#spiritsays 2023

Spirit’s daily dollop of divinity
Your north star for transformation


Happy boy eating watermelon


Liam loved everything about the 4th—barbequed burgers, water balloon battles, baseball, and big bangs—but his favorite thing about this holiday was its “no shirt, no problem” freedom. This was his sweet land of liberty.
Cliff jumper


Not knowingness is a blessing for it leaves no room for anything but faith.
Watching fireworks over the lake


You’re both flint who, when together, create the spark to keep the home fires burning. Blaze on beloveds.
Happy girl on July 4th


Cue the sparkle in your eyes. Let the sparks fly!
Raccoon in jeans


The word was out that Jerome had discovered a new neighborhood hangout, one that would be a perfect fit for him and a few of his buddies, even if might be short-lived. Seize every opportunity to put your positive pants on.
Little girl waiting on pier


Little Stella wanted to get her groove back but, every time she thought about diving in, she remembered her last swim lesson flop and decided maybe the pier was the perfect place to park it after all. Never let fear hold you back from the fun.
Butterfly lookalike


A vision gone unnoticed, perceive the beauty in the “real” world. Train your heart to see what others do not.
Woman playing with bubbles


Sit in it for a moment—a place more exquisite than you ever imagined, feeling completely connected and truly happy. Bask in the bliss. Your inner world has just taken steps to create your outer experience.
Boy running with innertube


Able to create the magical from the mundane, never underestimate the human spirit’s ability to roll with it.
Dandelions in the sun


You may not see it, but you are crowned in the most magnificent halo of light. Beam on shining one.
Baby crawls towards a pool


All your attention on your desire, you may not see the hazards but we do. Don’t be surprised when the long arm of the law swoops you up, gives you a hug, and then gently places you where you wanted to be all along. We are here to protect and serve.
Hand holding shell treasure


Treasure in all forms finds your hand now.
Reflective eyeglasses


When even a newer, stronger prescription doesn’t seem to do the trick remember the world is reflective so keep things in perspective. It will be whatever you see and vice versa. Open your mind to new ways of seeing and being.
Camper cloud watching


Imagining drinking from the Big Dipper at night and the clouds changing form just to delight by day, you were born knowing there was a great caretaker in the sky who loved to play.
Girl looking down the beach


Imagining herself a giant killer, she the David to any ‘ol Goliath that might come walking down the beach, it didn’t occur to Lillith that she was the giant to the crabs quickly scuttling to dodge her sandy footfalls. Tall or small, all creatures are mightily loved. To truly connect with someone, be them for a day.
Boy and best friend


Witnessing mutual devotion is breathtaking. Experiencing it is heart-opening and wondrous.
Flexible straws


There are many timelines currently intersecting, aligning, twisting and untwisting. It is a busy time in the creation of your destiny as a species. Trust that all will sort itself out in the end.
Sparkling shell-shaped trim


You can be mended. Mermaids like you were meant to sparkle.
Supremely grateful woman


Nothing trumps love and gratitude. There is no higher expression.
Painted grasshopper


No matter its size, no life lived is ever of little importance. Every creature brings its own brand of light into the world.
Sea turtle floating


Put it in park and just idle awhile. Neutral is a beautiful place to restore and recharge.
Woman doing a handstand


On a scale of 1 to 10, you are an 11 and hands down the most powerful choreographer of your joy.
Surfers waiting for a wave


The sea of humanity has perfected the art of riding waves of love. It’s swell when through kindness, generosity, compassion and all the myriad of other goodnesses, it remembers to create them too.
Plum tree


Under the spell of summer, all things ripen to live and serve up their juiciest potential.
Kitten eating plant


Although tempting, not everything within your grasp is good for you.
Man freely riding bicycle


Ideas are living forms of consciousness yet to find an adventure to take. Acting on them gets the wheels rolling.
Vintage bathing beauty


Grace never goes out of style.
Eagle in tree top


You have been blessed with the ability to see what others can not, to know what others do not, and the bravery to say what others will not.
Happy girl climbing a tree


The happiest folk make it a practice to dance in the treetops to remind themselves what it feels like to be alive.
Woman looking at ocean


See yourself as divine and part of the plan for whether spoken or unspoken that is the truth.
Little dog bringing back ball


Always show you’ve got what it takes to run with the big dogs. Whether or not you have the heart of a retriever, be enthusiastic in everything you do and there just might be a treat in it for you.

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