#spiritsays 2021

Spirit’s daily dollop of divinity
Your north star for transformation


Little girl with flippers on
Tired of sitting idly by while others had all the fun, Andrina wanted more. Imagining was not the same as experiencing and she was ready to flip it, to live life to the fullest rather than staying stuck in her story. Move thy feet.
Paper sailboat in tree
Ask and the knowing will settle gently in your soul.
Waldo-looking guy
Heart filled with wanderlust, he wondered where he’d Waldo it this summer but, rather than try and solve the riddle, he would wait for serendipity to strike. He marveled that his feet seemed to be imbued with their own GPS system and always found the perfect path.
Old dog in motorhome
One lucky dog, Winston didn’t care about the destination. He had been around the block a time or two and would be a happy camper whether they hit the road for parts unknown or just drove down to the river for an overnighter. He knew new sights and smells could be found everywhere and often the best ones were right under your nose.
Boy carrying oversized float popcicle
There is no ask too big.
Woman relaxing on the beach
Kick back and let’s have a chat, divine to divine.
Boss ladies never bury their heads in the sand. They show up for roll call and handle their biz.
Blender of berries
For goodness to flow, it’s time to take your sweetness for a spin.
Woman waking up in the morning
Not sure when it happened or how but you’ve awakened your potential. Because you believed in tomorrow, tomorrow is here.
Cat eating fresh grass
One sniff and she was instantly transported to her happy place. Keep calm and binge on.
Circus elephants and woman handler
Letting go of one of your strongest supporters, even when it’s in their best interest, is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do.
Dog and man relaxing
When you’re spending the day exactly as you should be, you feel it in your bones.
Little girl looking out at lake from pier
Wishful thinking creates magical outcomes.
Animal trying to drink from mug
Terrance, not currently a connoisseur of the finer things, knew that didn’t mean he couldn’t be. He would find his cup of tea.
Senior woman dressed for hula
Tuesdays were bingo night at the Elks and kind of a big deal. Toting her straw bag filled with markers and pup, she might look like a tourist, but she was anything but. Mildred had practiced her hula for weeks and was ready to be the envy of all the girls at Luau Bingo. Whether it would be her smooth moves or a lucky streak she intended to be a winner. And she was.
Funny little creature looking up
Wondering if this is as good as it gets, the answer is a resounding no. We see so much more for you than you see for yourself.
Little boy gently lifting a gecko
Teach “gentle” and all creatures will be lifted.
Surfer riding big wave
It’s not a pipe dream; you are riding the wave.
Man looking up at waterfall
The journey is more than putting one foot in front of the other; it’s being fully present every step of the way.
Dad and daughter looking up
Remember, they look up to you, and everything you do they will do too. It’s a tall order to be a good dad.
Happy dog with paws in the sand
You know you’re in the zone when wishful thinking becomes actual living.
Boy climbing in tree
Once a seed of thought, as a pinecone rooted in love you are able to run faster, jump further, and reach higher. Love is the only boost you’ll ever need.
Log ride big splash
You’ve got to take the plunge to get the magical ending.
Colorful balloon bouquet
You walk all dimensions simultaneously. For now, it is our word and an occasional déjà vu feeling when you bump elbows with your other realm selves.
Boy holding chicken
Sometimes it felt like a bear hug but most times it just felt wonderful, even better than the blue ribbon that hung outside her coop. Share your heart—hug a friend.
Bowl of fresh picked blueberries
Tune in to what sweetens your life and plumps your passion and trust that all else in the world will ripen in its own time.
Girls wearing Haku lei in Hawaii looking at Mokulua Islands
Consciously cultivate your sacred connection.
Beautiful blue climbing flowers
Lately climbing the walls and impatient to turn this corner, regardless of where your parking stall is at this moment, you will find your bloom.
Holding a jar to capture the sunset
You are a mystic manifestor, wondrous in your ability to attract new experiences to you every second of every day.
Senior woman in lawn chair wearing flower ring on her wrist
You are mother earth’s muse just as she is yours.

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