#spiritsays 2021

Spirit’s daily dollop of divinity
Your north star for transformation


Woman walking in ocean


You are a force of nature and this year will let nothing stand in your way.

Woman releasing balloons


You have free rein over your story, the chapters you want to keep and those you want to rewrite. Release anything that has gone before that does not lift your now. Only then can you author your future.

Vintage bottles of desires and dreams


Unlike fine wine, hopes and dreams do not age well when bottled and kept on a shelf. Take them out into the full light of day and let them breathe. Your desires deserve to be realized.

Vintage woman opening the door


Mary Jane firmly believed that every door she walked through presented new sparkling possibilities, but it didn’t change the fact that she was tentative each time she turned the knob and pushed. You may not notice it at first glance, but there is good waiting just inside. Let your courage carry you.

Wind up toy arm


Making a promise to yourself, this is the year you’ll get it in gear. Pump it up!

Little girl and wrinkled dog


Through love all things can be ironed out, any new wrinkle overcome.

Mother buffalo licking baby calf


Pushing you to learn, there is nothing quite like a mother’s stamp of approval when you do.
Woman holding white sage smudge stick


Smoke out anything that no longer serves.
Dog and best friend relaxing on bed


Jesse and Josh were two peas in a pod; they were always happy to ditch their belt and leash in favor of a snuggle and a snooze. They knew how to be happy campers even without tents and s’mores.
Wintry scene of stillness


Gazing upon the wintry mix blanketed by God’s grace, your soul reacts to its call to settle and still. Serenity is a song that whispers rather than shouts.
Man standing on stump in forest


Everything is an orchestration and you are the maestro.
Furry hat


When everything about an era feels familiar to you, it is a sure sign that you lived it. Your soul will wear many hats before its grand MGM ending and it returns to the celestial source from whence it came. This lifetime, you inserted yourself into the world to make it a better, softer, kinder place.
Knitted beanies on toes


Whether intentionally or involuntarily, you are continually manifesting. Thoughtfully choose what you would prefer.
Group of dogs leashed to fence


“Stay” orders getting under their skin, this year they would give themselves an extra-long leash. Happiness is the freedom to sit, stay, or roam.
Bike ride on switchback mountain path


Serpentine paths exist not to make the journey longer but the climb easier.
Woman listening to music on forest swing


Wake up every day and live your bliss.
Celestial eye


Closing your eyes to the virtual allows you to see the celestial.
Vintage image of mother making pasta


Here’s a little food for thought: old wives’ tales are often thought of as spicy superstition but are most flavored with truth.
Little girl learning how to ride a horse


Learning the ropes of anything new takes practice, patience, perseverance, and pluck.
Tiger scratching tree in forest


When walking through a forest of scratching posts it’s instinctual to want to extend your claws. Resist the temptation to leave a mark.
Turtle being carried in coconut bowl


Climbing aboard the transport that will ferry you across sandy mountains and molehills, you’ll cross the finish line easily. You are meant to have a leg up.
Horse racing up the hill


Life is not a race but running for the sheer joy of it.
Hand grasping rainbow


If you were the creator, you would know that everything is within your grasp. You are and it is.
Skis racing downhill


Making a snap decision to skip the bunny hill, the pesky “what if” guy rides up the lift with you whispering a litany of all that might go wrong. Luckily, your inner wisdom is a scrapper and, knowing what you’re capable of, points your tips in the right direction and gives a little push. And the blast begins. Soon you’ll be trading two skis for one.
Woman looking at glacier lake


The universe is assuring you that soon all will be made crystal clear.
Woman smiling at sunset


Your beams matter. Inside you lives a projector that shows a positive world to those without light. What happens within projects without.
Little boy poking his finger into a beam of light


Little Evan had a theory that kids were like flowers and poked and prodded it for holes. Tracing the shadows, when his finger found the light he knew it was true. Even amid the darkness, kids tall and small would always seek and find the light.
Man and cat sharing love


Fur friends are the unsung heroes of your happiness.
Beach hat on tropical beach


Operate from your heart chakra and let your mind be in the Bahamas. Emotions bring things into being so let your mind take a vacay and trust your emotions to run the show.
Woman dressed as unicorn on mountain


Remember, you are running your own internal sovereign system. Reclaim your power. Go be you.
Man holding rooster and basket of eggs


Love rules the roost. Gratitude comes in a close second.

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