#spiritsays 2023

Spirit’s daily dollop of divinity
Your north star for transformation


Sand castle on beach


Told to go pound sand, that’s just what Piper did. Be the creator of your own castle.
Woman dying her hair pink


Living in the land of “I wish I was” is living out of sync with your heart who celebrates all that you are—your expression of divinity, of you creating you.
People at planetarium


All eyes on the stars, you’ve been led to believe what you see is all there is which is light years from the truth.
Woman carrying surfboard


Catch the incoming waves of good energy.
Woman in mountains


Live in your soul’s Eden.
Sisters hugging


Brynn and Waverlee were each other’s anchor. When you love unconditionally, you become the port in each other’s storm.
Snail crawling toward flower


When it feels like change is happening at a snail’s pace, remember the universe, sensitive to human intention, can’t help but morph to accommodate your will. Send out intentional thought filled with love and watch how fast things shift.
Night forest


Contact is not coming. Contact is here.
Little girl eating gelato


This is only the beginning of the good that is coming your way.
Looking over clouds


The high road is called high for a reason — choosing it means you are stepping up to a higher resonance, a higher frequency, a higher expression of you. Cue the great changes within.
Escorting new sea turtle


Change the world; do a good deed where there’s a need.
Little boy looking at sunrise


Children are like flowers. They always turn toward the sun and bloom when you least expect it.
Trapeze artists


Reaching out and trusting that someone will be there is a next-level act. Love is a certainty that they will be there to catch you.
Beautiful swan in lake


An immersion in grace raises your frequency and affixes wings to your heart’s intentions. Let your swan song be heard.


Super in all ways, you were born to bounce.
Happy cat


He leaned in and started to purr expecting his kitty massage to begin. And it did. Love will always happily oblige.
Man with hands up at dawn


The earth is blanketed by those who have gone before, the watchers who with benevolent intention guide and support humanity during this mass awakening. Consider this your wake-up call.
Woman touching the earth


A gentle reminder that you are always in touch with your natural spiritual connection to all that is thriving, alive, and well.
Squirrel on picnic bench


Remember you came into this world bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to explore an entirely new territory and let no picnic table remain unsearched. Your destiny is whistling.
Baby frog


Keeping his wits about him as the giant took hold, instinct counseled that she could be trusted and only wanted a closer look. While he couldn’t quite manage a smile, he stopped squirming and allowed her gentle exam before she tenderly placed him back in the grass. Trust primes the pump so that more trustworthiness will flow your way.
Blindfolded woman on diving board


To know the truth of a thing is not to see but to feel.
Plant human interconnection


When you spend time in nature, its colors and yours become more vibrantly alive.
Caterpillar crossing the sidewalk


Even at the risk of a big boot hovering that might squash you like a bug, so much depends on you putting one foot in front of the other right now.
Mother holding child


From the earliest age you were taught the power of affection—a nuzzle here and a snuggle there, a listening ear and genuine delight at your after-school stories. There is nothing so potent as being someone’s priority.
Classic car


Everyone has periods when they’re out of commission; days when they feel like they’re not firing on all cylinders. The solution, take yourself out for a spin.
Man sitting on tree looking out to sea


Look with your eyes but see with your heart.
Woman kayaking at sunset


You may tell yourself you believe in nothing or you believe in everything but first believe in yourself.
Daisy growing in crack


Potential is alive and will always find a way to thrive.
Ray underwater


Underwater, Hester thought if she kept her head down and her nose to the grindstone her situation would improve before she was found out. If ever you find yourself trying to swim out of a riptide of scarcity, before it rubs the heart raw and exhaustion sets in, release as only through release can abundance flow. Ask for divine intervention and trust you’ll be floated.
Dog napping in grass


Energy from source is everything and all creatures know to crawl into it to soak up health, healing and feeling.
Woman bouncing on trampoline


Whether you stick the landing or not, allow yourself to be uplifted and happy in the moment.

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