#spiritsays 2023

Spirit’s daily dollop of divinity
Your north star for transformation


Purple lightbulbs


Growing has you glowing in beautiful ways. Conceived in source and structured from light, you are alive, sacred, and eternally connected.
Little girl hugging newborn lamb


There is such a thing as love at first sight.
Kids sharing fruit


Humanity can be counted on to bring sweetness to the table.
Footsteps in the sand


Seemingly here one minute and vanishing the next, know that your existence leaves a lasting impression.
Man is holding little bunny


Like all God’s creatures, you are being held and supported.
Ducklings just learning to walk


A little wobbly, they realized it might have been a little too soon to take off the training wheels but they would keep going until they stepped it up and got it right.
Ducklings in pocket


Once aboard, the little pickpockets rethought their caper and decided to be good eggs after all. They realized they would go a lot further that way.
Easter egg hunting


You’ll miss it if you’re not looking.
Bunny ears


Love is the language meant for all ears.
Marble run


Whether it’s fast and furious or a go-with-the-flow trickle, it’s for all the marbles. Make it a fun run.
Flower ready to bloom


Like you, it will grow in beautiful ways till the end of its days.
Little trumpeter


Making a racket the neighbors two blocks away could hear, Henry knew with a little bit of practice he could make a beautiful noise. Starting small with perfect notes here and there, his enthusiasm and pure joy would one day create a virtuoso. Play to please your ear and perfection will follow.
French bulldog looking through binoculars


Not everyone can see what you see or how you see it but when they show an interest, take the time to show and tell.
Brothers watching the sunset


Love, the greatest transformational force there is.
Young man thinking


If you knew this was a product of your making, would you change it? Your will penetrates all things.
Man standing in light


Your human consciousness knows now is the time to stand in cosmic power and kinship, to allow genuinely benevolent beings to coalesce and converge, to shed light and connect the dots once and for all. It’s time for soul healing and big reveals.
Goat following tribe


We know it’s felt like a long, lonely road but keep hoofing it. You will soon be embraced by your tribe.
Listening to a seashell


Give conscious attention to the nature of awakening. You have an inside track to the inside tract.
Woman standing in nature


The world without reflects the world within, not the other way around.

Man dressed as a flamingo


Your next-door neighbors may think you don’t have a leg to stand on but your cosmic neighbors know you do. There is more to this universe than one way to be, one way to think, or one opinion to have.
Child eating leaf of lettuce from the garden


Teaching little hearts to nurture and grow a garden of green leafy things you’re sowing seeds of love. With your green thumb and their grubby fingers, you’ll produce guardians who will protect their little green patch, be keepers of every bud, flower, and leaf, and one day cultivate that love in their own children.
Tall trees in the forest


When the tallest tree in the forest is felled, your spirit feels it. You become aware of your unseen bond, your interconnectedness, and wonder why you didn’t see it before. Awaken to your true nature.
Mouse hiding under sawdust


Thor was nothing like his cudgel-carrying namesake. Scared of storms and anything else that went bump in the night or day, he doubted he’d be making the leap to immortality any time soon but despite his shortcomings for which there were many, he knew he was a marvel in all the ways that mattered.
Person parasailing


Raising your frequency is as easy as a jump into the unknown and trusting you’ll have a soft water landing.
Extraterrestrial-looking cookie


Some of the sweetest beings are popping up out of nowhere to add a little goodness to your plate. You are being inspired by the truth of all things.
Sitting on a bridge


While it may feel like you need to resurrect your potential, it has never left your side and wants only your highest happiness.
Gaggle of geese walking


Intending to walk off their winter fluff, they found unity in those who were like-minded and who would go the distance. Soon they would be lean, mean, honking machines. 
Ferris wheel


You are continually progressing, being raised to the next level. Be excited by the “now” and exuberant for the “next”. Here’s to taking it up a notch.

White water rafting


Every experience ushers you further down the river, through heart-pounding rapids where your entire being is deeply focused on staying afloat, to heart-activating ripples that gently encourage you to soak up the stunning stretches of tree-lined shores and notice the creatures you share the planet with. Experiencing the world is not for the faint of heart.
Little girl holding chicken


Hattie heard dad call out “Who’s there?” and with a playful giggle, she replied “Just us chickens”. She figured she was down in their pecking order but every time she went out to play, they flocked to her even when she didn’t have a pocket full of seed. Always love the ones you’re with.

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