#spiritsays 2023

Spirit’s daily dollop of divinity
Your north star for transformation


Curious dog


Let your curiosity and creativity bloom naturally.
Elephant in living space


Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Whatever is occupying the mind will soon move in and occupy your space.
Classic pink car


Now covered by goodness and light, the world you thought you knew is gone, and although there is no owner’s manual for mass awakening, you know exactly where to go from here.
Woman in light


Follow nature, the truth of all things, and you’ll see that every living being stretches toward the light.
Woman with garden gloves on


Put on your garden gloves. It’s time for some lighthearted wizardry.
Beautiful woman backlit by soft cloud


Looking for inspiration in the lives of others, you are the inspiration that others look to.
Flying saucer toy


Once upon a time there was a cereal that taught that tricks are for kids. Not all have learned this lesson.
Deer looking up


When your ego whispers you are acting holier than thou, say “No, just holy.”
Orange grove at sunset


Just as the farmer knows when his oranges are perfect for picking, your vibratory signature sends out signals to let others intuit where you’re at in the growth cycle. Right now, you’re transmitting that you’re feeling squeezed between two dimensions, but you will come out pure essence in the end.
Woman with big smile


Every moment you are living your expression. Make it great!
Mother kissing child in shopping cart


Only you can decide which brand of happiness you want to add to your heart’s cart.
Frog under leaf


Sam wasn’t a prepper but he had to admit that lately when it rained it poured and maybe it was time to find a bunker and hunker. Never let anything push you to hide your light under a backwoods bush.
Happy clown shoes


Gloom nipping at your heels for a while here’s to the triumphant return of laughter. Add a big bold dose of humor to your repertoire and watch how your world opens wide to joy.
Cloth flags on string


Teaching others to fly, your character and virtue prove you are cut from good cloth.
Couch surfer


Wishing winter would just take a hike, Lachlan used a little ingenuity to reimagine his day. Make the day your way.
Little piggy


Whether first through the gate or bringing up the rear, your enthusiasm takes the prize for “best in show.”
Man looking up at ancient tree


Appealing to the ancient ones, you ask to be connected to the miraculous, intuitively knowing that recorded in their rings are a repository of terrestrial truths. This is one instance where you don’t want to cut out the middleman.
Bees and honey


It is your interior qualities—the soul of your place, not your body’s curbside appeal—that draw others like bees to honey.
Llama slippers


Surprise people. Having created your own self-help portal, wear the proof of your comfort like a badge of honor and glide into the room loud and proud. Inspired, others will follow your “happy and you know it” lead.
Women in light beams


Telepathic transmissions are blowing out the airwaves. True story.
Heart-shaped slinky


Stretch your heart. See each other through a lens of love.
Walking on a bridge in the clouds


Now walking in a much higher state of awareness, you are stepping toward a time where no guardrails will be needed.
Contented cat


The purring can be heard for miles when you’re doing what you love.
Feeling the mist of a waterfall


Life is a deep well meant to enrich and empower, to infuse and inspire your spirit. Breathe deep the blessing.
Happy woman


Intend the best of intentions.
Little trumpeter


Love and truth are the same frequency, the highest.
Mime playing accordion


Baffled by others who never seem to suck wind, you nevertheless are willing to stretch yourself to play your perfect tune.
Prayer rocks


You’ve done the heavy lifting. Now speak it into existence.
Child making waffles


The best things are made from scratch, including you.
Planting seeds


Everyone has to start somewhere, but rather than her go-to bulbs whose outcome was clear, she chose to plant seeds of ideas that would have the freedom to grow like wildflowers.
Woman with hands on heart


You will recognize when people around you speak from spirit as they speak directly to your heart.

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