• While for most it may not mean around the world in 80 days, for Leona, Olive, Irene, and the others at the gate, a new year meant off to the races, knowing that there would be plenty of laughter, adventure, and hip hip hoorays along the way. Let the good times roll.
  • Your imagination is as vast as the ocean, but there is one thought that ignites your heart. It’s time to sprinkle a little fairy dust on your idea, to dip your toe. You will create magic for yourself and others, for it is your nature.
  • You’ve believed you could fly for a while, but this year, with a little help from your friends, you’ll get your idea off the ground.
  • At peace with your commute, there are days when it can get a little bit crazy even for those with the patience of Job. Before you buckle up, ask your joy guide for smooth sailing and watch as red lights turn green, perfect parking spaces open up, and grin and bear it becomes just grin.
  • Holding it close to her heart, she knew she couldn’t hold onto it forever but while it was here she was going to treasure every moment. This weekend, spend time with the things that make your heart full.
  • Your energy is positively majestic.
  • Tom lived for the now but he could feel it in his bones; the tides were changing and he was about to be hit by a colossal wave of good. His prediction was correct and so is yours.
  • Adoration written all over Abby’s face, she imagined that with dedication and the right tutoring she would one day be just like Giselle. While imitation is the highest form of flattery, and being the biggest fan of another is ever so sweet, her strengths and talents were leading her down another path where her amazing capacity for unconditional love would be shared with many rather than just one. You already embody all that is good and we’re your #1 fan.
  • Be grateful for the hand that holds helping you avoid the shoe that stomps.
  • The wisest shoppers know that the proof is in their pudding—they are what they eat. While it’s not necessary to start from scratch, your body is asking you to take a break from the takeout rut to keep it rolling in the aisles.
  • An old head on young shoulders, you’re no dummy. You know it is never wise to let anyone put words in your mouth.
  • Guided as if by an invisible puppeteer, you find yourself lifted into the light and figure Spirit is doubling down to keep you on your toes. Deep down, you know you’re simply resuming your rightful place in the rainbows. Everyone knows you can’t keep a good soul down.
  • You are a lightning rod for all that is good and kind in this world. Your footsteps teach others that they too can be a self-fulfilling prophecy to walk in grace and a powerful creator of light and love.
  • It may not make sense to your groovy gilled friends who breathe under the sea, but everything in your being knows this is exactly where youʻre meant to be. Regardless of the direction others may point their bow, listen to your intuition for it will always reveal your true north.
  • Your sugar-coated heart larger-than-life, you know that there are huge lessons not only for you, but for everyone around you if you suck it up and stick it out. Your sticktoitiveness is truly divine.
  • Your lips may feel the separation, but your heart never will.
  • Before you step into a room, work your magic—ask the angels to fill it with light and love.
  • Picking and tilling the soil hoping to strike it rich, what you find will be so much more valuable than gold.
  • Your entire being is craving the extraordinary. Let yourself get carried away this weekend.
  • We hold your dreams for safekeeping until one by one you ask for their freedom.
  • Shout to the universe, “Make mine a triple!”
  • Every experience thus far has given you strength, endurance, and skill, building one upon the other until your toolkit of tricks is heads and tails above most. Others might take one look at your schedule and wonder if you’re a little mad, but you know you’ve got your balancing act down to a science.
  • Proud of your three night a week regimen, you vow to step it up a notch with a personal trainer. There is wisdom in allowing others to coach you up, but only true heroes do whatever it takes to be their personal best. Be your own hero.
  • Telling yourself that it’s just the way the cookie crumbles, you hope it will be a sweet change. Sip on this—not only will the transition be smooth, but it will fill your belly and your coffers in a myriad of unexpected and wonderful ways.
  • Fancying yourself a bit of a mountain man and wanting a wild and woolly adventure, backpack loaded with beef jerky you head up the trail ignoring the signs. You will be given every opportunity to make a good decision, but like the old horse to water adage, it’s up to you to say yay or nay. There is wisdom in keeping it zipped.
  • Make every hour happy hour and gobble up the good that surrounds you.
  • Never one to compare herself to others, Josephine knew full well who she was and who she wasn’t. An open book, she loved herself au naturel and was willing to throw caution to the wind and let others see underneath her sheets as well. To stand in your full power, love your beautiful mind, resplendent body and glorious spirit.
  • Having put it out there in what you thought was splendid iridescent form, your wish seems to take on a life of its own. Dreams were born to expand, inflating along the way with all the things you didn’t even know you wanted. Blow, release, and trust it to tumble to you when it has picked up every blessing it can round up.
  • Thinking nothing exciting ever happens on your watch, you wonder whether it’s worth it to open your peepers. You can be like your neighbor who pokes her head in the sand when the alarm goes off, or you can do what you were designed to do and step up and out to brighten up this world. Up and at’em sleepyhead—you’ve got places to go, people to see and especially things to do.
  • Thinking your fate was sealed, you can’t help grinning from ear-to-ear knowing that you have risen above it, especially now that the rain has stopped and you see your sunshine and rainbows truth. We knew you had it in you—to create your blazingly bright future.
  • Ever on the lookout for the do-it-yourself guide to all good things, you can only find a pearl when you jump.


  • Infinite patience is unconditional love put into practice.
  • Getting down to brass tacks, there are escapades and exploits in your immediate future.
  • Tracing your tree more fun than you thought it would be, you’re surprised to discover kin just a stone’s throw away, cousins close enough to kiss. Your ancestors are applauding your dogged determination when you come across the inevitable road to nowhere or detour, but it is your pleasure in the process that brings them the most joy. They have paved your way and when you celebrate your roots, they feel the love too.
  • It may be showing its age, but a beloved childhood memory is asking to take you for a ride down memory lane. When you remember the utter joy of the lofty perspective as you settled onto the bright red saddle, it will have served its purpose and be again made new.
  • On their first date, breadsticks the bouquet between them, they asked and answered in a dance to find common ground, but when the spaghetti was delivered to the table and they both reached first for their spoon, a spark was ignited that soon would bloom. You will know in your soul when you are kindred.
  • Neither Maggie or Matt wanted to be anyone other than who they were, the stripped down version of their best selves, in tune with the world and each other. No holes in their thinking.
  • There is nothing better on the planet than being nestled by family, for you know their love will cradle you come wind, sleet or snow.
  • Bundled in blankets and pining for spring, you’re unnecessarily waiting to bloom for even wearing its new winter white coat, the planet is alive with possibilities. The spring thaw is just around the corner but live for the beauty that surrounds you now.
  • Freckles knew he was handsome for he’d been told since he was a young pup, but love seemed to be on a very long leash for he couldn’t quite pick up the scent. Not willing to go on the hunt and look for love in all the wrong places, he was more than willing to keep his doggy door open to finding it as part of his normal routine. No need to go digging pup, for love always looks for open doors.
  • He may have never been velveteen, but he was a real friend and loved just the same. Give an extra squeeze to the ones you love, in person or in prayer. Love sent is love returned.
  • Instead of focusing on all that he isn’t, remember back to the time when you were floating on air, your heart so full you thought it would burst. Disappointments keep you grounded, and love is meant to soar. Divinely inspired, trust your love to carry you both to places as yet unknown but truly wonderful.
  • Saving your love for a rainy day, now is the time to cash it in.
  • Actions speak louder than words it’s true, but when you do speak, let it be with love.
  • We love how you deliver little gems and we’re not the only ones. Give a little piece of your heart to all you touch for it truly helps them shine a little brighter, sparkle a bit more.
  • Let yourself be ever-so-gently bound by love.
  • Once all the rage but finding each other’s toes more often than not, you’ve settled into a comfortable groove of knowing each other’s likes and dislikes, and spending more time on the former than the latter. Ain’t life grand?
  • Especially when you’re blue, have faith that something good will be delivered to your plate, for belief always creates outcome.
  • Everyone’s magic carpet is unique to them. Climb aboard your joy ride and let’s roll.
  • Biting his nails beforehand, he quickly realized that going out on a limb and hanging by his fingertips wasn’t as hard as he thought it would be. Climb out of your comfort zone and put yourself out there. Remove the scare and replace it with flair.
  • Fearlessness is not only for the young but also for the young at heart. Shred until you’re dead.
  • Liking everything in its place, your life rolled up nice and tidy with no loose ends, when a bobby pin fails or an errant lock has a mind of its own, you get anxious. Your expectations are mighty high. Allow yourself to let your hair down once in a while—like now.
  • Life’s possibilities are infinite and ever-changing. To serve yourself best, make a choice and see it through from first delicious bite to the last, and then repeat. You serve yourself the sweetest moments when you stick with it. There are no holes in the formula of “repeat x infinity.”
  • Every time you wiggle your nose, you make magic happen. Now that you’ve conquered the teasing stick and are living your carrot, what other tricks do you have up your sleeve? Perhaps it’s teaching others to do the same. Roll up your sleeves and show them how it’s done little one.
  • Yowling to go out, you felt a tad put out when your dream come true wasn’t quite what you expected. Whether it’s curling up next to a cozy fireplace with a hand nearby to scratch and serve, or a hay bale in the barn with inconsiderate chickens as your clucking companions, you control your destiny. Elevate your attitude to elevate your outcome.
  • Whether whispered on the wind or shouted from the rooftops, you are all ears when it comes to divine guidance but listening to advice is easier than taking it. Stay tuned for there is a message that will loop until you take action.
  • Every soul contributes its uniqueness to the fabric of the whole.
  • When life shoots you rapids, and return to sender is not an option, you have two choices — gut it out or gear up and go for it. Either way, you’ve got this.
  • You have been endowed with abundance, but how you decide to distribute it is up to you.


  • Whether ladder, staircase or step stool, if you look at the last few years, you will see your progress has been a continual ascent. You have evolved on a soul level, looking lighter and shining brighter, your connection to God deeper. Celebrate your elevated perspective.
  • Believing every channel is filled with drama, trauma and discord, we understand why you’d be turned off, but if you tune in you will find the channels that inspire and delight.
  • The minute Maggie released her vision to the universe, it made a mad dash and she found herself hanging on for dear life. It won’t always be like this, things will settle shortly. Until then, enjoy the wild ride.
  • She couldn’t sit down for even a minute without Henrietta, her favorite hen, hopping in her lap looking for a snuggle. About as far from a world-class layer as one could get, when Henrietta did offer up one of her speckled brown eggs it was as if the heavens had opened up to fill the sky with rainbows and wonderment. Being loved is never about what you can get, but what you can give.
  • This is your opportunity to rise to the occasion.
  • Shiny and new, one of the first things you learn out the gate is that happiness is not about who can jump the highest or throw the furthest, but about who is resilient. You will always bounce back.
  • When you wish upon a star, add “this or something better” to your invocation, for there are infinite joys as yet unimagined by you that will grace your shoulders when you create in this way.
  • Once only able to catch snippets of sacred wisdom here and there, you’ve spent years weaving your intention to understand the messages in your dreams. When you journey into realms unknown, know that your systems are solid and you are spirit supported. Go on your walkabout in trust.
  • Red might be young, but she was wise beyond her years and the wolves could no longer fool her, not even when they wrapped themselves in her grandmother’s best shawl. Just like Red, you are never alone as you seek the forest for the trees. Go on your merry way knowing you will always find the truth.
  • Old souls are easily recognizable for even though they wear evidence of life’s fender benders, they stand out because of their connection to the divine—they shine.
  • Your heart is most open to all things possible when you are balanced.
  • He didn’t need crowd wisdom, for he intuited early that the best quests would be of his own making. Your journey will be your brainchild, so let your curiosity be ever-piqued.
  • You are a jewel in every sense of the word.
  • Always be willing to raise an eyebrow or two, for enthusiastic optimism is contagious and should know no bounds.
  • As sure as the wind blows, a new higher situation and cloudless blue skies are moving your way. You’ll be in clover soon.
  • Everything you do has a ripple effect, so let there be no lengths to which you will not go to lift others with your smile.
  • Wondering when you will be visited by your lucky charm—when he will tip his hat to reveal your big break—you pray for prosperity, hoping that it’s in the cards. Surrounded by serendipity and advantage, your life is brimming with good. Your velvet windfall of health and happiness is assured.
  • Pulled as if by an invisible force, you hear your destiny singing its siren song. While your future may encourage, with every step you take you are living your destiny now.
  • Sometimes the smallest steps make the largest gain. While your impact may be invisible to you, you’re making the world a lighter brighter place one step at a time.
  • You have the power to pump up your joy, so never wait for others to lift you up.
  • Every fiber of your being told you that this is the season for new beginnings and now all who see you recognize a shift, a lightness, a spring in your step. No one sports their spring swag quite like you.
  • You are a magnet, attracting all that is good in the universe. Born to shine, your spirit quests for soul fuel—happiness, joy, love, laughter—so that you may burn even brighter.
  • Llewellyn, a master at working the crowd with his precious “pick me” look, always managed to coax a few extra handfuls of food from every passerby’s hand. He knew the universe would flow, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t use a little encouragement from time to time.
  • Checking out the goods, Ramsey didn’t see what all the fuss was about. He guessed he’d just have to take everyone’s word that he was made of the right stuff and that all would be revealed in due time.
  • No one said fostering would be easy but, as they were fond of saying, there were no guarantees when raising children period, and so they opened up their hearts and home, not giving it another thought. There’s a special place in heaven for those whose arms are open wide.
  • Trying with all your might to hatch your big idea, you wonder if it’s worth the long hours and the muscle strain. Birthing big ideas rarely happen without breaking a sweat, and never without a little push.
  • When you feel like you need a bit more cushion in your life, allow us to plump your pillows. Ask for a softer, kinder, more comfortable experience.
  • Sad that your babies are growing up so fast, every time you think about them leaving the nest and going out into the world your heart catches. Mothers are meant to teach their little ones to defy gravity, to fly even if it’s just over the barnyard fence.
  • Wanting to make your own mark, you decided to step out of the vinegar and food coloring tradition and mix it up. Giving credit where credit is due, inspired by others, you designed your own destiny. Manifesting happiness is a do-it-yourself endeavor.
  • A self-professed vegan, she loathed her weakness for bunny ears. Wearing the evidence of her basket raid, she wasn’t sure how to reclaim her good girl status. You are not being judged by anyone but yourself, and harshly we might add. Celebrate your good decisions, and your self-imposed angst will disappear as if by magic.
  • She knew she was made of the right stuff, regardless of what others read on her label.


  • Can you be well and truly happy? You bet your sweet life! Fill your heart with only the sweetest kindest moments.
  • Getting too squirmy to marinate on her metamorphosis, the tadpole couldn’t help but wonder when she’d become a full-fledged toad. In her mind, this transformation thing was taking way too long and all she wanted to do was get hopping. Everyone knows you have to crawl before you can vault.
  • A team player, you’ve been waiting for the ball to be hit to you. Surprise yourself and others by stepping up to the plate. When you do, you’ll throw yourself a changeup starting a whole new ballgame.
  • Filed under “Big duh” in your attic, you can’t believe you went there again. Once and for all, let your lesson be learned.
  • Spirits are like a fan blade, only slowing as a courtesy so you can see them.
  • Yes indeed, life is one sweet ride.
  • Here’s the scoop: your dream castle may not be built in a day, but it will be built. Keep the Technicolor dream alive and you allow it to come into the now.
  • Love is sidling up to you for a snuggle. Embrace it.
  • Your good deeds are like the blades of grass on the planet, too many to count. You are a gift.
  • Two hands are definitely better than one, even if the two belong to you, and especially when you’re hanging by a thread. Hang on, you’re almost through this hairy adventure and on to bigger, bolder, and higher climbs.
  • Attached but dreaming of one day flying solo, you can’t wait to spread your wings and have the freedom to soar. Alas, living “one foot in” is a happiness-stealing choice. Flaps and tail in or out, make a decision and give your spirit a genuine lift.
  • You are known for the fruit you bring to the table. Make it the sweetest.
  • If you’re meant to walk this leg of the journey, then we’ll walk by your side, but sometimes you are meant to be carried. Your spirit animal carries you through life, lending its strength, wisdom, and power when you need it, helping you get further than you can go on your own two feet.
  • Living her life like the tides, sweeping away the old and delivering the new, Sybil knew her life would unfold naturally.
  • Things a little turbulent lately, call back the gentle trades to caress your palms and only untroubled waters to find you.
  • Be open to the sacred medicine that surrounds you.
  • When you stand tall and make a conscious choice to fill your life with juice, you will be surrounded by pearls of wisdom—gifts from the universe to sweeten your experience.
  • A little intimidated, even if he took it slow and steady Bruce knew that he was a bit out of his element and climbing up less than friendly terrain. Stretch little one for your triumph is within reach.
  • Living in the Windy City, Mike was used to rolling with it and had perfected the art of the dodge. Dancing to and fro day in and day out, he was a towering beacon encouraging others to do the same. Leading by example, when a strong gust occasionally came, be nimble enough to hippy shake to the left and dip to the right to dodge its effects, and never ever let it drag you down.
  • The unicorns of this world are not to be looked as oddities, but as rarities for their willingness to stand out so that others might stay in the comfort of their shadows. Everyone is more of a unicorn than they realize, a rare treasure who will bring color to this world when they are ready.
  • Calling “ground control to Maj. Tom,” you step on the gas and hightail it knowing he’s waiting impatiently at the launch site. As you pull up to the morning crowd waiting to fly, he surprises you with a “you take it up son” announcement. You’ve paid your dues on the ground crew, and it’s time for you to ride the currents and see what others have seen firsthand. Let yourself be lifted.
  • The new crew coming in didn’t see each other’s stripes and differences. More enlightened, they had moved far beyond respecting each other’s differences; they didn’t even see them. Intuitively they knew that tall or small, and black, white or brown, they were one tribe and would have to put their heads together for they had bigger fish to fry like learning how to navigate their brave new world.
  • It’s going to be a banner week.
  • A firm believer in the Goldilocks principle, having tried one that was too tall and one too small, you now know you’ll recognize the “just right” fit.
  • Sherman had plunked down his dollar and taken aim, many times in fact, but never quite pierced the bulbous target. Still, he had no intention of giving up. Figuring another day, another dollar, he closed one eye like Popeye and let ‘er rip. Rewarded with a resounding pop and a giant purple panda, he left the carnival grinning from ear to ear. Never give up. It only takes one.
  • Your mission to gobble life with gusto, you stay singularly focused on the end game. Your path has been littered with light for the sole purpose of filling you with good, but then you already knew that because you’re one sharp cookie.
  • Knowing his gold might be another’s mica, Micah didn’t stop believing or seeking, nor should you. A seekers faith is always rewarded.
  • Always reach for the stars.
  • Grace is not flighty and attracting it is as simple as an ask. Having grace in your life is no small thing, and when it settles on your shoulders, you will know it by its featherlight touch to all aspects of your life.
  • Skeptical that others could actually follow orders, when he sneaked a peek he was pleasantly surprised to be holding a perfect pie, and one that wouldn’t land in his face. Trust others to deliver their very best and 99 times out of a 100 you’ll be happy with the results. Serve your ego a slice of humble pie.


  • No shrinking violet, she planted her feet ready to stand her ground but it turned out that her adamant stance wasn’t necessary for when the evolved world saw her poised for a fight, they as one surrounded her with love-infused rays of sunshine, knowing she would grow up instead of blow up. Keep calm and bloom on.
  • It may look tough, but this test of strength is only meant to reaffirm what you already know. Don’t let appearances weaken your resolve to step up and give it everything you’ve got. After the beads of sweat and the red-faced effort, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how it shakes out.
  • When you put in the first quarter and what life delivers isn’t quite as advertised, step back and take a look at your expectation. Is it an old idea that’s served its time? Only invest in things that serve you now, not in memories. Keep it fresh.
  • In case you’ve ever wondered, you’re surrounded by people and Fozzies who care. Warm fuzzies coming your way.
  • Never be too busy for love.
  • Every day you walk the bridge between yours and many other worlds naturally. It’s when you realize this potential that the magic really starts to happen.
  • Full steam ahead or full stop, you are the master of your destiny and only you can seize new opportunities when they come into view. Good looking out Watch Commander.
  • You are not living in a gigantic Whac-A-Mole game and, while it might feel like it at times, the universe does not use its mighty hammer to bop you every time you surface. Keep seeking the light and you’ll find it.
  • On the hunt, follow your nose and always be willing to go out on a limb to get what you want.
  • You are a tower of strength. You can take our word for it, or you can swing away proving to all within earshot that you’ve got what it takes. Either way, you are a force to be reckoned with, and more powerful than you know.
  • Trusting the expertise of the swing makers and with a heart open to changing her worldview, she knew she was in for the ride of her life. It’s time to leave terra firma to see things as yet undiscovered. You’ll never look at the world the same way again.
  • The perfectly stacked tower daring you to try, the huckster shouts “four tries for a buck” and you step right up. Setting your intention, your first throw nets a wobble, and your second ricochets with a ping. Like a bull in the field getting ready to charge the red cape, with a deep snort the third throw hits exactly right and the taunting stack topples. Your prize was not the giant plush panda that waited in the wings, but rather proof of your “intention” mettle. Zero in on your goal, set your intention, and shoot for the stars.
  • The elementals are asking that you be one with the elements. Be energized by the power of the planet, fed from the fount of ancient wisdom. Your fingertips will find the magic if you create a space to let them. Open your heart, your mind, and your spirit to the splendor.
  • Life is meant to keep you hopping for a purpose. Focus, determination, laughter, and joy, are just a few of the good things that come to those who play along.
  • Looking for a little extra cushion, you’re willing to buy into almost anything that touts more padding. All human beings want a blister-free experience but because you have stepped up, your comfort will be delivered shortly. Keep the faith.
  • Whether you drive a classic or a custom, the point is that you keep your hands on the wheel.
  • It’s always sweet when expectation meets experience.
  • Marching down the street, people can spot your aura a mile away. Vivacious, hilarious, and full of life, you remind everyone that feeling one’s oats is a good thing and should be a full-time gig.
  • Butter your kernels with love.
  • Whether you see life as a benevolent or a sinister plot, there is no question that it is about to thicken. Control you, and let all else go the way of the wind.
  • The world is indeed a magical mystical place to be celebrated, but you are the most magical of all for you have the power to be a beacon of light, telegraphing your joy in a universal language understood by all. We celebrate you and your effervescent light.
  • Sometimes a career has to be put on hold for a cat nap. Now it’s all about priorities—consider yourself a priority.
  • Your thirst for knowledge is being quenched. Clarity in all forms comes to you now.
  • Raised on apple juice-filled Tupperware sippy cups and Fisher-Price farms, Rose knew she had been nurtured from the ground up. Love had taught her that it isn’t a matter of finding yourself but of being yourself and living every day in your exquisite truth.
  • Your capabilities are breathtaking in their scope and grandeur, as every day your toes touch your potential. Living a conscious life will reward you with the mysteries of the universe revealed. Reach for mind-blowing expansion.
  • Looking for catharsis, you’re willing to dive deep. To cleanse the past, to purge pent-up emotions and symptoms, this is your new mantra: “go to core source, release the energy.” Simple, and no dunk tank gear required.
  • Once just a palette of dreamy colors living in your imagination, what you’ve created is a stroke of genius. You’ve breathed life into what was once still. Your life is a work of art.
  • The “around the world in 80 days” seeds planted when you were just a child, your old bones feel shiny and new every time you imagine flying into the wild blue yonder. Your soul is craving a great escape. Galaxy-hopping is on your horizon. Go race the clouds.
  • Going after the big fish this time, Herbert set his sights and made a mad dash. Blue-sky thinking will win the day. Go for it little one.
  • Like Medusa, you have the power to melt hearts or turn them to stone. Wield your influence gently.
  • At the end of the day, flying by the seat of your pants is a good thing.


  • Thinking if she poked her nose deeper into the corn flakes box she’d find a secret decoder ring and finally be able to understand the secrets of the universe, but all she got was a Scooby snack and a scolding from mom for her trouble. Messages are not written in invisible ink, nor do they need a special cipher. All have the power to see once they open their eyes, especially their third eye.
  • Finding a soulmate is as easy as riding a bike. They’re all around you.
  • Joy unfolds when you least expect it.
  • It’s time to spin your dreams into reality. Open your heart to receiving.
  • Rooted in gratitude, your energy delivers unto the world a big beautiful bouquet of good.
  • Stonewashed literally, you’ve ripped apart and rebuilt, becoming a completely different version of yourself too many times to count. Reinvention is the mother of evolution and embellishes every aspect of your life.
  • It may not happen today or tomorrow, but dreams held nearest and dearest to your heart will always reveal themselves.
  • Knowing that you’re at the peak of your perfection, you plant a few straws and hope to be picked. While it’s true that it’s sweet to share, there is one who deserves your undivided attention.
  • Tony looked for all the world like a tough guy, but earth angels always wear their heart on their sleeve. Easily recognized by their good deeds, compassion, kindness and generosity of spirit, be tender with those with tender hearts.
  • On a mission to ignite your soul, your soul smiles knowing it gave you “this way to the beach” directions in the first place. The tides will always inspire you to ride the highest crest and lead you to really swell days.
  • Stretched but holding it all together, we want to see your taillights. Defy the stereotype and move a little faster out of this situation.
  • Stuck in your strawberry rut, you’re being offered a taste of something new and untried as a reminder that unpredictable can be fun and it’s okay for life to get messy. Embrace the deliciously gooey adventure.
  • Your life has been seeded with an infinite rainbow of possibilities, the potential crafted by you for you. You are the creator of your destiny and with every thought, action and deed string together your perfect life.
  • Walter, a waterman his whole life, knew every tide, rock and swell. A guest on the mighty ocean’s back, he was grateful for her wild and untamed ways and taught others to respect and protect her too. You are all an emissary of and for the Earth.
  • You may be vintage, but you are meant to continually stretch and grow. You are expandable beyond measure.
  • Testing the limits of what was yesterday just a pipe dream, your fearless spirit will magnify the adventure, taking you to unexpected new heights and monumental outcomes. You have a brilliant grip on reality.
  • It’s time for a powwow. Your ancestors and otherworldly shamans will meet you in your peaceful place to share sacred wisdom for the next leg of your journey. Download the divine.
  • 50s fins and angel wings your style, you know you are lifted in every way imaginable. You’ve given yourself a leg up and nothing is beyond your reach.
  • Don’t be discouraged when a dream falls flat, for on its heels will come another that is bigger, bolder, brighter and will serve you better.
  • Always prepared for the worst, Margo’s bomb shelter mentality painted an “adversity stop here” target on her back more effectively than if she were wearing a fluorescent neon bullseye. Like attracts like and what you fret about is what you pull toward you. Rather than dwelling in disaster, repel negativity by choosing higher, happier, more empowering thought. Laughter will launch you into a stratospherically good space.
  • All your life playing hide-and-seek with the universe, having connected the dots it’s all you can do to stay grounded. Ancient wisdom revealing itself and shouting “olly olly oxen free,” you now see the world through the eyes of a child; what was once imaginary is real, invisible is seen.
  • Can you feel the tug? Cooped up all day, your joy wants to be unleashed. Give yourself license to run, jump, play, and roll around on the grass. When you elevate your energy, you shine light on the whole world. Let loose.
  • Come what may, the Three Musketeers had each other’s backs every day and every step of the way. A good friend is one of the greatest gifts you can give and receive.
  • When we say “in your cups,” we do not mean sloshed, but spirit-filled. Drink your fill.
  • Parked and waiting for a sign, consider this your “green means go” buzzer. Your time of idling is over. Put the pedal to the metal and take your idea for a spin.
  • Graduating from Old McDonald’s Farm to The Partridge Family, then cool plaid paper bag to Tupperware, and now Yeti, just as the thing that carries your PB&J has evolved, so too has the thing that carries your soul. Cherish your ever-evolving mind and body for they house the sacred, your spirit.
  • We can detangle even the scruffiest of situations.
  • Take a bite for sandwiched between challenge and dream is the cream.
  • Intuition and joy exponentially grow when you follow your nose.
  • A good day is when you work up a sweat, giggle with a friend, and race toward a goal. Have a good day.


  • The universe wants to shower you with chicken skin moments. Grab your shower cap say yes.
  • Sometimes there are forces at work beyond your control and when you get swept up in the melee, the wisest choice is to roll with it.
  • Some days you just gotta roar.
  • Full of pride, we think you’re just dandy.
  • Lily had found her rhythm and was bouncing along just fine one minute, thrown for a loop the next. It may not be what you expected but comfort zones rarely allow you to fly sky high.
  • Feeling buried lately, rather than fight the daily grind, Socks decided to turn his frown upside down and embrace it. The sun can only shine on your shoulders if you let it.
  • Ungainly, like she was balancing on toothpicks, the mermaid felt out of her element, but she knew that only if she stepped into the unknown would her life be stamped in adventure.
  • Your spirit’s currency is hope, your soul’s currency is certitude.
  • Notice the world around you, the bird’s eye big picture view that shows you there’s light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Horse-drawn carriages once all the rage, as an early adopter of the combustion engine and a change-minded woman, Henrietta marveled at the 16mph speed and the lack of manure. Boldly exercise your intellectual and heart-centered horsepower.
  • Henry loved nothing more than his walks with dad, especially when he mixed it up and turned an untried corner, filling Henry’s senses with new sights, sounds, and smells. Mix it up and turn a corner.
  • Like an a cappella group whose harmonies are perfectly in sync, you make beautiful music together.
  • It seems everyone has an idea to float these days, and that’s a good thing. Changemakers and innovators in your bunch, don’t be surprised when others approach you to float their idea. Pay attention for there are several that are more than hot air, great concepts that given a chance will quickly rise to the top.
  • Your childhood dreams rest safely on the sandy shoals of your subconscious, but they are easily lifted to the light when you need a smile or shoulder massage of your psyche.
  • Nature is asking you to pull over and park it; take a respite from the noise and let the earth restore your shine. Open to the good vibes and the glorious day.
  • You are expanding your balloon, shaking it up like Jiffy Pop on a hot stove. You never fail to amaze.
  • When you want to improve efficiencies, look at parents. Parents are the original efficiency experts.
  • Told they’d live happily ever after, they believed every word and worked to make it so. Love that you both sow, so shall you reap.
  • A conduit to things only she could see, she assumed she was alone to walk the talk. In reality, all are born a lightning rod for all that is good in the universe and are raising the consciousness of the whole by allowing sacred knowledge to seep into their vibration.
  • Coated in good, you shine from the inside out.
  • A regular Doctor Doolittle is a misnomer for your affinity for all creatures great and small, whether fin, fur or feather, tells the world that your true nature is an animal keeper, a sacred soul assignment. Animals are here to comfort, soften and serve. You are here to comfort, soften and serve animals.
  • Lifting the world is easier than you think. It’s what you think and how you think it that does the heavy lifting.
  • You’ve been circling around an idea for a long time and now you’re ready to take it to the sharks and hope they bite. Develop your brainchild’s hook, and ask that only angel investors be allowed to swim in your sea.
  • In life only you can decide your perfect fit.
  • Not believing what she was hearing, Ariel said peace out, intuition telling her that her next stop would be something she could immerse herself in, a place to be powerful. When you follow your truth you set yourself up to slay it.
  • Extreme peace can only be found when you’re happy with who you are and where you find yourself right now in this moment.
  • Mucking around with mates is always a good time, but sometimes a girl needs the mud all to herself. Take yourself out of the mix and belly flop into the zone.
  • Built in a way that made him sensitive to others, Herschel was not keen on extending himself, preferring instead the quiet of his shell and his own company. Occasionally he would take a risk and poke his head out into the world to see what was new, but invariably found it too bright and too loud for his comfort. You were never meant to live a solitary existence for that limits your potential for expansion. For the sake of your spirit, extend yourself.
  • Once majestic swirls and astonishing beauty, your spirit was formed in the strata. So much more than biochemical reaction, once your god spark was ignited, you became multi-dimensional sentient beings so when you wonder whether you’re capable, beautiful, and powerful, remember your origins.
  • Not seeing hide nor hair of anything interesting lately, take a walk on the wild side and change your perspective.
  • Even when you feel like you’re not focusing on us, we are focusing on you. We’re bringing opportunities and stepping you toward all that you can be even when you’re dog tired and dreaming about yesterday’s chewy bone.


  • At the risk of sounding redundant, rise and shine to follow your truth, your happiness, and your bliss.
  • Always go to the source to drink your fill.
  • Living proof that life is not all clean waves and easy curls, having the constitution of an ox you never bail, never let anything wash you out. You are an epic example of living life heroically.
  • You are loved deeply, profoundly, cosmically, unconditionally, and we only want your highest, happiest, most abundant and joyful soul realized.
  • Post picnic season, the scuttlebutt is that the table holds infinite promise. Looking up and wishing you would’ve taken that stair climber class last Wednesday, you snap on your Fitbit and start the climb, surprised to find you were built to scale tall buildings, if not in a single heroic bound, in a lot of easy-to-achieve steps. You only reap the rewards if you make the climb.
  • Regardless of which way the wind blows, you’ve got this.
  • Humbled and feeling insignificant amid such grandeur, remember you are not a speck sitting on the surface but a soul contributing to the beauty of the whole.
  • A leopard may not change its spots but you’re not a leopard. Meant to evolve, you’re about to go through a glorious luminescent change.
  • Sunshine on your shoulders, laughter in the air, a gentle caress, and a proffered snack, it is the simple things that make you the happiest. The luckiest pups recognize their happily ever after.
  • Scoring two tickets to ride, you eagerly offer them to the universe as proof of your readiness, trusting that when you get to the front of the line the wise ticket taker will perfectly pair you up. You may have to stand on the sidelines while a couple couples go ahead, but then it will be your turn to embark on an adventure to soar with a soulmate. You’ll make beautiful music together, even when you scream in tandem.
  • Tuckered after a day in the sun with your grandson, Dennis the Menace, now that he’s back with his parents you find yourself inspired to finish what he started—to play with a purpose. You’re never too old or too pooped to build a dream.
  • Life is a convergence of all that ever was and all that ever will be. There may be days when it feels like you walk this earth alone, but now with crystal clear clarity, you see you were always surrounded by support. You are never truly stranded, nor your island ever deserted. You are and always will be enveloped in the divine.
  • Communing with her pride and joy, Daisy took no credit in feeding and watering the soil, for she knew that the glory belonged to the seeds themselves who courageously sought their highest daily.
  • Lead, and there are a boatload of those who will happily follow in your wake.
  • Never be afraid to wade into unfamiliar waters for we are guiding you every step of the way.
  • May your seriousness be replaced with nutty adventures, your rocky roads reshaped into soft marshmallow mounds, and above all, may your days be supremely sweet.
  • The beach boys would gather once a year for a reunion, remembering their heyday spent riding and ruling the waves. Now, other than their hair gray or gone, not much had changed for they still had a fire in their belly for the experience, attacking life with a fervor regardless of the hazards that might await on the flip side.
  • Sometimes getting a sinking feeling is just a gentle reminder to spend a minute to let the message sink in. Listen to your intuition.
  • Your rays of sunshine sprinkle all with love, laughter, and light. Keep the blessings flowing.
  • You can only be thrown if you let yourself be.
  • Not everyone need risk life or limb to find happiness but when you do, let the joyful reward live in the neighborhood of a once-in-a-lifetime experience, at least until the next once-in-a-lifetime experience is had.
  • They would never have had the experience if you were not brave enough to let them; your ears wouldn’t be filled with recounted tales of memory-making adventures—up all night spooky stories, goofy campfire skits, and canoeing across the lake. Give yourself what you gave them, for adventure always excites the spirit.
  • Your vision is tall and true but whether you decide to pursue it is up to you.
  • Reaching for the moon Monday through Friday, when the weekend came around he had a hard time cooling his jets. Even stratosphere seekers need to come back down to earth from time to time to park themselves on terra firma.
  • To the casual observer your petals are enticingly exotic, but we know your truth—you are redolent with fragrant potential, like an onion whose layers must be removed to reveal the nectar of your heart.
  • History has taught a most valuable lesson. Never listen to those who chant can’t.
  • People watching Max’s favorite past time, his ears perked up and he put on his biggest smile when anyone stopped to chat. He knew fearful souls kept walking and souls with a kind word stopped to say hello. Stay alert for the good and it will come to you in droves.
  • You have made many wishes in your lifetime, some even asking for star power, but it is those from the heart that will give you your biggest bang. Exhale, for it is written in the stars that your wish will come true.
  • Second, third, and fourth thoughts running through your mind, your life passes before your eyes and you wonder at the wisdom of saying yes to this crazy adventure. It is only because you stepped up and in that you could soar and remember you never fly solo—we’re always by your side ready to pull your chute.
  • He’d do anything for you, and the proof is in the sandy pudding. Remember you’ve got the goods to return his love in kind.
  • Like a bolt of blue from the heavens, you realize only you have the power to flip the script. Epiphanies r us.


  • What may sound like a tall tale is actually wisdom for your benefit. Listen to your animal guides, for their aspects appear for a purpose, and will fill you to the gills with good.
  • Some would say they were as different as night and day but dreamers Sarah and Emma knew the truth, that if they put their heads together and wiggled their nose there was nothing under the sun they couldn’t accomplish. Make your vision a reality.
  • Hunter, a sun worshiper through and through, thought every vitamin could be gotten at sea, not just the infamous Vitamin D. Soak up the healthy rays of your happy place.
  • Having practiced in bathtubs and ponds, you are ready to make a splash in the big leagues.
  • Just as you look to Spirit for guidance, there is someone looking to you for the same. Like a sword swallower, he will gulp up your words whether they be nurturing or sharp-edged, so let your advice be coated with kindness, especially when it will be a difficult pill to swallow.
  • Protecting your domain, we know that your “no outsiders allowed” bark is much worse than your bite, but you might tone it down so that others will come and park on your pier. Having the lion’s share is grace, sharing it a blessing.
  • Find a way to open yourself up and you’ll bless yourself with a truly connected relationship with someone who always has your back.
  • Life is meant to be an immersive experience.
  • While it may be true that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink, the same is not true for you. You are being led to a watering hole that will cool your spirit and fill all the thirsty spots in your soul.
  • What is easy for you seems all but impossible to others. Outside looking in, they are fascinated by the arc that your life has taken and how you fly through the air with the greatest of ease. Someone once showed you the ropes, and now it’s time to extend the same courtesy.
  • Until now you’ve been winging it, barely skimming the surface. There is so much more for you to discover and do. Dig a little deeper to discover your destiny.
  • Skeptical when you hear your gifts were picked especially for you, yours is not a life that will be inconspicuous and allow you to follow the crowd, nor is it beyond your reach.
  • It may feel like your life is still but you are forever inching toward the light, and your journey inspires others to seek and live their highest and most brilliant potential.
  • It is always exciting to be on the receiving end, knowing something good will momentarily be tossed your way. Catch!
  • Hoping to catch a glimpse of your fate, your fate is fluid and ever-changing. Even when you bring one aspect to light, it is enterprisingly nimble and likes to refresh itself, continually shifting and reshaping in its cup. A shapeshifter yourself, you can appreciate its elusive nature and in fact, you decreed it be so.
  • Growing more daring every year, you want to climb to the highest heights, spread your wings and fly intuitively knowing that is where your nirvana will lie. You achieve your highest happiness when you escape the confines of your comfort zone.
  • When you’ve been staring at a problem and can’t see a solution, it is always helpful to have another set of eyes, especially if those eyes belong to a kindred spirit who will generously and gently share a different perspective.
  • You are a medicine bowl of godly goodness and from the first taste to the last you serve up empowering and motivational soul food; pearls of health, shavings of happiness and chunks of love.
  • What you see as unresolved we see as not yet revealed.
  • To say that life is a journey is an understatement. Your roads are countless and with every step you take, you experience limitlessness in its truest form. There will be kind grey hounds along the way who encourage you to leave the driving to them, but remember you are the driver of your destiny. Today, make a decision based on your hoped-for horizon.
  • A magician of seed and soil, your special brand of TLC can make anything bloom.
  • Squeezing the last bit of summer out of September, you know that no summer is truly endless and you’ll soon be pulling sweaters out of storage and warming your hands with cups of hot cocoa. Change in the air, but it is not the change without but the change within that you will really notice this season. Let your heart swell with gratitude for all that has effortlessly floated your way these last few months.
  • When there is peace in your purpose you will be lifted by light for no intention is higher.
  • Never be afraid to bite off more than you can chew, but only if you can smile with your mouth full.
  • Think of the universe as a giant wishing well where hopes are heard and empowered to reveal themselves. Wishes made co-mingle with the stars, creating ripples throughout your life until such time as they decide to show up on your doorstep like a lucky penny.
  • Self-sufficient in every way that mattered, Jess never wanted to become a squeaky wheel. If she ever found herself in a bit of a bind, she would go to her toolbox to fix it. You’ve got the skills to ride this thing out, but this time allow others to hand you the tools.
  • Taken aback at the suggestion that he step up and do more, Walter knew he had a choice. He could get barking mad at the implication that he needed to step up his game or he could take a deep breath and consider the request. He chose to be fully present and juggle his priorities, and in appreciation was rewarded with a getaway for two to his favorite kelp-laden beach.
  • Today, let your tails wag.
  • Some days he felt cocooned in a celestial blanket of knowledge, others as if he were witnessing a vast and ever-shifting cosmic conversation of which he was meant to have no part. All creatures look to the stars to understand their place in this world and as is true for all who seek, epiphanies appear seemingly out of the blue. A new truth will dawn on you today.
  • Only when you stand in solitude do you truly test your mettle.


  • Singularly focused, a one-track mind your strong suit, it’s time make a switch. Our intent is not to derail you but to slow you only long enough to look up and see your options. You purchased a one-way ticket, but there’s more than one way to get to your destination. An easier way.
  • One too many all-you-can-eat buffets under your belt, you’re wearing a little extra padding these days but not to worry for you can walk it off, both the worry and the weight. Grab a partner and start puffing.
  • Brimming with good ideas, Esme could feel her creative juices bubbling. How soon they would surface or what form they would take she did not know, but history had taught her not to sweat the small stuff. She would stay open to all possibilities, be they pen, paint or pearl, and let the light lead the way.
  • Thirsty for more of what’s gone before, lately it seems your inspiration well is as dry as a bone. Experiencing a dry spell, your first thought is you’ve gone to the well one too many times but in truth, the fount is ever flowing and the on/off valve resides within you. When you want your puddle to again be a pond, open the floodgates with purposeful persistence.
  • You can feel it, you’re standing on the threshold of a new beginning. Uncertain whether it will be a gangplank or a lookout situation, you nonetheless hoist your gear prepared to make like a mountain goat and climb. Scale the mount to see your big picture, live your higher purpose.
  • Believing imperfection is in the eye of the beholder, Merlin had long ago learned to remove his critical eye for he knew that only then could he see the beauty in himself and others. Notice the shift when you look through the lens of love.
  • Walking around with a cloud of doom over your head, your ancestors are putting their forehead to yours and asking that you seek peace. When you sit in your truth, you’ll see that you are all of the same tribe and your heart beats as one.
  • Ready to be a contender, you take the stance of tough girl poised to take on the world. Skills solid as a rock, you will knock their socks off.
  • Trying to follow in her footsteps, you squawk at her to slow down and she just picks up the pace. While you may wish she wasn’t always running like a chicken, her job is to lead by example so one day you will have the skills to fly the coop.
  • Walking the path of sacred wisdom and soul medicine, with every step you take you glean a deeper understanding that when you heal one you heal all.
  • It’s not that your head is not in the game. You need not spend thousands of dollars on courses and counselors to point you toward your truth; you will find a way to balance your priorities and live your highest happiness with your own two hands.
  • The walls of your cubicle closing in on you, you’re grateful when a hand gently leads you to greener pastures. Trust that you’re being led to a place where your soul will frolic; a place of unbridled joy where you can sow some wild and free oats. Leave the barn for the ride of your life.
  • The fact is you are not a tourist; not a bystander but a participant, a conscious creator of everything you want to see, of everything you want your life to be. Let your intuition be your guide.
  • Your higher self is asking you to strip away the existentials for a moment and remember your true nature, divinity.
  • Humming with energy, the earth will whisper her secrets if you should but stop and listen. With your feet in her soil and surrounded by her beauty, know that you are a beloved part of her ecosystem and held in her loving embrace.
  • There are signs everywhere that your totem animals exist and are here to light up your world. Their intention is to seed your soul so you soar rather than settle on your perch.
  • A million things on your mind, it’s easy to feel clogged. Yes, you are meant to move mountains but only with one reasoned baby step at a time, so sit back and relax knowing you are supported and all will happen in divine time. Concentrate on the “what” and let the “when” take care of itself.
  • Feeling a bit flat today, do something that will get you pumped.
  • When you’re carving out your destiny, it’s okay to step up to the challenge and make an unconventional choice.
  • This, his favorite time of year, Pepper was excited to get into the spirit with his beloved Mrs. Watkins for not only would he be doted on by adoring hands, but others would get to see for themselves that there really were such things as good witches.
  • Entertaining the folks with his “hang by his fingernails” performance, Seth knew he was never really in jeopardy. He loved leaving the crowd on the edge of its seat as, amid ooh’s and gasps, he dropped to the hay bale below and rolled to his feet. Despite appearances, you will always land on your feet.
  • In the excitement this morning, you told them they could each pick their own and Baby Braden was the first to grab hold of his colossal choice. Trying to heroically heft his punky into the wagon, he quickly discovered his dream wouldn’t budge. Whether it be a coverall-wearing farmer or family, let others help you make your dream come true.
  • Even the stodgiest of folk know not to take themselves too seriously. Instead of being a stiff, let laughter be what remains in your wake.
  • Never be afraid to open up a can of worms, unless it might leave a sour taste in someone’s mouth.
  • Spending the day communing with nature, you feel one with the universe. You now know that although you may look different on the outside, in truth you are all related.
  • Inseparable, you give a whole new meaning to the term kindred spirits and it’s a “boo”tiful sight.
  • Another sweet day under her belt, Sarah glances in her rearview mirror and smiles when she sees her child’s sleeping form. Mentally scrapbooking the day, Sarah realizes a happy life is but a collection of precious moments exactly like these. Take notice of the moments that matter for they will nurture you during the moments that don’t.
  • Having told each other spooky stories all week, the girls were excited to take on the neighborhood and the ghoulish tricksters who might pop out from a bush at any minute. Empowered by their besties, the girls marched toward their destiny knowing that come what may they were braver and stronger together, and the very best adventures happened when friends were by your side.
  • Dan, always happy to raise spirits, thought everyone could use a lift from time to time and settled in to share his loot. With every act of generosity, you reveal the bare-bones of who you are and inspire others to do the same. Seat yourself next to good.
  • Frankly frazzled, last week your heart was in it to win it but now, with the clock ticking, you realize your plan to dress for success is full of holes. Having to patch a porch sitter together last minute, you discover that “make it work” moments can bring to light the biggest smiles.
  • Wise beyond their years, they knew they had to knock before they could receive. Opportunity is just waiting for you to knock. Go forth and fill your bucket with good.


  • Only the silliest of geese believe everything they hear. Instead of listening only to your flock’s familiar honking, spread your wings and it will open your eyes.
  • Not one to rob Peter to pay Paul, Robert knew he and his merry team had given their all to launch the project and there was nothing left to do but trust that angel investor funds would flow. Kick back and enjoy the fruit of your labor, even if that fruit is fermented.
  • When you let yourself be loved, you can stand a little bit closer to the edge.
  • Needing a good cleanse, Maggie knew it would be a DIY affair and this time instead of rituals and fasts, she was going to freestyle it. Before you step in the shower set your intention that all negative energy be washed away so all that remains is vitality and joy. You will feel pounds lighter, not remembering the last time you felt so good.
  • If lately your selfie smile is hard to find, adjust your aperture settings to allow more light.
  • Hearing “my, what big ears you have” never bothered Sadie one bit. Sure, her nose could follow a scent for miles, but it was her ears that she was most proud of. The better to promptly pounce, she kept them open to catch whatever wisdom the universe whispered. The size of your flaps are unimportant; your willingness to listen is very.
  • Never be afraid to go out on a limb for a friend.
  • If words were a color, optimism would be gold.
  • Today and every day may you be blessed by beautiful spirits.
  • For the spirit to soar, you must choose peace over conflict.
  • Live every day as if it were a miracle and it will be.
  • A leaf, born in the spring, sprouts and unfurls until summer’s bright light opens it to its full potential. Only when faced with its final fall is its foliage at its most resplendent and triumphant for it knows that, after a brief stint as nurturing compost, it will again be reborn come spring. Your life and death may not be dictated by the seasons, but your soul’s journey is much the same.
  • For those of you who like to throw everything but the kitchen sink in with your greens, may we suggest you include gratitude for your wisdom into the mix.
  • The world is wondrous to the naked eye but to experience an unlimited life filled with awe, live by intuition rather than logic and watch how the impossible becomes anything but.
  • Crock-pots elbowing their way on the counter to give comfort with soups and stews, felines lending the warmth of their fur and their heartwarming purr, and blankets devoted to swaddling with love—fall is a feeling of home.
  • Sift through sepia-toned family memories and you’ll be dusted with love in the process.
  • The notion of “too many cooks in the kitchen” need never apply to you two. Your harmony is soul-stirring.
  • Harold, not your typical tree topper, took it upon himself to herald in the holiday season. Thinking a star is born, he perched and not even the “shooing” Christmas tree farmhand could ruffle his feathers when he set his mind to something. Plus, he reasoned, roosting was always better than roasting.
  • Putting pressure on yourself to create tabletop perfection, you adjust this spoon and that garnish. Presentation is not everything—it is but one small piece of your guest’s cherry delight pie.
  • Just when he thought he could bear it no more, little by little mounds of joy were scraped to his plate until he had a feast fit for a king. Even when it seems like an eternity, never doubt that your plate will be filled.
  • It wasn’t crunchy wishbones and giant scoops of whipped cream on her pumpkin pie that made the day great; for her being scooped up and squeezed by her grandfather was what Thanksgiving was about. Give and receive plenty of squeezes this holiday.
  • Having saved the best for last, your mouth starts to water in anticipation as you pick up the fork because your intuition tells you that you’re about to taste sugar, spice, and everything nice.
  • Loving their new pop-up digs, Paddy and Pip thought that being in the doghouse wasn’t so bad after all. Not in any hurry to test their survival skills, they would watch and wait for Milk-bones to be delivered to their doorstep. Stop chasing your tail and let the universe bring the good to you.
  • Em knew that if not perfectly aligned, she was pretty darn close. And she would be right. Your universe is coming together perfectly.
  • Alive to the rhythms of the natural world, you feel the winding down of one season and the impending arrival of another. A spiritual connection to autumn, you rejoice knowing a whole new kind of blessing is on its way.
  • Spirit is devoted to supporting and shaping the hearts and minds of its pupils so they too will one day be as wise as Solomon.
  • To embrace uncertainty, have the courage to explore it.
  • One man’s fashion statement is another man’s Goodwill grab bag. The clothes do not make a man, his heart does.
  • Whether it was the moon or Mercury retrograde, Amelia thought it was bringing out the best and worst in people and decided to take a pass. You’ll miss the light if you choose to stay in the dark. Never let anyone steal your light, and that includes you.
  • Riley, with her “no worries” attitude, was proof that being distressed was just fine for jeans but had no place in a peaceful existence. Rather than being all torn up, lead the life of Riley.


  • Jingle thought he had the best job in the world—to ring in the holiday season—so, with a larger-than-life smile and a determination to fulfill his life purpose, he walked from house to house giving each doorbell their due. Your best self happens when you put love into your purpose.
  • Knowing nothing would smell quite so wonderful or be so beautiful, this year you decide to DIY it. Aspirations on a grand scale with every column, mantle, and threshold bedecked, you begin to lay out your plan. Never be afraid to branch out.
  • Sometimes the simplest statement is the most profound.
  • True, you have a lot of balls in the air this season but ‘tis only because you put them there. It may get hairy but when you wrangle them into some semblance of order and stand back, you will be amazed at the pattern of perfection that emerges.
  • Love yourself as much as you love Christmas.
  • Never burst your inner child’s Christmas bubble.
  • Santa, the foremost expert on gift-giving, knew that the greatest gift you could give was love, even when it came wrapped in the form of self-love. This is a reminder that indulgences don’t have to be rare. Gift yourself a few quiet moments of 3D comfort and joy.
  • The world needs your special brand of nurturing. Don your mittens, scarf, and smile and let’s do this.
  • Being lifted up onto Santa’s sturdy red velvet knee, you think “first things first” and tug on his big white beard to confirm he’s the real deal. Whether he belongs to the North Pole’s Hair Club for Men or his Santa helper’s beard is held by a telltale elastic band, your wish will be heard, noted, and duly fulfilled.
  • Even if you get unexpectedly dumped on, nothing can dim your shine.
  • Like all newbies initially benched by the big man, Peewee had been told to watch and learn. Anxious to show what he had picked up along the way, when the senior elf gave him the nod, he bolted toward the workshop, heart hammering in his chest, gleeful to be the newest of the jolly mob. You have been warming the bench long enough. Consider this your coach’s whistle.
  • Remember, you are hardwired to receive.
  • Stepping into the mold of their favorite wish-granting celebs, Sam and Rudy were ready to hit the streets and spread some cheer again this year. There are no leash laws on happiness, whether giving or receiving.
  • Junior, not wanting to disappoint dad’s fans, checked his list twice, scanning the names for the nice. Only when he was sure that he would crush it did he pop over to satisfy his sweet tooth with Candy Crush. Nice is its own reward, but other goodies are coming to town too.
  • Capturing all that is merry and bright, you make Christmas magical for all. ‘Tis the season to delight, enchant and gladden.
  • Lest you forget, we are always offering little reminders of your divinity.
  • The year sugared with twists and turns, you now see a symmetry and divine purpose to all that has come before. When your nose is pressed to the candy case, fiercely concentrating on the desire of the day, it’s hard to see the big picture—that it’s a lot of sweet and all good.
  • Appreciate those rare peaceful moments when all is calm and all is bright. This is your beautiful truth. Everything else is just noise.
  • Puppy kisses are nutrients for the soul.
  • Not one to just go through the motions, after a day of shopping your dogs are really barking but you know that even though some of your presents might be made in China, the act of giving them is made with love.
  • Having been told he might get a lump of coal, Wyatt was determined to check his “naughty or nice” status nightly. He figured as long as the stockings were hung he had a barometer, a hint as to what he might or might not receive, but he kept the faith that one morning he’d find his knitted pouch magically filled with something other than pitch-black soot. Always reach for nice.
  • Freshly minted, the spirited troop was more than ready to deliver the goods. Made with an extra dash of cheer this year, the universal symbols of sweetness hopped on the plate to join the gathering of goodies soon to be exchanged. Putting your best face forward is always a wonderful and worthy gift.
  • Devoted to keeping the Christmas traditions alive, you give your family and friends sweet marshmallow morsels from the heart, filling them with love and laughter which will carry them throughout the year. It would be easier to hang it up, but you keep the wonder simmering on the stove like hot cocoa, always warm and ready to serve.
  • A shock jock in his past life, he thought he’d seen it all but his family took the cake for wild and crazy. Maybe it was his new form’s tender sensibilities, but he didn’t quite know what to make of all the jingles and jangles. He did know though that he’d gifted himself with a lifelong present and a fun ride when he’d chosen this family of nuts whose exuberance for the season was matched only by the sleigh-driving big guy.
  • Wondering if it would be a white Christmas, Benji bypassed the stuffed stockings and ran straight to the window, pressing his nose against the glass to check the forecast. At the first sight of powder on the porch, he started barking excitedly, telling all who were within earshot that he had gotten his Christmas wish and needed to go outside, NOW! For Benji, chasing the fluffy flakes was pure, unadulterated joy and the best present anyone could ever ask for. May your day be irresistibly fun and filled with wonder.
  • Needing an XL instead of a Large, Vernon headed to the store to return the gift that wasn’t quite a perfect fit.  He had tried to squeeze into it and make it work but, not one for snow jobs, had finally conceded that the Christmas cookies had taken their toll on his waistline. All your exchanges will be smooth this week.
  • You’re being called to a higher purpose. The wisest course is always to stop and take the call.
  • In your element and happy, the only thing that would make it more wonderful is someone to share it with. Scoot over and get ready to share your world.
  • It’s only natural to wonder what’s around the bend in the new year, and whether you are still on your highest, healthiest, happiest path. If you listen to your intuition, your internal navigation system, you will always take the high road and your detours will be few.
  • You cannot outrun the past, so rather than let it become a bogeyman nipping at your heels, turn around and face it head-on. Now, before another year passes, with gratitude and love, finish your business with the past and then be on your merry way. Mush!
  • “To the moon, Alice” your favorite meme, bubbly and in high spirits, this year you intend to take it literally. Fueled and ready to jet, the countdown to a confetti explosion on, you can’t wait to get the party started for you know that tonight launches a year-long adventure of astronomic proportions which will go down in the annals as one of your best.









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