#spiritsays 2022

Spirit’s daily dollop of divinity
Your north star for transformation

There is no preparing you for what you’ll read from Spirit or how it will touch your heart, but I can guaran-damn-tee it will.

Spirit—creating miracles daily.

Enjoy, my loves.


Bungee jumper


Taking on the challenge of another new year will take a leap of faith but living through this time in history and bouncing back, you’ll have a whopper of a story to tell about the resilience of the human spirit.
Creature comforts


Where there’s a will there’s a way and Perseus had will in spades. Like Goldilocks who wanted things “just right,” he would dig, wiggle, and squeeze until his world was a perfect fit. It may take some dogged determination but resolve to create your comfort zone this year.
Bird pulling running shoe


Your guides are encouraging you to step up. All your hopes and dreams happen when you do.
Woman meditating above the clouds


Be like the clouds where only the highest and purest vibrations hang.
girl eats a messy s'more


Feeling a little bit like a marshmallow squeezed between two graham cracker crusts, you figure something’s gotta give. It does and it will.
Two regal dogs


Although Gaylord and Germaine were not littermates, they were brothers in every way that mattered. Poster boys for the term “Frick and Frack,” they shared everything including their dream of one day making the glossy cover of Modern Dog. Shared dreams create powerful outcomes.
Little girl in many winter jackets


When mom said “level up,” dad thought she said “layer up” and so he did…on you. Never be surprised by those who would give you the shirt off their back. You are wrapped in their layers of love.
Kitten lying on remote


Bummed that all the best shows were on hiatus, she decided to take an intermission herself. Besides, there was a catnip mouse in the corner calling her name. Pause play to play.
Bungee from clouds


Like an umbilical cord, you are always connected to the miraculous.
Little fortune teller


Wishing you knew what your future held, the crystal ball is and will always be in your court.
Snowboarder upside down in snow


You canʻt have the thrills without an occasional spill to remind you which way is up.
Girl with tin man hat


One kind word claims your humanity. Bless and be blessed. Share your very big, very human heart.
Young woman flying


To live fettered is a hologram of your own making. Your mind is limitless and wants to let reason fly out the window, but your ego clutches the sides of the sill and screams why it won’t work. Listen to the yaysayer, never the naysayer.
Meant to fly


Disregard silly limitations. You were always meant to fly and with a tiny assist, a sneeze of divine pixie dust, all things are possible. Believe.
Girl found quiet space on the stairs


It makes no difference whether you choose to walk up, step down or simply stay put. Quiet your mind and we’ll meet you there.
Woman peeking in window


Divine knowledge is not a jealously guarded secret. It is your birthright.
Baby snow angel


The angels have your back, baby. Get your groove on.
Woman riding through rain puddle


Vowing to be sunshine on a cloudy day, Megan was a reflection of DIY joy and hoped her gusto would be a high beam to others to follow her lead. High vibes change your life. Hold yourself there often enough and you change the world.
Woman ironing with cats watching


Experience had taught the cats that treats would come but they wondered why they were her last priority instead of her first. When it seems like the universe is attending to every need but yours, don’t take it as a personal affront. There is ironing time and there is treat time and it’s all in divine time. Patience is the grace you give yourself and each other.
Bell pepper filled with confetti


Lest the celebration be over, there are some fun surprises in store for you this year and they will show up when you least expect them.
Man sitting on the edge of outcrop


Living on the edge may have its ups and downs, but it is your truest vibe and where your soul is happiest to hang.
Cute Florida orange


Preferring to winter in Florida with her gal pals, Rhoda, a ball of energy, packed her bags and headed off for warmer climes. She knew that to share sun-kissed smiles, she had to surround herself with friends who felt like sunshine.
Woman looking up at Milky Way


You are not on this mission alone.
Dog begging


Hoping your boss will sit up and take notice of your latest trick, don’t get barking mad when he seems oblivious to a job well done. Begging for approval is never the way to get it, so be patient. Crushing it and compensation go hand-in-hand.
Wishing well


Whether you actively wish it so or simply trust, within your soul lies a vast well of wisdom. Your soul understands itself and celebrates its profound sense of divinity and the destiny you are here to create.
Angel selfie


Angels will appear in your life but you’ll never know what form they may take.
Couple under the stars


You have galactic DNA but your galactic heart is what drives your beautiful nature.
Girl waving stick wand


Bryn, getting a feel for her makeshift wand, imagined she could command the universe and with one emotionally charged flourish, she did. Be the wonderworker you are. Exercise your power.
Funny dog balancing dog biscuit


Trusting in your willpower and resolve doesn’t mean you need to test it. Remember, the best-lived life is a balancing act.
Oriental cat


Looking at your future and seeing a question mark where there should be a face, believe that finding someone who will love who you are as you are is only a matter of time.
Red licorice


What seems random is connected and one delicious plot twist after another. Enjoy the escapade.

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