#spiritsays 2023

Spirit’s daily dollop of divinity
Your north star for transformation

There is no preparing you for what you’ll read from Spirit or how it will touch your heart, but I can guarantee it will.

Spirit—creating miracles daily.

Enjoy, my loves.


Sparkly high heels


Having been a star in a jar, now is the time to step out of your bubble and into your full brilliant power. This year, your comfort zone is no longer comfortable.
Family watching sunset


With reverence and gratitude for the closing of a year, joyously welcome the next chapter of new beginnings.
Man balancing on cord


Balance will be the name of the game this year.
Chicken on frozen window


Waiting all day for his human to get home, when the window finally opened and he had his first blast of frigid freedom, Manny clucked “it’s too cold for us chickens” and hopped right back inside. Freedom is everything it’s cracked up to be but so is free will.
Zebras in opposite positions


In order to form a perfect union, your forefathers sought to unify the mind, body and spirit of a nation. Your role is to do the same. Rethink your position.
Young man skateboarding down road


There is a high road and a low. The low is filled with neon signs and clever hucksters offering get-rich schemes, the high with fresh air, tall trees, and no promises but promise itself.
Sanddollar peeking up from seashore


Long hidden treasures reveal themselves to remind you that life is not about standing out among your peers or collecting dollars, but about discovering the depths of your soul.
Man walking snow-covered path


It was as if his ancestors were counseling him to walk a path to his own personal Eden, where he would discover his own wellness center and the secrets to satisfying his soul. Not as if—they are.
Sending out appreciation to the universe


Instead of noticing what is wrong, flip it. Breathtaking blessings appear when you notice what is positively right.
Snowboarder tricks


Crush your goals and pivot if you don’t.
Light shining on cat


You are like a gold vein in a dark cave; the least little bit of light and you shine like the sun. You glow from the inside out.
Making sand angel


Miracles are in the making this year and you have no small hand in their creation.
Boy on freezing day


When change happens, grieve your old life a little but embrace your new life a lot.
Carnival swing at night


We see you spinning out. Regardless of how apocalyptic it may feel right now, it is not the end of the world as you know it. It is change—a revelatory time, and although bumpy, rejoice for it means long-hidden truths are being brought into the light.
Watching the sunrise with family


Your light is shining as brightly as the son. Yes, the “o” is purposeful.
Thoughtful leopard


Every thought you have is there for a reason.
Feeding goats


Do what feeds your soul and it will feed others as well.
Pink haired woman on swing


Don’t listen to the gale, Dorothy. Let your spirit soar.
Mermaid diving


This is not the calm before the storm—you are mid-tempest—but the storm before the calm. Batten down the hatches and trust all will be well in the end.
Vintage kitten adoption


She knew she didn’t have to be cuter or yowl louder; she didn’t need to change one hair on her head to be loved. Her little heart trusted that the right humans would find her, and soon she’d be curled up in a lap by the fireplace in her forever home. With the faith of a lion, know in your heart that being loved by your “just right” human is your destiny.
Woman going up climbing wall
Just because old belief systems are falling away doesn’t mean you will lose your footing. Character finds itself during challenge and change.
The essence of humanity


The essence of love is who you are and where you came from. You are light. You are divine. You are love.
Powerful woman jumping up


Be a mood influencer. Use your power for the good of all humankind.
Dreamer diving in ocean


Dreams live in the deepest pools of your imagination. Dive undercover and bring forth into the light all that you desire.
Starfish on beach


The stars are revealing themselves. And they come in love.
Serene woman and raging river


Even when the energy around you is chaotic, stay serene. Be the calm that quiets the storm.
Hunter in netting


Untruths unravel. It is the nature of things.
Elephant close-up


Your ancient soul is completely cognizant of its destiny; past, present and future. There is nothing your beautiful old soul does not know. Trust in its wisdom to guide you out of the rough patches and into bliss.
Boy helping duck fly


You are the perfect instrument for the expression of divinity; to see as God sees, know what God knows and love as God loves.
Bird walking on lilypads


Walk the earth your way.
Little girl on rocks


What you are seeing is what you’ve been seeking.

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