the long hours of night that preceded it.
Dolphins jumping the waves


You are at the helm and only with real belief can you jump ship from this reality to all that is possible in the multiverse.
Magical sunset


Expand your vibrational territory.
Dog blowing smoke


Huff and puff. The more you breathe life into a concept, the more that concept exists.
Little girl washing big car


Let gratitude polish you into the brightest sheen.
Ladder to the moon


Going to the moon has never been easier. In fact, we are giving you a leg up.
Little girl walking in stream


Words are powerful but knowing is all. Trust that you are a sentient being here to help those navigate who have not yet discovered their inner guidance system.
Dog's eye looking up


Every creature knows that cosmic possibilities exist, but conscious creatures know they are realities.
Handful of acorns


Anything that makes your heart beat faster and reminds you of gratitude and plenty in your life is a good thing.
Cinnamon rolls rising


This is the time of year when goodness seems to rise up everywhere.
Squirrel holding nuts


Everyone thinking you’re a bit of a nutter, you know you’ll rest easier knowing your pantry is full. Hold firm to what you want. Live your wisdom.
Dog and man making pies


Be grateful for the teachings of others, especially when they include being surrounded by love.
Funny grandma in pearls


Leaving the pearl-clutching for the young people, Hattie knew it didn’t matter whether the pie crust was golden or burnt and she could give a whit about a big ‘ol bird, but filling her family with love and laughter, now that was the stuff that would make her day.
Funny turkey slippers


Feet up and smiling about today’s family antics, this holiday was anything but a turkey. In fact, it will go down as one of the best ever. Now onto the next merry-making fun.
Woman snuggling dog


There are all kinds of warmth and today you felt them all.
Walking on snow-covered log


For you who have not always chosen the easiest path, be proud of where you are on this journey.
Boy eating carrot


Hearing his mother’s voice loud in his ear to “eat all his vegetables,” Simon thought he’d at least make it fun. You can build on an idea, but always make it your own.
Woman walking on railroad tracks


Don’t be surprised if you jump tracks from who you think you are to who you really are.
Horse love


Touch is a language more telling than words.
Working from home with sweet pup


Treasure the precious interruptions, especially when someone loves you enough to swoop in for a kiss.

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