S: #spiritsays is a cumulative conversation that is suggested to help you heal.

Have you ever wondered what Spirit would say to you if you met over a quick cup o’ joe? Read #spiritsays and get your daily dose of inspiration, delivered with love and for a point. The trick is not just to listen to the heavenly lesson plan, but to follow through with Spirit’s suggested homework. Published every day since 2011, enjoy and don’t forget to share the smiles!

Who is Spirit Says?


  • Feeling positively jaunty now that the commotion of last night’s booms, bangs, and clangs was over, Dixie’s heart had settled but her eyes were still seeing stars. She loved new beginnings, and the fresh powder covering the lawn this morning looked just like a clean slate. Springing into action, as she was gleefully hopping across the yard, she heard laughter and her resolution was made. This year she would bring more joy to herself and others. She knew that was one resolution she was bound to keep.
  • There is no better time to deep-six the stories of the past—heartache, disappointment, and fear—leaving no scrap or smidgen behind to clog your newly acquired clean slate. Shred the old to make room for the new.
  • Coming to grips with the fact that ascension was in her hands, Faith made a conscious decision to be finished clinging to the past and her mundane life. A daring spirit, she needed but a toehold to take the first step and trusted the technique would follow. She vowed to never again hold her potential at arm’s length.
  • Things a little topsy-turvy lately, you want to be like Miss Muffet’s hairy spider and sit a spell, preferably without company. Grab your knitting and get to the point, which of course is to weave a peaceful moment to catch a quick wink or three for thee.
  • They may not realize it yet, but the real hero of their childhood story is you.
  • Teaching others to seek and see the beauty in this world is one of your greatest legacies.
  • Happy, you are like a giant magnet continually attracting more happiness to you, a loop that perpetually feeds itself. Well done loved one.
  • You race not against others, but for yourself.
  • In an unexpected exhibition of spirit, this year your middle-of-the-night wild hair will turn into an obsession, and a full out business plan. Whatever you do, follow your impulse to see it through.
  • Swallowing sunshine like a pelican gobbles up fish, you’re counting the days until June when you can again take the warmth for granted. Thinking this whole winter thing is for the birds, you know there is a reason for the chilly season when you find yourself turning toward the light in people to feel their warm embrace. Seek the light to fill your belly and stoke the coals of your soul.
  • Conquering giants with the help of magic and wit, you feel very much like Jack these days, whose belief that all things were possible and beans were enchanted allowed the universe to provide, and him to topple his foe. When things get scarce, be glad if you hear fee-fi-fo-fum for it will be your “must run faster” wake up call, and result in a golden egg on your doorstep.
  • Formed a millennia ago, it amazes you that these steadfast sentinels still stand. A testament not to the ingenuity of man but a much more omnipotent hand, when you stand in their presence and see them wink, you can’t help but rub your eyes and blink. You will soon bear witness the profound and magical truth of what is—that nothing is set in stone, not even the stone—and your reality will be forever changed.
  • Your sapling will grow tall and true for it is simply a mirror of you.
  • Every day a choice to sink or swim, you choose to skinny-dip and like the unsinkable Molly Brown who never let naysayers cramp her style, you let nothing and no one keep you down. We like your freestyle.
  • Not sure if it was from heaven are human, but he was going to take that “go big or go home” advice to heart and bring back the biggest stick he could find for there was no way he was ready to go home yet. Never settle for twig-sized outcomes when you can fetch colossal logs.
  • Thinking the higher the hair the closer to God, Sophie wished she had a dime for every teased strand—when Aquanet was a must-have, and ceiling fans were low enough to be a danger. Remembering all that had once been so important to her, she was amazed at how much things had changed. Sentient and savvy, these days she barely ran a comb through her grey pixie crop, for she knew the shaggy fringe meant nothing in the big scheme of things. She had been and always would be connected.
  • Chomping at the bit for a change, you wonder if now is the time to make it. Doing something new is never as scary as it seems at first glance. Starting with little shifts that seem as slow as molasses in January, soon you’ll be galloping like a colt let loose in the pasture after being cooped up in the barn all winter. With joy, your hooves tearing it up in a new and improved meadow.
  • Gazing intently, watchful for the merest movement as a sign, intuition tells you entire worlds lie within the pendulum’s whorls, but they seem to prefer mystery and remain opaque. When something is an enigma to you have faith for like the Big Bang theory, its mysteries will collide with you when you least expect it.
  • Once blind to the truth and thinking things were beyond your control, it wasn’t until you were over a barrel that you opened your eyes to the magic of this world and your powerful place in it. Taking the plunge into the unknown, barriers shattered and you were free to float in the flow as you were meant to do all along. If you don’t believe in magic, no magic shall you see.
  • Divine downloads coming at you faster than you can chew, ask that Professor Marvel’s cosmic consciousness cool its jets for a bit while you space out. Orbiting, when you want to touch down on the page where you left off, just give soul control a shout out.
  • From our perspective, the energy that surrounds you when you’re experiencing love is iridescent, fluorescent, luminescent. More please.
  • Like Paul Revere warning everyone within earshot that a change was afoot, you feel the shift coming in every fiber and feather and want to squawk it out. Be a megaphone for good, for there are enough naysayers and doomsdayers already.
  • Your spirit guide stands swaying on the sidelines, flapping his ears and hoping to get your attention, for he knows you have a performer’s heart too and there’s something you need do.
  • Taking his life in his hands, he inched forward to peek into the gaping maw of what would presumably be his final destination. If things went south, at least he’d be gourmet to her gullet. No one was more surprised than he when, instead of eating him alive, Gabby smiled and said she simply wanted to talk. Extend yourself for there is an unlikely, but astounding, convo waiting to be had.
  • Like Saturn’s rings, the source of all knowledge is an omnipotent and infinite current. To access this higher realm, meditate and make like a sponge. Where once you were adrift, now you are waterlogged, saturated with new understanding, and on speaking terms with the answers you seek. Nothing is unfathomable, only yet undiscovered.
  • There are no loopholes in life, for it is meant to be lived in all its brilliance and luster. Like a ViewMaster, we will limit your options until you finally see daylight, narrow your field of vision until you focus on the joy you’re meant to step into. Immerse yourself in bliss.
  • Wanting to capture it for perpetuity, he quickly plastered it all over the pages. Justin knew that if he didn’t write it down stat, his epiphany could fade like the delicacy of a dream. The proof that you’re downloading divine inspiration is in the pudding. Reread your journals.
  • Alice, having heard the stories, knew not to get too close to the looking glass for fear of falling in. Alas, there’s a whole world waiting to be discovered for those who don’t play it safe. Actually, there are many, but that’s a story for another day.
  • While messages met for your consumption don’t always come in threes, pay attention when they do for they are often potent, powerful, and oh so sweet.
  • This is not your first rodeo or your first brushstroke. With imagination and intention, creating anything is possible, for you live it every day. Squeeze the juice of your creativity and let it flow where it naturally thirsts to go.
  • Mesmerized by the movement below the surface, you feel a bit like Hamlet’s Horatio when the magical world reminds you there are more things in heaven and earth than even you imagined.


  • Finally rid of the irksome tease, now that the last of the guppies had gone to its maker, Oscar felt he had the world by the tail but couldn’t resist seeing how the other half had lived. Stepping out of your fishbowl and swapping sides always provides new insights.
  • Gordon, Goldilock’s brother, was a pleaser. Not wanting to be a bother, he took the first thing that was handed to him, but one look told him it would be a tight squeeze. Debating between “make it work” and “no way Jose,” he decided to take a note out of his sister’s playbook and try it on for size. In the end, he realized he was worthy of a king-sized throne, not something pulled from the kid’s table. Never settle for small… or iffy.
  • Hearing the whoops and the hollers of his family, emotions were definitely running high today. Taking his plate of chicken wings outside to eat in peace, Elijah smiled to himself knowing that one day it would be him jogging onto the field with his team, and no one would be cheering louder than his crazy football-loving clan.
  • You’re more majestic than the mighty oak when, in humility, you’re willing to extend an olive branch.
  • Kindred spirits, the beastie boys were never far apart. Where you found one, you usually found the other. Kindred spirits come in all shapes, sizes, and species.
  • Challenging a mate to a duel is never a wise course of action, especially when you’re so evenly matched. It might be even more challenging logistically, but go in for a hug instead.
  • First impressions can last a lifetime.
  • Practicing with those who have gone before, it’s a divine time to take the dance floor with your one true partner. You’ll know you’re in the flow when the world around you disappears and two become one.
  • Love is a magical marinade and once you’ve been tenderized by it you will never be the same.
  • In the case of hugs, intention is everything. While a junior high hug barely indents your aura, bear hugs are like sticking your finger in a socket and getting juiced. When an embrace is genuinely given, the energy shared by both parties—giver and getter—leave everyone amped and glowing.
  • Having a fleeting “if wishes were kisses” thought, you moved on to other things not realizing you had placed a wish in the queue. Prepare to be showered with affection.
  • Love the furry face you see in the mirror first, for then you are on very good footing to love your neighbor.
  • One little dry spell where things didn’t quite stick and Cassie started doubting the magic of love and her power to create it. For things to stick, your heart must believe for only then are you open to receive.
  • When you woke up today, you had no expectation of waking up to flowers on your doorstep or even a kind word while you buttered the toast, but all day you’ve been smiling inside because intuition told you a love note from the universe is on its way. The best valentines don’t always arrive “day of” so if perchance it does not come today, trust that there is a helium-filled hug being rushed your way.
  • Alan and Evie intuitively knew that the only way to grow as a couple was to strip it down and speak about what truly mattered. Baring your soul always leaves you exposed but, in the end, cultivates a deeper, more beautiful connection.
  • Eddie, never a big fan of the mushy stuff, was a very big fan of his mom and when she got in one of her moods to snuggle or squeeze he would stop squirming and grin and bear it. To him, it wasn’t an alpha or leader of the pack thing, it was a returning the love thing.
  • Fergie, a faithful and long-standing member of “The Joy Luck Club” thought she was blessed with seemingly more than her fair share of magical occurrences and felt obligated to pay it forward. Synchronicities are validation that you are in the flow, making it easier to share your good fortune with many.
  • Used to friends egging him on, Henri-Pierre was a pro when it came to resisting the verbal nudge. Cobwebs could grow under his feet for all he cared, but he was his own man and would not be pushed. Dumbfounded at his reluctance to step into what was so clearly a good thing, his friends left him to stew on the sagging shelf. Hey immovable object, it’s time to make a move.
  • In Dr. Doolittle’s teambuilding exercises all day, Ben decided to test the good doctor’s theories and do an impromptu trust test. Your mates will be only too happy to prop you up should you fall, but give them a heads up first or things may get a bit sticky.
  • Authenticity part of your personal code, rather than trying to roll yourself into a new character every ten minutes to fit the latest fad, you wear your stripes plainly for all the world to see. Well done you for in doing so you lead others to reveal their beautiful truth as well.
  • It’s comforting to hang with those of your same stripe who see things the same way you do, but it’s soul-growing to step out of your comfort zone and graze with those of a differing point of view than you.
  • Champ thought his uncle Clyde was the coolest dude on the planet, numero uno in his book. For his part, Clyde never minded watching the little critter for becoming a monkey’s uncle was the best gift he’d ever received. A new responsibility is coming your way, and you’ll be amazed at the joy that comes bundled with it.
  • There is nothing so radiant as consciousness set free.
  • The material world your mailing address temporarily, your spirit knows its purpose in the “here and now” is to bring joy into this earthly existence. Immaterial simply means as yet unseen, not as yet unmade.









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