#spiritsays 2021

Spirit’s daily dollop of divinity
Your north star for transformation


Two friends blowing leaves


Wisdom has taught you that friendship is more valuable than gold. Treasure your true treasure.
Mother and baby yawning


Yawns beget yawns like love begets love.
Child wearing leaf hat


Lately wearing one too many hats? Now would be the perfect time to turn over a new leaf.
Squirrel digging into pumpkin


It’s never a half-baked idea to dig deep.
Cat sees himself as lion


See yourself as we see you, unbound and ready to roar.
Girl in shopping cart pleading


Your fondest wish is our profoundest wish for you. Believe it so and weʻll move heaven and earth until it is.
Woman hugging horse


Kindred spirits are bound together by understanding and love.
Woman with birds on her head


To Piper, their ask wasn’t an imposition; volunteering to be a human Uber for her feathered friends was living attunement of the heart. Some might feel that going out of their way to help a friend weighed them down, but she always felt lifted up.
Dog sitting in front of Lost Dog signs


Despite all signs to the contrary you are not lost. You are exactly where you need to be.
Baby covered in spaghetti


Life may be unpredictable and messy but you wear it well.
Soldier zooming with family


Heroes have always roamed the earth, the men and women who face the unimaginable so that their families back home don’t have to.
Puppy held in boxing gloves


You are a knockout, baby.
Little boy watching polar bear


Taught as a tadpole to be afraid of powerful beings, your heart tells you they are no threat to you and, in fact, it is the opposite. In that one tiny moment, you are forever transformed and will dedicate your life to the care and well-being of all magnificent giants.
Standing watch over baby turtle


Be protective of the earth and all those who strive to thrive on it.
Woman on skates


Don’t question it. Enjoy it. You’re on a roll.
Funny duck cuckoo clock


When your crazy schedule is driving you cuckoo, it’s time to get your ducks in a row, prioritizing not the most vocal but those that bring you the most joy.
Little girl smiling at her reflection


Self-confidence always shines through.
Funny repurposed socks


There is honor among castoffs willing to serve how and where they can.
Group of friends holding hands


Best friends their whole life, they know true friendship knows no gender, race, or creed. They just are.
Little boy fingers crossed


Jacob hoped with every fiber of his being that he wouldn’t be pulled onto the dance floor. He loved to dance, just not with a silly girl. One day in the not-too-distant future, there would be a girl that would pick him and turn his world wonderfully upside down. The luck you fervently pray for now you may be ever so grateful you didn’t get down the road.
Little girl with happy grin


Hold on to happy with all your might.
Thanksgiving pies


Not one to mince words, Val would tell everyone within earshot that her rhubarb had won blue ribbons, but she was equally pleased by her pecan. And indeed, one bite and all agreed it was not a boast. Even when your pies are the best in the Tri-County area, your true bragging rights happen when you share your recipe for goodness.
Little boy watching his mother cook


Made with love is what matters. It is a legacy that lasts for generations.
Big family Thanksgiving


When asked what to bring, mom said “Bring your best self,” and low and behold they did.
Baby questioning turkey


Lately they’d been saying that he had such a big boy appetite and although he wasn’t questioning his waistline, Nico hoped they didn’t expect him to eat the whole thing. Offered the world, only you can pick your most joyful portions.
Man doing yoga in dogbed


Never co-opt someone else’s cushion.
Man carrying woman on piggy back at tree farm


Willing to weather the storm, you wanted to go and he wanted to stay but, being the trooper he is, he packed the hot chocolate and fired up the truck. Ever your sunshine, you can count on him to lift you up when skies are gray.
Cat and toy astronaut


You may look different but you’re more alike than you know. You are both made of the right stuff.
Rabbit walking through door


Why here? Why now? You stepped in because challenges are your carrot.
Hot air balloon filled with light


Give beyond the minimum and you’ll go beyond the minimum. Giving not only lifts the receiver but elevates the giver as well. Expand your balloon by being a generous spirit.

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