#spiritsays 2022

Spirit’s daily dollop of divinity
Your north star for transformation


Tiger mother and cub


A mother’s life is a daily devotional of patience, perseverance, and love.
Heart tree trunk


Mother nature has been dropping you love notes not only as encouragement of your next steps but as reassurance that you are championed every step of the way. Like mothers everywhere, she would happily give the bark off her back to see you well.
One kitten stands alone


Every soul has its own unique approach to fulfillment. Celebrate your unique approach.
Heart-shaped cave


You all have your individual journey to pure love consciousness that requires bravery to go off path.
Bird sees her aura


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. See yourself as we see you, a resplendent rainbow of all that is good.
Dog yearning for muffin


Trust that you’re on the shortlist to receive something even better than what’s right in front of your nose.
Two horses nose to nose


It may be instinctual to go head-to-head but try a little tenderness instead.
Sliding down handrail


The village full of every character from soup to nuts, Gloria, one of its wackiest residents, could be counted on to let things slide. Be unflappable and you’ll be unstoppable.
Seal swimming


Consider this your inertia eraser. Take a deep dive and go for it.
Dog paws holding hand


Embrace the feels.
Majestic waterfall


The pump primed with flattery from every tourist’s ooh, aah, and snap, it was all the encouragement she needed to release her pent-up energy and let her emotions flow. Let the cascade of love begin.
Clown date


If it’s true that only fools fall in love, the wisest of you will jump at the chance to be a fool.
Organic love potion


Love is the most potent elixir of all.
Two sock monkeys in love


Having eaten more than your share of paste as children, you wonder that your innards didn’t stick together but now it makes sense. You two have coined the phrase “stuck like glue.”
Dalmation puppy looking up


Beggars can be choosers, especially when their soulful eyes say they choose you.
Rose covered in frost


Blooming until the temperature dropped, Rose thought it terribly rude to expect her to perform when even her thorns dripped icicles. Alas, she huffed, the show must go on and with that, she again took her rightful place center stage. Move through it and you’ll do more than survive, you’ll thrive.
Child's hand fingerpainting


Anything you put your hand to reveals your heart.
Elephant seal sniffing the air


No goal too lofty, Herman did his best thinking riding the hypnotic waves, letting every swell buoy his spirit and spark his imagination. Great minds may not always think alike but they always think big.
Ninja kid in hallway


Be inspired by those who ninja their way through life.
Wings under a starry sky


Like butterflies following a current, your frequency pulls pieces of consciousness to you. Elevate what you emanate and your wings will expand exponentially letting the brightest and most radiant sparks shine through you.
Elephant ear


Navigating your way through the jungle, tickled by the temptation to turn this way and that, it is no small thing to keep the truth front and center. Listening with your heart is an art.
Man sitting in the middle of bridge


You’re in the place in between—in between where your life was and where it will be—gathering your wits for your next grand adventure.
Penguins on different paths


At the risk of falling into a rut, you choose a less traveled road. As kindred spirits, your paths may vary but your destinations are very much the same.
Puppy kissing her friend


Be grateful for the helpers sent to shift you into a frequency of love.
Gopher and peacock


Bummed that he had lost his bearings and burrowed beyond his boundary, Trevor felt terrible. None too happy with his uninvited guest, Merlin took one look at the inexperienced pup and forgave his blunder. It’s easy to lose your way when you have tunnel vision.
Woman sitting alone on top of huge boulder under dark starry summer sky


Twinkling like charms on a galactic bracelet, each one brighter than the last and vying for your eye, the stars have captured your heart. Just as you’re being pulled into their orbit, they’re being pulled into yours.
Polar bear peeking out of cave


Your arctic village busy with the business of living, watching is not doing. You were born to do so get busy living. Your wildest dreams will never be realized from the confines of a cave.
Big sister loves little brother


With just one look you can be in love and stay that way for the rest of your life.

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