#spiritsays 2023

Spirit’s daily dollop of divinity
Your north star for transformation


Woman running on the beach


Recognizing your next steps, you are on fire with a renewed passion for your purpose.
Woman feeling the loss


Wishing Marco were by your side just one more sunset, you say his name under your breath and hear “Polo” whispered back. Laughing at the inside joke, you feel the warm tingle of his love and know he will always be there when you call.
Beach dog


A day in the sandbox does wonders for the soul.
Wise old elephant


The old man on campus had been there, done that so when the young ones did what young ones do, he used his elder wisdom and a gentle nudge to put their feet on the upright path. Remember the young are young and although it may not seem like they feel anything when you show them your scars and tell your tales, they do.
Marble jar


Even in the moments when it feels like you’ve lost all your marbles, trust that they are exactly where they should be—safe and sound and ready to rock and roll at a moment’s notice.
Ducklings just learning to walk


A delicate flower, your petals need gentle handling so as not to bruise. Be extra gentle with yourself right now.
Woman pointing for her puppy


Have faith little one. There will be much more coming to you, with you, for you.
Woman playing with bubbles


There was a time when you thought bubbles were only to make dishes gleam and counters sparkle. Now lighthearted and playful, you know they make people shimmer too.
Boys playing in sand


Recognize the bright spots in your day.
Couple on bridge


Willing to meet each other halfway creates strong bonds and soft hearts. May you never come down off of cloud nine.
attuned at the beach


Feeling a little dim lately, remember every fiber of your being is a super conduit to the superconscious and there is nothing you need to do but be you.
With friend at funhouse mirror


Friends are your mirror. They help you see yourself in all your wondrous aspects, especially your best self, the “you” that likes to play hide and seek. Shush your inner critic.
Last water balloon


While it’s never fun to be the last one picked, you’re a good egg for hanging in there. Your poise is teaching others to keep their cool in rough patches too.
Little boy next to wall ruler


Every morning he rushed to the ruler to see how much he inched up while he slept. Like Jack, nurture that seed of hope and watch as you grow the tallest, most prolific beanstalk in the kingdom.
Bottle game


When you say to yourself here goes nothing, while great in sentiment, you are sending a signal that nothing will result. Craft your words wisely for what is spoken is what will result.
Starfish under water


Imagine being a star that has naught to do but extend its arms to soak in the rays, pose for the paparazzi, and occasionally shake a hand or two. It’s easy to keep your cool when you know you’re a jewel.
Sea of tents


Liberate your spirit. Join the tent load of believers and happy campers who are stepping out of survival mode to tune into the terrain and each other.
Daddy showing rock on hand


Daddy, you rock this whole parenting thing.
Happy dog


Considered by some a truculent pup, Sylvie was full of sass and maybe a smidgen of stubbornness, but her happy energy always won out. Always be your eager, exuberant, animated self.
Child feeding goldfish


You are being sprinkled with a daily diet of divinity.
Thoughtful woman looking out window


Open your shutters and you will see your divine purpose—to help others see theirs.
Butterfly on happy girl's finger


Throughout your life you have built a rapport with your guides, and from first flutter to last sigh you’ll trust their guidance.
Boy eating an ice pop


Grass tickling your toes and sunshine pinking your nose, slurp up the sweetness of summer.
Lightning bug


What started as small clusters of empowered incarnates reminded others of their light and one by one and 1,000 by 1,000 a new day dawned and with it the realization that they hold the power and always have. It is your nature to bring light to the dark.
Thoughtful woman looking at the horizon


You are brave, enduring, and kind. You think that is not so, but it is. You know no other way to be so do not understand its import but the recipients of your kindness marvel at your generosity of spirit. You don’t see it. If you did, you would be as warmed by it as we are.
Man cutting lawn with vintage mower


The smell of freshly cut grass a motivator, you open the toolshed and prepare for battle but not every battle must be hard won. Old habits may die hard, but die they must for there is an easier way to achieve and receive.
Cowboy on his horse eating salad


Caesar salad not your typical cowboy food, you are happiest when you write your own meal ticket. Live your truth and let everything else slide off.
Butterfly in hibiscus


When you immerse yourself wholeheartedly, life is 100% pure nectar.
Boy going down pool slide backwards


Letting go is half the fun.
Doggy paddle


While their strokes were not exactly synchronized and mermaid-worthy in the water, it was plain to see their hearts were joyously in sync.

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