S: #spiritsays is a cumulative conversation that is suggested to help you heal.

Have you ever wondered what Spirit would say to you if you met over a quick cup o’ joe? Read #spiritsays and get your daily dose of inspiration, delivered with love and for a point. The trick is not just to listen to the heavenly lesson plan, but to follow through with Spirit’s suggested homework. Published every day since 2011, enjoy and don’t forget to share the smiles!

Who is Spirit Says?


  • Feeling positively jaunty now that the commotion of last night’s booms, bangs, and clangs was over, Dixie’s heart had settled but her eyes were still seeing stars. She loved new beginnings, and the fresh powder covering the lawn this morning looked just like a clean slate. Springing into action, as she was gleefully hopping across the yard, she heard laughter and her resolution was made. This year she would bring more joy to herself and others. She knew that was one resolution she was bound to keep.
  • There is no better time to deep-six the stories of the past—heartache, disappointment, and fear—leaving no scrap or smidgen behind to clog your newly acquired clean slate. Shred the old to make room for the new.
  • Coming to grips with the fact that ascension was in her hands, Faith made a conscious decision to be finished clinging to the past and her mundane life. A daring spirit, she needed but a toehold to take the first step and trusted the technique would follow. She vowed to never again hold her potential at arm’s length.
  • Things a little topsy-turvy lately, you want to be like Miss Muffet’s hairy spider and sit a spell, preferably without company. Grab your knitting and get to the point, which of course is to weave a peaceful moment to catch a quick wink or three for thee.
  • They may not realize it yet, but the real hero of their childhood story is you.
  • Teaching others to seek and see the beauty in this world is one of your greatest legacies.
  • Happy, you are like a giant magnet continually attracting more happiness to you, a loop that perpetually feeds itself. Well done loved one.
  • You race not against others, but for yourself.
  • In an unexpected exhibition of spirit, this year your middle-of-the-night wild hair will turn into an obsession, and a full out business plan. Whatever you do, follow your impulse to see it through.
  • Swallowing sunshine like a pelican gobbles up fish, you’re counting the days until June when you can again take the warmth for granted. Thinking this whole winter thing is for the birds, you know there is a reason for the chilly season when you find yourself turning toward the light in people to feel their warm embrace. Seek the light to fill your belly and stoke the coals of your soul.
  • Conquering giants with the help of magic and wit, you feel very much like Jack these days, whose belief that all things were possible and beans were enchanted allowed the universe to provide, and him to topple his foe. When things get scarce, be glad if you hear fee-fi-fo-fum for it will be your “must run faster” wake up call, and result in a golden egg on your doorstep.
  • Formed a millennia ago, it amazes you that these steadfast sentinels still stand. A testament not to the ingenuity of man but a much more omnipotent hand, when you stand in their presence and see them wink, you can’t help but rub your eyes and blink. You will soon bear witness the profound and magical truth of what is—that nothing is set in stone, not even the stone—and your reality will be forever changed.
  • Your sapling will grow tall and true for it is simply a mirror of you.
  • Every day a choice to sink or swim, you choose to skinny-dip and like the unsinkable Molly Brown who never let naysayers cramp her style, you let nothing and no one keep you down. We like your freestyle.
  • Not sure if it was from heaven are human, but he was going to take that “go big or go home” advice to heart and bring back the biggest stick he could find for there was no way he was ready to go home yet. Never settle for twig-sized outcomes when you can fetch colossal logs.
  • Thinking the higher the hair the closer to God, Sophie wished she had a dime for every teased strand—when Aquanet was a must-have, and ceiling fans were low enough to be a danger. Remembering all that had once been so important to her, she was amazed at how much things had changed. Sentient and savvy, these days she barely ran a comb through her grey pixie crop, for she knew the shaggy fringe meant nothing in the big scheme of things. She had been and always would be connected.
  • Chomping at the bit for a change, you wonder if now is the time to make it. Doing something new is never as scary as it seems at first glance. Starting with little shifts that seem as slow as molasses in January, soon you’ll be galloping like a colt let loose in the pasture after being cooped up in the barn all winter. With joy, your hooves tearing it up in a new and improved meadow.
  • Gazing intently, watchful for the merest movement as a sign, intuition tells you entire worlds lie within the pendulum’s whorls, but they seem to prefer mystery and remain opaque. When something is an enigma to you have faith for like the Big Bang theory, its mysteries will collide with you when you least expect it.
  • Once blind to the truth and thinking things were beyond your control, it wasn’t until you were over a barrel that you opened your eyes to the magic of this world and your powerful place in it. Taking the plunge into the unknown, barriers shattered and you were free to float in the flow as you were meant to do all along. If you don’t believe in magic, no magic shall you see.
  • Divine downloads coming at you faster than you can chew, ask that Professor Marvel’s cosmic consciousness cool its jets for a bit while you space out. Orbiting, when you want to touch down on the page where you left off, just give soul control a shout out.
  • From our perspective, the energy that surrounds you when you’re experiencing love is iridescent, fluorescent, luminescent. More please.
  • Like Paul Revere warning everyone within earshot that a change was afoot, you feel the shift coming in every fiber and feather and want to squawk it out. Be a megaphone for good, for there are enough naysayers and doomsdayers already.
  • Your spirit guide stands swaying on the sidelines, flapping his ears and hoping to get your attention, for he knows you have a performer’s heart too and there’s something you need do.
  • Taking his life in his hands, he inched forward to peek into the gaping maw of what would presumably be his final destination. If things went south, at least he’d be gourmet to her gullet. No one was more surprised than he when, instead of eating him alive, Gabby smiled and said she simply wanted to talk. Extend yourself for there is an unlikely, but astounding, convo waiting to be had.
  • Like Saturn’s rings, the source of all knowledge is an omnipotent and infinite current. To access this higher realm, meditate and make like a sponge. Where once you were adrift, now you are waterlogged, saturated with new understanding, and on speaking terms with the answers you seek. Nothing is unfathomable, only yet undiscovered.
  • There are no loopholes in life, for it is meant to be lived in all its brilliance and luster. Like a ViewMaster, we will limit your options until you finally see daylight, narrow your field of vision until you focus on the joy you’re meant to step into. Immerse yourself in bliss.
  • Wanting to capture it for perpetuity, he quickly plastered it all over the pages. Justin knew that if he didn’t write it down stat, his epiphany could fade like the delicacy of a dream. The proof that you’re downloading divine inspiration is in the pudding. Reread your journals.
  • Alice, having heard the stories, knew not to get too close to the looking glass for fear of falling in. Alas, there’s a whole world waiting to be discovered for those who don’t play it safe. Actually, there are many, but that’s a story for another day.
  • While messages met for your consumption don’t always come in threes, pay attention when they do for they are often potent, powerful, and oh so sweet.
  • This is not your first rodeo or your first brushstroke. With imagination and intention, creating anything is possible, for you live it every day. Squeeze the juice of your creativity and let it flow where it naturally thirsts to go.
  • Mesmerized by the movement below the surface, you feel a bit like Hamlet’s Horatio when the magical world reminds you there are more things in heaven and earth than even you imagined.


  • Finally rid of the irksome tease, now that the last of the guppies had gone to its maker, Oscar felt he had the world by the tail but couldn’t resist seeing how the other half had lived. Stepping out of your fishbowl and swapping sides always provides new insights.
  • Gordon, Goldilock’s brother, was a pleaser. Not wanting to be a bother, he took the first thing that was handed to him, but one look told him it would be a tight squeeze. Debating between “make it work” and “no way Jose,” he decided to take a note out of his sister’s playbook and try it on for size. In the end, he realized he was worthy of a king-sized throne, not something pulled from the kid’s table. Never settle for small… or iffy.
  • Hearing the whoops and the hollers of his family, emotions were definitely running high today. Taking his plate of chicken wings outside to eat in peace, Elijah smiled to himself knowing that one day it would be him jogging onto the field with his team, and no one would be cheering louder than his crazy football-loving clan.
  • You’re more majestic than the mighty oak when, in humility, you’re willing to extend an olive branch.
  • Kindred spirits, the beastie boys were never far apart. Where you found one, you usually found the other. Kindred spirits come in all shapes, sizes, and species.
  • Challenging a mate to a duel is never a wise course of action, especially when you’re so evenly matched. It might be even more challenging logistically, but go in for a hug instead.
  • First impressions can last a lifetime.
  • Practicing with those who have gone before, it’s a divine time to take the dance floor with your one true partner. You’ll know you’re in the flow when the world around you disappears and two become one.
  • Love is a magical marinade and once you’ve been tenderized by it you will never be the same.
  • In the case of hugs, intention is everything. While a junior high hug barely indents your aura, bear hugs are like sticking your finger in a socket and getting juiced. When an embrace is genuinely given, the energy shared by both parties—giver and getter—leave everyone amped and glowing.
  • Having a fleeting “if wishes were kisses” thought, you moved on to other things not realizing you had placed a wish in the queue. Prepare to be showered with affection.
  • Love the furry face you see in the mirror first, for then you are on very good footing to love your neighbor.
  • One little dry spell where things didn’t quite stick and Cassie started doubting the magic of love and her power to create it. For things to stick, your heart must believe for only then are you open to receive.
  • When you woke up today, you had no expectation of waking up to flowers on your doorstep or even a kind word while you buttered the toast, but all day you’ve been smiling inside because intuition told you a love note from the universe is on its way. The best valentines don’t always arrive “day of” so if perchance it does not come today, trust that there is a helium-filled hug being rushed your way.
  • Alan and Evie intuitively knew that the only way to grow as a couple was to strip it down and speak about what truly mattered. Baring your soul always leaves you exposed but, in the end, cultivates a deeper, more beautiful connection.
  • Eddie, never a big fan of the mushy stuff, was a very big fan of his mom and when she got in one of her moods to snuggle or squeeze he would stop squirming and grin and bear it. To him, it wasn’t an alpha or leader of the pack thing, it was a returning the love thing.
  • Fergie, a faithful and long-standing member of “The Joy Luck Club” thought she was blessed with seemingly more than her fair share of magical occurrences and felt obligated to pay it forward. Synchronicities are validation that you are in the flow, making it easier to share your good fortune with many.
  • Used to friends egging him on, Henri-Pierre was a pro when it came to resisting the verbal nudge. Cobwebs could grow under his feet for all he cared, but he was his own man and would not be pushed. Dumbfounded at his reluctance to step into what was so clearly a good thing, his friends left him to stew on the sagging shelf. Hey immovable object, it’s time to make a move.
  • In Dr. Doolittle’s teambuilding exercises all day, Ben decided to test the good doctor’s theories and do an impromptu trust test. Your mates will be only too happy to prop you up should you fall, but give them a heads up first or things may get a bit sticky.
  • Authenticity part of your personal code, rather than trying to roll yourself into a new character every ten minutes to fit the latest fad, you wear your stripes plainly for all the world to see. Well done you for in doing so you lead others to reveal their beautiful truth as well.
  • It’s comforting to hang with those of your same stripe who see things the same way you do, but it’s soul-growing to step out of your comfort zone and graze with those of a differing point of view than you.
  • Champ thought his uncle Clyde was the coolest dude on the planet, numero uno in his book. For his part, Clyde never minded watching the little critter for becoming a monkey’s uncle was the best gift he’d ever received. A new responsibility is coming your way, and you’ll be amazed at the joy that comes bundled with it.
  • There is nothing so radiant as consciousness set free.
  • The material world your mailing address temporarily, your spirit knows its purpose in the “here and now” is to bring joy into this earthly existence. Immaterial simply means as yet unseen, not as yet unmade.
  • Every now and then granting your own wish becomes an imperative, when you have to be your own fairy godmother regardless of the risk of broken glass, be it barrier, ceiling or slipper.
  • Not many can do what you can do, be your own hero and look in the mirror and really like what you see. Giving your fellow humans something to aspire to with your side-splitting humor and confident swag, you’re slaying it, and one of the coolest cats on the planet.
  • Ling felt it coming, one of her embarrassingly loud sneezes and hoped it wouldn’t be the sonic boom heard around the world. Believing herself a wallflower and wishing her sneeze were as soft as her fur when the inevitable magnitude 6 “achoo” eruption occurred she felt outed. Dear one, everyone rattles the windows from time to time and you never belonged in the shadows. God bless you.
  • When Red asked us to take away her fear, our easiest course of action was to show her the truth—that with a little patience and love her foe could become one of her biggest fans and most loyal friends.


  • Dainty beings of the enchanted ilk, fairie folk bring sunbeams to warm spirits and blanket the earth with petaled covers for they know every loving deed blossoms a soul.
  • To Henry, Belle wasn’t a pet or a project but a pal, a forever friend that would hoof it out to meet him every day after school. Seeing the two peas in the pasture together, you knew their bond was one of the most beautiful things you would ever witness. Unconditional love is not bound by heaven, earth, or species. 
  • Skeptical about trusting the fate of the environment to the hands of humans, you and your kind have been stewing over a solution for centuries thinking its fate is sealed. It isn’t until you’re visited by the creator consciousness that your soul finally settles, having been assured that the ocean is surviving on more than a wing and a prayer and enlightenment will arrive not just in the nick of time but in plenty of time, divine time. 
  • Doing what makes you money and what makes you happy are not mutually exclusive but when you call it “work,” the universe fulfills as you command and your life becomes what you yourself created. Think it “play” and that’s just what it will be.
  • When you feel like you’re going to crumble, remember it’s only temporary for you are resilient and will pop right back up.
  • New worlds would never have been discovered without the adventurous spirit of the originals who had an indomitable spirit and a hunger to conquer the clouds. Their legacy imagination and courage, they stepped into the cockpit so you would believe it possible to soar. Now, long on the other side, they see you flying in their footsteps without the need for engine or prop, venturing into dimensions and planes that have not yet been mapped and are well pleased.
  • The gang of green onlookers thought “curiouser and curiouser” as they watched the metallic orbs dance the jerk across the big blue sky, but none were keen on sticking their neck out to report it. Intelligent species should never decide mum’s the word.
  • Pushing it pretty hard these last few weeks, pull up a patch of sunshine, put your feet up, and park it for a while. Prioritize you—give yourself a toasty time out.
  • The cast heavy on his ankle, he was bummed hearing he’d be on the sidelines for the next six weeks. Every year an all-star, it took him a few days to wrap his head around the change but, once he did, he was 100% into his new cheerleading role. Embracing a change in circumstances opens the doors to magical outcomes, and sometimes even a scout’s personal invitation to try out.
  • Earth-bound, you know you belong to the stars, your soul happiest when it’s surfing the cosmic consciousness, free just to be.
  • There are no barriers to connecting with your spirit animals. Ask that they join you right here and now and be immediately infused with the strength of a bear, the playfulness of a dolphin, the cleverness of a chameleon, or any animal aspect that resonates most with your soul. Your animal guide’s wisdom will always float to the surface.
  • A Herculean effort underway to tame the stray red frizz, when Jo heard that there might be an easier and gentler way to accomplish the same task in less time she was understandably skeptical. For her, the flat iron suggestion sounded like a torture device straight out of the middle ages. When people are resistant to change, and you sincerely have their best outcome in mind, a kinder, gentler and more effective way to enlighten is to “show” vs. “tell.”
  • We have reverence for the latticed limbs of your beautiful cathedral, and we remind you to do the same. Designed to house your earthly divinity, you are and will always be enveloped in grace.
  • DNA results not back, he has no paperwork to prove his ancestry but he knows he’s a wee bit Irish and dares anyone to tell him different. Cherish your roots.
  • Like her wild Irish hair, Brianna’s spirit could not be tamed. Even bound by velvet or satin, it would twist, turn, and break free of any bond or limitation. Let loose your freedom and you let loose your joy.
  • The festival a favorite since she was a tot, as Caitlyn looked out at the sea of wool blankets, wicker baskets, and encouraging smiles, she knew she’d have the courage to take the stage after all. Listen to your heart for it will imbue you with courage when you most need it.
  • On this enchanted day when everything is dipped in green and you cannot walk two steps without bumping into a shamrock, know that you’re bumping into beautiful blessings too.
  • Having forgotten her name tag yet again, Mel was a tad put out that she had to wear one in the first place—the silly little piece of paper with a safety pin that made you look like a kindergartner on your first day of school. When a situation doesn’t quite fit your worldview, or go with your outfit, remember you are way too cool to sweat the small stuff.
  • Your typical TV dinner about as exciting as watching paint dry, your intuition tells you there will be more on your plate this week besides peas and mashed potatoes. Sure enough, they’ll be no Netflix binge-watching but stay tuned for there’s a sweet twist to this mystery for dessert. 
  • Brand new to the show, the oohing and aahing of the audience didn’t intimidate the clowning chicks even one little bit. Wise enough to know their skills were limited right now, they knew they could only go up from here. Everyone is born with the skill to break out of their shell, and then truly the sky’s the limit.
  • Peggy, whose specialty was balloon butterflies and giggles, was the least spooky person she knew. She wouldn’t do it of course, for she always chose the highest and funniest road, but sometimes she wanted to punch the guy in the nose who gave clowns a bad rap. Looking directly at the hologram of fear, don’t be surprised when all you discover is a bulbous red squeaky schnoz and a smile. Fear is fake news.
  • He knew how this thing worked. Wanting to beat his competition, to be the first in line, Scamp ran up the pants leg of the first grin-wearing boy he saw, assuming the goodhearted visitor would give him a boost. Some might think he was an expert at working the system, but he preferred to think he was seizing the day. After all, everyone got what they wanted: delight, excitement, giggles, and best of all, nuts.
  • Interdimensional space travel will one day be like strolling through Walmart in search of your favorite brand of TP, commonplace. In truth, it’s as easy as a thought and many are traveling now, but one-day planet-hopping will be like puddle jumping; just something to do on a Saturday.
  • If a sign is meant for you, you will see it like a marquis in bright neon rather than as a seconds-long grin on newborn’s face. The moment will feel warm as if you were dipped in melted butter, your heart will start to beat a little bit faster, and beads of sweat may even break out on your brow. Even subtle and swift, you won’t miss the signs meant for you.
  • Wanting to take their act on the road, Daisy and her sisters practiced their tricks day and night until their delicate appendages were ice pops and their smiles were frozen in place. Taking themselves much more seriously than the giggle bugs that flitted around them, the one thing the sisters forgot to practice was their good humor. You may be the most talented team on the planet, but you miss the point if you forget to have fun.
  • Recognizing the ancient wisdom the first time you looked into her eyes, you know that although you have a sacred responsibility to teach her you sense that, with lifetimes under her belt, she will teach you and the world even more.
  • Thinking the upper crust had the inside scoop and front row seats to all the cool stuff, you dream of what riches would look like on you and think if you could just be royal how happy you would be. You are all noble, whether you shop at the Dollar Store or Harrods. You do not need a crown to be a nobleman; just look in the mirror.
  • The dream an itch that you just couldn’t seem to scratch the last few years, an innovative solution appears in your consciousness as softly as a feather landing in a meadow. The inspiration would have been easy to miss but you were paying attention and now know that this year satisfaction is at hand. Your ideas are always within reach, but divine time is when the stars align and the universe extends a helping hand.
  • Command the universe instead of ask and you change the speed with which your stars align and your Scooby snacks arrive. You were never meant to be a passive pup, sitting and staying. In your strongest, most heartfelt voice, bark an order to the universe and it will have no choice but to obey.
  • Wondering if there are cosmic watchers, experts of the skies who are caretakers of the earth, the answer is a resounding and energetic yes. In nature, without the cacophony of the city, you’ll feel the truth of the answer in your bones.
  • Looking on, our heart full of love for your sleeping form, we gently shake the shoulders of your softly snoring soul for it was you who asked for a wake-up call.


  • Humanity is in the process of changing form, leaving one to become something else entirely. Evolution is a beautiful thing.
  • Your future is not a roll of the dice. It’s weighted in your favor and always has been.
  • Looking at the one who you know in your soul loves you unconditionally, you can’t imagine a time when she won’t be there for you. And you don’t have to for regardless of form, she will forever have your back.
  • It’s time to call in the troops. You were never meant to muscle your way through this alone.
  • The cosmos doesn’t dole out units of consciousness to its worthiest contenders—it is a “come one come all” free-for-all.
  • Used to manifesting “As Seen on TV” things, you learned how easy it was to bless your life with the already-formed material, and figured you had this whole life purpose thing dialed. You thought you were here to manifest the world, but it’s FOR the world—you misheard.
  • Let your equilibrium be restored.
  • Any way you slice it, there is a time and a place to add one more thing to your plate but for now the tempting maple crème fate will have to wait.
  • Loving a child is one of the holiest of gifts for it tenderizes your spirit.
  • Inspiration’s love is infinite, its patience is less so. It will linger, gently tickling your ear and hoping you’ll decide to act but if you do not, it moves on to the next likely candidate, taking its brilliant blessing along with it. Inspiration is politely but purposefully saying “pay attention to me.”
  • Zoom out and you’ll have the perspective to see what an enormous opportunity you’ve been given and realize that, even when things got a little rocky, your safe passage was always assured. Never sit on the fence for your path is always a skyway, not a gangplank, bridging your gaps to give you a fair shake instead of a fling.
  • Used to flying high, this weekend you’re going to take it down a notch or two and let the dust settle. Going to ground is always a wise move.
  • Listen with reverence for the earth’s echo in all things for in doing so, your soul shifts to its same wavelength and ancient healing wisdom is revealed.
  • Lovingly planted over 50 years ago by hands that now live in spirit, every spring the bulbs return to celebrate her legacy and make public that her faith was well-placed. Love creates the richest soil, emboldening those who might otherwise stay tucked under their peat covers. Your legacy is what you raise into the light.
  • Your body is made of the earth and so shall it return but your spirit, it has always and ever will belong to the stars.
  • Like the Blue Man Group, you were put on this earth to entertain. There is an audience with your name on it and, when you’re willing to step on the stage, they’ll be the first in line to clap for your rap.
  • If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, chances are that you will soon hear quacking. But so that’s not all you hear, use all your senses to perceive its true nature. Stay open to the possibility that there’s more here than meets the eye, for there always is. Look a little bit deeper and let yourself be surprised.
  • You heard “peanut butter and jelly” and, in an effort to please, promptly produced your gastro masterpiece. Although well-intentioned, seeing their raised eyebrows as the plate was presented told you that you had quite missed the mark. Never listen to the peanut gallery when it tells you that your choice is unorthodox for, even when your idea doesn’t jibe with their reality, your commingling of flavors just might be the next big thing.
  • Life sometimes requires some pretty fancy footwork. Remember to kick up your heels from time to time too.
  • A fairly straightforward kind of guy, the minute she came into his world Herschel knew he was forever changed. Dorothy might not be able to boil an egg and sure her ears were a tad too small, but oh the wonder of her strange sound when she was happy, and when she leaned in for a nuzzle his little ‘ol heart completely melted which, when he thought about it, seemed to be the norm for bunnies everywhere this time of year.
  • The gates open, the brothers ran straight for the pond intent on testing the waters and the boundaries of their newfound freedom. Paddling not quite their field of expertise yet, the new recruits took to it like a duck to water and were soon doing what nature intended, living their joy. The doors are being opened for you too so run, don’t walk, to your nearest joy.
  • With every beat of her primordial heart, she pumps life into her inhabitants. Like mothers everywhere, it is her sole purpose to offer her heart to her children.
  • Always be willing to step out on a limb for each other, even if you think they’re acting like a boob.
  • Patience not one of Bob’s virtues, he counted the minutes until the milk would be finally free of floating soggy loops and mom’s meddlesome spoon. He tried to hurry her up with a yowl and an intent stare but, much to his dismay, his communication skills seemed to be sorely lacking or mom was being especially obtuse. Your voice is always heard, your point always taken, but your highest will always win out. Be patient as divine time will unfailingly net you the sweetest outcome.
  • You know you’re in the flow when having a good day is par for the course.
  • Sensing that you’re standing at a gateway to another reality, for a split second you wonder if it’s a line in the sand you’re not meant to cross but, intrepid explorer that you are, the portal is simply too tempting a carrot not to explore. The reality is that there are many realms and you, as a multi-dimensional being, have left your footprints in them all.
  • Logan heard the encouragement from the sidelines but he was too shy to make the first move. What if he missed? What if it went the wrong way? You miss the fun if you don’t play.
  • Love is listening to words that come not with sound.
  • Don’t make it a big deal and it won’t be.
  • To unlock the cave of wisdom you need but two things, heart and soul—a seeker’s heart and an infinite soul. One you were guaranteed when you were born, and the other is a choice. Seek and you shall receive.


  • When we send you a message of love, it will be less subtle than you might think.
  • When your pesky critter pulls an attitude, remember all he really wants is a foot in the door to your heart, and a trip to the dog park. Make his day; lend an ear and his leash.
  • Beyond space and time lay the truth of your origins in this life and all others. To say it is purposeful is an epic understatement. You and everything around you is by design and divine.
  • All forms are spinning toward the light whether they know it or not for the light is like cotton candy, simply irresistible.
  • You stand amazed as barriers within you continue to fall but your divine scaffolding stays put. As promised, you are never without our support as you scrape off the old to discover each shiny new truth of you.
  • Thinking you don’t have the tools to fix this, there are very few things under the sun that cannot be undone. Construct your new reality.
  • Thinking it was long-ago consigned to oblivion, its rusty old cogs were tickled pink when it was pulled out and taken for a spin. Everyone has their own old wooden toybox heaping with beloved memories that would happily help you pump up your joy.
  • Go from grumpy to grateful and watch your whole world shift from feeling small to 10 feet tall.
  • High on creation, you’ve gone from concept to construction, making something from nothing. Now you know exactly how God felt. Celebrate your God spark—we do.
  • Lately your world has felt dipped in sunshine and rainbows, in the flow with every good thing the universe has to offer. Much preferring the deluge over the dribble, when you want to keep the cascade of abundant joy coming your way, let your heart gush with gratitude and your eyes mist up in recognition at the outpouring of love. Trust that you have found the eternal fountain of good.
  • Light being, you may live in the terrestrial, but you are held in our celestial pocket; our love for you is everlasting and absolute.
  • A mother’s heart doesn’t need words to translate love.
  • You do not do our bidding. Much like on eBay, you are required to do your own; we simply keep the tools handy to make it easier to get the job done.
  • Shoulders tied in knots lately, your withers pine for release and a change of pace. Instead of a full gallop, allow yourself to slow to an easy trot and truly let your hair down.
  • Honoring your truth, the bread and butter of your mythology is that you will never settle for the crust when you can have the cream.
  • Bo was no slouch when it came to finding things, especially those in her charge that might go a-ramblin’. What she couldn’t see with her physical eyes could be found through her other sight, the magical sight that all had but only some used. You can always find what you’re looking for when you tune in.
  • The world really does sit at your feet.
  • Universal consciousness gathers its particles of light to float continuously, its trajectory only moved by humanity’s collective thought. Thinking peace and positivity has the power to move worlds.
  • Never miss an opportunity to tell him he still takes your breath away.
  • A rare treasure carried on the currents, you have finally landed in this, your intended and radiant life.
  • There are many wisdoms available to you and whether you choose the path of scribe or scholar, be an everlasting seeker.
  • You are a beautiful bucket of light, sharing your beams for all the world to see. 
  • Inadvertently punishing the pencil for not able being able to keep up with your thoughts, or maybe because it could, you realize that pushing yourself is not the best way to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Chew on this: the words are not in any rush so let the stress go and allow them to flow. Give it some thought and you’ll know just what to jot.
  • Nothing was more powerful than the sisters when they huddled on an idea. The power of threes is undeniable and when three become one working toward a shared goal the “wiggle your nose” manifesting power is unstoppable.
  • Lifting the hatch to unload the cases from Costco, you glance at the bikes in the garage gathering dust and your heart begins to pine for the open road. Your eye then falls to the lawnmower, a not-so-subtle reminder of responsibilities, and back to reality you come. Put the work down and lean into your loves. A change of scenery will do you both good, connecting you to each other and the natural world. Time for a road trip.
  • You may think that the cosmos only reveals its secrets to adepts, but the truth is that every atom in the ether is whispering its secrets 24/7.
  • Using branches as balance beams as a child, Sam was a pro at walking tightropes now. Trust your gut and you’ll always find your footing.
  • Nothing feeds your soul like floating in the cosmic consciousness. Take a time out to dust yourself with the divine.
  • Every good boss knows when it’s time to bring down the hammer but, more importantly, how to lift employees again so they soar.
  • Just because it’s rusty doesn’t mean it’s not trusty.
  • Always be willing to reveal your true nature.


  • An urban dweller, your ancestors are encouraging you to walk a path to your own personal Eden, to discover your own wellness center, to immerse yourself in the natural world, to breathe in more than just fresh air.
  • 6/2/19
  • Having misplaced her keys yet again, Imogen scoured her pockets and all the places they would typically be. Careful not to disturb her sleeping roo, she probed the folds and found bits of fluff but no familiar jangle. Frazzled, she asked her guides to do a quick search and rescue and was surprised when she felt what she thought was a baby foot poke her side. Ducking her head to check it out, she immediately saw a silver glint instead of a little toe and couldn’t help but smile. There are no lost things, just things that have yet to be found.
  • Whether it’s you doing the clowning around today or your buddy, let yourself be tickled as laughter is the sound of joy and resonates way beyond your fish tank.
  • When you feel there is some invisible force holding you back, be grateful for the heavenly hand that keeps you from running headlong into an ill-advised scheme, for you know your supreme happiness is its sole reason for being.
  • Grace was humbled by those who spoke of her beauty. Never one to claim it for her own, she felt that every creature was a reflection of those who loved them and that was what made them truly beautiful. Everything else was just fluff.
  • Tethered to a desk all week, the helium-filled gang was chomping at the bit to escape for the weekend. As soon as the clock struck 5:00, they hightailed it to the nearest exit, fresh air, and freedom. Have a great weekend, no strings attached.
  • There are wondrous things orbiting around you and if you take a moment to land, they will too.
  • Jeannie lived in a world of her own making and, like her namesake, tended to keep things bottled up inside. Eventually the digs were bound to get too crowded and something would have to give, but it just felt easier to carry the weight rather than open up and let the emotion flow. Release the seal on the stale to let in light and love.
  • It is not gravity but love that keeps us grounded.
  • Ridley, the runt of the litter, knew he’d need a divine hand to intercede if he was going to succeed in his sprint toward his foamy destiny. It is your heart for all creatures great and small that makes you divine and their journey easier.
  • Navigating the wilds, you wonder if you are on the right path. You are and will soon see why the long and winding trek. Keep the faith, only a few more steps until you experience your ultimate joy.
  • Intuitively knowing that time spent in nature would calm his spirit, Isaiah saw the field as an invitation to satisfy his senses. For him, nature was medicine for the soul. It is for you too. Let nature do what she does best.
  • The fountain of youth is the freedom to be exactly who you are and love it.
  • Sybil stood at the rail loving the symbolism of it, her journey across the lake. Watching the water churn, with gratitude she said goodbye to what was, letting the disappointments of the past be water under the bridge. Cathartic, she knew this step of letting go was important before she turned to look to her future. Clean slates always are.
  • With broad shoulders and deep breaths, dads do what it takes to raise you up. Dads always deliver on the boost.
  • Monday morning commute in full-swing, a stall has everyone rubbernecking to get an eyeful. Rather than following in the zero-effort footsteps, evolve up. Steer clear of apathetic action and you raise the consciousness of the whole, making you a tough act to follow.
  • Bertie knew she was a bit over-the-top and some might question her taste, but her motto was to thine own self be true and so every day when she looked in the mirror she made sure she loved what she saw. Blow a kiss to your reflection, for what you see there is truly what counts.
  • You may not yet see the big picture, but you sense that the pieces are starting to fall into place. Something that has been puzzling you will soon find its solution.
  • Summer sticking to your soul, even in the heat you bedazzle everywhere you go. Thank you for keeping it light and bright.
  • A squeak here and a ping there, your heart clutches wishing you could go back to the showroom new you. It’s time to take a trip down Memory Lane to remind yourself how far you’ve come and, even with the wear and tear, realize how invaluable you are for now you are prized for so much more than your parts. Buckle up sweetheart, you have a few more miles under your belt.
  • Striking out one too many times, you’re tired of being left swinging in the wind but hang in there. There is someone you can pin your hopes on waiting in the wings, just biding their time until they see an open frame.
  • You always expected to go belly up one day, but you can’t help but laugh when you realize that your expectation is again fulfilled. The universe fulfills literally, and always for your ultimate joy.
  • He hadn’t meant to send up a smoke signal, but he was definitely not in his element and was man enough to admit it. Before things heat up, give us a shout. You’ll never be burned by Spirit.
  • It’s always a good day to mix business with pleasure.
  • It wasn’t that she felt she had to take the good with the bad, but Olivia wasn’t one to let a tiny seed spoil her day. A tough little squirt, she would chew through anything that got in her way.
  • Happy is when you recognize you’re holding a pocketful of good, and have been all along.
  • When you do “rock—paper—scissors” and the universe says rock it, everyone wins.
  • Yes, there will be hangers-on along for the ride, for a rising tide lifts all boats, but this message is meant for you. Your journey may seem like it will never end but it will and, when it does, you’ll be happy as a clam at high tide.
  • Happiness lives in the present moment. The universe is looking down on you and giving you a thumbs up on your choice to make the most of this glorious day.
  • Embracing burgeoning sensibilities, you’re having a field day stepping into your full power. Understanding that everything is interconnected, you now know your place in this world and that every sunrise is alive with possibilities to sprout, flower, and thrive.


  • Aerodynamically designed for such feats, Delphi was surprised to find herself hanging on by a wing and a prayer. If you ever misjudge the fragility of the situation, tread lightly but do not fear for the cosmic stem will always support you.
  • Living loud and proud, your kinks and twists out for all the world to see, you make everyone feel like a million bucks. You light up the world brighter than fireworks on the fourth of July.
  • An eager beaver, Sadie wasn’t going to wait for the parade to show her sparkle; she’d been celebrating all week. Whether to the grocery store or the park, every car that passed got an eyeful of a little arm enthusiastically sweeping the window with red, white, and blue, and couldn’t help but smile. Enthusiasm is contagious, especially when spread by little patriots.
  • Always into something, the adults just shake their head and wonder if you have a lick of sense but you, who are rarely influenced by what others think, know the truth—when you love life, every day is finger licking good.
  • Remembering back to when you had the world by the tail and cool was your middle name, when inexperienced swimmers could count on the pull of your strong arms and sunshine and surf were your daily bread, you smile. Now an old-timer grayer and thicker around the middle, your daily challenges centered around movement and meds, you are grateful for your life in the sun. Although your summer stories are quiet now, looking back will always bring a wave of warmth to the shore of your soul.
  • Serenity can always be found in your own backyard.
  • You are creation in motion. Color your world with what your heart truly wants.
  • Unlike most of her breed, Molly was not a big fan of water. A bit of a worrier who believed wholeheartedly “when it rains it pours,” to her every drop signaled an impending monsoon and so she always opted to take a rain check whenever she spotted a cloud. You’ll be right as rain once you stop worrying about the “what ifs”.
  • You feel it in your bones—little clues are showing you the way. Be it by clammy clue or chicken skin intuition, you are always shepherded by Spirit to your highest, happiest place.
  • Feeling small in the grand scheme of things, just as every needle and seed is known and loved, so too is every freckle and hair on your head. You bring grace to this magical place.
  • We pray you always show your true colors.
  • Happiness is hanging out with your people.
  • When you empower yourself, you rock the world.
  • Wearing the proof of last night’s turbulent red eye on their weary faces, they figured it was nothing to lose sleep over and, after unceremoniously dropping the backpack on the bed and stripping down to their skivvies, both Daniel and dog were snoring in seconds. Paradise is easier found when you choose not to sweat the small stuff and let sleeping dogs lie.
  • When you’re willing to get there under your own steam, we swim in to support your intention. We’ll float your boat.
  • Curiouser and curiouser, Pete thought the peculiar creatures inhabiting his sandy stomping ground were at a clear disadvantage having to navigate this world without a bird’s eye view. Baffled, he wondered why God would ever design anything and deprive it of wings for it would be forever grounded. Empathy is a rare bird.
  • Your life is not a foregone conclusion. It’s a remarkable journey.
  • Today, get lost in thought. Tonight, build castles in the air while you sleep.
  • Used to planting his feet in stellar environments, Justin didn’t know what all the hoopla was about when friends heard how he had spent his day. He knew paradise was a mindset of his own making, so he naturally took it with him wherever he went.
  • Your mammoth spirit forever changes the hearts of all those you touch.
  • Challenges come and challenges go. The point is to let them fade into oblivion rather than carry them front and center on your forehead.
  • Amazing things happen when you take a leap of faith.
  • A neighborhood marvel, no lemon existed that could make her pucker and frown. Pool or puddle, Dani was an expert at turning lemons into lemonade. Take a note from her playbook and put on your flippers.
  • It’s time to bring to life in the real world what has lived in your head and heart for so long.
  • Waiting with bated breath, Manu knew that what the universe delivered would measure up. It always does.
  • Usually one to handle his own grooming, every once in awhile Scout gave himself over to the pros to let them work their magic. The state of his golden tresses not his main concern, for he was as beautiful on the outside as he was on the in, he simply loved how good it felt to be brushed. Treat yourself to something that makes your happy tongue loll.
  • When you’re not able to shake a feeling that someone otherworldly is with you, the realization of who it is will completely change your life.
  • In the big scheme of things, you may think you both are but specks that hardly matter. Nothing could be further from the truth. The love the two of you share ripples from shore to cosmic shore, leaving nothing but goodness in its wake.
  • Your wings newly formed, you were quick to figure out that every creature great and small can use a few pointers on their first solo flight.
  • The next generation of Imagineers were born believing they could do anything. And so they do.
  • Oozing confidence on the climb up, it was an entirely different prospect once Tad reached the top and looked down. Stomach doing a belly flop even before his toes neared the ledge, it was all he could do to hold on to his cookies and his cool as he considered his options. Looking before you leap is always wise, but the next time you find yourself teetering on the edge of an uncertain outcome, lean into the experience. Even feet first, jumping in is exhilarating; standing on the sidelines not so much.


  • Suki knew she was in over her head, and she was loving every minute of it. Her body threatening cold feet when she geared up, she wasn’t going to let anything stop her from giving herself the experience of a lifetime… again and again. Immerse yourself in grand adventures.
  • Your intuition runs deeps and, like all things, is more alive the more you acknowledge it.
  • Intending to be the stuff of LOLs, Davy was always looking for his 15 minutes of Instagram fame. Rather than wait in the wings, he would seize the day. With his bird’s eye view of beachgoers and their brimming baskets, he zeroed in on the hand that would feed him. He wasn’t fond of the “two birds one stone” adage but, in this case, he had to admit it worked—belly and selfie all in one swoop. The universe delivers the works, not in drips and dribbles, but in sheets and showers.
  • Your fear of monsters under the bed blown way out of proportion, it’s time to rewire your thinking and deflate the beast. Flatten the fear and give yourself a jumbo gift—peace of mind and maybe even a pal.
  • Seize the moment and rock the house.
  • Maddie got the giggles as soon as the bell rang. For weeks tingling with nervous energy and a smidgen of dread, now that the first day of school was over, she felt like such a silly goose. Hand to her heart, she would never again be afraid of a “first.”
  • You are a beacon, a beam of light in fair weather or foul, guiding sailors of all ilks safely to shore. Devoted and constant, you are the best kind of friend.
  • The happiest stalks always look on the bright side.
  • Not one to blow his own horn, but laying the “exotic” on thick was his specialty. His fabulous nose his finest feature, every afternoon Carlos would sit on his perch preening, patient while tourists fumbled for their phones. When you know you are a rare and precious thing, others will naturally know it too.
  • Like a dowsing rod on the scent of its liquid treasure, you too are seeking a trove… of knowledge. Downloading intelligence, your intuition tells you your quest is purposeful and will be its own reward.
  • Serenity is most often found by its seeker.
  • News flash: the inside scoop is coming your way.
  • The ocean is a potion and sunlight is its muse.
  • Life is about taking the shot—mastery about making it.
  • Small but mighty, your cuteness meter off the charts, with one little bark you activate every heart within earshot. Now, that’s power little one. Use it wisely.
  • Choose a mate who says “When you jump, I jump” and you’re halfway to happiness.
  • Just because things are a bit grayer these days, doesn’t mean they are any less alive… or fun.
  • Even if it meant she’d have to be hosed down afterward, feasting on a Fudgesicle was Emma’s bliss and more than worth a trip to the spigot. Strip down your joy to its bare essentials and let the drips rip.
  • The earth is blanketed with dollops of sunshine on a stick. Bright as a button, they plant themselves on your path to spark a smile, but it is not a completely selfless maneuver for when you smile, you are like a sunbeam that lights up their world and they bask in that radiant energy. Brighten someone’s day and you brighten your own.
  • There are no hurdles you can’t overcome.
  • Experience had taught Dolores many things and if she had one tidbit to offer, it would be that a life well-lived is not simply keeping one’s head above water but about enjoying every drop of every day be it sunshine or shade.
  • By birthright, you all have the power of choice. The goodness you choose to consume is up to you.
  • Donny knew NASA nerds were a dime a dozen in Houston but the plan, after he chowed down a few more nachos, was to wrangle himself some space junk and rope a star or two while he was at it. You don’t have to be a space junkie to go to the next level. Anyone can travel on moonbeams to realms of light and shoot hoops with the stars.
  • Mosquitoes out in force last night, your exposed legs the little buggers midnight snack, you thought you’d be ready to blow this popsicle stand first thing in the morning but, once you let go of what was eating you, you slept as snug as a bug in a rug. Never let little annoyances thwart your play.
  • Matthew knew he served at the pleasure of a higher power—and he was cool with that.
  • You’ve got this, lock, stock, and barrel.
  • Generosity of spirit doesn’t cost a thing.
  • Having to be a quasi-pro in all things two-year-old by day, she knew it was time for a breather and set off for the nearest sunset, surf, and Sauvignon Blanc. Her happy place was her family, but every once in awhile uncorking unescorted was heavenly too.
  • In hindsight, stepping up might not have been the wisest course of action but you’re a stand-up guy and no one should have to stand alone.
  • Squawking until he was blue in the face, Ned decided to take a chill pill and give others the mic for a while. Having forgotten his tenant to look first through a lens of love, his focus had been on his agenda rather than listening to what others in the rainforest had to say. Ideals are ever-evolving and, if you listen to something other than your own voice, your worldview will too.
  • Seeing your home as a sovereign nation, you do not require tribute when tourists enter your castle but, like any King, you withhold your welcoming smile until they state their business. Celebrity or not, protecting your turf is important, especially when it is your sacred space. Strengthen your defenses with intention, blessings, and a good dose of salt around the perimeter.


  • To Caleb, capturing one of the little lights that glittered the night sky meant he was able to hold onto summer just a little longer, but life is catch and release. Only when you release what was, do you make room for the sparkle the next season brings.
  • Every day is a mystical experience, an encounter of the best kind.
  • Braving the bubbles at the school carnival again this year, William knew it was all in good fun and for a very good cause. When a hero steps up to take one for the team, he lifts the hearts, minds, and spirits of all.
  • Brain abuzz, you put out feelers to the four corners, telepathic shout outs to all like you who thrive in the light. Alive with possibilities, naturally you seek others willing to defy gravity too.
  • Peel back your layers and let the world see the sunshine in your soul.
  • Finding herself unexpectedly alone, the fawn gingerly waded in. Trusting that God put a watering hole in her path for a reason, she would lean into the gift and drink her fill. Feeding and watering your soul is self-serve.
  • Justine loved a good joke, especially one played on her. Snorting saltwater and laughing so hard that she was ready to bust a gut, every creature knew that a belly laugh was medicine for the soul. Let your laughter be heard clear across the pier.
  • Remembering when no batteries were required to play a game, when things were built with Lincoln Logs and erector sets, when blowing bubbles with Bazooka and capturing comics with Silly Putty was cool, you marvel at the evolution and wonder what your great-great-great-grandchildren will be playing with, then you smile when you realize they will play with the stars and bounce on moons.
  • Sifting through channels, Isabella’s sparkly antennae listened for kindred spirits and laughter, aka her bus stop. Attuned, when others of your ilk are nearby, your aura will sparkle from head to toe too. Happiness always shows.
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