#spiritsays 2021

Spirit’s daily dollop of divinity
Your north star for transformation


Little girl with rocket tattoo


Your dreams may start small but one day they will take you to infinity and beyond.

Man gently cradling lamb


Let your words be as gentle as a lamb.

Man holding husky while bulldog looks on


Even if you are not being loved on at the moment, never doubt that you are loved.

Black and white hands clasped together


It takes determination to tear yourselves in two for your true nature is as one.

Lemur on tree


Never be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve. Broadcast to the world that you are open to love.

Man petting green bird


Adopt abundance. Abundance wants to live with you for the rest of your life.

Lamb following its mother


Told to keep her own company, Margaret was off to find the shepherd and give him a piece of her mind. Admittedly a bit sheepish about confrontation, she figured if she didn’t speak up, who would? Freedom to roam can only be taken if you let it.
Gold foil hashtag balloon


Imagine a world where your voice was respected, valued, and waiting to be heard. In most circles, it is. Consider this a neon sign inviting you to join the conversation.
Woman in baby blue skirt


You can skirt the issue of your health, but your guides are wishing you wouldn’t.
Sweet baby chimp face


All creatures are born trusting. It’s up to the world to protect and nurture it.
Man standing under stars on highway


Your purpose is being driven by the divine.
Rocket launched in space


In reality, you never needed a rocket ship but that was man’s way of imagining the journey. Your experience is only limited by your imagination. Think beam me up Scotty and you’re getting closer to the truth of the way the universe works.
Man looking up at rays of light in the forest


Living conscious is holy. It is the way you bring the divine to earth.
Little girl sliding down red slide


Give yourself a happy ending.
Little girl climbing tall horse


There is no challenge too big for your britches or boots. When you see what you want, saddle up.
Little girl eating cupcake


Life is like a cakewalk—always delivering the goods.
Hand holding four-leaf clover


You need not wonder if your luck will hold. It will.
Llama climbing uphill


When your quads start complaining to your glutes and your hams need a little extra persuasion, help them remember there is always a flip side to an uphill climb. Be unstoppable.
Woman with a kite at the beach


You will be blessed with favorable winds.
Spying a shadow through a rock


You can almost see him, that person meant just for you. You don’t have to spy with your little eye for he will be coming into focus very soon.
Female hand open and receiving


Your birthright is not just freedom but limitless creative possibilities.
Salmon swimming upstream


Even with all you know, there are days you still swim upstream. Some just love the challenge of it and, even more, the purpose behind it.
Child covering eyes


You can cross your fingers and shut your eyes tight but making a decision from your gut is never the wrong thing to do. Trust.
Funny woman in tye-dyed heart t-shirt


You’ll know your 5th dimension heart chakra is rocking and rolling when you imagine it and whoop, there it is.
Woman lifted into the light


Strip everything away and at your core you are light, and light always lives beyond darkness.
Woman relaxing at the beach


Design your perfect interlude.
Woman holding energy


Hold the intention not only for your well-being but for the well-being of the galaxy, stretching from source to the furthest star.
Man lifting woman up


Love uplifts. Love empowers you to soar.
Fierce elderly man doing butterfly stroke in the pool


Pierce was fierce long before you thought to be. Be grateful for those who parted the seas so you could swim with relative ease.
Woman illuminated


Bathed in the light, you embody more of all that is glorious every day.
Woman with backpack walking on downed tree in forest


You are designing your destiny—what makes you happy versus what doesn’t—so take your time.

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