#spiritsays 2022

Spirit’s daily dollop of divinity
Your north star for transformation


Seal swimming in light beam


Swim in the light where love, sovereignty, and freedom reign.
Baby stepping in rain puddle


Little, Blossom did what made her happy. Big, you can too.

Goat farm


Your entire life is filled with magic. It may be invisible to the naked eye, but it exists, just like your ability to create it.

Cowboy stretching


Practicing his best “Stretch Armstrong” impersonation, Jack knew that even though he was tough as an old boot, life was easier to wrangle when he was flexible in mind, body and spirit.

Elevating plants


Everything seemingly up in the air these days, you feel like any minute things could come crashing down. Remember, elevating is never a small task.

Little girl reading to cat


The proof of your love is your willingness to share whether anyone is listening or not.

Man feeding birds


Show your gratitude. Kiss the hand that feeds you.
Selfie duo


Whether it was a smile or a smirk was up for interpretation, but there was definitely an eye-catching similarity between the two of them. When you vibe with another, it’s written all over your face.
Long hair on giant tree trunk


The mind wants to bind. The heart yearns to be free. Respect your mind but listen to your heart for it is where the truth of your ultimate happiness is rooted.
Two girls watching sunset


Beginning to see the light and your next steps, as the sun goes down on this chapter in your life it is with a full heart that you say goodbye to yesterday.
Bucket of crayons


All the distractions stripped away, you’re being asked to color your perfect world, to create. You’ve been given the tools but this is not a coloring book; it’s a clean slate intended for you to design what you want your future to be—a bucket of laughs, a bucket of money, a bucket of love, or however you choose to fill your bucket.
Bird straddling trees


This is not you drawing the short stick, but split between two possibilities it’s time to commit to the one who makes your spirit do a happy dance and give the other its walking papers.
Alert sheep


Commonality is awake and aware and so the “us versus them” tale makes for a tired bedtime story. Now that you’ve put the old narrative to bed, you can expect a mass awakening.
Elegant easter basket


Life is asking you to keep it simple. Sometimes putting all your eggs in one basket is just what is called for.
Silly baby chick with shell on its head


Kept in a shell for safekeeping, every child is the silliest of putties when finally released into the big, wide, wonderful world to fly.
Happy duckling on its back soaking up the sun


May all your days be sunny side up.
Girl holding giant stuffed carrot


When you ask, don’t be surprised if you get more than you bargained for. The prize of the patch just might land in your lap.
Close up of cow's nose


A deep and abiding interest in all things on the other side of the fence, Hortense knew that one day she’d be exploring fields far beyond her own backyard. It’s not nosey if you pay attention to more than your own pasture. 
Baby sea turtle crawling toward water


This world isn’t where instinct goes to die. It’s where it goes to live its fullest expression.
Hand holding up compass in the forest


Although you may feel directionless now, your intuition is an internal compass that will always point you in the right direction. Ask to be guided and your path will become clear.
Curious green iguana


Luther was a bit of a lookie-loo who always felt the grass was greener. One peek telling him noisy teenagers weren’t a lizard’s Shangri-la, he quickly crawled back to his peace and quiet where he was the king of the castle. Be happy in your digs.
Hand and branch connected


All things in heaven and earth are sentient and thrive through connection.
Woman hanging her head at dryer


Spending another Saturday morning at the laundromat a head hanger, after some small talk with herself, Lilly recognized the two for the price of one blessing—a quick meditation and a squeaky-clean slate.
Stop sign under the stars


The world is full of signs telling you to stop this or that but those of us who have a bigger view, a galactic view, ask you to listen to the wisdom of your heart and live your fullest expression. If you do, there’s no stopping you.
Man looking up at giant redwood tree


Thinking you were the big man on campus, you stumble across the really big man and are humbled. Be grateful for humongous lessons for they reveal your willingness to take giant leaps into awareness.
Boy peeking through dog door


We’re making it easier than ever to sneak a peek at what awaits on the other side. 
Little boy on daddy's shoulders


Every soul is heroic, heart-activated, and divine.
Sharing your take out food with your pug


Love… dish it out and take it.
bare foot in dinosaur rock


A dino lover from the time she was three, she was on a mission to walk a mile in her shoes, to explore the slopes and the valleys where her kind once roamed. You feel it in your bones; it’s time to roam.
Bear cub in a tree


Create up. It’s your nature.

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