#spiritsays 2021

Spirit’s daily dollop of divinity
Your north star for transformation


Girl on tire swing looking down at ice puddle


The beauty of life’s puddles and pitfalls is that they teach you to vary on the fly.



Your body is an avatar. Your consciousness is eternal.

Goldfish being carried in a cup


It’s never comfortable feeling like your fate is in someone else’s hands. Even if you land on the carpet, trust that you won’t be a fish out of water forever. It’s temporary, and all part of the journey to a bigger bowl.

1970s whack-a-mole game


Negativity, whack it as fast as it appears.

Woman reaching up to touch manta ray


Life-altering love is at your fingertips. It’s instinctual so never be afraid to reach for it.

Human being in hot springs gazing at the stars


As a conscious and sentient soul, you need no cosmicsplaining. You are fully aware that you are connected to the stars and they to you.

Girl sitting in sunbeam


Hope is a portal through which things that do not yet exist can be made real.
Man with two flashlights shining up to sky


More lights fill the night sky because they’ve seen your neon “Earth is now open for business.” For those with an open heart, open contact is coming soon to a neighborhood near you.
Heart shaped kite in the sky


Every time you say a kind word or think a kind thought you help someone’s heart to fly.
Colorful candy hearts


As soon as you utter “Oh my goodness,” goodness exists.
Bird with heart-shaped wings


Love requires opportunity. Don’t leave it waiting in the wings.
Woman wearing pink love beanie


Heart open for business, Delilah put it out to the universe that she was ready for love. Even if it meant a sign taped to her forehead, she would do whatever it took to bring in the love she knew was meant only for her. Clear intention is always the key to unlocking your destiny.
Spider web with heart center


Love is intricate, delicate, and the most beautiful thing you will ever spin.
Two otters snuggling


This is the perfect time to be unabashedly sentimental.
Dog with black heart-shaped nose


Wear your self-love like a badge of honor.
Woman listening to music on forest swing


When you know, you know. And you know.
Vintage man wearing fashionable golf attire and tee socks


Giving it more than lip service, you’ve got this confidence thing down to a tee and we like it!
Wild horses running freely


Today, let your thoughts roam to free things. Born free-spirited, never forget thoughts are free things.
Little girl learning how to ride a horse


Love will grow where it will. Unexpectedly. Beautifully.
Heart shaped moss on tree


When mama said “chores” you hightailed it to your favorite hiding spot, hoping to remain undiscovered until the dinner bell rang. Checking to see if the coast was clear, you wondered if anyone caught your disappearing act. One look at her face and your heart sank, knowing she’s got your number. Pitching in is always better than hiding out.
Dolphin and woman connecting


Shining soul to shining soul, your heart will always recognize a kindred spirit.
Vintage fur wrap on wood hanger


Never doubt you are wrapped in the embrace of loved ones and angels.
Dog with stuffed monkey


Monkey see, monkey do nets you more of the same. Be your own ringleader.
Man naked and freezing in ice pond


Out to test his endurance, teeth chattering and freezing his keister off, Ramsey’s inner truthologist cautioned that his keister might be just the tip of the iceberg. When you are determined to add unwise to your repertoire, we may step in with a snowball to knock some sense into your head.
Dog looking through donut hole


Henry knew exactly how to get what he wanted. He had mastered the art of focus and was like a dog with a bone when it came to willing goodness to come his way. When what you want is so close you can almost taste it, power up your “dog with a bone” intention, and never let your intensity wane. Believe with 100% certainty that you will receive and then get ready to chew.
Man with parakeet in his hair


Only allow chipper energy to nest in your soul.
Lavender full moon


Trust in moon magic and bathe in its vital energy.
Blue macaw looking at camera


Watching someone else rise above doesn’t mean that you have to stay grounded. Fly.

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