• Glory in the dawn of a new day and lift your mind, body and spirit. Soak up the splendor of simply being alive.
  • The mountain a polka dot of people practicing their skill, Haley wondered what she could add that hadn’t been seen before. Even if the trail is already blazed, when your extraordinary soul expresses itself, you bless those who have been waiting in the wings to resonate especially with you.
  • Your body having decided to make a comeback, you figure “in for a penny, in for a pound” and cooperate with a no sugar binge. It’s time for a walkabout to rediscover your truth.
  • One person against the world, you wonder which will break first, you or the brick wall. The wall will be forgiving when you are.
  • All master builders know that “blow your mind” destinies are assembled one brick at a time.
  • Whether you’re flirting with the idea of being the next F. Scott, Faulkner, Cassatt or Kahlo, it’s time to get serious about your art.
  • Hearing only static, you know it’s time to make an adjustment. Ask your angels that your frequency be lifted in all directions of time for a gentle boost. Tune in and up.
  • There are no monsters under the bed except those that you put there—worry warts and those ever troublesome blues playing trolls. Shine the light on your fear and see for yourself. Dust bunnies, now that’s a different story. Allow only happy endings.
  • Flushed and up to your elbows in pigment and parchment, we love it when you color yourself happy.
  • His nose in everyone else’s business but his own, Mr. Buttinski considered himself a good old soul, who just happened to know his way was the right way. Leaning left, right, or swinging upside down and sporting a rainbow Mohawk for your effort, it’s time to realize that you’re all divine, and ruffling feathers only serves those who get paid to do it.
  • Having spent the last few years floating from this, that and the other, you feel banged, bruised and all washed up. Rather than parking your pine nuts in this rough patch, recharge your batteries, refocus your intention, and then fearlessly wade back in.
  • The Cohen cones sat ready and willing to serve, but nobody would take the bait. The hot ticket a few short months ago, they hoped their mojo was just on winter break. Sharing the limelight, you’ve graciously stepped aside for the moment so others can serve and be served.
  • Feeling nothing but love, you don’t mind being a cliché. He really is your best friend.
  • Sometimes feeling like your cup is half empty, other times like your cup is half full, there’s wisdom in offering your empties to the universe. We’re always happy to pour you more. Ask and receive a “refill please.”
  • Their mittens long ago lost, your brothers prefer to stay inside where it’s warm, their Xbox playing paws and twitching tails the only thing moving on the couch. A fire in your belly for more genuine stuff, you bundle your best self, closing your eyes to do one final gut check before you launch. Now you see what we see, you’re made of the right stuff baby.
  • It takes a village to sprinkle the world with love.
  • It’s easy to bounce ideas when you surround yourself with bouncy folk. Teamwork is a beautiful and uplifting thing.
  • Grateful that you put a little away for a rainy day, you notice your attitude has shifted as your pantry has grown. In keeping with your new “rather than maintain, sustain” philosophy, contribute more to your crunchy cushion.
  • Your soul is naturally buoyant, so let nothing hold you back or drag you down. Rise up.
  • Much has been made of reaching across the aisle, and yet ego continues to keep suits in their seats. Differing opinions and values are important for expansion and growth but, in the end, all souls return to the same divine. The truly wise will exercise their divinity sooner rather than later.
  • You wish things could go back to the way they were, a civilized society of white gloves, and then you remember the truth—that not everyone remembers lunch counters quite so fondly. The best days are not over, they are just beginning.
  • Your fan club needs a bit of attention today.
  • This week, to keep your feathers smooth, make like a flamingo and find your balance.
  • Your ride so far worthy, but not full of the majesty you were hoping for, you’re ready to step up from three wheels to two. Monumental outcomes happen when you take monumental steps.
  • Olivia rolled her eyes side-to-side and opened them extra wide. She just knew some mythical jokester had turned off the lights. Despite appearances, you are never alone in the dark. Come here little one, let us resituate your thinking cap.
  • Thinking you’re the town the push-up champion, you roll up your sleeves ready to be the hero. Bonus points for bravado, but instead of hauling yourself over the wall to claim the win, use your muscle to give someone else a boost today. When they triumph, it’s a shared victory.
  • Superstition taking hold when you see two vs. three, you’ve been handed yet another sign to order your universe just the way you like it. Thinking you just may be two olives short of a martini, preferring lemon, you wonder why you never express your wish for a twist. Don’t get stirred up, ordering like a boss just takes practice. Learn the lingo and let ‘er rip.
  • Remembering what it was like to be a lean, mean, riding machine, when all you can muster is the high waspy whine of a Vespa, you know it’s time to scoot over to the shoulder and rethink your purpose. Reclaim your cool.
  • Not one to take no for an answer, Rusty knew what it took to get “play date” buy-in. Hearing the dreaded words “it’s too cold to play bud,” even his determined little heart heard the truth. For a while he figured one was better than none but, when his paws were like ice pops, he decided he’d better come up with a new game plan. You’re not letting the dream die if you come in out of the cold, you’re exercising divine timing.
  • When the idea flashes fully formed in your head, you know you have just been granted divine inspiration and yes, you have courage to see it through.
  • May we suggest that now is the perfect time to help yourself.


  • To keep your machine pristine, you intentionally filter out the negative, knowing 99% of it is nonsense anyway. Keep your heart space happy and in the pink.
  • Keys to the city always go to those who do the work. Believe, roll up your sleeves and receive.
  • Taken aback by her over-the-top antics, you wonder if there is wisdom in having such a wild woman as your friend. She may drive your soul to maddening heights, but the answer is yes, always.
  • So much more to this selfie-taking business than you first thought, you have a whole new respect for those who can look into the camera and smile, be goofy for the sheer fun of it, and make others smile too. Never question that you leave smiles in your wake too. You’re in very good company.
  • Standing shoulder to shoulder for generations, their friendship had certainly stood the test of time. Enjoy your compatriots for they are kindred, not just in this lifetime, but in many.
  • We know it’s been a little lean lately, but that hangdog expression is starting to get a little too comfortable on your face. How will you ever see the meaty bone that’s being offered if you’re always looking down? Perk up pup.
  • After a few near-misses, your earnestness has earned their attention. Now that you have it, give an epic effort and you’ll keep it.
  • Never compare your stripes to another, for they were all designed by the same divine hand.
  • Hey Mr. Clean, someone is trying to get your attention and you’re looking in every direction but hers. Have a look around. You might be surprised by the future you’ve just brushed up against.
  • It’s always better when friends stick together.
  • If you look closely, you can see the places in your life where Spirit has kissed and made it better. When you have area that’s a little tender to the touch, simply ask for divine healing and you’ll land on your feet, washed clean and ready to be seen as the treasure you are.
  • Desmond, not a fan of his freckles, sagging chin and jowls, decided to be his own Valentine this year and let it go once and for all, his hypercritical self. Your soul is sending you a grace-filled love note, reminding you to remember your divine bloodline.
  • Two of a kind and joined at the hip, you know your friendship will last forever. You are sweet alone—even sweeter together.
  • Your love story is being built one beautiful brick at a time, a ‘solid as a rock’ blueprint for others to follow. Love the process of loving.
  • You always know who has your back—you just feel it.
  • Believing you’re alone with your thoughts you settle in, taking a moment to appreciate your life, The Ebb and Flow Show. Your silent partners, when you say please pass the popcorn and my highest purpose, we are there and more than happy to share. It’s never really a one-man or one-woman show.
  • Abe, always the life of the party, saw his big schnoz as an asset rather than a liability. Oh sure, his nose would float in the room long before his smile, but he was grateful for his world-class sniffer for it was always able to sniff out the good: good times, good people, and even good parking. Appreciate your standout features and monumental talents.
  • Living a charmed life doesn’t mean you don’t have to lift a finger. Quite the contrary. Only those who seek soul contentment will live a truly luxurious life.
  • Like playing Bocce with a Magic 8 ball, turning things over and over in your mind just delays crystal-clear clarity. Calm and let the answer float to the surface.
  • As you neared your potential, you understood the mammoth size and scope and still you climbed aboard, game for the ride. Heart beating wildly when you realized there was no handholds or seat belts, all you could do was shout out “I trust you universe.” And with that, you magically created a wild, woolly, excellent adventure, and the ride of your life.
  • Your audience is hungry for a taste of what you bring to the table, so prepare to share. You’re good to go.
  • Feeling slightly silly, Sarah couldn’t say she meant to do that, even in jest. When the outcome is the exact opposite of what you intended, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and re-examine your specs. Before you cast the line again, set your very clear intention, and expect to reel in only your highest.
  • Brownie points deserved and delivered.
  • Cocooned in love, nothing of the outside world can touch you. Surround yourself by those who love you.
  • Another night listening to the clock chime one, two, and then three, it feels as if you’re counting a continent of sheep these days. When all is quiet and not a creature is stirring, it’s the perfect time for a Spirit tête–à–tête. Don’t be alarmed but you have a rendezvous with a heavenly visitor, and it won’t be a one-night stand.
  • Even sardines tire of living in tiny houses so peel back the lid and open to all ventures, be they from landlubber or fin. To escape the confines of your current sandcastle digs, dream big and then make your move.
  • Express yourself. Bring your rare and wonderful soul to the project.
  • Words mean the world, especially to those who need to hear them. There a few words in your repertoire that are getting rusty. Play nice, say nice.


  • Planting seeds of possibility in budding hearts, you wear your halo well. When they bloom, you bloom.
  • Determined to make your way in this world, you push Sisyphus’s boulder of what ifs out of your mind, knowing it’s time to hop to it. You’ve been training for this your whole life so go forth and, rather than an uphill climb, expect to meet your highest.
  • Your tribe is waiting for your fantastically good vibe. Join your kindred spirits.
  • There’s nothing better than curling up in kindness, except curling up in love. Do yourself a favor and find a snuggle buddy.
  • Telling yourself it’s getting messy up in here, you intuitively know you’re creating something wonderful so you let it go. You’re absolutely spot on. Hushing your inner critic and allowing your wild child to play is the recipe for greatness.
  • True leadership means sometimes you take the hits so that others may walk away unscathed, but broadcasting to the world that the buck stops here has taken its toll on your soul. When you feel like your light is a little dim, asked to be restored and you’ll soon find yourself in mint condition.
  • Green around the gills every time you think about public speaking, you’re only green because you haven’t done it yet. You’ll go from rookie to pro in a blink of an eye, blooming more every time you step up to the mic.
  • A classic, you refuse to go out of style and for this we are grateful.
  • Illumination comes from exploring your many facets.
  • Living your big bold technicolor dreams, you chalk it up to all the love and support you’ve received. Keep dreaming, keep receiving.
  • It’s elemental my dear Watson, just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
  • Once upon a time you asked for a billboard-sized sign, and then resumed your journey, head held high and hopeful heart occasionally scanning the horizon. It’s being pushed ashore, almost to your door.
  • The inspiration is swirling around you, but only when you still will it settle.
  • Did you know you leave dollops of good wherever you go? Thank you for sharing drops of divinity, aka the sweet stuff.
  • Not finding a four-leaf clover nor a horse willing to give up its old shoe, your intuition tells you that you’re looking for luck in all the wrong places. Asking for a sign that you’re supported before taking a chance, look down to see the pennies put on your path, up to see the rainbow riding shotgun on your commute. You are most assuredly stepping into good.
  • With a little luck, you set your sights and intention, pucker and blow. You have big dreams and we have big dreams for you. Breathe life into your bliss.
  • Levelheaded, you know its time to trade your winter wools for something lighter, brighter and much more fun. ‘Tis a fine and divine time for change.
  • Nothing is set in stone except your divinity.
  • Eyes on the horizon, just put one foot in front of the other. You’re almost through this rough patch.
  • Not typically sentimental, when Margot saw the orchard abloom with the first buds of spring, she rejoiced knowing it was a sign that soon she would be blooming too.
  • May your cup runneth over with light, love and sunshine—light to remind you from whence you came, love to remind you of what you’re made, and sunshine to remind you to continue to shine.
  • Always hoping for a hero’s welcome, you are all too often greeted at the door with something more, a present totally out of proportion to the presenter. When you inadvertently call in a crappy day, see it as an opportunity to slow down and clean up the mess, dial in your expectation versus the odious outcome.
  • It’s never a good idea to see how long you can hold it. We’ll be pumped when you finally decide to let it go.
  • Living in a land of ley lines, energy flowing to and fro, under, around, over and through, not wanting to step on a crack and break your mother’s back, you forget she is here to help you ground rather than be pushed around. Mother’s got your back.
  • Thinking it’s time to spruce up your spruce, you paint a test strip to see if it’s something that you can live with long-term. Your DIY decisions are inspired by Spirit. The more you commit, the brighter your world.
  • All in for life’s ups and downs, it’s time to take a powder.
  • Practiced, you’ve been patiently waiting your turn to pirouette. Get ready to leap into the spotlight.
  • Taking a page from Rosetta Stone, you rise to the occasion, letting your tongue do its thing. Your natural goodness and limber linguistics are meant to serve many.
  • There’s an adventure waiting to happen and it can’t be phoned in. Stay fully present and it’s in the bag.
  • Mama said there’d be days like this, but dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s has taken its toll. Now instead of SpaghettiOs, all you want is a few hours of sweet dreamless sleep. When your body says to shut it down, honor it by pulling the blackout shades and hitting snooze.
  • Darla wondered if she’d been pink-slipped by her Joy Guide, as lately it seemed like she taken one step forward two steps back. If you ever feel you’re out of lockstep with your highest, happiest, healthiest outcome, ask us to plant your feet in joy.


  • Recline. It’s time to embrace your La-Z-Boy.
  • Exercise your joy.
  • Never doubt that you have the healing touch.
  • While it’s true that birds of a feather flock together, after a little bit of soul searching Jerry decided that rather than flying low, he’d take it up a notch or three for a greater, grander view. He wasn’t sure what he’d see or where he’d wind up, but knew that wherever he landed, it would be the right place for right now.
  • You are indeed a delicate flower but your soul intuitively knows what it needs to grow. Even when you feel fragile, at your root you are resilient. You are stronger than you look.
  • Hearing not a peep from her class, she placed a finger on the page, and looked up from her lesson plan to see what was afoot. Surprised to discover all eyes front and center, wiggling in their seats and giddy with anticipation for her next words rather than recess, it was at that exact moment she knew she was living her divine purpose to teach her children well.
  • Bravo for your pluck.
  • Tickled pink at the prospect, Delilah was a thousand percent in. She’d give her left ear to grow a smile, the tin foil shirt off of her back if to make someone feel loved. Everyone has the potential to sweeten someone’s day.
  • Wyatt had worked hard to grow and learn, experiencing and mastering everything within his tiny confines, and was ready to break out of his shell. A seeker, he knew that enlightenment would only come to those willing to fly the coop.
  • Always offer up your very best for what you give, so shall you receive.
  • Once you allowed yourself the freedom to stop walking on eggshells, you saw them for what they were, figments of your colorful imagination.
  • When you said you wanted to add a few carats to your jewelry box, you couldn’t help but giggle when a big bunch of carrots landed in your lap instead. A wiggle your nose “do over” in your future, be specific lest you manifest vegetable instead of mineral.
  • You loved when it was just an idea, and so cherished, it became even more near and dear to your heart. After years of incubation, you’re ready to hatch your heart work.
  • The mall typically an affection-free zone, it’s junior high hugs and Hollywood air kisses as soon as you see your friends. It isn’t until you see your bestie that you pull out the stops and do a full frontal face plant. There’s no pretending when you truly love one another.
  • Emily thought chicken skin and goosebumps were such funny names for a feeling. That is until Spirit hopped on her shoulder and whispered “We’ve got a surprise for you.” Her entire body tingling, she knew this was not her thoughts crying foul, but her soul thrilled.
  • Playing your part to put smiles on both little and big faces, you know there are no small roles in making this world a better place.
  • It may require a little stretching, but you’ll work it out. You always do.
  • Drifting into worries and anxieties that, in the present moment, you can do nothing about, the good floats unseen right past your nose. If like attracts like, then we suggest you find joy in the moment, contentment in the day, so that you may keep the good flowing.
  • Now that the vision is in your headlights, your soul will see it through.
  • Impossible does not exist in our vocabulary, and it shouldn’t be comfortable riding around in yours either.
  • It seems everywhere you go you have an escort of one fluttering kind or another, and intuitively know it’s a divine sign. It’s a fact that Spirit’s emissaries delight in the light. No need to hold on to your cookies, you have landed in the light.
  • You can only truly soar when you step up and in.
  • You are being guided to step into the unknown. We understand that’s its not quite the big gulp you had in mind, and that you wish your feet were anywhere but here but your path is clear. You will not sink, you will swim.
  • Gaining confidence with every throw that hits its mark, you slap down another dollar, telling the universe that you want another chance. Not caring if you win the plush panda prize, you giggle every time you hear the splat. Improving your aim is always a wise investment.
  • Bucking convention, Butch knew he had to follow his own path rather than hitching his wagon to any ol’ star. Stay true blue to you.
  • We like it best when you wear your sunny-side up.
  • Of royal lineage and defender of the realm, it’s especially tough when you have to acknowledge it’s within the realm of possibility that you might’ve screwed up. Humble is the best place to sit right now. Stay.
  • If practice did indeed make perfect, Harry felt like he should be a pro by now. Hitting bucket after bucket of balls, most went over the net and into the sweet spot across court, making him a sought-after player on the circuit. Still he wasn’t satisfied. In his quest for perfection, he’d forgotten that it was just a game. You will always have game, but it might be time to rethink your game plan. Originally, it was play to your heart’s content.
  • Once upon a time you felt truly beautiful, but now the mirror tries to tell you another story. Don’t listen. Life has created a beauty that is so much more than skin deep.
  • Realizing that reaching for universal intelligence is not really a reach at all, you now know “you must be this tall to ride this ride” never did apply.


  • You are a pocket full of sunshine.
  • Remembering when your biggest decision was chocolate or vanilla, you now understand that from the very beginning life’s been full of choices and grooming you to make this decision. Be grateful for your choices.
  • Happiness is about to land at your doorstep and yes, it will affect your purse strings.
  • You actually felt the day you stepped into your power. Now, having the wisdom to stay away from anything that detracts from your potent joy, your Gypsy spirit is finally free to gloriously be. Blessed be periods, both their beginning and ending.
  • Wearing the “bloom where you’re planted” evidence, it’s second nature for you to find pleasure wherever you plant your Crocs. Your good nature will always be rewarded.
  • Deeper with each episode, you now see what we see, that ego loves exertion. Understanding you are always carried on the current toward your highest, working up a sweat seems a tad silly.
  • Your life full, every spare moment exercising your mind and body, you’re giving Spirit very little room to work. Flip off the “no vacancy” sign and quiet your mind. They do their best work, and you receive your highest outcome, when you give them the key and a little elbow room.
  • You know what’s coming but we’re going to say it anyway—wind up your enthusiasm and get hopping. No more loitering allowed.
  • It’s full on mind-blowing when you set the “be all you can be” example.
  • Perk up Puff, you have more magic in you than most. Tomorrow starts another chapter, and it will be aces.
  • What matters is if it rings true to you.
  • You are divinely, wonderfully, imperfectly perfect.
  • Your joy may start small, but given a little encouragement and a whole lot of love, it will be big before you know it.
  • Sure, mothers can be a little loony but remember that once upon a time, and even with the weight of the world on her shoulders, she carried your fuzzy butt from Point A to Point B until you were old enough to paddle for yourself. Flock together.
  • Despite your best efforts, the “As Seen on TV” infomercials always tempt you to pick up the phone and dial. A powerful temptress yourself, you tempt everyone who sees you to smile. Keep lifting the world one smile at a time, and they will stay tuned to their favorite channel, you.
  • Looking around corners your specialty, you’re able to help others have X-ray vision too. Good looking out Supergirl.
  • Thinking “That’s all folks,” you thought you were a thing of the past. Never underestimate the power of nostalgia for treasures like you. Rare and precious, you’ll be rolling down the aisle again very soon.
  • Highly evolved and having spent years fine-tuning your delicate instrument (aka listening), you’ve never given a thought to actually working as a clairaudient. Imagine what big best-selling stories you could tell if you shared your gift.
  • Even though you love your job and being saddled with littles is never a burden, right now you’re especially tired of the daily grind. Everyone winds down from time to time. Put yourself out to pasture this weekend. It’s time for some horseplay.
  • Nothing makes you happier than getting a return on your investment, especially when that investment is love. Get ready to have it returned a hundredfold.
  • The ride your life is never going to be what you expect, except when you expect your highest.
  • It’s often the simplest things that most brighten your day.
  • It’s never a toss-up. There is always a higher choice, one that will give you a newfound bounce in your step.
  • We know you prefer serene, but sometimes your highest requires going extreme. We love it when you finally find your voice.
  • Laughing, you realize that your life has turned into a “gone to the dogs” sitcom. The tug of war is not necessary as your destiny has always belonged to you. With a firm but gentle hand, take it back.
  • You don’t have to be in mint condition to be a happy camper.
  • You heard on the radio that the beaches would be crowded this weekend, so you’re extra tickled to have found your spot in the sun. Even in the simplest of things, thank your very lucky stars.
  • Life can be as simple or is tricked out as you want to make it.
  • The ripples you make this lifetime will heal the shores for decades.
  • Sophie’s soul, a big fan of dangling her feet off the dock and testing the current with her soles, decided that now was the perfect time to wade in. It’s always wise to test the waters. Yes, now is a divine time, and bravo for wading in with your eyes wide open.
  • Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what you see is what you get.


  • Your soul knows you’re supported, even when your ego whispers that you’re on your own and hanging by a thread.
  • Leaving the nest, the graduates set off on their big adventure. The older and wiser of you preferring to stay and play in the bay, you remember what it felt like to be newly released to the wilds, and knew that although they may not find Capt. Nemo, they would surely discover themselves. Their enthusiasm to embrace the unknown contagious, they had reignited yours with every flip of the fin. Regardless of age or stage, the journey of self-discovery never ends.
  • It’s no small thing to stay grounded and connected.
  • Getting hot under the collar, you realize your sensitive spirit is affected by what’s happening on the surface, your soul lambasted day after day by the us vs. them energy that you know is not the truth. Rather than let outside influences color your world, find a healthy, inspiring, uplifting way to vent.
  • Willingness to start a new chapter is always a wise move.
  • Continuously massaging your skills, adding a pinch of this and a dash of that, letting yourself rise and your knowledge multiply, you know you cut the mustard both in life and in spirit. Thank you for handling yourself with care and serving only the finest.
  • Powerful is when you know that everything under the sun is within reach. Extraordinary is when you can express it into being.
  • If God painted by number, imagine how limited the experience would be.
  • A purist, you live life your own way. No fluff or frills, just reals.
  • Where once her dreams were of Fudgsicles in the freezer and fifth-grade crushes, Whitney decided to have a sit-down with herself, a heart-to-heart to reconnect with her big girl dreams. Take a moment to gather your thoughts and reign in your musings.
  • While it’s true that sometimes you may have to extend your oars to row your boat, today you’re along for the ride… the joy ride.
  • Feeling more alive than you have in years, there’s not a mountain you can’t conquer, a molehill that dares to rear its little head. Nothing’s gonna stop you now.
  • Feeling like your femininity is under attack, you miss the girls you grew up with. Breasts don’t make you a three-dimensional woman—courage, character, and self-love do. You are every bit the woman you ever were, only more so. More radiant, more compelling, more inspirational; your beauty more fully-formed, your character exquisite and your self-love divine.
  • You thought you let it slip through your fingers, but it was never meant to be your stomping ground. Relax, when the time is right, you will find your community, others cast in the same mold.
  • It’s easier to dip into the divine when you pool your resources.
  • The Captain felt great and powerful now that the Emerald City was in his line of sight. A good soldier who had both given and followed marching orders this lifetime, he knew he would soon be returning from whence he came, to his original pure iridescent form and one with his brother glass. Formed to serve mankind, he would eventually choose to be recycled, but for now he would drink up the love at the reunion with his heavenly buddies.
  • When nature calls, jump!
  • Your touchstone, you know he will always have your back. Rest easy in your father’s love.
  • When the universe gives you a high five, you feel the stamp of approval from your nose your toes. Consider this a sign, a fist bump from the divine.
  • Hang out with the chipper folk, for they prefer to stay elevated and are always happy to share their light. Scribble on a smile and up you go.
  • When you want to see the big picture, all you need do is elevate your sights. If you need a boost, just ask.
  • The kids devouring everything in sight, you wonder how much more of this summer your budget can take. Feeling like you should own stock in PB&J, even when you try and squirrel some away for a rainy day, their “kid-dar” always seems to sniff it out. Wondering how many sandwiches does a good mom make, a good mom makes what it takes. Keep calm and coupon on mom.
  • Exhilarated, lost in the story of the sea, you hardly notice that the moon is your new escort. It’s a marvelous night for moon dance. Pedal to power your soul.
  • Fierce little heart wanting more than just sand bucket adventures on shore, she gathered her gear and waded in. A seeker’s soul is always protected when stepping into the unknown.
  • A relative newbie yourself, you’re not quite sure why all eyes look to you for the answers. Never second-guess your wisdom for you have more than you know.
  • Sometimes getting dumped on can be downright awesome.
  • Orange ya glad your life does not suck? Orange ya glad you now realize it never did?
  • Not sure when it happened or how, but somewhere along the way Mikey had grown up and decided not to sweat the small stuff. Once he realized he was no longer being spoon-fed wisdom, he knew that although the universe had his back, he could stand on his own two feet and feed himself.
  • Saying yes to every speck of sand that stops by to say hi, in a blink of an eye you find yourself up to your neck in to dos. To lighten the load, prioritize your passions.
  • A balancing act trying to honor everyone’s wishes—clean sheets, warm shower, wifi and waves—you packed up and set off for a weekend in the wilds. Good intentions will always help you pull off a happy camper coup.


  • You hold the power to fill this world with light.
  • When you’re in the flow you just know.
  • When you look, you see a motley crew of kindred spirits banding together through thick and thin. When we look, we see the spice of life.
  • In a time when so many prefer to tear down, you live by a higher truth. Lift up your country and you lift up the world.
  • Still reeling from the last wallop of divine insight that landed in her lap, she returned to her sacred place, set her intention and cast a wide net. When you’re fishing for an answer or simply to be reminded that you’re on the right path, get quiet, surround yourself with God’s white light and ask. You’ll be surprised by what you can pull up from the depths. Inspiration is swimming toward you.
  • It’s all arranged. You have a play date with your higher self in your dreams tonight.
  • Stress no longer a word in your vocabulary, you get a kick out of the simplest things. Your attitude toward life is a tough act to follow, but leave a few footprints so all can try.
  • Pumped and ready to surround you with a totally tubular experience, call in your guides to carry you toward your highest, happiest, healthiest outcome.
  • Rethinking the foot-long corn dogs and deep-fried Oreos as you watch the riders disembark with big grins but green around the gills, you wonder if you’ll be able to laugh it off or wind up a spectacle yourself. While there may be wisdom in waiting a bit, never let a past decision prevent you from stepping up and in, and going for a spin.
  • All your ducks in a row and in it to win it, life is about to take a turn for the better. Keep your eyes peeled for the plush miracles that land at your feet.
  • No acrobatics or special feats of strength needed, Spirit will always tip the scales toward joy.
  • Hoping to get the nod in your direction, you stand with your compatriots and wait. Propriety has its place, but when you’re ready to serve and be served, be your own hero and step from the sidelines and onto the plate.
  • Betty and Bobby knew the truth, that a soul would always recognize its soulmate.
  • Dressed in her best princess paraphernalia, she felt pretty as a picture and hoped to charm the pants off every farmer in the tri-state area and a judge or two too. She knew she was “Best of Show” on the inside but, this her first pageant, she wanted to be judged by those in the know, those who could validate the whole package, not just her Grade AAA bacon bits. Your inside is always revealed on the outside, and you are the best judge of you.
  • Born grounded, Erin knew she was delivered to the planet for a purpose, and that it would find her when she was ready. Pay attention to which way the wind blows, for your intuition is giving you an earful.
  • Peaceful in nature and two of a kind, you’ve been together so long you can read each other’s mind. Cherish your connection as it is as close to heaven as you can get on this side of the veil.
  • Conner the lionhearted took one look and knew he was biting off more than he could chew. With fierce determination, he opened his mouth wide and chomped. Even when you fail to finish in one fell swoop, there’s glory in the gusto.
  • When beating the heat is consuming your consciousness, remember divine sentries are standing by to help you keep your cool.
  • With true friends, you never need to read between the lines.
  • You were meant to fly, and no one can clip your wings but you.
  • His place in the cosmos, why the sky sometimes cried, and whether it was dramatically impolite to ask if size really mattered when discussing his Kong-sized soul, there was so much he yearned to understand. What matters most little one is that all things great and small are significant in the eyes of God, and especially treasured is a true seeker’s heart. All questions were born with answers, so ask away.
  • Fill your basket with only the best, for it will taste divine and nourish every nano of your being.
  • Not a big fan of going deep, it’d been months since he looked below the surface. Gear up, it’s time to bring to the surface pearls of wisdom, answers you didn’t even know you were seeking.
  • Knowing you and your cronies have it made in the shade, you tip your hat to the universe, making sure that gratitude is woven into every thought and deed. Seems wisdom is woven in as well.
  • Once in a cocoon of her own making, she knew it was by divine design that she now found herself able to fly. Even on close examination, she couldn’t find any flaws in God’s design.
  • Your indomitable spirit inspires others to test the waters. Rock on!
  • When you heard hop to it, you found the nearest trampoline and went full-on ninja bunny to jump sky-high. You are being given “shoot for the moon” guidance so jump on it.
  • You have the lingo but do you have the life? You can be an egg beater watching others catch a wave, or you can live life off the Richter.
  • Dad knew that swimming worked up an appetite, but as soon as mom hollered “let them eat cake”, the pool cleared in seconds and a passel of hungry teenage hands were raised. Quickly wiping out the sheet cake and unprepared for the onslaught of requests for seconds and thirds, when mom walked out with a platter of cupcakes in each hand, he breathed a sigh of relief, once again amazed by her uncanny momtuition. He didn’t care “who knew best”, but was exceedingly grateful that today it was her.
  • Having the run of the campground all week, Jeremy, Jacob, and Little Joe knew it was time to pack up and go. In the past, leaving the lake had meant crocodile tears and cursing their fate, but this time they knew they weren’t walking the plank. Every Musketeer knows that changes of scenery are inevitable. Be brave and know that only when you close one chapter can you begin the adventure of another.
  • Every fiber of your being telling you there’s a point, you shave a little bit off the sides every day praying for the big reveal. The point dear one is to enjoy the journey, and to be as grateful for your discards as you are for the new illuminated you.


  • Used to playing for pennies, lately you’ve noticed things seem to be looking up as good-natured groupies drop a quarter or even a buck. We know at times it’s been a heavy burden to pay your dues, but believe us when we say you can stop singing the blues.
  • Visited by a stroke of brilliance, you dug in and things will happen rapidly now. Enjoy every dip, lift and swirl, aka the thrill.
  • Everyone’s halo is unique to them.
  • Moving slower than molasses these days, Walter decided to sit a spell and let the sun bake his old bones. As the warmth began to massage his crusty shell, his body grew lax and his mind set off to wander. Finally stretching, his mind, body and spirit energized, he wished everyone knew the power of a pit stop.
  • Sand was just fine but Scarlett wanted her bucket filled with divine. Go for it little one. Step into your joy.
  • Up or down, you are never alone on this journey.
  • Feeling it with every fiber, your macro lens seeing the symmetry, you know if you could spend time with those cut from the same cloth you’d bring it into being. You’re right, the solution is to share your vision.
  • A quirky fashionista, Jules knew exactly what she wanted to see—confidence from shore-to-shore. Her heart had a vision. It told her that if people believed themselves the keeper of every good thing (aka divine) they would naturally mesh—forming strength and allowing empathy—leaving no room for fear and its ugly aspects. Self is the perfect place to learn to love.
  • You are meant to fill others with your light bright Midas touch.
  • Thinking the dude is acting the fool, you prefer to play it cool. While he is experiencing pure perfect joy, you are standing on the sidelines watching it happen. Who feels foolish now?
  • T-shirt sticking, forehead dripping and wishing you wouldn’t have strayed from the main road, remember all detours are by divine design. Taking the scenic route simply means you’re wringing more from your earthly journey than a quick “here to there” jaunt would dole out.
  • Ancient wisdom is always within reach.
  • Life is good when you get a big kick out of even the littlest things.
  • Intending success, once you put your stake in the ground, things really started to coalesce. One good idea piggybacking on another, you now recognize you were divinely fed each new piece of the pie. Claim your destiny and the sky’s the limit.
  • Patience takes practice. Don’t be surprised if you manifest colorful ways to grow into it.
  • When you heard “follow the signs”, you kept your eyes peeled for ruffled paper plates and cockeyed cardboard arrows, but as soon as you spotted the bevy of bouncing balloons, you just knew they were for you. Watch for the telltale signs pointing to your next happy outcome.
  • The day a dud so far, you opt to do something about it. Playing by your own rules will always change the forecast from washout to wonderful.
  • We see your hard work that was actually hard play, but it’s time to call it a day. Rest now child for even in your dreams you will be digging for things yet to be unearthed.
  • When it comes to love there is no such thing as the wrong side of the tracks.
  • No longer willing to suffer in any way, shape or form, speak what you are willing to have in your life and expect an immediate shift. Say “I choose this or something better in all areas of my life.“ In other words, choose your truth.
  • A funny thing happened on the way to your enlightenment—you stepped up and self-realized.
  • Don’t let the spin control what you actually hear. Listen for the truth.
  • Regardless of what’s happening on the surface, your true state is serene, your soul unaffected. And just as the coral that sits on the sandy floor undisturbed as wave after wave washes over them, you too are unperturbed and ever-blooming.
  • You’ve been busy and they’ve been busy, but when you stack your priorities side by side, you can clearly see that something is askew. Put “getting together with friends” on your plate this weekend.
  • Feet dangling and feeling like you’re in a free-fall, know that you will land safe, sound and soft, and while your heart may be in your throat and your stomach may wish it had held off on the second chili cheese dog, you will walk away with an ear-to-ear grin and the big picture purpose. When the dust settles, you will realize you would step right up all over again for the exhilarating ride was so worth the price of admission.
  • Taking her responsibilities seriously, Nele wasn’t going to let anything rock their boat—their world maybe but not their boat. Earth angels come in all shapes, sizes and some even have fur.
  • You are a little slice of heaven.
  • Feeling every bit like a babe in the woods, you’re letting yourself be swallowed by the situation. Follow the breadcrumbs and let your feet find their way to a lighter, brighter place—your clear-cut path.
  • Thinking he’s too shallow to understand, you close your eyes and pray for a deeper, more meaningful connection. There’s more to him than meets the eye. If you give him your heart, he’ll know what to do with it.
  • Normally content to let her do it herself, as her cold fingers struggle with the clasp, your heart chakra activates telling you it’s time to step in and lend a hand. Now is the time to be a lifesaver.
  • Friends are always the wind beneath your wings.


  • Taking your heart for a walk, don’t be surprised when it has a mind of its own. If you are open to the adventure, your heart will lead you where you need to go, help you find what you didn’t even know you were seeking.
  • We love surprising you with sweet treats.
  • Always hold on to your happy thought.
  • You’ve heard the adage “when life gives you lemons” and the mandate is clear: choose positivity. We are inviting you to squeeze every last drop of good from the situation for that is where the grace is, the best place on the boardwalk to feed and water your soul.
  • Like the Tin Man who needed a little grease to get his fanny in gear, you look for your ol’ standby to get your groove back, but your trusty “go to” is getting a bit rusty. When you want life to run like a well-oiled machine, try another tact.
  • Never be afraid to go out on a limb to reach for your happiness.
  • Remember to use your power wisely for what goes around comes around.
  • Your family the original Mod Squad, you can only imagine what your parents first date was like. Wondering why first dates have to be so darn awkward, you wish you could go from A to “L”ove without the “Bewitched or Beverly Hillbillies?” guessing games. While we grant you that these are not cosmic questions for the ages, the process works if you give it a chance. In discovering each other, you will discover yourself. And since you were wondering, yes, you are meant to be a “we”.
  • Growing up with the simplicity of red and black your only options, you appreciate the exposure to life’s twists, turns and rainbow-tasting experiences. Having expanded your horizons, you now see that all flavors are equally divine.
  • When living on the edge is what makes you feel truly alive, look around. You’ll see signs that we’re there to comfort and cushion the inevitable spills as you seek your epic thrills.
  • Never be afraid to call it a day, for only when you put this “Best. Day. Ever.” to bed can you welcome another. That’s a wrap!
  • A collector of little gems and beautiful nuggets, of all the bits of wisdom that catch the light and your eye, you pocket some and put the rest in your soul’s petri dish to be examined later. There is a beautiful truth just waiting to be brought into the light.
  • Unlike the newscaster who is tailored on the top and party on the bottom, you are top to bottom joy.
  • Holding others down is never a way to get a leg up. Lift up others and they will be inspired to raise you up as well.
  • Find exhilaration. Rinse. Repeat.
  • Not quite a relic but definitely an antiquated thing from the past, you smile at the memories of swinging below the big screen at sunset and giggling at the silly snack bar characters urging you to “fill ‘er up” during intermission. It’s always sweet to remember how things once were but when it comes to the past, better to cherish it than live in it.
  • It’s always safe to let yourself be led by love.
  • One too many glasses at Monday afternoon bridge, Betty and Barbara had a flash of brilliance and decided to raise rather than fold, to double down on the double dare. Wise decisions can never be found in your cups.
  • Having kissed the barrels more times than she could count, Hannah knew she could skirt the obstacles and leave everyone and everything still standing. Go for your personal best, but don’t knock others down in the process.
  • Sometimes being filled with hot air can be a good thing.
  • In it for mind-blowing expansion and hoping to rendezvous with the stupendous, you charge into each day ready to experience the thrill of this epic adventure called life. Intention drives experience, and yours keeps you in the realm of magical manifestation where synchronicities abound.
  • Your aura can be seen for miles and boy oh boy is it a stunner. A beacon, your radiant light empowers others to find their way out of the dark.
  • Even wishes whispered decades ago stay in your consciousness until they no longer serve, and then without fanfare go the way of the wind. Unless you’re modifying, praying the same wish over and over is like pushing the reset button, and starts the universal order form back at square one. Pray for your highest, trust and then hush.
  • Like the last sunflower of the season, it’s never too late to bloom.
  • Faithfully digging in day after day, month after month, and year after year, never once wondering if the grind is as good as it gets, you are beloved by those you serve and beloved by us for doing so.
  • Imagining something bigger for yourself than you ever have before, when it’s actually delivered to your door you can’t believe it. Believe it, receive it.
  • It may feel like Kilimanjaro but really this is just a bump in the road. Dig deep little one and this summit will be in your rearview mirror before you know it. Everyone knows you have to crawl before you can surf.
  • Her path not well defined, she felt free to roam, knowing she was guided every step of the way. Connected, let your heart lead and your feet follow.
  • Not all conversations require words.
  • A real character in life, every decision you make is still colored by his wise counsel. Looking over your shoulder and nodding, you know that what you’re feeling is more than his approval, it’s his very real presence in your life. He loved you then, he loves you now, he will love you always.


  • Your natural side is calling and it’s time to play along.
  • You don’t have to live on Easy Street to have ease.
  • There’s nothing better on the planet than being surrounded by those you love.
  • Intending to put all thoughts of bumping into him this summer in your rearview mirror, you back into the garage and you feel a thump as your bumper gently kisses the wall. Snapping you out of your stupor, you realize synchronicities can only happen when your engine is running. There are no fender benders in your future so start your engines to start your heart.
  • Wondering whether your dreams are a cautionary tale, you slip into slumber, your last conscious thought to bring back a basket of good. Even before you embark on your dreamscape walkabout, we’re preparing your soul food to go. Ask to remember your dreams.
  • Once the grooviest of party animals, you’re bummed that your groovy girl got up and went. Swinging through the rafters and partying like it’s 1999 no longer on your playlist, jungle fever still is so catch a few zzzs before you boogie. Even the grooviest party animals need downtime.
  • Getting into a staring contest with your greatest fear is never a win-win. Rather than focusing on what might be, look around at what is. You live a lush life, surrounded by a forest of friends. There is nothing that tops that.
  • Finding time to center allows you to align before you design.
  • Like Columbus who sailed the ocean blue, you are always navigating toward your next soul-swelling discovery.
  • Sometimes being a girl is a piece of cake and sometimes it’s a mud pie, but stepping into your potent and powerful feminine “sugar, spice and everything nice” energy is always divine.
  • Feeling like the universe is pulling your chain, your skeptic’s heart prefers to stay parked until you have proof the proffered treat is for real. Life is not a “good things come to those who wait” event so pick it up pup. Unleash the notions that are holding you back so you can run wild and free toward your destiny.
  • Consumed with thoughts of striking it rich or at the very least scoring big, Caleb figured he had a few ideas to spare but this was his one big shot. Rather than riches, think about how your customers roll and what you can do better than anyone else to enhance their endgame. Square your shoulders and with laser-like focus, keep your eye on the ball from start to finish and you’ll set yourself up for success. Make it good and you’ll make it big.
  • Imagination is the first step to manifestation. Magical thinking allows everyone to pony up. Let’s ride!
  • True human beings have their ups and downs. Wanting to whitewash the whole incident, to tell the world that you’re just fine, allow your truth to shine through. When you lift the drop cloth to reveal your less than perfect paint job, you give others strength to share their smears and splatters too.
  • Her perfumed in Charlie and the requisite Aqua Net-encrusted beehive, and him sporting English Leather, mom and dad were hipsters before hipsters were cool. They were a potent combination then, and are an even more powerhouse partnership now, and while leisure suits and Yardley white lipstick are no longer the fashion, true love never goes out of style.
  • Standing at attention, the red tin soldiers are ready to do their happiness-hauling duty. None the worse for wear after a summer resting their wheels in the barn, they’re up for another season of carting girls, guys, and freshly-picked gourds. Grab a handle and let’s go. Harvest your happiness.
  • Strictly a no-nonsense kind of gal, it never occurred to her that she could bewitch with a smile. Turn up the gigawatts and watch the magic happen.
  • Many in her lofty position chose to bare their fangs, but Ruby was not a fan of biting commentary. She was a lover, not a fighter, and when she waxed poetic, her missives were always stuffed with love and sealed with a kiss. Let others read your lips.
  • Minding her own business, Harriet Muffet was horrified when a hairy black-legged guest dropped by unannounced. Curb your arachnophobia, for unexpected couch-surfing visitors can often make for the most outrageously fun houseguests. Scoot over and make room on the sofa. Welcome all comers.
  • Having filed a flight plan with the fam, you’re ready to dust off the cobwebs and kick up your heels with your coven. Sweeping into the restaurant, you spot your giggling girlfriends and, as luck would have it, they’ve poured a glass of wine for you too. Enjoy the friendships that make you fly.
  • Frankie and his bride were two halves of a whole, a golden delicious pairing. Never were two souls more meant to be stitched together for eternity. You complete him.
  • Kindred spirits make life a walk in the park.
  • We’re making it easier for you to bump into fun this week.
  • Behind the counter teaching others to apply their ruby red smiles by day, at night you’re ready to let ‘er rip. You’ve uncovered your greatest gift—making others feel fabulous.
  • Nervous, Nellie checked her teeth for errant spinach every time she braked, hoping her new boss wouldn’t be a nit-picker. Look who’s talking. There is only one in this room who is picky to the bone. While he will appreciate your attention to detail, it is your pearly whites he will adore. Don’t fear, for your perfection is so much more than skin deep.
  • For the umpteenth time, Larry Jr. hung on the refrigerator door, his teenage belly looking for anything new he could sink his teeth into. Just as Larry Sr. was about to shout “Close that fridge!”, a sweet memory stopped him. Larry Sr. couldn’t help but smile, remembering a time not so long ago when he too thought the cool white box was his own personal snack bin and his father was saying the exact same thing. There are some things that will never change, nor are they meant to.
  • Tickled to spook the passerby, your funny bone is evident for all the street to see. Your smile-inducing shenanigans make the world a better place. Keep calm and spook on.
  • This her rookie year, Rose couldn’t wait to run with the big dogs. To get in character, all week long she’d worn black ears, practiced her “trick or treat” lines, and exhausted every ear with her best kitty cat meow. Rehearsed and raring to go, she trusted the hand that would show her the ropes and so can you.
  • Measuring twice and cutting once, when it seems like you’re trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, remember it’s hip to be square. When you find the perfect fit, you’ll know it.
  • Hoping no one would recognize him under the mask, he pushed the doorbell ready to ditch if they did. Never be afraid to reveal your truth.
  • This, his favorite time of year, wearing a giant ear-to-ear grin, he hopped on the windowsill to wait. Toby loved tricks as much as the next guy, but tonight he was mentally calculating the treats. See it, believe it, receive it.


  • There are some whose life purpose is to stitch souls together. Whether they use superglue or tasty paste, knitting needles or match.com, they use their tools to create bonds that are strong and lifelong.
  • Flapping their wings to keep in tip-top shape, they knew any minute now the sky would be filled with frequent flyers heading home for the holidays; snowballs would be flying and they should be too. A change of scenery is coming soon, and it will make your spirit soar.
  • A spaghetti slurping kiss is inching closer. An unexpected romance is about to land on your plate.
  • We understand the struggle of wanting something you can’t have, but not everything you see on another’s plate will feed you. When you spy something with your eye and it becomes today’s desire du jour, if it gets in the way of keeping you a healthy dog, we will serve you what’s perfect for your palate instead.
  • It’d been a long and winding road but now, with only a few hairpin turns left and keeping her foot on the brake, she vowed to take it slow and enjoy the show. All roads lead to your highest, happiest place—a monumental outcome steeped in grace. Very well done.
  • Success doesn’t require stilettos or pumps, but it does require vision, dedication, and a whole lot of heart. Bravo for blazing your own trail, stepping up and in to your place in this world.
  • Everyone has head-hanger moments. The rare bird will know what to do with them. In a blink of an eye, you can turn the situation from a downer to a humdinger. Pick your head up and hold it high, as it is what you do after that matters most.
  • It’s a good day when you wear your wrinkles with pride.
  • You were meant to fly. It’s time to ask your angels for a flying lesson.
  • When you asked for a sense of humor, we immediately sent in huge-hearted clowns. Now with Bozos popping out of the woodwork, pulling endless knotted hankies out of their pocket and waving plastic bouquets under your nose all in an effort to win your heart, you’re rethinking your perfect man. You can always edit your ask to say no clowning around, but where’s the fun in that? Be grateful for their good nature, for it’s appealing to your very best nature.
  • Your next sequence of steps will allow you to make a grand entrance. You are on your divine and oh so delicious path.
  • It’s okay to be a late bloomer. Some of the loveliest blooms are.
  • Typically in charge of nothing more taxing than store-bought dinner rolls, they put their heads together deciding this was their year to dig a little deeper. Scouring over recipes, they hatched a plan. All their coin having gone into making the dough, they watched intently to make sure their culinary adventure was golden. When cooking up something special, two hearts are always better than one.
  • Intent faces gathered round to watch the wisdom in her hands as she made every crimp, dent and fold. Like her grandmothers before her, there was never a need to measure a cup of this or a dash of that, for perfect pie crusts were etched in her DNA. Her family had been serving profound goodness for generations, and she intended to keep the tradition going, filling everything she did with love.
  • Even though Sherman knew he was not invited to the party, overcome with the smells wafting from the kitchen window, his paws had a mind of their own as they jumped up on the sill, his nose in his neighbor’s business. Uninvited guests are often the most grateful, especially when they are invited in.
  • Red and white polka dots whisking you off to magical mouse-eared realms, you’re never too old to make wishes and believe dreams do come true. All you need do is look at your own little Mouseketeers and you’ll realize they really do.
  • Grateful his guests were vegan, from drizzled this to truffled that, Tom, a bit high strung, wanted everything perfect for the big day. When you find yourself getting wound up over the little things like cutlery placement, just remember to be grateful that they’re using butter knives instead of an ax and choosing Tofurky instead of your gizzard.
  • Your dowry is abundance in all its sweetest forms.
  • Wine glasses half full and half empty, you thought the remnants represented the personalities that had graced your table. Some thought they were second-class citizens who only ever got the heel, and some knew they deserved, and so only got the choicest cuts. Knowing that what you believe you receive, you raised your glass and toasted the spirits in the sky in gratitude for today and all you are about to receive tomorrow.
  • Intending to get her gobble on this week, Margaret was worried that her hard-won waistline would suffer. Contortions notwithstanding, your preparations are seen and will be rewarded.
  • This week will be filled with hands-on, heart-happy teaching moments. Keep calm and let your wisdom roll on.
  • Delve into the divine.
  • Stuffed, when it came time for a little competitive dadding, Josh was just grateful for the excuse for elastic. Being game for anything keeps your soul resilient.
  • Not usually a big fan of you choosing leftovers, there are moments that just demand exception.
  • Always on the hunt for the next big thing, Simon knew the “WOW” factor when he saw it. Listen to your intuition. Like Simon, you have a nose for these things.
  • Unconditional love is remembering his sweet puppy dog breath every time he farts, remembering when all but his tail would fit in the palm of your hand and not wanting to burst his ‘lapdog’ bubble as he’s crushing you with a cuddle. Unconditional love is more than grinning and bearing it—it’s being devoted to what was, is, and will be.
  • Every day you belly up to the bar to take stock of the situation. Wise move bud.
  • You never know who you’re going to meet when you go down under, but we can give you a hint. Go deep and you’ll find yourself nose-to-nose with a kindred spirit, your beloved spirit guide.
  • Knowing that you’re better served with salsa, guacamole, black beans and cheese, you go along to get along, accepting their vision for you rather than stepping up and stating your own. The world is better served by your best. Let your gut guide the way.
  • The responsibilities may weigh heavy on your shoulders but, whether iron or porcelain, your throne awaits. Your desired destination and your destiny are intertwined. For you, all roads lead to leadership.


  • Tender and new, you know that someday your skin will be thick with wisdom and a well-lived life, but for now you’ll absorb every bit of light until you’re comfortable opening to possibilities.
  • ‘Tis the season for love notes from the universe.
  • Dawn, where the possibilities of the day are limitless and all seems brand new. Step out on your porch and let the crisp clean slate of a new day spark your imagination.
  • Always aim for the stars.
  • It won’t be a Herculean undertaking to transport your vision into its bedecked and twinkling reality.
  • We see what others may not – your heart, and what you bring to this most important role – your magic. It’s a perfect fit, and a very tough act to follow.
  • Your intention a live tree with a minimalist vibe, once your hands touched the tinsel they had a mind of their own. Creating joy can be a messy business, but oh so much fun.
  • She had heard some say that with all the commercialism, Christmas had lost its magic, but she knew the heart of Christmas hadn’t changed a bit as it had nothing to do with geegaws and gadgets. The joy of giving and receiving—finding the one perfect gift to make their day—would never be a lost art.
  • Mentally gathering the ingredients for a perfect Christmas, with frosting and sprinkles in hand you shout to the universe “let the reindeer games begin!” Celebrate your intention. We do.
  • Dust everything you do with love and light. Share your magic.
  • Jase, a true believer, knew that if he did his part, everything else would unfold beautifully. Even if you miss a step or two, the heart you give to the effort will drive the outcome and your expectation will seal the deal.
  • From bow to ball, your heart shines through in all that you do.
  • If ever you hit a snag in your holiday happiness, remember that neither snow nor rain will keep you from your appointed rounds. Never let anything hold you back from delivering happiness to yourself and others.
  • From our perspective, with or without embellishments you shine.
  • Listening to “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” even as you wipe the sweat from your brow, you giggle as you realize your life is one giant mixed message, and just the way you like it. Always celebrate your contradictions.
  • Listening for gift giving clues all year long, you were tickled as you drove away from the mall with your haul. This year was not about making a list and checking it twice, but about the true spirit of Christmas and touching hearts with your thoughtfulness. We really like the way you roll.
  • On the outside as different as night and day, in truth you are all kindred spirits, occasionally bumping into each other to discover the spark of recognition for yourselves.
  • On a mission to deliver good, Willie was always willing to go to extremes, but especially at this time of year when his determination could drive smiles. In our book, extreme elfing is an Olympic sport worthy of the gold.
  • Just as you did when you were a child, with a hopeful heart and believing that all things were possible, send your wish list to the universe. Once you believed in a jolly old elf and eight tiny reindeer, but now you know the universe has its own magical delivery system.
  • Earth angel, thank you for demonstrating the real-world application of comfort and joy.
  • Thinking you’re getting grumpy in your old age, when you’re willing to don your gay apparel simply for the sake of great-grandchildrens’ smiles, you reveal the truth of your big ol’ heart. Whether this whole holiday thing is a bucket of nonsense or not, you can’t fool anyone old gal—your divinity is showing. Having the power to put the kibosh on the joy, you show true wisdom when you don’t.
  • Let yourself be caught up in the energy swirling around you, whisked to your next grand adventure. Outside looking in it will be a wild ride but remember you’ll be in the driver’s seat, your hands firmly holding the reins.
  • Things stacking up nicely, your intuition tells you that the stars are aligning to deliver good to your plate. Be open to receiving as you are oh so right.
  • You planned for and practiced it, and now the curtain is about to go up on your element of surprise. Get ready for a standing O as in “Oh, we love it!”
  • Look at your life through the eyes of a child and let your heart be filled with wonder.
  • Having said your prayers, whether whispered in rugged rocky terrain or lush verdant forests and even when there are only wisps and tatters, there are no prayers that go unheard or unanswered.
  • Just like the urban legend said, the twins were two halves of the same coin and could communicate even without speaking. Of one mind on most things, on the rare occasion that they did disagree, they found that their highest happiest solution was found when they solved the dilemma together rather than apart. Follow their lead and put your heads together.
  • No longer witnessing the plugged-in few trying single-handedly to light up the world, now, everywhere you turn, you see illuminated souls swimming to and fro, you among them. Go forth and carry your light.
  • A bird-dog by nature, you were meant to follow the scent until you found the feather. Keep sniffing this and that for you are hot on the trail of your happy place.
  • If you allow it, your lightest brightest joy will unfold naturally.
  • Knowing to everything there was a season and that his time here on Earth was finite, Sherman always paused to reflect on what was before he stepped into what would be. He would make no resolutions except one—that while he was here he would make a big impact on hearts and a little impact on the land. If a simple snowman with a heart of gold can know his place in this world and live his purpose, so can you. Be a true citizen of the world and live with purposeful footprints.









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