#spiritsays 2023

Spirit’s daily dollop of divinity
Your north star for transformation


Vintage flower jewelry


Faking it until you make it all winter, your spirit is finally rewarded with the real thing, sunshine on a stick. Inspired, now it’s your turn to bloom.
Little girl dancing outside


Show the fire in your belly and spark others to show theirs as well.
Discovering tadpoles


Introducing him to the world of nature, for hours on end they looked under rock and lifted leaf discovering the life that lived there, but teaching him the scoop to keep hands and hearts gentle would prove to be the best takeaway of the day.
Girl jumping hay bales


Hopscotching hurdle after hurdle, in everything you do you turn gray skies to blue.
Woman sitting on sandy beach


You are not here to sit on your hands, nor wring them. Let go of worry about money and the human condition. Allow rather than fear, for that is when the true manifesting magic happens.
Three bears in meadow


Knowing they had quite a tale to live up to, the three bears went looking for forest adventures keenly aware that some would leave them cold, some would be too hot to handle, and some would be just right and perfect for the telling. Be excited for each new adventure.
Woman relaxing in meadow


During this transition from pupa to butterfly, it’s a time for rest, to put your feet up, to make space in your life to allow all toxins, doubts, stressors, sorrows, and all the clouds you carry to pass. It is a time of healing and a prelude to your ultimate flight into the light.
Cupcake with sprinkles


Cheer up cupcake; you’ll never be shortchanged.
Confident girl walking path


Your path showing up more and more every day, believe in who you are and for what purpose.
Little girl coloring on wall


Mabel was born understanding the world was her canvas, but missed the memo about mom’s walls being off-limits. Offering up a saintly smile and the crayon culprit, she learned mistakes can be messy and cleaning them up much easier said than done. Coloring outside the lines is your birthright but if you stray to the pristine, take a detour.
Man showing dad with dementia how to bold


When you were a little tyke, he patiently showed you “how” and kept the guardrails in place so you “could” without fear of failure. Now, the roles reversed, you have the opportunity to give back. Love is your bumper now just as it was then.
Dog listening to story


It is not for us to edit the information for you. It is for you to edit for yourself.
Rack of beautiful thread


Looking at your life, you understand that every experience was a thread that stitched together the happy and sad, the calm and chaos, and the comfort and joy with the love that surrounds you now. You were, are, and will always be the creator of your beautiful quilt.
Happy baby elephant


Think of the confidence your mother had. Emulate it. She wants you to walk in her shoes, head held high and boldly going where no bull has gone before.
Independent girl


Live fiercely untouched by doubt.
Chameleon eating a leaf


Lately eating his way through house and home, Pogo knew he should pace himself lest he have to find a new, larger, leafy stick. Oust whatever thought is weighing you down.
Sisters having fun on a slide


Trust there are those who will always have your back and be there to catch you if you fall.
Woman relaxing in the sun


Created by the same force that sustains the sun, send out your powerful rays of positive energy believing peace and love will result.
Woman and dog looking at UFO


Eyes as big as saucers when you see the giant cheeseburger flying overhead, while not your average every night sight, you light up when you realize it could be.
Heart-shaped nest


Your heart may feel as if it is breaking into a million pieces when they leave the nest, but they will fly higher, further, when you send them off knowing they are clever, completely capable, and unconditionally loved.
Three seagulls on watch


Sentinels of the sea, the three Musketeers not only would squawk if they saw someone flailing in the water but also watched for signs of struggle on land as well. No one who looked at them thought they were anything other than beach birds, but they understood their divine role as protectors; that they were placed in this time and moment to watch over humans wearing their cloak of invisibility.
Feet on a mosaic


Your path is a mosaic, a manifestation of your creation in collaboration with the greatest masters of all time—every step a beautiful life.
Hipster cat


Clark, a cool cat by anyone’s standards, was amused when he heard how influential he was. Wherever he prowled, others seemed to follow so he decided to put his fame to good use and instead of being a content creator for the sake of self, he would be a consciousness contributor for the sake of all. Amplify good vibes.
Woman listening to spirit


With their faith, heart, and spirit, humanity will never become obsolete.
Woman sitting on vine


The earth, happy to support its inhabitants, allows you to inhabit the grace of being supported.
Alien traveler


Considering their unorthodox entry to the neighborhood, it’s perfectly understandable that you would wonder what riffraff might be moving in next door. Let your heart settle and the grins begin. Your interspecies poker parties will be the stuff of legend.
Crazy carnival ride


The world may seem crazy right now but, with ticket in hand, you jumped at the chance to climb aboard this wild, wacky, wonderful, ride. You’re discovering that the plot twists and u-turns just add to the excitement.
Monkey holding human hand


Love is transforming the planet two creatures at a time.
Civil war cannon


Knowing she was not in uniform this lifetime, she still remembered what it felt like when the musket ball pierced her skin, and how many of her brothers-in-arms died on the battlefield that day. Your patriotism has been taken out of mothballs.
Dad arm-wrestling son


You realize your strength within when you let someone else win.
Boy playing with the hose


Happiness comes to those who claim it. Be your own rainmaker.

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