#spiritsays 2021

Spirit’s daily dollop of divinity
Your north star for transformation


Woman walking in ocean


You will always escape the arbitrary boundaries set to bloom. No can can keep you from expressing your juiciest self.
Jelly beans leading to open Easter egg


Plans for this Easter not yet fully jelled, you’ll follow the path wherever it leads and be open to whatever goodness it offers.

Easter bunny playing peek a boo with a child


Those willing to play peekaboo to spark wonder in the eyes of a child are a very good egg.

Plastic Easter eggs in basket


Magical outcomes are yours for the finding.

Wind up toy arm


Imagination is creation on a multidimensional level.

Hippo with water plants on his nose


Brimming with enthusiasm, the goliath was a sponge and knew to satisfy his soul he needed to go below. Closing your eyes and looking below the surface, you will always bring back more than you went in with.

Peacock and woman dressed alike


When you encounter a kindred spirit, the connection will be impossible to ignore.
Caterpillar to Monarch Butterfly


Engrossed as you watch the story unfold, it dawns on you how kindred you are with this creature—transformation lives in your DNA, your soul purpose is rebirth, and you are both beautiful miracles in action.
Woman riding cruiser beach bicycle


Give yourself permission to cruise this weekend.
Rounded rocks and beach glass on the beach


Even a mighty rock is, over time, worn down to its finest; its essence left no choice but to sit on the beach and sparkle.
Little girl looking out at lake


We love how you see the world.
Woman tying roller skate


Love the tough terrain every bit as much as you love the smooth road.
Dog walking on the beach


We know it’s a stretch but you haven’t come this far just to come this far.
Two canoes on peaceful lake


What’s best for humans is to coexist peacefully—to realize how alike they truly are.
Fairy walking on pier


Be as the fairies who play in the light.
Man holding box turtle in shell


Knock knock. You’ve been holed up long enough. We know your secret, most anxiety-fraught thoughts, but take a peek. You are being divinely held and we think you’ll find the fresh air and sunshine irresistible. Come out of your shell dear one and your spirit will rise and shine like the sun.
Woman on boat pointing at dolphins


Always be on the lookout for your highest guidance. And then steer toward it.
Older couple sitting in van


They acknowledged they might be closer to the end than the beginning, but they would embrace the journey and make every delicious moment count. Celebrate the here and now and let tomorrow ride its own wave.
Roller coaster loop


Once upon a time you somersaulted among the stars but being on earth is a whole new ball of wax.
Hummingbird at feeder


He loved his sugary grab-and-go lunches and thought it was kind for his neighbors to be such generous hosts. It tickled him when he popped in and they would stop and stare but by far his favorite folk were those with white through their feathers just like his. For them, he would purposely slow his blur. It made his day to make their day.
Little girl sleeping on grass


Hug the earth and she will hug you right back.
Hand holding tiny sand dollar


Leaving your fingerprint rather than your footprint means the world to the world.
Little pig following


Follow the light farmers for they know where the goodness grows.
Woman gathering sand to make heart


The spirit of your past lives is alive in every thought, decision, and deed.
Whale swimming through gorgeous water


Swimming through liquid light it’s impossible not to be a sponge.
Little girl climbing onto swing


You are all the encouragement you need.
Little boy poking his finger into a beam of light


No one has to fall for you to stand tall.
Ballerina standing in light


Just add light… yours.
Bear scratching her back on tree bark


Every creature agreed there was nothing better than bark on the backside but lately she’d had an itch that she couldn’t quite scratch. When you get a wild hair, glue your bum to the seat and get to it.
Simon riding a kid's bike


Simon was of a mind that adulting didn’t have to be a drag. Just for the fun of it, he thought he’d try “old” on for size but quickly learned there was no going back. Only fast forward, very fast forward. Never outgrow the wild child spirit and you’ll never outgrow the fun.

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