#spiritsays 2021

Spirit’s daily dollop of divinity
Your north star for transformation


Little girl using mother's makeup


Paige had a purpose, to paint herself in her mommy’s image. Enamored with the outcome, she couldn’t look away from the mirror for now she too was the fairest of them all.
Prayer flags gracing the sky


If you let them, a whole string of visions will unfold.
Rainbow layer cake


Like a layer cake, all versions of reality co-exist in harmony and goodness.
Thoughtful seal with closed eyes


Continually receiving and beaming, all creatures are born channelers.
Woman looking up with bubble gum bubble


A sci-fi buff, anecdotal evidence was just fine for Abigail. Nothing would pop her ET-loving bubble. Never doubt you are kin to the cosmos.
High vibrational beings together


Hang out with high-vibe types for they are your true tribe.
Woman listening to seashell


Spirit will always meet you where you are in the process.
Vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate syrup


When self-love is being actualized, it pours like warm chocolate syrup over vanilla bean ice cream, softening and overflowing your cup until it sweetens others with your delicious good. Pour it on.
Boy with palm in his hand


Long ago you were encouraged to take root and climb to your potential. It’s time to branch out, kiddo.
Little girl sharing glass of milk with kitten


Gabriella instinctively knew that when you give the lion’s share to a friend, you get more than you give. Follow your instincts.
Woman in yoga pose


Like a hyperlapse puzzle speedily assembling itself, she could feel the magic transforming her, instantaneously putting pieces where they needed to be, healing her mind, body, and spirit. Nature nurtures and your body will always respond.
Two vintage women with life preserver


For every agenda that is self-serving, there are thousands upon thousands whose agenda is just to serve.
Couple at drive-in theater


Life is meant to lift you up, light you up, love you up.
Little boy laying down


May your day be as comfortable as your favorite tee shirt, oft worn and washed to a well-loved and paper-thin sheen.
Dolphins surrounding surfer


Whether in mind, body, or spirit, every time you go out on a limb your protection squad circles the wagons to ensure your safety as you embark into unknown waters.
Sloth holding flower


What’s to love about you? Everything.
Cat reaching for cat food


This time the whitecoats forgot to trim her nails which meant she just might be able to hook her way to happiness. When what you want most in the world is so close you can almost taste it, you can yowl or curl up and trust that the situation is temporary. Your desire will not stay out of reach forever.
Mermaids scooting down to the water


Becoming your true blue you takes practice and it’s worth feeling like a fish out of water from time to time.
Beagle wearing bike helmet


Stan the man, able to cop some z’s at the drop of a hat, preferred the predictable and, with his penchant for nodding off at the drop of a hat, thought the stakes were too high not to protect his noggin. You are indeed a precious pup and it’s good to take precautions as long as you don’t hound others into doing the same.
Man relaxing in canoe


There is no need to row; you are in the flow. Kick back and enjoy the ease.
Giraffe with leaf in mouth


Easily able to reach heights others only dream of reaching, nothing made Gary happier than sharing the score with those of shorter stature. When your perspective is nothing but good eats as far as the eye can see, share some of the bounty so others can feel like they too live in the land of plenty.
Senior friends at the beach


Apply loving liberally.
One on skateboard and one roller blades


Friends are friends regardless of how they roll.
Cosmic ice cream creation


It ain’t misbehaving if you’re craving something out of this world. It’s time to build your masterpiece.
Two heads one braid


Individually your strand can be broken or bent but braided you are a strong as it gets.
Colorful tropical bird


Rupert dreamt of playing hide-and-seek with his mates, but he was never picked. Going out on a limb, he even asked but the answer was always a screeching no. He was too bright, they said. Only if he were colorless could he play. He thought about toning it down but knew in his heart that would be living half a life. No one can dull you but you.
Genie lantern looking rock


The natural world is poised to grant your wish. Your fate is never cast in stone.
Sitting in crook of a tree


For as long as you can remember the big old tree has been your favorite perch. Whenever you had a problem to solve or a thought to think, you would climb up to curl up. Love the broad shoulders that always have your back.
Iguana on woman's shoulder


Outside looking in, he knew that people might question their bond and whether he was the best choice for a beach companion. Some would see him as a monster and others a pet but, in truth, they were the most kindred of spirits, both on a quest to find their place in the sun. Shared goals are the best goals.
Flamingo on one leg


When you pitch your idea make sure that you have a leg to stand on.
Restored school bus


Once one of the coolest rides on the block, he thought his days of shine were long gone. And then love rescued him. Now, exterior refurbished and heart restored, he was living the good life and way too cool for school. Never doubt that your shiny happy self will emerge.

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