#spiritsays 2022

Spirit’s daily dollop of divinity
Your north star for transformation


Car packed and on the road


Not sure if you’re ready to embark on this adventure, we pack up your worldly belongings and put the key in the ignition. Have faith. We always know where you’re going even when you don’t.
Milky way in the night sky


The meadow awash with sunlit brilliance like a glistening diamond winking by day, it was the field of stars twinkling at night that captured the imagination. The heart always seeks the brightest, truest light to be its muse.
Running with parachute


Even amongst the waves have unwavering determination.
Statue of Liberty torch


If you are cautious, your dreams coming true will mirror that. When you throw caution to the wind, you manifest wildly from the north, south, east, and west, and it becomes a miraculous spectacle, and you become a true believer.
Diver ascending to the light


Hack the infinite.
Goofing off with french fries


Love is letting your silly self show.
Mother and son floating down river


Listening to his sweet ramblings and tracing the outline of each smooth stone as they drifted affirmed that she was not out of her depth as his mother. Anna thought the day couldn’t be more perfect, even if she had choreographed it herself. Which, of course, she had.
Man popping blueberries in his mouth


Adam acknowledged that his talent came from left field, but it amused him nonetheless every time the purple pellet hit the target on his tongue. He was grateful for a talent, any talent, and if this was his one and only, so be it. Throughout your life, you’ve hit the mark because it fills you mind, body, and soul, and you always will.
Little girl like a pretzel in a swing


Not exactly how you imagined it, with your good humor and a little adjustment, you’ll be in the swing of things in no time.
Green turtle swimming in aquarium


Like Bubbles, all creatures in the cosmos are paddling their way to the surface for a deep gulp of higher form thinking and, in the process, discovering their true nature and inner power. Wisdom is not above or below but awake, aware, and within, your constant companion and connection to source whether you’re swimming in this realm or the next.
Woman holding baby kangaroo


To love and nurture another is to love and nurture yourself.
Man in Hawaiian shirt holding bird of paradise


You have a rare flair for making people feel like sunshine. Your heart is ready to meet your match.
Bowl full of water balloons


Hot enough to fry an egg on the pavement, he knew what would hit the spot on this sticky summer day. So, on a self-appointed mission, he turned on the hose and began to prep for the fun. All it would take was one loud, gleeful whoop and the whole neighborhood would join in.
Little boy camping


Having experienced his share of time-outs, Sebastian thought sometimes a time-out is just what people needed.
Kid doing cannonball in blow up pool


Pumped, if you have that much fun with your little dreams, imagine what it will feel like when they’re Olympic-sized.
Surprised girl driving toy car


Remember, a close call is a gentle wake-up call.
Squirrel at drinking fountain


Born with a thirst for adventure, you’re fearless when it comes to going after what you want, especially when intuition tells you that with the push of a button you can make it rain.
Funny woman and goat


Petunia had been Danika’s devoted sidekick since they were kids, and even though Dani wished Tunia’s manners were a little more practiced and that she didn’t eat everything in sight, Dani knew her furry friend would stick with her through thick and thin so the occasional “hooves on the table” faux pas didn’t matter.
Man looking at phone under water


There is only escape if you allow it. Unplug.
Little boy flexing his muscles


Owen wasn’t your average Gerber baby; he had guns and was proud to show them off whenever anyone asked. But he wasn’t just strong in his traps or his tris, but where it really mattered, his kind and gentle heart. Be a strong man in every way that counts.
Woman camping in nature


Get intimate with the world of nature and remember, the earth cleans everything, including the minds, bodies and spirits of her beloved inhabitants.
Chocolate donut and ice cream sandwich


We know it’s been a little lean lately and you’ve had to make either/or choices but the reign of scarcity in your life is melting away. Coming soon: a huge treat!
Baseball in grassy field


The summer has been full of wins. Keep swinging for the fence.
Playing with water


Feeling like a rotisserie chicken and wondering what would hit the spot on this sticky sweaty day, she looked at her bucket list and laughed. The answers are often right in front of your nose.
Beautiful classic car


Hot August nights finally cooling off, his ardor is not. You have always and will always rev his engine.
Two kids on boat


Recognize the people who always have your back.
Rocker mowing the lawn


Whatever you set your mind to do, rock it.
Soaking up nature


You were meant to be right here, right now, soaking up every moment as if it were created just for you and your ultimate happiness.
Cool school bus


Cool is soul school where the test is always before the lesson. And you’re already on the bus.
Barefeet in daisies


Just by being on this planet, you are anchored. By bringing your light, love will spread like wildflowers.
Laughing by a waterfall


Let nothing shrink your joy.

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