#spiritsays 2023

Spirit’s daily dollop of divinity
Your north star for transformation


Pike's Peak


Does the cloud settle contentedly on the mountain or does it feel trapped, squirming until it rents itself free? It is all a matter of perception. Be content wherever you are in the moment.
Happy woman eating ice cream


Jubilance comes in many forms, bliss in many flavors. Treat yourself.
Koala bear in the light


You awaken all who see you to the light every creature brings to the world.
Man with woman in wheelchair


Reward yourself with a peek into your processes—how you think and feel but mostly how you love. It’s a breathtaking sight.
Hugging dachshund


You are a receptor of all that is love.
Close-up of ski mask looking at mountain


Appreciate your lofty goals.
In the clouds


We’re dialing it up a notch this year and with it your frequencies. There will be those who want to play in the mud and those who want to play in the clouds. Either is transcendent if done with love.
Cute smiling little girl


Live divine. Look for the holy on every face, be they cuter than a button or not, and feel a profound rush of love.
Pink frosting


Goodness is your birthright—both to be it and be surrounded by it.
Couple walking hand in hand


Love is an adventure just waiting to happen.
Two people connecting


The closer you get to one another, the less you need to say.
Woman following heart balloon


Tugging at your heartstrings, the universe is leading you to what truly matters.
Old gal taking aim


Thinking Cupid might need a new prescription, help the old gal out and make yourself a bigger target. Your fate and your mate await.
Puppy kiss


Get tickled when you feel love’s exuberance.
Snowboarder watching sun


Soul seeing surf even when it snows, feeling sun even when it blows, you live in an endless summer state of grace.
Parents holding newborn


Love begets love.
Sitting with fossils


A fossil is proof of what was, but you are proof of what is — life, love, astonishing potential.
Window open to the light


Light is the ally of your well-being. Let the sun shine in.
Flamingos tuning in


Blessed with the gift of senses, use them.
A noble lion


The lionhearted can only exist in contentment when they serve others as well as themselves.
Hiking in the forest


Intrepid and undaunted, Jane crawled over vine and stick to find her way out of the jungle. Escape your entanglements—those that no longer lift you up—and into realization of your strength and endurance.
Cats drinking cream on farm


Truth, like cream, always rises to the surface.
Woman painting outdoors


Creations are attracted to those willing to create them.
Woman with outstretched arms


Yours is the wingspan of an angel, vast, as felt by all who’ve crawled into your arms seeking shelter.
Child gathering snow


Gathering up what might be the makings for the last snowman of the season, she was determined to create her best ever, one that would warm her heart until the first flakes fell next year. Every day is an opportunity to teach your heart the best is yet to be.
Blue parrot


Perceive the beauty and wisdom of the internal to experience it in the external.
Swimming whale


When you love what you do, you vibrate and that vibration transmits throughout the universe. It is a call to all creatures to join the conversation and swim in that glorious frequency.
Enthusiastically playing air guitar


When lightning strikes with an idea, passionately play it out. No one can rock it like you. 

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