#spiritsays 2021

Spirit’s daily dollop of divinity
Your north star for transformation


Girl on tire swing looking down at ice puddle


Some dreams take nine months, but the best ones take a lifetime.

Woman petting old tortoise


As anyone who’s ever met one knows, old guys need love too.

Hiking boots connected


A true bond is meant to be uplifting and unbreakable regardless of what mountains you face.
Woman looking out from a pier


No more wondering why. It doesn’t matter why and you know that now. Wondering why is just a place to catch your breath, like pulling off on the side of the road for a pitstop. It’s a detour.
Little rodeo boys waiting for their turn


Pioneers never need permission slips.
Older brother smiling at newborn baby


Big journeys of the heart often begin with baby steps.
Bird walking the beach


On the prowl, you’ve kept a sharp lookout but it’s been slim pickings. Rest assured the tide is coming in and bringing blessings from unexpected sources.
Woody car with surfboards on top


Not that you’re keeping score with your golf pencil but, lately, you’ve been thinking your midlife crisis seems to have passed you by. There is no scorecard or timeline for fun and a 3/4 life crisis is the perfect time to let ‘er rip.
Humpback whale swimming with her calf


Mothering wakes up every giant feeling lying dormant inside. It’s love on a grand scale.
Standing under swirling sky


Expand your bandwidth of consciousness.
Child standing in adult shoes


Having big shoes to fill is an opportunity to be intimidated or inspired.
Woman wearing pink love beanie


Some creatures thrive living alone and some miss having roommates. If living alone is beginning to dull your colors, know you have options other than a studio apartment with a dim bulb as a companion. Be aggressive about your happiness. Think outside the glass.
Young woman in purple flowers


All things rise to the occasion when given the right conditions.
Dad teaching daughter to drive


Wishing she was learning to walk again instead of learning to drive, he didn’t begrudge her following her excitement, but he did wish he were wearing blinders so he wouldn’t see that he’d soon be wearing a hedge. He thought the next lesson might have to include a heart monitor. Life-changing lessons often do.
Roasting marshmallows on barbeque grill


Creating what you want may take some problem-solving skills but, as usual, you are way ahead of the curve.
Little girl kissing horse's nose


Your capacity to give love is only eclipsed by your gracious willingness to receive it with a promise to return it unconditionally in kind.
Little girl playing hopscotch


Spotting the abandoned hopscotch on the big kids’ playground, with a squeal she was up and running in a flash. It might be a stretch, but she would jump at the chance to try it out. Triumph is only a hop, skip, and a jump away.
Kayak heading over cliff


Sometimes the only way to move through it is to put your nose down and do it.
Girl peeking out of tree


Live from the inside out.
Vintage woman selling false teeth


Lately feeling like an old maid teetering toward an uncertain future, you are chomping at the bit to form a cement bond where satisfaction and your smile are guaranteed. There is nothing false in our claim that you will find your perfect fit.
Chipmunk running on top of fence


The way forward up for interpretation, rather than doing it your parents’ way, find your own path. You might squirrel away something in the meantime so when school is finally out you’ll have plenty of funds for your newfound freedom.
Piece of beach glass with return embossed


You too will be upcycled.
Little boy with number waiting for pizza


You may not be a native of Missouri, but you are from the “Show-Me” state nonetheless. You asked for a sign. We’ve got your number and will be calling it soon. Prepare to be served a sign on a silver platter.
Little boy lost a tooth


Losing something today doesn’t mean you’ll have a gap forever; rather that something new and improved will take its place.
Woman bending backwards over redwood


Mother Gaia will always have your back.
Mouse crawling into burlap bag


Pint-sized himself, Norton kept his imaginings bite-sized lest he be disappointed. Once he realized how wimpy his faith was, he chose instead to dream big, and the universe obliged with a warehouse of good. True abundance is not lived piecemeal.
Woman in wheelchair getting ready to drop in at skateboard park


To live life on your own terms, 100% committed and fearless, ignites a spark in those standing on the sidelines pondering the what-ifs.
Hand holding daisy wrapped hand


Yes, he loves you.
Group of friends at the beach


Great friends will always pitch in to help you pull your weight.
Little girl in field with her kite


Happiness is when you built a fort, somersaulted down a grassy hill, flew a kite, followed your excitement, and had a field day.
Vietnam veteran standing in cemetery


Sacrifice is a legacy that is never forgotten.

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