#spiritsays 2021

Spirit’s daily dollop of divinity
Your north star for transformation


Dog smiling with a little help


Sometimes it’s a stretch to smile but when you do the world can’t help but smile back.


Making strong women is best taught by one who knows what it means to be one.
Pulling a tree through the snow


His tradition the old way, Casey knew there was something soul-stirring following in his forefathers’ footsteps, harvesting from his own land the way it had always been done. Traditions enliven the soul.
Dad wrapping porch with lightss


May everything you do be wrapped in love.
Baby on beach looking up


Life is a marvel and whether you fast walk it or take it at a crawl, it’s a wonder every step of the way.

Person walking tightrope


What you are experiencing is expansion. What feels like a step up process is truly a step out process.
Person gift wrapped


Never doubt that you are the best gift anyone could ever receive.
Littlest elf


Calling all pint-sized lightworkers aka Christmas Elves, it’s time to work your smile-making magic.
Dog looking hopefully


Love sees and honors your hopeful heart.
Girl whispering in Santaʻs ear


Claiming you’re Claus-trophobic, when Santa takes the stage your inner child tugs on your sleeve excited to share this year’s catalog of wishes. You’re never too old to believe you’ll receive.
Rare Christmas ornament


Age has not diminished your sparkle. In fact, time has made you a rare and beautiful treasure.
Boy smiling at laptop


It’s time to dream big things for yourself.
Ax and Christmas tree branch


‘Tis the season when all is forgiven and there is no ax to grind.
Christmas tree branch in envelope


Love sent is love received.
Brother and sister snuggling


Every fiber of your being tells you that now is the time to weave yourself a little tighter to each other. Itʻs beautiful when you listen to love.
Father and son relaxing


Be your own peace on earth.
Cat holding elf


Hold on to the magic of Christmas.
Little Christmas elf


Doing a little Christmas list intel, Figgy felt very British when he did his Bond-like work. It was easy to fill stockings with trinkets, geegaws and battery-operated gadgets but it took some Santa sleuthing to gift up, to discover the one item that would bring joy all year long. When you’re elfing this year, gift up to light up.
Man looking up at Christmas lights


The twinkle of Christmas lights triggers something deep in your soul, a joyful remembering of who you once were and who you are now, a beloved bright light in this world.
Decorated gingerbread cookie


Sweetness makes you a believer, both giving and receiving.
Shining girl with golden antlers


It is your nature to think merry and bright.
Woman carrying many presents


Christmasing since October, you’re ready to deliver heaping mounds of holiday cheer to those near and dear. And, because you shared from the heart, abundance and oversized joy will soon be stomping their snowy boots on your welcome mat.
Baby and buddy elf


Devotion is magical.
Dog on porch waiting patiently


Stand firm in your faith that goodness is coming for, in seeing you believe, others are inspired to do the same.
Little boy excited on Christmas morning


It was quite an orchestration but, like jolly old St. Nick known for pulling a rabbit out of his bag, you too brought the magic. Counted on to make spirits bright, their shining faces confirm that you “sleighed” it again this year.
Shaggy dog running


December a marathon, you may have run yourself ragged the last few weeks but the surprised looks on their faces were certainly worth every early morning and late-night jaunt.
Door open


Be especially grateful when the heavens open and deliver all your favorites.
Sledding down hill backwards


Life will always add a new wrinkle that is more fun than folly.
Einstein snowman impersonator


The neighborhood couldn’t wait for the first heavy snow and Al’s big reveal. A hit again this year, his zany front yard tribute entitled “Einstein at His Best” was a reminder of the true genius of heart power. Sparking smiles from young and old alike, he proved that the December drearies were not dreary at all. The heart of a genius is, in fact, inexhaustible.
Ice skates with training wheels


Doing your level best to stay balanced, your heart may skip a beat or two when you tip, thinking a face plant is in your future. Remember you are divinely supported. As you skate into the new year, trust that your path will be freshly groomed and that all obstacles will melt away before your feet can find them.
New Year's eve pup


Put your game face on, pup. This new year has your name all over it. You’re going to connect the dots and discover mind-blowing, inspiring, life-changing, heart-swelling, genuine, true happiness in the process. Blessings will be coming out of your ears.

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