#spiritsays 2022

Spirit’s daily dollop of divinity
Your north star for transformation


Pup doggy paddling


Doggy paddling in the deep end, there were a couple of moments where you wondered if you’d be able to go the distance, but as always, you performed swimmingly.
Beautiful woman doing yoga


You are the conduit, the place where dreams and miracles meet.
Beautiful couple walking on the beach


Love is a beautiful sight. See it for what it is, wherever it is, and be grateful for those with big enough hearts to express it.
Statue of Liberty torch


Remember, you stand for something bigger than yourself, the grand ideal of liberty and justice for all. Never relinquish the torch.
Happy family going down waterslide


Taking the plunge might be scarier than a Big Gulp but it’s the surest way to reconnect with your joy.
Elephant trunk holding grass


Gather to you all that nourishes your soul and let the rest go.
Girl in a field


It takes zero effort to listen to that still small voice in your head, to trust that it comes from your heart, for it is proof that you are connected to the wisdom of the cosmos.
Happy girl holding sprinkler


Be your own rainmaker.
Friends hand in hand on the beach


Your energy is always working to pull in like minds and kindred spirits.
Mermaid sisters hugging


Some things are meant to be shared… like unconditional love.
Happy senior swimmer with drink


Georgette was a fan favorite, not because of her long, elegant strokes or the fact that rain or snow she showed, but because she knew how to squeeze the juice out of every day. It’s not the perfection of a stroke but the perfection of an attitude that makes someone a champion. Find a way to make every day your best.
Boy blowing dandelion


Wishes seemingly imperfectly made are perfectly heard. The desires of your heart are known and if you have not yet received what you have chosen, it is because it has not yet deemed itself a worthy match.
Hand holding an ice cream cone


Generations have walked up to the window and generations more have served. Be grateful that the best traditions are still standing, and that your cones continue to be filled.
Woman putting her hair in ponytail


It may put you in an awkward position for a moment or two, but you’ve got this. You can wrangle and untangle with the best of them, especially in hot sticky situations.
Funny woman with clown nose


Pleasing others their sole purpose, some get their point across without ever saying a word.
Watch German Shepherd at beach


Taking his rightful place on the lounger, most in his position would kick back and people watch but he was not most; he would stand vigilant, guarding those he loved until everyone was safely out of the water and back up on the grass, where skinned knees and stubbed toes were the biggest dangers. You were bred for greatness. Live your destiny.
Dreamcatchers at sunset


Like you, your dreams want to be caught, held, and have the full experience of being loved.
Live sand dollars


When you have dollars to spare, share. Generosity begets more to be generous with.
Girl paddling out on surfboard


The skies are blue and stars are aligned. Go for it little one.
Black sheep among white sheep


Finding yourself leading more than following these days, you wonder why you, the black sheep, have become such an influencer. Yes, you were born to stand out, but you took it a step further and chose to be outstanding in your field. Excellence will always be respected and wisdom will always be heard.
Sand snow cones on the beach


When you pack Day 1 full of goodness, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4 are likely to follow. Good vibes always follow the leader.
Woman camping in RV


There is an unparalleled peace that comes from unplugging from life. Park it and bask in your freedom.
Woman watching the horizon


Stay open to love and closed to the notion that it’s not possible to find it.
People sitting on tree branch


There are voices in the wilderness whose purpose is to point out your differences, but the wisest of you know your true foundation and strength come from hanging with each other. Humanity is held up by the sturdiest branches in the cosmos who intend that the species not just survive individually but thrive together.
Little girl offering hand to friend


The ultimate kindness is offered one heart and hand at a time.
Woman finding penny


It’s not happenstance that you’ve been visited by good fortune. Lady, you’ve created your luck.
Leaf unfurling


Speak it into being. State clearly and powerfully that you choose to be free to live a peaceful and harmonic life, to unfold your highest potential.
Boy eating watermelon


One day he would look back on days like this, and remember how sweet and simple they were, and they would be his North Star for creating goodness in his life even when no orchard was to be found. Goodness comes in all forms; its wisdom is how you learn to ignore the seeds and spit the occasional pit.
Woman picking daisies


Pick your passion, whatever creates a bright spot in your day, and promises to inspire your happiness tomorrow.
Boy in pool with extraterrestrial goggles


Have the presence of mind to keep an open mind when extras pop up seemingly out of nowhere.
Feathers in sunlight


Be your own shaman for you are perfectly capable of bringing the truth to light by yourself.

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