#spiritsays 2022

Spirit’s daily dollop of divinity
Your north star for transformation


Woman crying


Tears are your heart’s recognition.
Dad painting with child


From first scribble to final stroke, your good works are art that lasts forever.

Boy holding up rock


Lately feeling like you’re holding up the world, have faith. Old paradigms can crumble overnight revealing something more magnificent than was previously known. Your faith can move mountains.

Happy dog on car ride


Be transported by delight.

Elephant walking into heavenly clouds


Every creature will happily and peacefully return from whence it came…love.

Man petting green bird


Imagine climbing up a rock face and just as you are ready to plant your piton, the mountain shakes with a rumble. Your third-dimensional mind says it was just a tremor, but you know the truth, it was a chuckle. As you ascend, you’ll see new realities that were heretofore hidden. Welcome to your new ability to move mountains.

Father and child drinking from bowl


Clear to everyone who saw them that they were two peas in a pod, there was no doubt down the road they would be fishing buddies. It’s easy to recognize kindred spirits for their connectedness will light you up.
Fish breathing new breath


Your ethos common sense, positivity and reason, you pack a lot of wisdom in a tiny body. Never be afraid to speak your piece or let yourself be baited.
miniature toy dressing table


Where once your child’s imagination guided your tiny fingers to arrange every detail just so, your world view was miniature. You may have long ago outgrown childish things but, in truth, your imagination and creativity has evolved and instead of playing small, now you play on a grand scale.
Cat falling asleep on couch


Faced with another uneventful day, Edgar was down in the dumps. When you have the mopes do something about it. The universe will happily give you an exciting, hair-raising, mind-blowing experience if you ask but brace yourself. There are no days dry as dust unless you create them.
Dragonfly on door


Life…some days it’s a lock and others when you have to MacGuyver it. Whether yours requires a soft touch or sheer power, we’re handy to have at your side and happy to hang with you.
Woman barefoot on log


Chuck the sensible shoes for the earth wants to speak to your soul through your sole. Let nature nurture.
Woman excited to be free


Be understanding of your past, excited for your future, and passionate about living in the now.
Kid in a candy shop


Be like a kid in a candy shop filled with excitement and awe and the universe will surround you with mounds of goodness and joy.
Astronaut landing on orange


Every minute of every day you are crafting your own universe. Bring the juice.
Shout to the universe


Shouting your order to the universe and hoping they get it right this time, right or wrong, every delivery has its purpose. Whether it’s teaching you not to settle for a soggy sandwich or rejoice when you discover extra pickles on your patty, the universe delivers what you need even if it isn’t always necessarily what you want.
Little leprechaun


Your lucky day sometimes hard to see, trust that big blessings are popping into your life in the most unexpected and delightful ways.
Dog with a tennis ball smile


Just like you, when pressed into service Goldy could be counted on to serve up smiles to those who needed them most. Thank you for your service.
Frog in hand


Thinking you’ve caught the one, you’re discovering your Prince Charming is quite a handful. When you find yourself having to carry the freeloading newt and wrangle his pond full of polliwogs from previous assignations, you might rethink the “to have and to hold” idea. Every relationship has its “for better or worse” times but its easier to start your commitment on even footing.
Spirit guides encouraging man to let go of the past


Act One of your story may be over but you have many acts yet to live. Your supporting cast is encouraging you to release the old so you can begin anew with Act Two. Let go of the old to be blessed with the new.
Woman playing carnival game


Her claim to greatness was her aim. Unlike most who stepped right up to try their hand, when she thought of pulling down the giant stuffed prize her ball always seemed to land. Intention is a grand guidance system.
Speech bubble sugar cookie


Not every conversation can be sugar-coated but it sure goes down a lot easier when it is.
Horse with unicorn braid


The rule of thumb never to try and be something you’re not, since Sandy had hooves instead of thumbs she figured that particular rule didn’t apply. There is something magical about those willing to be their own unicorn.
Girl offering cracker to dog


It may take every bit of courage to offer up even the tiniest piece of yourself, but when you do you’ll be surprised by the sweet kisses that come your way.
Tiny parrot looking up


When you say a little bird told you, we get it. Listen to your intuition and those seen and unseen will guide you where you want to go.
Bees crawling out of their hive


Crawling out of their cave, it seems everyone is getting back to the business of being, which is a wonderful thing indeed.
Vintage lawn mower


When the old way is bogging you down, it might be time to turn over a new leaf and upgrade to a newer model.
Riding bike with training wheels


Just like a child who goes from four wheels to two, because you can now doesn’t mean you always could. It’s a learning process, an experiencing process, and it sometimes gets tippy.
Insect with big eyes on stick


Eyes bugging out of your head when you see how precariously perched you are at the moment, remember gaining new perspectives is meant to be a thrill.
Woman and fawn


When it comes to love, there is no such thing as too close for comfort.
Boy with birthday hat


There are days when you just have to be your own cheerleader.

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