#spiritsays 2021

Spirit’s daily dollop of divinity
Your north star for transformation


Beautiful horses in pasture


Find your serenity, your peaceful greener pasture.
Toasting a marshmallow


Let’s toast to all things that melt under your touch.
Stars and stripes boots


Patriotism never goes out of style.
Little boy watching fireworks


Life is meant to light you up and excite your heart.
Boat pulling people on float


Even with its ups and downs and when it throws you for a loop, life is meant to be a joyride. When life feels unpredictable embrace it, have fun with it, ride the wave.
Heroic amputee rock climbing


Heroic and heart-activated, you are so much more than the sum of your parts.
Happy face clown shoes


If you think you’re happy now, wait until you see what we have up our sleeve next.
Two plus size women on the beach


Enlargements are beautiful. When you look upon another without judgment or prejudice you are one step closer to enlightenment. You are one step closer to love.
Man opening up portal to other dimension


You are being ushered by ambassadors of light, those high-vibe types, into your multicolored glory where anything and everything can materialize.
Man loving his dog


Every soul is love incarnate. You would not exist without it and you exist for it. It is the sole purpose of your soul.
Hat up in the air


Recognize all the instances when you are your own hero.
Multiple scoops of ice cream


You asked for more of everything good under the rainbow. Here’s your heaping helping of goodness.
Light following light


All God’s creatures are drawn to the light, both seen and unseen.
Shining flashlight into space


There are no ideas too “out there” for us or you. As a card-carrying member of the cosmic think tank, anything and everything is possible.
Person in pink float on the ocean


The natural state of your spirit is buoyant and carefree so let it be.
Man relaxing on rock at Lake Tahoe


Connect more deeply. Take yourself to a place that rocks your world.
Two old friends blowing bubbles


You’re never too old to indulge in the wonder of childish things. Bring on the delight.
Big cat looking up


Intuitive signals are becoming bigger, bolder, and impossible to ignore.
Hand feeling water


What is hidden will happily reveal itself when you’re in emotional resonance. Swimming in a common pool of energy, you can tap the repository of wisdom anytime. Uplevel your frequency and all will be made clear.
Timid mouse creeping toward seeds


Timid, you might miss the happiness right under your nose.
Happy woman picking strawberries


You’re a light farmer; it’s written all over your face. Nurture your beautiful nature.
Woman in pink doing yoga


Your body is the loving holder of your heart. Treat it with the tenderness it deserves.
Two synchronized swimmers


Being in sync with another soul is a master achievement and a gift to all those who behold its beauty.
Parachute landing on beach


Hanging out in the heavens, you were tasked to carry energy from other realms to earth for the benefit of all. Now landed, live lovingly and it will be mission complete.
Contemplative man looking out at ocean


You have been a seeker of truth. Become a knower of truth.
Little girl duct tapes brother to a wall


Little brothers have long been known to be pesky critters. When someone is driving you up the wall, be inventive. Find a smile/smile solution but never leave a brother hanging.
Blue polished abalone shell


Polished and shaped, the side you show to the world is indeed magnificent but it is your soft inner side where your truest beauty resides.
Woman inflating a float at the beach


Pump up the self-love.
Baby hanging in jumper


Sometimes the only thing you can do is hang in there and remember that you are loved, supported and resilient. Keep smiling baby.
Two seater beach chair


Once seen all over town pedaling in perfect harmony on a bicycle built for two, now a lawn chair built for two in your backyard is more your speed. Your seating arrangement may have changed but you are still the dynamic duo. Now it is your heart that is in perfect unison with an unspoken pact to ignore each other’s occasional nod and snore.
Mermaid woman sitting on rock


A fan of mermaid lore, Lori imagined that one day, with a swish of a tail, she would magically morph from what she was to what she wanted to be. Answer your soul’s siren call and experience your true nature now. Don’t wait another minute to be fin to fin with other fabulous creatures like yourself.

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