• In 2016, believe it can happen and it will.
  • Although Mischka knew he lived in cage, he also knew that he was in a unique position to touch hearts and change minds, and so day after day he set about living his life with purpose. Live beyond the borders of your circumstances.
  • Rocko knew there were things he could not see, but that didn’t stop him from trying. It does not matter whether you see us with your eyes or your heart, but see us you will, see us you do.
  • To celebrate triumphs and sidestep sorrows, you wish you could see a year the year-at-a-glance. Your future is like a Rubik’s Cube with finite but vast possibilities to be puzzled out when the time is right.
  • Feeling crazed like an 8 ball running for dear life on the felt, dodging pitfalls and empty pockets, you’re ready to raise the white flag in surrender. Having played this game out, it’s time to surrender your suffering and allow only good on the green.
  • Cassidy never felt freer than when she was shreddin’ the mountain. No need to move mountains. Release that expectation and move yourself instead. Freedom awaits.
  • You will never have a full relationship unless you share and share alike. If one has and the one he or she loves does not, the load will continually be unbalanced.
  • Seeking solace, you go for the comforter and a pay-per-view weekend. Hug yourself from the inside out.
  • Keeping us busy reminding you that you are a beautiful swan rather than an ugly duckling, it’s time to look at your reflection and acknowledge your truth, your divinity.
  • It’s time for a spirit tête-à-tête. Close your eyes and join us.
  • Geronimo, Mo for short, wished that life came with clear instructions. Never going forth fearlessly like his namesake, he waited for guidance before ever moving a paw. Fearless or cautious, there is no right or wrong way to live, but you are being called to step up and be the leader of the pack. Time to follow your own lead.
  • Quite at home on earth, you give a superficial nod to the possibility of other worlds, but have no desire to go down that rabbit hole. What would you say if we told you that you already have… many, many times?
  • Simple faith is putting one foot in front of the other, even when you don’t have an inkling of where it will lead. You are on your path so close your eyes, open your heart and climb.
  • Keeping a small flame burning all these years, and flavoring it with a bit of pulp fiction, you wonder if the two of you would have had a good life together. Your marriage would have been like a marshmallow roast—delicious at the start but the sweet over before you know it.
  • MacGyvering your joy these last few years, your Cinderella slipper awaits. Let’s slip you into something more comfortable.
  • Appreciate the miraculous moments for once you create one, you can repeat the process and create many.
  • Undaunted by the dingy grey day, he was in swimmingly good humor and couldn’t wait to exercise his glee. Pump up your happy today.
  • Never be afraid to give us our marching orders. There is no one better suited to lead your parade than you. We’re listening for your whistle.
  • Looking up from the bottom rung and assessing the challenge ahead, you think you can go the distance. Your calculations are correct—gold medals and confetti rain are in your future, not to mention a raise.
  • Seeing 11:11 here, there and everywhere, you know it’s a sign but of what? Doubles are an angelic high five, affirming your path, your purpose, your choices.
  • Known for sticking her sticking her nose where it didn’t belong, Rosy’s barnyard colleagues tended to turn their back on her gossip sniffing snout. Slop is always easy to sniff out. Root out praiseworthy tubers and tidbits instead.
  • She is not oblivious to the scratches and dings as she eyes her reflection. To her, well used simply means well loved. Life hasn’t always been merrily down the stream, for she’s had a time or two of white knuckling the sides when errant jet skis crossed her path, but it’s been more smooth sailing than not and for this she is grateful. That and the fact that she now has the freedom to do whatever floats her boat, including snazzy new paint jobs.
  • Moving out of cruise control, it’s time to resume who you were meant to be.
  • A collector of all things beaded, bedazzled and beautiful, Phoebe’s philosophy was that one could never surround themselves with too much divine. You are all endowed with divinity. Phoebe was right, bedeck yourself.
  • Not a game to you, it frustrates you when others think it is. Holding your position so long, you’ve become a bit of a fossil. Relax your stance.
  • When the chips are down, it’s not the cards you are dealt that reveal your character, but whether you hold, fold or play. Go all in. We’re your ace in the hole.
  • Schedule in some slow before you blow.
  • Having heard that it was healthy for her, she was willing to give the green goo a try. Suck it up—choose healthy.
  • Good-natured about it all, but tired of being led by the nose from the left and the right, you patiently put your foot down, preferring instead to make your own decisions.
  • Remove “settling” from your vocabulary, for it is not ever your highest outcome unless you’re a house.
  • Weeping at the magnitude of how far you’ve come, your heart swells with gratitude for you know that although your achievements have been through your strength and under your steam, your Spirit crew has been cheering you on day in and day out with stroke, stroke, stroke.


  • You’ve forgotten what it felt like to be pleased as punch at your prospects. We’re here to remind you that your cup is brimming with good and, as you’ll soon see, much more than half full.
  • Peeking into your heart, we marvel at your capacity to love. Why is it then you neglect to wrap your arms around you? It’s time to be a world-class hugger… of you.
  • Fresh from the graduation stage, you can’t wait for your big break. Shiny and new to the game, with resume in hand you set out to prove why you should be picked. When the door opens, give it all you’ve got and you won’t roll around on the bottom rung for very long.
  • Once spilled, beans can never be unspilled.
  • Lately it seems as if something is missing. When you need something sweet in your life, all you need do is ask. You will soon be served a fountain of good.
  • Having been nicked a time or two, you cross your fingers hoping that “the third time’s a charm” holds true. This time when you step into the line of fire, he will be completely disarmed and you will be utterly charmed.
  • Having learned from last year’s 15 minutes of catfight fame, they watched from box seats as their respective teams took the field, and were glad they had vowed to be wowed by the superstar plays, regardless of which side made them. Passion is important for #1 fans, but so is keeping claws sheathed. Enjoy today’s jumbrotron moments.
  • The simplest gestures leave the deepest impressions.
  • When kindred souls meet no words are needed.
  • Knowing he wasn’t a young bug anymore, he prayed that one day a partner would join him in his penthouse petals, and so every day he would climb the towering stem and scan the horizon for his mate. Stay tuned, your “love at first sight” answer will be arriving soon.
  • His secret admirer, Jessamyn knew it was time to step out from behind the curtain and take a chance. Tired of being both the sender and receiver of this month’s FTD special, she decided to be bold and make the first move—introduce herself.
  • High on love, she left heart-shaped confetti love notes everywhere she went. No surprise that people felt lifted in her wake. Be that girl—a true jubilant spirit.
  • Remember saying you would enjoy your first date regardless of your fate? And then you did. Give your marriage a fresh coat of love and recreate your first date.
  • Thinking someone up there loves me, you would be right.
  • Tempted to settle for any port in the storm, bravo for not dropping your anchor. Your highest chart has been plotted so keep your sails raised, your vessel free to ride the currents to sunnier shores.
  • Staying close to what you know doesn’t allow you to grow. The time is coming when you will need to break free to discover who you were meant to be.
  • Like the little train with the big heart, you think you can run with the big dogs. We don’t think, we know.
  • Listening to the masters is like pulling up to the pump and filling up. You are their beloved cause, and they are always happy to give an impromptu concert for your benefit.
  • Coloring outside of the lines comes as natural to you as breathing. Happy with your current creation, you set down the worn and well-loved tools of the trade realizing you are proof that magical thinking manifests a magical life.
  • Her life a kissing booth and she the kissee, she seemed blinded to her options. Although there are many standing in line for a kiss, walk away from the revolving door romances and give yourself a real shot at love.
  • To him, title was unimportant. He knew that even unofficial lifeguards could watch the beach for potential hazards, and beachwalkers always felt safer when he was manning his barnacle-covered post.
  • Able to see the other side but not quite sure how to get there, ask for the fog to roll out and clarity to roll in. Like a Magic 8-ball answer that floats to the forefront, watch as your bridge and next bowl of chowder appears.
  • Directionless and asking for guidance, it seems that lately the signs have kept their whereabouts under wraps. Keep the faith child, the cloud cover is temporary. All will be revealed at the perfect time, divine time.
  • Smiling at your reflection, you never realized with good deeds came white feathers. Yes, you’re an earth angel in-the-making.
  • Visualizing the “all clear, it looks good here” for days, when the man in scrubs confirms your intention, you are bowled over. Ecstatic to hear the good news, you can’t help but jump for joy.
  • When someone with a snowball’s chance of success does the unimaginable and succeeds, those lucky enough to be standing on the sidelines have their rusty “I can achieve” doors opened too. Be grateful for the risk takers for they breed your success.
  • There is a certain confidence that comes from knowing you have a heavenly ace up your sleeve.
  • Sometimes you just outgrow a situation. When it’s time to split, set the intention of freedom and a much bigger spiritual pot.
  • Breaking with convention, she leapt at the opportunity to seize her happiness. And he said yes to her proposal.


  • Taught to blow bubbles before he could walk and scrub behind his ears as soon as he could, the “scrubbing bubbles” lesson was not lost on him. Lather up and cleanse all energetic layers: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and auric. Spring cleaning is cathartic.
  • Close but no cigar, you’re making points but the dart ducks the bullseye every time. You’ve taken several shots—now give it your best one.
  • Born with a silver spoon, Joey was reluctant to set out on his own. Food cooked, clothes washed, cable paid for, room just the way he liked it, he wondered why anyone would ever leave home. It’s time to go on a walkabout young man. You’re getting a little heavy to carry.
  • What he wanted so close he could almost taste it, Bailey was ready to explode. It seemed an eternity since he’d been told to stay. Your patience is about to be rewarded, your joy unleashed.
  • Having spent the winter dreaming of airborne missions to touch the clouds, he was ready to come out of hibernation and fly. Brush off the inconvenience, for you have a friend who is waiting for you to come out and play.
  • Believing he was still a lapdog, you knew he would come to the truth soon enough. Thank you for loving him enough to let his spirit catch up with his body.
  • Keep your sunny side up.
  • You’ve seen the signs and understand that in this new cycle you will give birth to new ideas and grow every aspect of your life. The doors of opportunity are wide-open but remember the early bird gets the worm.
  • Your journey is not in the agony of holding on but in the freedom of letting go.
  • Knowing her power, she knew it would take a little nose wiggling but decided to hop to it and start manifesting her deepest desire. You have magic in you—use it.
  • Wicked wit and looking for someone who will click, you’re ready to stop singing in the rain solo. Don’t be surprised when you meet on the street.
  • Sometimes you have to get a little lost to be found.
  • Pansies popping up everywhere you go, they remind you of how she loved to plant the soft purple petals every spring. Missing her mulch-covered hands, know that she is still tending to her garden, and you.
  • There are coffee breaks and then there are coffee breaks. Take 10 to talk to your spirit guides and make yours memorable.
  • She loved running through rainbows, believing she would be coated with goodness just like a Skittle. Bless yourself by taking a moment to see the world through the eyes of a child.
  • No longer content to stand on the sidelines and watch, you decide to find your own luck. Finders keepers.
  • Lucky charms rule the day. Step into yours!
  • Confident that he could deliver, he thought he’d kick back and chill until the big day. His assistant on paparazzi watch, he pulled down his shades and was out. Everyone deserves a little R & R, especially you.
  • She’d heard tales of her ancestors endlessly chasing the carrot on the stick but in her world, even without her Chase card, carrots magically appeared. Unless one wanted to lose a few pounds, she thought pursuit of the elusive orange prize seemed like extra work, and she was right. Stop, wipe the sweat from your brow, and invite your carrot to come to you.
  • Officially an empty nester, you’re not quite sure what to do with all of your new found alone time. Enjoy your spring break, for you’ve graduated to the next level and classes begin soon.
  • He didn’t feel like the last man standing but rather the odd man out, for he had yet to be chosen. What he didn’t realize is that he’d been singled out for a custom paint job and his new shell would be the envy of all in the basket. Have faith, your life purpose is about to reveal itself.
  • This is one time you can count your chickens before they hatch.
  • You can restore what you think you’ve lost, but the reality is things must fall away so that you have room in your basket for your new and improved life.
  • Feeling light as a feather and walking on air, she couldn’t remember the last time she was this happy. Follow your dreams and you’ll feel just ducky too.
  • Missing her childhood friend, she wished she could turn back time to tree forts and teacups. Although invisible to others, he was never invisible to you. Invite your joy guide to tea.
  • Plant a few kisses on your family, furry or otherwise.
  • You are always in good hands, ours.
  • Be grateful for the friends that return year after year.
  • Miles apart in your opinion does not mean you need to keep your distance, your heart protected and remote. Instead of keeping each other at arm’s length, close the gap to within earshot and easy listening.
  • Still working out the kinks, you trust that everything will fall gracefully into place. It will.
  • Take a deep breath and blow, it’s time to let go.


  • Stay open and all manner of good can come your way.
  • Heart pumping and marathon mojo switch on, she couldn’t wait to race the waves. Every time you set a goal and swim for it, you’re building character—a better world one person at a time.
  • Look around, life is giving you the thumbs up.
  • Having heard into every life a little rain must fall, she chose to toss that thought aside and only allow her truth, and days filled with light, grace and warmth.
  • Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to stick the landing.
  • Thought building upon thought, you’ve had an epiphany. You realize it’s time to aspire to something loftier. Elevate your world.
  • We recognize your elbow grease and now we want you to recognize the beautiful end result.
  • This is how we see you. Take a moment every day to see yourself this way too.
  • Schooling her little ones in the art of survival, when her audience tuned out she felt like a flight attendant giving the safety speech. Be an attentive student, for your guides want to assure safe passage.
  • Guidance from your guides is like bottomless fries—there’s always more where that came from.
  • Needing roots and routine, your life didn’t work out quite the way you expected. Between growth spurts and game days kid chaos reigns, but you cherish your unplanned garden, for wild and woolly is so much prettier than perfectly-behaved rows. We like how your garden grows.
  • Celebrate their choice and they will celebrate yours.
  • Holding your breath all winter, now that the skies are clear and the days are warm, you’re ready to play. Here comes the sun, and a new playmate.
  • An instrument with perfect pitch, a purse for pennies, or a shipper of secrets, the truth is you are never meant to be just one thing. Explore your many facets.
  • Jackie’s bedtime ritual to roll the dice letting her wanderlust-sprinkled finger book passage on the dream express, tonight all signs pointed to New Jersey. Usually flying over exotic lands, the turnpike was not quite what she’d expected, but she had long ago learned to trust the digit-driven guidance for her nighttime trek. Glasses on the nightstand, she dug her head into the pillow and hit the road Jack. An unexpected junket is coming your way.
  • Let God’s grace settle in your soul and be restored to pristine condition.
  • A weaver by nature, Beatrice knew it was time to start fabricating her future. You have everything you need to design your destiny. Nature will provide the incidentals.
  • Rather than brightening your desk, you decide to brighten someone’s day. Seems you are in the business of joy-giving. Not on your resume perhaps, but one of your very best skill sets.
  • Your agile mind thinks it’s interesting when the day throws a curveball, but the unexpected plot twist has your persnickety bowels in an uproar. Asking your innards for mercy, you try a different tact—compassion. Checking in with your body, you realize you’ve actually been thrown for a loop. Change can be hard, but it is always to move you to a higher, healthier, happier path. Just go with it.
  • You can always ask us to turn down the wind, but look at all the clean energy that’s sweeping through you, clearing out the cobwebs and making you feel alive. Twirl-R-Us!
  • Stop skirting around the issue. It will end on a sweet note if you deal with it now.
  • After a tearful farewell, you give it one final thrust for the flyby. You’ve already glimpsed the perfect spot to land, and know it’s time to be on your way.
  • Now that you’ve made the decision, we’ve called shotgun to help you chart your new trajectory, keeping the wind at your back and your sails full.
  • You are unstoppable right now. Put the pedal to the metal and go!
  • On a quest to touch the moon, your next step will take you another rung closer.
  • With pockets full of light, don’t be surprised when a dazzled spirit hops on board to share in the radiance. You control your ride-alongs. Say “support my highest or fly away home.”
  • Shopping for shades, you’re looking for something more durable because your lenses tend to like the freedom of “no case” adventures. You’ll find what you’re looking for, the perfect fit, but so far you’ve just scratched the surface.
  • Sophie was proud to offer the fine dining experience, even if she sometimes felt picked on by the critics. In her ‪#‎Yelper‬’s heart, she knew she deserved rave reviews. Shrug it off.
  • Designed just for you, a fresh coat of fabulous is coming your way.
  • Elevated thought occurs when the world celebrates differing opinion rather than the echo chamber.


  • Floating in the arms of love, trust is becoming your new normal.
  • Too new to be appreciated, the fresh-faced recruits clock in with expectant hearts, hoping to earn their Chiquita stripes. You’ll be ripe and ready to rock ‘n roll soon enough. It will turn out better than expected.
  • Taking you under our wing, we shield you from the harshest rays and critics.
  • Just like Glinda, tall or small, you see the good in everyone. We see the good in you.
  • Seeing the familiar hump in the green grass, you smile at his predictability. He knows he’s capable of under-the-fence escapades, but he prefers to stay where you can find him, and dogs can’t. Spirit prefers to stay where you can find them too.
  • Liking things baggy, you thought worst-case scenario the situation would shrink to fit. If at first things do not fit your form, it is not good form to hold on hoping someday they will.
  • Your sacred space can be anywhere, within or without. It seems like you need a moment to think, so find a quiet place to pull over and park it.
  • From the time they are born, you know you signed up for a lifetime of handholding, and nothing has ever made you happier. Mothers bless their babies with unconditional love, even when their babies have grandbabies.
  • Don’t panic. Stepping in it can be a good thing.
  • Taught to always aim high, you’re not going to let a little thing like a cloud keep you from hitting your mark. Your heart is true and your aim will be too.
  • Outside looking in, you now can appreciate the beauty of the cage, the intricacies and embellishments that were there not to confine but to help you fully develop your wings. Although sad to leave home, you know that there’s nowhere to go but up from here. Yes, you were always meant to fly the coop.
  • Take a look around and you’ll realize that you are exactly where you are meant to be. Surrounded by things that spark the imagination and ignite your soul, you know you too can thrive in this environment.
  • You can’t help but smile knowing that your guides surround you and run interference from time to time. Life is just more fun when you realize that you’re safe, protected and surrounded by love.
  • The brass ring, your destiny, has always been there just waiting for you to reach out and grab it. Your fingertips have grazed it, but your chicken skin wisdom tells you that with every revolution you get closer to holding the golden prize in your hand. Extend a little more and you’ll have it.
  • Enjoy this soul-swelling day, for there is another on its heels tomorrow.
  • You all have your own strengths. Now is the time to exercise yours.
  • Another one bites the dust, and you wonder if you’ll be the last man standing. Don’t waffle on your conviction to do your best work and you’ll be just fine.
  • Never meant to be a “do not cross” line in the sand, it’s time to escape the confines of the lines. Let your inner Picasso roar.
  • As far back as you can remember, you saw things differently. Where others saw a lamp, you saw moonbeams. You have a very good eye.
  • We see your bar and we raise it.
  • Filled with light and love, Spirit is sending a rainbow of choices your way. Pumped, you know that the one you pick will be just the thing to float your boat.
  • Exhaling your wish, now wave your wand and release it. Trust that we know your heart and will bring only iridescent full-blown blessings.
  • Thinking this is what popcorn must feel like, she couldn’t help but giggle at the onslaught. When everything pops at once, you know that things will soon settle and be buttery smooth.
  • Practicing his grimace and growl in the mirror, he knew he was going to love the summer gig. There’s no better job than making people smile. Go, your crowd is waiting.
  • Filled with goodness, you always keep them coming back for more.
  • Lifetimes as a waterman, he felt his truest form when he was standing in the surf. When you look at the moon and wonder if you can squeeze in one more set, listen to your soul for it knows what serves you best.
  • Once a tourist in this beautiful land of light and love, you now know you belong here. In the driver seat, you put the top down and tune into your favorite channel, the Spirit Top 40. Even when you know all the best places to pull over and park, it’s always wise to tune in for more tips.
  • Spirit 911 on speed dial, it’s easy to treat everything as an emergency. If saving the day is needed we’re there, but believe us when we tell you that you do not need rescuing. Since you’ve got this, we’ll bring the bells and whistles.
  • For her, realignment and connection to the divine meant simply stepping outside. It’s time to get your nature on.
  • If he could go back and change the past he’s not sure what he would do differently, but feels if he could save even one more life it would be worth doing it all again. He has a true hero’s heart.
  • They felt like two of the luckiest ducks on the planet. Not only had they been given a reprieve from math, history and science, but they had the whole summer ahead of them to swim, surf, and soak up the sun. When you get a break, take it.


  • Living Barnum’s “go big or go home” philosophy, every summer he challenged himself to see if he could go higher. Inflate your goals and things will stack up nicely.
  • The easiest way to shut down skeptics is by showing them what you can do.
  • A big fan of curling up on the couch, since there were no couchsurfing opportunities nearby, he took advantage of the next best thing, his car. You are here to serve others, not just your “need a nap” self. As long as you do, your vagabond spirit will be served too.
  • Having forgotten the sweltering summers and how hot it could get, he felt every bit like the wicked witch who was melting. Reaching for a cold one, once it was up to his lips he thought that although home was great, there was no place he’d rather be than right here drinking an ice-cold beer. You are exactly where you were meant to be.
  • He’d been looking forward to another year of whistleblowing, of being responsible for the little heads bobbing below. You are a life saver more than you know.
  • With notebooks full of ideas, it’s time for your pen’s efforts to gel.
  • Hiding the proof behind your back, when you take a shot at others you are always found out..
  • Once you construct your first “cherry on top” day, your hands remember the plan and each one gets easier. You have everything you need including spirit sandpeople so dig in and build a divine day.
  • Your cup runneth over. Just floating an idea here but don’t you think it’s time to start sipping?
  • Look up at the sky and you’ll realize that you do not live in a tiny home after all.
  • Beach walking with your bestie in tow, you know your souls are simpatico. Sisters in everything but blood, you wonder if this is what it means to have a soulmate. Yes, it does. You will meet and love many soulmates in this lifetime.
  • The royal treatment soon cometh your way.
  • Getting in over their heads and feeling like they would be pulled even further, he knew what he had to do. Determined to find his footing, he set his mind to digging their way out of this. Your mighty heart will see your family’s way to sunnier shores.
  • Awake and aware, you know now you carry the energy for the greater good. Share the joy juice.
  • Seeing the signs for a while now, you feel the telepathic pull to your highest and happiest place. Keep your hands at 10 and 2, your chocolate-dipped destination is just a few more miles down the road. You can’t miss it.
  • A couple weeks in and already bouncing off the walls, it’s taking everything you’ve got in your motherhood bag o’ tricks to keep them contained. Deep breath mama, they’re having a ball this summer.
  • Thinking so far so really good, you can’t imagine how the summer could get any better. Kick back and chill, it can and it will.
  • Taking the “go fish” sentiment literally, she grabbed her allowance and pedaled to the park. Not knowing which would leave faster, daylight or dollars, she decided it didn’t matter one bit for she was going to squeeze every smile out of herself that she could today.
  • He could tell you in a flash who his hero is, the one that rules supreme in his little heart. It is the man who calls him bud, acts goofy so he will eat his peas, rides slow so he can keep up, pushes him so high his feet almost touch the moon, and who every night makes his mom smile. He wants to be just like his hero when he grows up.
  • Only three feet tall and already a force to be reckoned with, every one who met her knew that there would be no mountains too tall for this little girl. Bucking broncos and glass ceilings beware, our tiny heroine is here.
  • Looking at the gals, you see women standing in the fullness of their beauty. Oh sure, 36-24-36 is a “once upon a time” memory, and the skin is a little bit thicker, but that has served you well. Rather than diminished by age, you feel empowered. Still every bit the girl that was gonna take the world by storm, now you teach others they can too.
  • Looking a little worse for wear, she’s carted you from Point A to Point B for years and you love your little engine that could. The feeling is mutual and she will perform with her whole mechanical heart until the day she’s too pooped to putt. Appreciate the trusted friends that carry you.
  • Proof that the universe had heard her “love in all forms comes to me now” affirmation, she couldn’t help but giggle at her “design my destiny” results. Set your intention and the universe will happily oblige. Oh, and get ready for the pile on… of love.
  • Wishing she was not so plain, she sighed as she opened the door to the coffee shop and this, their first date. Awed by her guileless beauty as she crossed the room, he thought about the elaborately embellished and preservative-filled cupcakes he had dated and knew that no one would ever compare to her. Simple beauty is breathtaking. Appreciate yours.
  • Lucky Strikes rolled in his sleeve, Billy had groomed his cool so when he took to the street with his rod, even the squares in the Pontiac tanks turned their heads. Not only a standout guy but a stand-up guy, your outside persona matches your inside persona, a real cool and righteous cat.
  • Gazing into the crystal hoping to catch a glimpse of your tomorrows, you wonder if your oracle’s on the fritz for all you see are the brilliant rays of the sun. Your fortune-telling prowess is intact. What you see is what you get, a light bright future ahead.
  • Having patiently waited her turn, she steps up to the line and rolls. As the ball ambles down the lane, the onlookers lose interest going back to noshing and laughing, so it is quite a surprise when one by one each pin goes down. Small but mighty, there is no room in her life for gutter balls.
  • Feeling like you always miss the turn off, go right when you should go left, you wish there were fewer detours in your life, that someone would just send you a sign. We have. When you find yourself nose to nose with a boulder, know that it’s a divine sign, and time to stop and reconsider your course.
  • A thrill junkie, if it had speed and danger he was in. While others were holding on for dear life, he threw up his arms to amp up the Gs. Life’s an adventure—make it epic.
  • Sitting in the booth and waiting for her shake, she knew she had a selection to make. Choices fanning out before her, she would have to pick one and see how it played out. You will choose wisely.


  • Rod may not have had a subtle bone in his body but he could teach a thing or two about being comfortable in one’s own copper-colored skin. Take a note from Rod’s playbook—kick back and let yourself cruise this weekend.
  • For her, this day wasn’t just the high school band high-stepping to Yankee Doodle Dandy or hay trucks festooned in their red, white and blue finery—it was about letting her freedom ring.
  • From bucking broncs and barrel races to little wranglers mutton busting, he loved everything about the rodeo, especially parading his true colors. Proudly parade your stars and stripes.
  • Having spent the day slipping, sliding and spitting out pits, their bellies were watermelon full and their hearts excited for what was to come, Piccolo Pete’s concert. The cul-de-sac gang couldn’t wait to hear Pete singing at the top of his lungs, or for the erupting cones to paint their beaming faces with light. They would wear the radiance for days.
  • Breathing life into what was once just a flat lifeless thought, through grit and determination your braided vision is now plump, pumped and ready to ride. Congratulations, way to iron out the kinks.
  • After so many years of suits and starched collars, boardrooms rather than breakwater, he was finally immersed in his passion. Dreams never expire. Keep your dream alive to thrive.
  • With purpose and passion joined, you step in appreciating the breathtaking clarity you have today. If your mask ever clouds, simply ask for perfect visibility and watch as all becomes crystal clear.
  • Unabashedly happy looks good at any age.
  • Living the tenant you are what you eat, it is important to you to grow your own. Proud of your patch in the community garden, you have satisfied your needs. Now satisfy your neighbor’s.
  • Wishing you lived more like the fun-loving free-spirited Joneses next door, regardless of how you live or where, your happiness lies in creating your own slice of paradise wherever you park it.
  • Definitive on what leadership looks like, your experience thus far has validated your aesthetic. For the love of fashion, evolved leadership and your soul’s growth, we’re stepping in to champion your ideal, making a few minor alterations here and there so that your executive star shines even brighter.
  • Sometimes the universe throws you for a loop just to hear you giggle.
  • Operating on backup power before his first cup of coffee, mighty Joe pulled up to the speaker and ordered his daily “no cream, no sugar” fix. It’s never wise to let a cup of bean juice call the shots.
  • Love blurs the lines between giver and receiver.
  • Once upon a time you dug your toes in the sand and felt immediately connected to the divine. That grace still resides in your soul, easily roused with a recollection. A note from the past asks you to turn up your perception—remember your celestial connection.
  • Whether two pigtails or one plait, your souls are inseparable. When your happiness folds into her smiling eyes and her sorrow lets slip your tear, you know that soulmates exist. Lean in to the one whose heart plays the same beat, your “beneath the skin” carbon copy.
  • Lucas, unsure that this was such a good idea, held his Lego superhero and his tongue. Excited to go from baby to big boy, every time a new lock dropped so did his stomach. Even surrounded by trusted smiles, it takes a lion’s heart to embrace change.
  • It’s okay to have a senior moment, even if you haven’t yet earned the senior discount. Today’s big lesson comes from the brightest of souls—lighten up and live with joy.
  • Her mother always saw things through rose-colored colored glasses, but Poppy was more practical. She figured love would come in divine time, and until then she would be just fine. She was right on both counts.
  • Eyes crinkling at the newest wrinkle, Todd scoffed at the gang who advised a fast shuffle to whitewash the facts. It’s always wiser and higher to kick it above the fray.
  • Despite appearances, you are never hanging on by just a thread. Listen to your intuition and it will guide your hand to its next highest hold.
  • Having tied your self in ecru knots, its time to find a spot in the sun and let it all hang out.  Rather than living on the fringe, let yourself stream with ease.
  • Hoping to catch a keeper, the junior angler set her bobber and cast aside her doubts. Remember it’s not how wide your net, but how open your heart. Set your intention, believe it’s time to receive, and let ‘er rip.
  • A little part of you aching to dash into the waves, you struggle against your inner wisdom that warns of undertows and risk. We see your Stretch Armstrong tug-o-war, and can assure you that you know what’s good for you, your highest and best.
  • Born a headliner and feeling somehow along the way you missed your big break, we’re here to tell you there is an audience just waiting for your fancy footwork. Shake a leg!
  • Told that it will happen when pigs fly, you can’t help but scan the sky hoping to see fellow travelers with wings. When you believe that all things are possible, the sky is the limit.
  • Looking a lot like a girl on her way to meet the wizard, she courageously stepped into the Technicolor world and whatever would come her way today. She had listened to Martian-looking mentors, wise witches and counselors galore, but knew now that the compass pointing to her true north lie within. Follow your yellow brick truth.
  • Remembering what it felt like to be limber enough to limbo, whoop as you were wickedly whipped from the conga, wisecrack and go for the girl, you wonder where the time has gone. In your mind’s eye, you are still too cool for school. Think young to be young.
  • A little older and much wiser, when your brother says jump, you say how high? Have faith in his counsel, as he is his brother’s keeper. This is not the first time you have blessed yourself with his brotherly love. As part of your buddy system, your souls have traveled together many lifetimes.
  • Tongues wagging or tail wagging? To him, it is a no-brainer. Tickled to trigger your milk mustache happiness, he is more than happy to share.
  • Minnie looked at the cloudless blue sky and thought “Could anything that beautiful be man-made?” No photo credits required for the who, simply appreciate the what.


  • Putting her on a pedestal, her child’s heart willed it never to end. Your performance is music to someone’s ears.
  • Going toe-to-toe with your foe, at the end of the day you realize his mouse-catching success takes nothing away from your own. A foe is simply a friend in disguise.
  • From the toddler’s thousandth “why” to the preteen’s “you’re so annoying,” all are molding moments. Remember everything you say will be recorded in their heart. There is nothing as effortless as loving a child or as hard as raising one.
  • Finding your feet at a fork, when unsure of your next steps, close your eyes and watch. Like a drawbridge, as if by magical ropes and pulleys, one choice will always elevate higher than the other. Take the high road.
  • Known around town as the three S’s, Sheila, Sophia and Stella really knew how to lift spirits. Funny and kind, wherever they went a smile was not far behind. Leave happiness in your wake.
  • Take a moment and lean into love.
  • Keeping your star under wraps, you have barely skimmed the surface of your talent. Today’s note to self: Now is a superb time to reach for the stars.
  • Before you step into that tricky sticky situation, surround yourself with God’s iridescent white light and no one will burst your happiness bubble.
  • Hardwired for reciprocity, when you give love without condition or expectation, you become a beacon for those whose vibration most closely matches your heart.
  • Eyes glued to the tube and their favorite summer reruns of Gunsmoke, the boys thought the day couldn’t get any better, and then mom set her noxious spinach and tuna casserole on the table and the day took a dive. When a great day starts to stink up the joint, be like Marshal Dillon and keep the peace.
  • Tugging yourself to terra firma, you’re happy that the master at rocking the boat is finally out of the picture, but a tiny spark wonders if you’ll ever get your sway back. Yes of course, but we won’t tow you back out until you’re ready.
  • Seeking a respite from your urban digs, you set off for a weekend where no man has gone before, but really any old quiet forest will do. Give yourself a time out.
  • Regardless of which way the wind blows, your true friends will always stay by your side.
  • No need to draw straws—everyone can sip pure bliss.
  • Experiencing the gravitational pull of her favorite afternoon soap, she unthinkingly reaches for the dial and today’s dose of manufactured emotion. Certainly effective bait for one as sensitive as you, but as an empath it opens doors to happy, sad, and everything in between. Let the drama unfold without you.
  • Trusting her feet to find their footing and her soul to stay righted, she stepped up and took the risk. It was only now that her balancing act was almost perfected that she allowed herself a smile. You’ve got this.
  • Your soul sees that you’re a little sad around the edges. Ask that your energy be raised to a higher, brighter vibration, and you’ll be amazed how quickly mountains morph into molehills.
  • Once upon a time his flattery floated through your window to tenderly caress your heart, and you imagined the possibilities. Grateful to have lived the love story, even though your sailor is long gone, you know he’s still blowing you kisses from across the veil.
  • When your eyes can’t believe what they’re seeing, remember you are not the only colorful characters that inhabit this space.
  • We are the moth filled with love for your flame.
  • The beneficiary of countless sunrises and sunsets, you know that true romance doesn’t cost a thing.
  • Your suit of armor may be runway chic, but your shabby no-makeup mornings are even more divine. Wear your coat inside out to reveal the true artistry.
  • The nutty prize so close you can almost taste it, you have learned that the more chipper your birdsong, the closer the bowl slides to your beak.
  • Congratulations on your breakthrough, knowing you’re a treasure and deserving of life in the light.
  • The midway daring her to step right up and conquer the towering giant, so far her bravado had only extended as far as her inked sass. Still, she couldn’t think of anything worse than living feet on the ground, always wondering “what if,” so she stepped up and in and invited the ride of her life.
  • Not expecting it to be as easy as pie, it will end up being a piece of cake.
  • She knows she can always reach for your hand… and find it.
  • Kindness is an every day show and tell.
  • Like a switchboard, everyone comes equipped with a crystal clear connection. Live operators are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to give you directory assistance and divine inspiration.
  • Nose pressed against the glass and believing life better on the other side, they forgot to savor what they had—each other.
  • Just like your shadow, we never leave your side. Let’s ride.


  • Don’t worry that you’re stepping on his toes, for he wants to be as close to you as you want to be to him.
  • Be tickled at the prospect that there’s more below the surface than meets the eye.
  • Seeing how long you can go before letting it go, you make every experience an exercise in control. Instead of hunkering down and holding your breath, exhale and feel the freedom of being carried to a lighter brighter alternative. Trust us, there is something brilliant on your horizon.
  • Seeking sanity as you bury your toes in the warm white sand, you’re content to be earthbound today. You know Mother is always happy to hold you. Pull up a patch of earth and ground.
  • Your contribution to the day: new pavers, unpotted plants and even more curbside appeal, you deserve a DIY break.
  • Chew on this for a bit. Opportunity after opportunity drops in your hand to expand your universe. Only you can decide whether to breathe life into it.
  • People may think he’s a few fries short of a Happy Meal, but he knows he’s happy flipping burgers. Never let anyone dictate your happy thought.
  • Do not tempt the thorn lest it aim for your side.
  • Wondering what was on her horizon, she took a moment to appreciate the detours that had taken her for a ride and around the block. Knowing her destination was a joy-filled life, with the wisdom of past rides at her side, she would let her heart be her guide.
  • Stairs may challenge your body, but they need never challenge your soul. Every step, up or down, is part of your ascension.
  • Realizing everyone around you has their own hang-ups will set you free to simply be.
  • Just a tip: generosity begets generosity.
  • Every bit the Princess but trying to keep your crown under wraps, your virtue shines through. Where you see high-maintenance and pampered, we see generous and kind. You are a jewel meant to show your sparkle.
  • Tears leaking is just you changing your oil to make room for the new more brilliant you.
  • Your ego may have taken a bit of a hit when you tipped, but try again. We’ve delivered the goods giving you everything you need to succeed, and this time the outcome will be much sweeter.
  • Take your cue from the big beautiful full moon and rise to the occasion.
  • With crystal-wrapped wire in one hand and pliers in the other, Jess was never happier than when she was surrounded by her baubles, beads… and a crowd. It’s time to take your trunk show on the road.
  • Keeping your expectations realistic keeps you stuck in what is. Let’s go for what could be.
  • New to this world, she was still trying to find her footing so did what every wise newbie does—she found a mentor to teach her the ropes.
  • Not your first time to the rodeo, when your stalk starts to droop and you feel like you’re going to seed, you know it’s not a head hanger. Soon, the best parts of you will be roasted, bagged and tagged for all to enjoy, and that’s plumb good enough for you.
  • Breathe easy knowing you are deeply connected to the journey that you are meant to take, even if sometimes it feels like a bit of a stretch.
  • Feeling like you’ve been camped under a rock for the last decade, your cool factor completely vanished, you wonder at what point you became obsolete. Light givers will always be cool in our book.
  • Nurture others with kindness and then stand back for they will bloom overnight like Jack’s gigantic beanstalk.
  • Having finished the last chapter, you allow yourself to be folded and tucked, trusting your triumphant return next summer. You know the time will come when you’re too faded and frayed to be useful, but until that day you’ll be a soft place to land cushioning soles and souls.
  • A memory keeper on wheels, she thinks about the good times her old springs have seen, the generations she’s carted from graduation to golf course, and wouldn’t change a thing. Not one dent, not one ding.
  • Told that the doors were closed for the season and all her beach bag preparations were for naught, Amelia formed a monster pout. When you have to take no for an answer, remember there is season and typically a good reason.
  • Using the pasture as a bully pulpit, Margo’s incessant nagging had all non-fretters giving her the cold shoulder. Undeterred, she kept up her rant. Bully for her, less so for the rest who simply wanted to dine in peace.
  • Yes, we think he’s a keeper too.
  • Used to being the tallest one in the room, Rodney knew he had a leg up when it came to seeing the big picture. Share your advantages with others.
  • Regardless of your choice of palette this lifetime, all God’s creatures can peacefully hang out.


  • Summer coming to a close, you can see the transformation taking place all around you. Do not mourn the chlorine and ice pops, for the next season has its own apple cider charms.
  • Needing a moment to think, you slip from the scene and beneath the covers. Quiet the noise both inside and out and once you do, solutions will magically float into view.
  • A powerful creature, you carry your destiny on your shoulders. May you only ever allow your load to be light.
  • Like a buddy who tags along for the ride, we’re happy to be your bag swag, blissfully bopping to your beats in the back seat. We are indubitably and lovingly linked.
  • There are good things waiting if you’re brave enough to dig in.
  • Yesterday a wild young pup just beginning to take root, you were wise to plant yourself in such lush soil. Surrounded by potent inspiration, you knew it would be nigh on impossible not to bloom. And you were right.
  • Heart aching for those who share your sea, when soul brothers and sisters are suffering, you feel it too. Take a quiet moment to send love to those who live beyond your shores.
  • Be confident in your abilities. We are.
  • She wondered what it would be like to leave all she had ever known but once she heard the heartbeat of her new mom, she knew she was home.
  • Flicking her fear to the side of the road, she glowered at the pesky critter who kept rearing its ugly head. Fear is a phantom that only belongs in comic books. Be your own super hero and squash it.
  • Just as trees innocently fall in the forest after time well-served, your giant redwood of a roadblock has served its divine purpose and is opening to allow you on your merry paved way.
  • Obedience not his strong suit, Bobby (Robert when he was in trouble), knew first hand what unconditional love felt like. He hadn’t meant to leave the pillow in pieces, but everyone knew puppies couldn’t resist a good pounce.
  • Plunking your purse on the desk, you think “another day, another half dollar” and sigh. Granted, we have a unique view of your big picture, but trust us when we say you were meant to powder your nose with prosperity. Spritz your spirit.
  • Like a whirling dervish, you’ve been spinning for weeks now. Slow your skirts and catch your breath.
  • Thrilled with their pumpkin patch picks, Maddie and Ella wheeled their orange little family to the car, mentally scooping out seeds and imagining the colossal candle-lit grins. See it, believe it, love it, live it.
  • Scared stiff, she had no idea how to get herself unstuck. On gloomy days, Molly might play with the pity card, bemoaning the fact that this was as good as it was ever going to get. But most days her heart was full of sunshine, and still everything she desired perched beyond her field of vision and out of reach. Had she but tuned in, she would have realized how supported she was, that she would never be left high and dry. Tune in to liberate.
  • A cool alchemist’s trick if ever there was one, you wiggled your nose and now everything you want is within reach. In fact, it’s dangling right in front of your nose.
  • Putting their heads together to come up with this year’s disguise, they discovered that three heads really were better than one.
  • Wishing she could stay your little ladybug forever, you know that one day she’ll grow into a full-fledged lady. If you think you’re a proud mama now, wait until she spreads her wings to fly. There is no stem too tall for this little one to climb.
  • Even when you’re plum tuckered, too old to putt, you are being infused with light and love to shore up your sidewalls for service. We’re filling you up so you can continue to give it your all.
  • Bobbing for Adam’s apple sounded like great fun until she swallowed a stem. Left with bad taste in her mouth, she vowed to walk from the fun and games for good. Try another bite—it will be stem free and infinitely sweeter.
  • Frank knew he might not be every woman’s first pick, but he wasn’t a monster either. One day someone special would look beyond the sum of his parts, and see his soulful nuts and bolts. Keep scouring the countryside—she’s out there.
  • Trying too hard to fit the mold, she finally had to give up the perfectly coiffed corporate witch bit in favor of jeans, tees and less posh digs. Flying high, she felt like she now had a genuine life. There’s no place like working from home.
  • Agatha, never a fan of normal, figured she was just like Project Runway. She celebrated the unconventional, especially in herself.
  • Just like Ripley’s, you’re of the “see it to believe it” ilk, and that’s just fine. Keep your triangles peeled. Proof is on its way.
  • The world can never have too much magic.
  • Completely charmed, he lowered himself to sit on her shoulder and hoped he wouldn’t be relegated to the stool. Instead of the oft-heard shriek, this lovely new acquaintance greeted him with a smile and made his furry little day. Take a chance—introduce yourself.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Huntersmith, cool even in the eyes of their kids, knew the truth. They’d be out like a light after fright night, but for now they were ready to bring it, get their party animal on. Pop in your teeth, throw on your cape and go have some fun!
  • From the ground up, that’s exactly how you will grow. Park it in your favorite patch and let nature take its course.
  • Your radiant soul always shines through.
  • Timid the first few houses, little Logan had quickly learned a thing or two. With risk can come great reward, buddies will always have your back, and even his “how to share” was almost there.


  • After a night of howling at the moon, Maggie dropped the trappings and resumed her daily rituals, her favorite being a good long soak in salt.
  • Noah was giddy getting ready for pre-school. Never in a zillion years did he think his mom would say yes to wearing his tail another day. Then he found the lint-covered leftover in his pocket and his heart soared like a rocket. A taste of heaven is about to land in your pocket.
  • Pulled to lift your right arm, then your left, you’re feeling a bit of a puppet these days and wonder who’s actually pulling the strings. No one can be your puppet master unless you allow it.
  • Running the gauntlet, you stepped on your fair share of toes this week. People are resilient and will bounce back but, rather than fancy footwork, better to be lighter on your feet. Practice your patience.
  • Standing on the sidelines and watching the tourists, the three amigos thought people watching was a pretty good way to spend the day. Cooing over this character or that, from where they were sitting it was easy to appreciate the featherless creatures that roamed the earth. Expand your heart to include your co-inhabitants.
  • A decision to make and hoping an answer will magically appear? Seek and you shall have clarity around it.
  • We applaud your “conquer the world” determination, but there is never wisdom in taking on more than you can chew.
  • Like breaking in new Docs, life can sometimes rub you a little raw. Call on us to stop the friction.
  • It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole of “it won’t work” but white knuckle your way back into faith. Keep your chin up and your mind open.
  • Red knew he was a good catch. A kind crustacean, he rarely used his claws for anything other than hugs. Shake your tail. It’s time to crawl out of your cubby, and get on her radar. For hearts like yours, love is always in season.
  • Love is mission accomplished.
  • Determined to ride out the decade in style, Burley knew that age was just a number, not an outcome. Whether you ride it out or crush it, do it with style.
  • Sometimes a gentle tap on their shoulder is all that’s needed to fill the hole in their heart. Remind them they are loved.
  • Let happiness polish to you a brilliant shine.
  • Day so tasty you could sop it up with a biscuit, you gather your favorite stars to get your a cappella on. Your harmonies will be pitch perfect this week.
  • Your table never meant to be empty, when you say “abundance in all forms comes to me now,” you let loose the flow of bountiful blessings. Let goodness fill your plate.
  • Having never met a pie that didn’t catch her eye, Barbara thought she needed to backpedal on her idea that she could have her pie and eat it too. We understand that you pride yourself on your sleek physique, but allow yourself a little wiggle room from time to time.
  • It is always wise to sift through the nonsense, allowing only the finest grains to feed your soul.
  • It is your tender touch that keep hearts and souls unbruised.
  • As you measure out hugs this week, remember to give yourself a heaping teaspoonful too.
  • Faith, feeling like her goose was cooked, wondered where to go from here. It will all work out in the wash. Have a little faith.
  • Creative juices flowing and ready to unleash your master builder, you want to get the show on the road. We see that you’re ready to shake and bake but first things first, let’s tie up those loose ends.
  • Never say whoa to browned to perfection blessings.
  • Berkeley, truly a divine communicator, was an expert at getting his point across, and today his puppy dog eyes clearly carried the message that your table scraps were his nirvana. Add an extra helping of happiness to someone’s plate today.
  • Rose knew she’d have to put a little hustle in her bustle if she were to make her appointed rounds for she was on a mission to ignite the childlike spark in her family on Christmas morning, and neither snow nor rain nor busy streets would stop her.
  • The holidays may not be one size fits all, but the magic brought to earth by a few impacts the hearts of many. Little lightworkers unite, you’ve got your marching orders and it’s time to work your magic.
  • Holding your breath as you gingerly peel back the first layer of tissue, your heart starts beating again as soon as you see that your beloved keepsake survived to shine another year. A family treasure, your mind, body and spirit are stronger than you think.
  • Every day is a choice and has a golden delicious divine consequence.
  • Not too big or too small, she’d know it when she saw it, for just like the story of the three bears and the little girl with the golden curls, she’d keep looking until she found the one that was just right.
  • Seeing his cherub face reflected in window after window as he sailed by, he felt like a million bucks. Like a tourist taking in the sights, sounds and Christmas displays, he intuitively knew that even if he felt deflated, his heart would stay buoyant if he pumped it full of happy memories.


  • There is no such thing as too much of a good thing.
  • Buzz Lightyear was proud of his little protégé, whose Christmas vision was to infinity and beyond. Be the stuff of Hallmark Channel legend, and let your reality touch the stars.
  • When you feel like you’re single-handedly carrying the torch for the holiday season, remember there is a cosmic team of jingle-wearing elves keeping your joyful sound wound. It’s easier to keep on truckin’ when you’re powered by love.
  • Always choose to stand in the light.
  • You are surprised to discover the things you thought a perfect fit last year you’ve completely outgrown.
  • If your ego is ever too big to fit through the door, we’ll step in with a full-length mirror to remind you to stay grounded and well-rounded.
  • Gifted with a blank canvas, you know the ball is in your court to bring the joy happening on the inside to the outside.
  • Donning the red velvet costume whose character speaks for itself, you happily step into the role of giver of love and light. It’s a role that suits you so well, for you been delivering the goods for a very long time now.
  • Brittany didn’t set out to stand out, but she didn’t have a traditional branch in her body. No need to conform to the red and green theme. Be your own tree, and authentically who you are.
  • Just when you thought things were all set, a little helper comes along and undoes all your “perfect tree” plans. Seemingly like a “two steps forward, one step back” situation, you wonder what you did to deserve another exercise in patience. You loved unconditionally, and it was so heart-swelling that you wanted to do it all over again.
  • Controlling your universe proving an untenable task, you adjust your expectations and assume you shriveled your happy thought too. It is written in the stars that you be happy, but the where and how you get there is made up of infinite patterns, portrayals, and possibilities… and an ever-evolving choice. Once you let go of old patterns, you allow the stars to align and reveal your highest brightest destiny.
  • Simplicity is always by grand design.
  • Your life is a beautiful work in progress.
  • Regardless of race, religion, or gender, you are all pointed in the same direction… up.
  • A surprise cometh and you will love it.
  • All is merry and bright, especially your future. Only the shiniest brightest will do for you.
  • Considered vintage by some, he thought he was still in pretty good shape. While it was true that he had seen many a sugar cookie season, he lived his life knowing friends were able to see past the dents, dings, and wrinkles, and as he saw himself, perfectly molded from the divine. You’re never too old for reindeer games and love.
  • Completely gassed, all you want for Christmas is a Double-Decker MoonPie and some major z’s. When you’re running on empty, it’s time to self-serve. Take hold of the heavenly hose and ask the angels to fill ‘er up.
  • Things a little tighter this year, you know this is your “make it work” moment. It will all work out in the wash.
  • Not ready yet to call it a wrap, the frenzy of boxes, ribbons, and perfect bows continues. You’re only satisfied when they are mini works of art, for only then are they deemed good enough to present to those you love. Give only the very best of yourself.
  • Always coming in on the tail end of things, when you feel like you’re running behind call on your guides to give you a lift.
  • From dawn until the wee hours you work toward your highest ideals, blessing all who are near with your plus-sized displays of grace. Lacing everything you do with love, you show others that it’s truly possible to live your divinity.
  • You recognize their jingle for it is your perfect pitch.
  • Listening to “I’ll be Home for Christmas” takes on a whole new meaning when Ben walks through the door and actually is. Serve love to those who serve.
  • Another year under your belt, you are digesting the day and what went well. Your intention was simply to set the stage for the magic to unfold as it was meant to do. And it did.
  • Staying close to home and your creature comforts, you choose to sit in simplicity and the gentleness of a low-tech day. There are days when rather than working up a sweat, it’s good to just wear them instead.
  • Waxed and ready, you’ve been groomed for this.
  • There is no such thing as a small miracle.
  • Even with Mr. Magoo’s challenges, he could see the forest for the trees. There’s an eye-opening message you’re being given that you’ve yet to see. Open your peepers.
  • You leave footprints of enlightenment wherever you go.
  • Like Spandex whose give had plum give up, there were times when 2016 was a bit too tight for comfort. Now that you’re shimmying out of the old and into the new, the year will be a much more relaxed fit with room to breathe. Shimmy shimmy rock!









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