#spiritsays 2022

Spirit’s daily dollop of divinity
Your north star for transformation


Field of daisies


Be a bright spot in someone else’s day, for the world is a reflective place and what you are to others, they will be for you. When you plant sunshine, it will be returned to you in fields.
Cosmic balloons


Integrating your higher self in all dimensions of time and space is as simple as an ask. Intend it so and so it will be.
Surfer on big wave


Ride the wave of optimism for it has the power to sweep away all who stand in its path and within it lies the truth of your future.
Wildflower rimmed hat


Liv never knew what would satisfy her soul each day, medicinal flowers or edible roots but, brimming with enthusiasm, she trusted the wisdom of her higher self to guide her.
Butterfly crawling inside a lily


Instructed in your dreams to seek the nectar, now in broad daylight and spotting your Eden, you excitedly nosedive. Bliss is only a faceplant away.
Circle of rocks


What seems impossible rarely is.
Fresh Peaches


Peering into the crate, we see perfect fruit unbruised by picker’s hand and life. One day you will see you as we do.
Woman reading a cookbook


You are a recipe book resting in its holder. You’ll never know what you’re made of until you open up. Mix it up.
Cute baby piglet


She loved a mud bath as much as the next girl, but Imogen decided to change it up and make light her daily ritual. She would sniff it out and roll in it for good measure. Brilliant, Imogen knew that when she coated herself with light her radiant outside would match her divine inside, and wherever she went she would glow.
Woman and her dog


Everything is bound together by one unconditional love.
Surfer at sunset


Hold out for a stand-up guy who is as constant as the rise and fall of the sun and leaves only grace in his wake.
Dog and man relaxing


You give of yourself without expecting. You give because it brings you joy.
Woman making a mess


Messy is your soul’s way of telling you it’s time to practice self-love, a reminder that you are creating the masterpiece that is you and there is bound to be a spat or two. Love the mess.
Holding a full moon


This is not just a phase. You’ve got this.
Horse's ears perked


Every creature sentient, there are many different ways they read reality. Keep your spiritual ears perked.
Baby looking for crab


Light is not something you find – it’s something you already are.
Indigenous man in beautiful feathers


Understand the evolutionary magic of your divine origin. Celestial peoples, indigenous peoples, and all peoples are one tribe courtesy of the creator.
Woman feeling the sun on her face in the forest


There are places you gravitate to where the vibrations themselves match your heart. Find your sacred space where you feel alive and connected. Let nature nurture.
Two cute seniors hugging


Your true power is in your heart, and you are a power user.
Trapeze artists flying


Trust given is an honor received.
Silly girl jumping in the pool


Jump at every chance to show your sillies.
Finding a berry


It is a rare and precious thing to believe good can be found, and those who listen to their intuition will find their lives very sweet indeed.
Woman's feet with pink flower


Ask yourself is this love or is this not love and you will have all the wisdom you need.
1950s couple with picnic basket


This is just one of your many lives together and while it feels that a piece of your soul is missing, in truth you’re just packing your picnic for your next grand adventure side by side. You will see each other again and again and again.
Happy dog driving boat


Magically minting another extraordinary day, living your best life inspires others to do the same.
Happy woman mountain biking


This is a participatory universe. You are the master creator and the willing participant in your adventure.
Smiling sloth


Now, more than ever, do what you came here to do. Bring it! Be a purveyor of positivity.
Tomato in shape of heart


Trust that your heart is ripe and ready to be picked.
Hot air balloon being lifted


Positive thoughts raise you up. So do positive people. Let yourself be lifted.
Boy holding giant ice cream cone


Levi had a dreamer’s eye. Every summer he dreamt that he would be big enough for the “foot-long” goodness but when he actually held the sky-high treat in his hand, he had second thoughts. Your desires are constantly reshaping themselves. Let the old ones melt away and the new ones take form.

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