#spiritsays 2022

Spirit’s daily dollop of divinity
Your north star for transformation


Family petting a chicken


No longer a spring chicken, Isla could handle the handling if it meant another heart would learn how to love gently. She didn’t expect the tide to turn overnight but little by little she would tenderize, let her old bones be their guide.
Child polishing adult's toes


Heartwarming moments are not preplanned or polished; they happen when you step up to the plate and allow the mess to begin.
Owl with eyes closed


Wise are those who shut out the outer world to explore their inner nature.
Happy orangutan hanging


Everyone who saw Pumpkin’s fringe of bright orange started smiling. She had that way. Mirth is a miracle, especially on the days when you’re hanging by your fingers and toes. Find your smile. Up your frequency and nothing will bring you down.
hand lacing up skates


Life rewards those who “do” rather than sit on the sidelines and ponder “what if” with extraordinary experiences. Lace up and let’s roll.
Glowing mushroom


Incandescently alive, you are a beacon to all who seek a fertile, nourishing place to unfold their light.
Hummingbird at feeder


It is not necessary to know who and how things are replenished to know you’re being cared for, to know that life is sweet. Expectant enthusiasm is the energy that fills your cup; gratitude is the emotion that keeps it filled.
Mother and children at overlook


Mothers were put on this planet to raise up the littlest of hearts.
Man and his dog singing


A good friend supports your joy even when you’re off-key.
Macaw parrot duo in flight


Always making a spectacular entrance, when the boys executed a perfect flyby the crowd knew they were witnessing something special and their spirit soared too. Your acts never fail to inspire.
Little girl helping boy climb a tree


If you have a hand that hoists and a voice that encourages, you’re a real-life pick-me-upper.
Hippo peeking


Knowing where all the juiciest reeds resided, Maggie wished she were a glass-bottom boat so she could give tours of the best places to eat on the river. Since that wasn’t her fate, the next best thing was to be a reminder that living in the land of plenty, no hungry hippo need ever feel their stomach growl.
Woman meditating at sunset


Look for your triggers, the enliveners of dormant consciousness to awaken all that wants to be seen.
Glasses looking at flowers


Perception is the dictator of your life. Perceive goodness and like will be met with like. The more goodness you see, the more goodness you bring into being.
Butterfly in girl's hair


Spirit is a whisper that alights to bestow butterfly kisses and bequeath knowledge. You may only see air but every fiber of your being will tell you they are there.
Girl standing on bridge holding the moon


You can feel it—higher states of consciousness are in play.
Grandfather and boy with kite


Rare in everyday life is the person who answers the call to play during the day.
Human cannonball


Thinking that when you pull this stunt you’ll leave nothing but a mark on the pavement rather than your mark on the world, instead of fizzling it goes down in the record books as one of your most magnificent manifestation feats so far. You are the bomb.
Little boy in mismatched cosmic pjs


Whether perfectly matched or mismatched, there are trillions of universes filled with cosmic others that are indeed your brothers.
Girl looking up at sky


Never doubt you are getting assistance from the extras.
Two girls shoulder to shoulder


There may come a day when the weight of the world rests on their shoulders, but for now let them carry nothing heavier than fairy dust, rainbows, and innocence.
Little girl gardening with grandpa


Sow little lessons of love.
Close up of a violet flower


Be an unshrinking violet.
Woman with hair in face


There are mornings when you feel like the IT girl and others when you feel like Cousin ITT, but every morning you are mighty and magnificent even before your first cup of java.
Dolphin leaping over wave


Pure joy can be seen for miles and the waves of it felt even further. Express yourself.
Duck looking in the mirror


Ms. Duckles wasn’t necessarily fishing for a compliment but she thought she looked quite fab and was ready to show off her new sleek physique in the pond this year. Ample or trim, be your own champion and your biggest fan.
Beautiful stingray


All beings, be they terrestrial or extraterrestrial, are bound by the light of divine love.
Little boy swinging high


Just by being you, you uplift humanity.
Pathway to a serene beach


You are on the peace on earth ascension timeline. Feel it. Live it.
Vet standing in cemetery


Del knew firsthand what it had taken to live in the land of the free, and never once took those freedoms for granted. Standing now in the home of the brave, it was his brothers who had carried the country into freedom. Their character and constitution would be forever emblazoned on his heart.
Woman blowing bubble


Wisdom has taught you that age is just a number and no one can burst your young at heart bubble but you.

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