• The new year lighting a fire under your butt to reach for mythic proportions, your dreams once imagined will soon be the stuff that legends are made of.
  • When you delay a decision, you delay your happiness. Time to get cracking.
  • Covering all the bases, Peter thought it better to be prepared for any eventuality. He didn’t see snow in the forecast, but was not one to trust his frostbite fate to girls in polyester whose hands danced before the big green screen. Preparing for the worst, he forgot to expect the best.
  • There are no dreams too big for your pillow.
  • Don’t be fooled by appearances—this is a winning year for you.
  • When an angel calls shotgun, you know it’s going to be anything but a bumpy ride.
  • Rainbows ignite your belief that all things are possible. And they are.
  • A port in their storm, they reach for your hand knowing that you will keep them from floating too far afield. Anchor a friend who has found themselves adrift.
  • Your sniffer on point, you somehow lost the scent. Barking up the wrong tree, it’s time to ask for “getting warmer” guidance. You’ll be back on track in no time.
  • We have given you the sun, the moon and the stars—a rhythm to thrive. Busy looking for worms during the day, at night it’s time to settle into your feathered nest and rest.
  • Rubbing fast and furious, you giggle as your hair stands at a 90 and the balloon stays put. You are popping with static in your attic. Do you hear the communiqué being sent your way?
  • Lunch boxes filled with half-eaten sandwiches and rambunctiousness spilling from every precious pore, your bundles of joy pile into the van and start recounting their day. Fasten your seat belt mom, you are in for a wild and joyous ride this week.
  • Dumplings bobbing in the salty sea, on the count of three they duck below the surface to see what they can see. Look a little deeper—there is so much more here than what meets the eye.
  • Stepping into her shoes you realize, with a few minor adjustments, they really are a good fit. Success looks really good on you.
  • Wanting to be a globally relevant player, you step up to the podium ready to woo every ear. Fresh out of the gate, you’re going to surprise everyone including yourself. Get ready to rack up the street cred.
  • Gazing at the colorful striations of the grandest canyon of them all, her heart skips a beat at the recognition. It is not simply God’s masterpiece that takes her breath away, but also the realization that this is not the first time her moccasins have stood in this spot and witnessed this déjà vu view.
  • The last of it packed and taken to storage, your world seems a bit grayer without the glow. Bereft of the beauty, remember the light lives within, not without. The sparkle resides in your heart, the twinkle in your eye.
  • The familiar fragrance triggering a memory, a beloved face swims into view, and you finally understand the true meaning of aromatherapy. Enjoy your quick spritz of love from the other side.
  • There is fruit aplenty right now just waiting to be added to your basket and your bushel count. The universe is sharing its bounty with you, so shoo away the thoughts of scarcity.
  • “I can’t” or “I don’t” translates to Spirit as “I won’t.” You create your destiny with every thought, action and deed. Our long-winded point? You can and you will!
  • So beautiful in her heyday, you cherish the tintype that reminds you of your noble ancestry. Your ancestors admire you just as much as you admire them.
  • In the stay-at-home scenario, there will be “grass is greener” times when you wonder. Ask your angels whether it’s truly a deep emerald opportunity or simply baby poop “need a boost” chartreuse.
  • Thinking he must believe the “if one is good, two are better” adage, you wish he would choose just one. Remember, you are all that and a bag of chips, not just a midnight snack to sneak.
  • A periodic pruner, it’s time to sift through your intentions, shaving and sculpting until you’re left with only the happiest, healthiest outcome.
  • Searching every book, nook and cranny for pearls of wisdom, Tricia wonders why the perfect answer won’t find its form. Connected to the flow of universal intelligence, your soul continuously streams insight and floats it to the surface when you’re still and ready to listen.
  • Chilly but wishing for cozy, you tuck your blanket tighter and try to remember that spring will be here soon. This is not a time to hibernate but germinate, for very soon your long-held wish will bloom.
  • No longer interested in the too-clever mouthpiece, you decide to tune in to higher, happier fare. Top up or top down, surround yourself with sounds that nourish.
  • Scanning the horizon for signs of land, you hope it’s not too much longer before your bow finds the perfect port. Having braved monster waves and rough seas, your feet will soon find stable and fertile soil—a lush land of abundance. It will be a swell year.
  • Judy, comfortable in her elegant disguise, hoped no one would notice the occasional flutter on the bark. Being a fly on the wall has its “test the waters” benefits to be sure, but it’s time to step out of the shadow and into the spotlight.
  • You bundled up, shouted “bring it on” and settled into the plate feeling the need for speed. Get ready for accelerated growth.
  • Like old time medicine shows, it seems every commercial this time of year is filled hucksters touting the latest and greatest weight loss marvels and how you, yes YOU, can lose 1, 2, 3, 6 dress sizes in a few short weeks. While there is truth to the adage “use it or lose it,” happiness dictates your waist size, not the other way around.


  • Snug as a noodle in a caboodle, Joey couldn’t wait for his first “take your Joey to work day.” You’re about to embark on a new adventure, and yes we’re giving you a lift.
  • For the mere price of an “unconditional love” ticket, you can soar like an angel. Who will you love today?
  • Thinking himself clever for doing the least amount of work possible, he didn’t realize that he was skating on thin ice. Shelve the skates before you get relegated to the bleacher seats.
  • Your dreams every color of the rainbow, their feathers twitch as they get ready to take flight. Their manifesting mission all four corners of this world and others, as General you make one final inspection before you send them on their way. Release your dreams to manifest your reality.
  • Content that you are doing exactly what you should be doing when you should be doing it, you finally found the piece that was missing, the peace. You’re more elevated than the “L” train.
  • Needing to be fed a little too often, the cost of loving you may be too rich for his blood. Relationships have both a give and take, and it’s time to open the coin purse of your heart and spoil the spoiler.
  • The odometer turning over yet again, you remember your knightly rust bucket once pledged to serve you until its dying breath. Having slid into imperfection, your love-filled eyes still see its showroom new gloss. To everything there is a season, but these wheels still have a few good years left.
  • Signs, signals, and gentle prodding, we’ve been guiding you toward your highest and most magnificent outcome. Some have taken baby steps and some have been a mule, but those who stepped into the wind and spread their arms, sailed into their true calling and bliss.
  • Like sand that shifts, when dreams cave and disappointments happen, know that your universe is simply adjusting to offer up your “new and improved” highest, happiest outcome. You will dig it!
  • Feeling like she was being pulled this way and that, she felt stretched thin and wondered when they’d stop the insanity and let her rest. Embrace this opportunity to show them that you are adaptable, can “work around” and will stick. You will be rewarded with something sweet for your efforts.
  • Confident you have mastered the perfect recipe for love, there is someone with a sweet tooth just waiting to be your taste tester. Appreciate the discerning palette.
  • Sniffing out the heart shaped box, your nose gets bent out of shape when none is found. Not to worry nosey rosie, your love note will come from an unexpected source.
  • Everywhere you look signs shout “all you need is love,” and you couldn’t agree more. Gazing across the table at the air in the chair, you wonder if this will be the year you’ll finally say “table for two.” Know that we are in the kitchen cooking up what will soon be your very favorite dish.
  • You were stitched together with love, by love, for love. You are love in all its beautiful aspects.
  • Waking up and trying to stuff your ever-expanding soul into an old situation is like trying to squeeze into your junior high jeans… impossible. Recognize that you’ve outgrown the situation, and it’s time to give it to the goodwill of the universe.
  • Erinn wondered how much longer it would take to get in the swing of things. She thought she’d be able to leap tall buildings and be a great fit, but her ideas kept falling flat. Click your bic, it’s all about to click.
  • When you feel like you’re between a rock and a hard place, with no “end of the tunnel” light in sight, rather than looking side to side, look up. Change your perspective, and you’ll find your answer.
  • They flock to you knowing you are a trusted friend and advocate. Your soft touch is a shining example to those who would use a hammer.
  • Keep rockin’ your light-filled swag, so that others may follow your beautiful beams.
  • Needing a little snuggle time, you settle in and start your motor. Curl up for a cozy cat nap this weekend.
  • Today do whatever floats your boat, and if that includes being with friends, all the better.
  • Counting your tax refund chickens, you had it spent six ways to Sunday before the check ever arrived. Think twice, save once.
  • Positioning himself on his best pal’s feet so he won’t miss a beat, he wonders if the bell will ever ring. Soon into his favorite daydream of playing catch, he doesn’t realize that his ball is in a back pocket just a few inches from his nose. A dream is within reach this week.
  • Pay attention to the post-it notes from heaven, little reminders left in every nook and cranny for only your soul to see.
  • Having you for a friend rocks socks.
  • Aching for the freedom to kick up your heels and sow a few of those long buried oats, you hoof it to the “grass is greener” pasture where the fillies play. Don’t let your flagship character be tested by a need of the moment. It’s time for a little reflection.
  • With every stroke of the pen, you are ascending. Where once you explored the ocean floor, dodging electric eels and squirting squids, your strength of character is carrying you into a lighter brighter destiny. Ascension is a beautiful thing.
  • Park here, we validate. Just ask us.


  • At the lunch counter and sipping cider through a straw, Sister cherished the sacred moment. To her, even the simple pleasure was profound, and gratitude graced every pore. Notice the sacred in small things.
  • Her first taste tart rather than tangy, Miss B was determined to suck the sour out of the day. Follow her lead!
  • Waking up from his winter nap a happy camper, he couldn’t wait to smell the flowers. Scratch and sniff to your heart’s content, for there is more than one essence that will tickle your fancy.
  • The apples sat patiently while Chef Annie, a collector of every kitchen gadget and gizmo, searched for her cool new tool. The perfect slicer finally found, the apples again waited, making a valiant effort not to brown, as she searched high and low for the pastry crimper that would make just the right ruffle. Seeking perfection often gets in the way of making the perfect pie crust. Let it go and it will flow.
  • Chiclets, Jawbreakers, and Double Bubble all in a row, you wonder where your quarter should go. A good decision sits right in front of you, easily recognizable as it’s the sweetest to chew on.
  • Not able to see the forest for the trees, you asked for clarity. Escorted by the tide, it will arrive gently at your feet. Stay tuned.
  • Thinking we’re admiring you from afar, while we are devoted members in your Admiration Society, as your stewards on this voyage of discovery we’re always at your beck and call.
  • A huge fan of every shape, size, and color, you invite a rainbow of opportunity with your open and willing heart.
  • Not usually a space cadet, you’re feeling a bit “airy fairy” this week. ‘Tis fine and fitting to spread your wings and fly.
  • Settling in and pouring herself a spot of tea, Moira took a moment to let the day drain from her shoulders. Reflecting and finding sweet moments to savor, she realized that she had crafted a perfectly lovely brew.
  • Leading a charmed life, you grab another handful of good and munch. Slide the snack bowl so that others can reach in and feast as well.
  • Happy to wind up here, you wonder what else Spirit has up its woolly sleeve. Be assured there is much, and even more beautiful than what has been revealed so far.
  • Walking flat-footed all week, she decided to step it up. Unwavering in her conviction, she sprang to her toes to elevate her soul. That’s some world-class footwork!
  • Knee-deep in clover, he could almost feel the magic. Don’t be afraid to lift the leaves and peek at your spirited partners.
  • What can be better than a life stitched with love and laced with joy? Recognize your good fortune—the repeating pattern of good in your life.
  • Rocking her new green socks, the lingo ready on her tongue, the sassy lass was ready to greet the day with a top o’ the morning. Go dazzle and delight as only you can little sprite.
  • Your life is about to bubble over with good luck.
  • Sylvie knew spring was just around the corner, but she was going to frolic and play until the last snowflake melted. Make your own happy ending.
  • The sun coming on strong, he knew his snowman days were numbered. Even knowing a corncob pipe, a button nose, and a puddle would soon be all that remained, he let his worries melt away. If he could be chill, so can you.
  • Ready to call the ribbon-cutting ceremony a wrap, your heart is officially now open for business. It’s time to meet your beautiful life.
  • Seeing herself an ugly duckling for so many years, her ink was an affirmation of her black swan beauty. It’s time to lay claim to your beautiful truth too.
  • The embodiment of “bloom where you’re planted,” she found happiness wherever she went. The move will be good for you too.
  • Saying a prayer and bracing herself, she opened the door to her future. All roads had let her to this day and she was ready come what may. Every step you take in faith is supported.
  • Stepping back from the canvas, you realize your brush hasn’t quite captured your beautiful powerful truth. As your harshest critic, learn to love your work in progress.
  • A dream you thought you needed, once tasted, left you wanting to try something else. Each experience refines your palette, preparing you for the main course. It’s okay to send it back in favor of more flavor. One day soon a door will be too delicious not to walk through.
  • You thought you knew what form your peanut would take, but you’re surprised when you open your Crackerjack box and it’s not a pink ring that sparkles but a blue water pistol that shoots. Welcome to a lifetime of unexpected delights.
  • Nosing at his future, Benji failed to pick up the scent of happiness right under his nose. You will find what you seek in your own backyard.
  • A daylight dweller, when twilight takes hold you fold. It’s okay not to be a night owl, but when you spend more hours asleep than awake, you miss your potential to vigorously thrive. Wake up sleepy stem.
  • Stylin’ in spring-inspired stilts, heads turn and eyebrows raise as you parade down Main. With confidence and flair, and showing your pearly whites, you set the pace for others to follow this week.
  • Wondering where she was in the pecking order, Henny wondered whether the next sack of seed would meet her needs. Effort comes before reward, so wind up your enthusiasm and watch what happens.
  • Freshly dyed, lipsticked and powdered, you’re feeling spectacular and ready to step out of your shell in a big way. Go for it chica! Smiles will form wherever you point your beak.


  • It may have seemed a harebrained scheme, but good-hearted foolishness is rarely folly. It’s a marvel when you add glitter to an otherwise ordinary day.
  • We offer tantalizing clues, tidbits and morsels that, once found, will put a spring in your step. It’s time to discover your happiest healthiest path.
  • Parading your empty basket for all the world to see, you don’t worry one bit for you know you will soon be giggling with glee. Good things are floating your way.
  • Liking all flavors of fun, you look for ways to represent your “in for a penny in for a pound” attitude. Hats off to those willing to rock their jelly belly goodness!
  • Remember when you hitched a ride on your daddy’s feet? You are still dancing with your father.
  • Standing at the precipice for so long you feel rooted to the spot, your soul knows it’s safe to take the first step… and time.
  • There’s no such thing as a free lunch. If you’re not paying, someone else is. It’s time for you to carry your weight and pick up your own tab.
  • We know exactly who and what you are, and are not. You seem to regard yourself as something other than perfect. We beg to differ.
  • Staring at the sunlight streaming in the window, she was carried away to the land of rainbows and what ifs. Once imagined, all things under the sun are possible. Paint your possibilities today.
  • Focus on “happy” and the Andys of this world will come calling.
  • Watching the miles pass you by, you wonder if the “door to more” will ever open. Let us get that door for you.
  • Love is the seat of your soul, cushioning all your decisions and reminding you of your red velvet divinity.
  • Head in the clouds and peeking at your potential, you wonder if you’ve really got what it takes. You do, you absolutely do.
  • Today matters most—not yesterday for you closed that chapter, nor tomorrow for you have not yet been introduced to the characters who will help you create the rest of the story. Savor every syllable, every moment of this magnificent day.
  • Nip those judgmental thoughts in the bud and you will sprout a pocketful of buds.
  • Peeking out the window and seeing only blue sky, Loretta thought it a perfect day to pedal to work. She loved to sit in self-reliance, the freedom of driving her own destiny feeding her soul.
  • Adventure fund overflowing, you know exactly where your next trek will take you. After a quick stop at REI, you hit the trail okay to be alone with your thoughts. We will be your stars, map, and compass keeping you on your path to self-discovery. Lace up your boots and start walking.
  • Let go of what’s weighing you down.
  • Your branches are strong and sturdy, made to withstand even the heaviest of blows. That said, get thee out of the wind.
  • Even cutting off more than she could chew, Gertrude knew herself no fool. Peeling off tasks one at a time, her bite-sized approach would soon net her monumental success. Little bites are gifts you give yourself.
  • Poking her nose into every petaled stem along the path, she was dizzy from the drama and latest dish. Don’t be a buzzkill, lighten up.
  • Even wise guys like Terrace thought there was something to be said for a “job well done” pat on the back. Reach out and appreciate.
  • Frank, confident he knew the ‘heel-toe, do si do’ steps, tapped his rhinestone-studded toe and waited for the honky tonk music to start. Be confident in your next boot scootin’ steps.
  • Dodging a few bullets, and having had to rebound a time or two, Barbara understood the meaning of resilience. You too are learning to bounce.
  • One multitasking mama, Sara always found time to exercise her joy. Write yourself a permission slip to amp up your bliss.
  • Lillian, grateful for the heavenly training wheels, welcomed the divine assist the first time she tried out her wings. Should you choose aerial daring, we’ll be there with the net encouraging you to fall up instead of down. It’s never a solo flight.
  • Happiness is always a choice. What will you exhale today?
  • Navigating the treacherous landscape, he chose to feel the tickle rather than the poke. Bravo Columbus! It will be smooth sailing from here.
  • A plucky personality, she decided to step up on the stage and give the stuff of schmaltz a whirl. The drama not as fun as she thought it would be, she exited stage left and let the show go on without her.
  • Landlocked in your cubicle, the day-to-day of the office closing in around you, you’re finding it harder and harder to breathe. When the memos and the meetings overwhelm, stand up and stretch or take a walk to reset your boundaries and reclaim your freedom.


  • Rather than slipping into something more comfortable, she decided to slip into something spectacular instead. Try something new on for size.
  • The coffeehouse abuzz, they navigated toward their usual table. Treating each other with a smile, they raised their lattes to friendship and began their weekly sharing of sugar, spice, and everything nice. Practicing friendship makes perfect friends.
  • The sign in your sights for miles, you’re finally close enough to read it. Clearly, love is your next stop.
  • Hold fast to your belief in the potential of simple sticks to be great racers.
  • Keeping an eye on the situation and watchful for the worst, you’re just asking for your feathers to be ruffled. Choose a higher happier healthier watch list.
  • Waiting patiently for you to end your day of play, he sits on the shore never thinking to ask for more. Invite him to climb aboard and it will be a swell day for both of you.
  • Your inner flower child is chomping at the bit for freedom. Express your groovy self.
  • Fingers stained with creative juices, it’s time to take a well-deserved break to appreciate. Stand back and be inspired by your big picture.
  • Regardless of where you decide to pitch your tent, you will find your true north and others will join your campfire.
  • Keeping your mother’s cookbooks nearby, you know her spirit lives within the pages of her favorite recipes. She likes what you’ve got cooking outside the kitchen as well as in.
  • Polished to a high-gloss and ready for the first rally of the season, the hot rod pulls into position and guns it’s engine. Once you’re given the go, stay off the brakes.
  • Michelle nursed her eccentricities, and was happiest when others would acknowledge her outlandish bent. She thought it reasonable, nay even conventional, that her hat touched the rafters and her heels sang a song.
  • It seemed everywhere he turned, he could find something that would warm the cockles of his heart. Seek the sunshine in others and you shall find it in yourself.
  • Knowing that someday she will fill your incredibly big shoes, she hopes she will measure up. Let her know she does and she always will.
  • The boys, used to raising their hands before being heard, sat patiently waiting for the teacher to finish her lesson. Take our scholarly advice and don’t wait for Q&A. Consider this your invitation to ask before, during, after and always.
  • You can bless a glass of water, your relationship, and even your wallet. Bless you. Daily.
  • He settled into his new single life, not in any hurry to risk his heart and lay bare his soul, forgetting that only with risk comes reward. Open to adventure.
  • Being willing to jump the rose colored hedge and fly through the night on your trusty steed, you create magic in your world by simply believing. Every day is “Bring Your Unicorn To Work Day.” Live your dreams.
  • Those who step up always stand out.
  • Never vaccinate against happy.
  • Who’s the fairest of them all? Let go of that troublesome ego.
  • Sara decided to go out on a limb and try it. With every new chapter, the first step is always the hardest. You will not fall and you will not fail.
  • Week filled with sharp edges and points to be made, surround yourself this weekend with rounded edges and padded corners. Reinflate by doing something that floats your boat.
  • Marveling at the infinite ways they find to play, you yearn for the freedom of simple childhood pleasures. Park the Swifter and make a mad dash for the front lawn. It’s your turn to run in the fun.
  • Staged in the sky and shining bright, the army of brave souls wait for their turn to fall to earth to fulfill their destiny. Courage spent and light momentarily extinguished, they are gathered back into the heavens to recharge and reconnoiter for their next mission, their next saving grace.
  • Liberty almost at hand, you dig a little deeper and kick a little harder knowing you’re in the home stretch. Your persistence is about to pay off.
  • Playing both sides against the middle, your All Star high tops are really getting a workout. When you want a home court advantage, pick a side and stay with it.
  • The universe is always happy to give you the scoop. Just ask.
  • We’re tossing a surprise your way. Get ready to catch it.
  • Having exhausted the pay-per-view and facing a rerun-filled summer, even those most devoted to the remote recognize when the universe is clearing space for something other than the flat screen. Time to tune in to you.
  • Often hiding in plain sight, the angelic realm surrounds you with virtuous and verdant love. Ask them to nourish your soul, and watch as your life blooms in unexpected and abundant ways.


  • Illuminate rather than steer clear of your unlit corners.
  • With bridled curiosity he sniffs at the hand, his powerful nostrils inching their way to the treasure, the apple. Sweet tooth winning over wariness, his lips gently liberate the proffered prize. Timidity is keeping you from your treat.
  • Now that your training wheels have been off for awhile, you realize you can handle your new elevated stilt-walking life.
  • His kind knew it was not simply random gusts of wind but wisdom that guided the shapeshifting clouds. When the heart yearned for clarity, they understood that the sky would provide.
  • Get up, stretch your legs—take advantage of this intermission.
  • Marvin, watching his humans repeat the kitchen-to-couch sprint all day, wished they would take a note from his playbook: find a comfy cardboard box and curl up. Pause for forty… winks.
  • Holding your loved one close to your heart, you bare your soul and hope they are listening. They are very good listeners, and the soul of discretion.
  • Straight out of the box inspiration tends to be one size fits all. Only paint with the colors that brighten your life and resonate with your soul. Choose your muse.
  • Kicking yourself and wishing it was your idea glowing rather than theirs, you wonder how many more schemes you will brew before you finally pursue. Dive in and tap your potential.
  • We place gentle reminders under your nose so you do not miss out on the bouquet of a well-loved well-lived life.
  • Blessed to live in the land of rainbows, you count your very lucky stars.
  • The g-force of the week’s events getting to you, you put the key in the lock thinking that if one more thing occurs you’ll lose your cookies. Watch your step as you exit from this attitude, and don’t be thrown for a loop when your hands grab another fistful of tickets and your feet start booking it across the field to your next wild ride.
  • A lone dandelion sits amid a sea of emerald green blades as if to say “pick me, pick me.” Having faith this is a sign, you bring it to your nose and accidentally sneeze your wish to the four corners of the field. Grinning, you shrug your shoulders and hope intention rules the day. It does and God bless you.
  • Fresh from the DMV, a newly minted license in hand, he takes to the streets and his first cruise. The stick shift putty in his hands, his confidence grows as he flawlessly slides from first gear to fourth. Get ready to shift gears.
  • Everything sticking to her soul, Sam reached into her purse and discovered a gooey mess there too. A little worse for wear, she nonetheless popped it in her mouth and made the best of a sticky situation.
  • Just as an ice cube can be a mixed blessing—biting through mitten-clad fingers in winter and soothing sweat stained foreheads in summer—you now understand that this situation is neither good nor bad. To fit, simply tug on the timing.
  • Thinking she had the scoop, she couldn’t wait to exercise her bragging rights. It was not the sweet treat she thought it would be.
  • Stringing your happy thoughts together, your beginning to see a pattern. Let the “happy begets more happy” epiphany wash over you.
  • Pleasantville starting to taste like day-old mashed potatoes, you’ve been craving a bit more flavor. Here’s comes the “just right” spice.
  • Having worked the cosmetic counter for years, Ella had teamed with many a Fairy Godmother to make dream upon dream come true, and wondered not for the first time if she had the power to create the transformative magic for herself. She does and you do too.
  • The greatness of fathers, whether on Earth or in heaven, is that they encourage you to soar.
  • Incredibly sophisticated thought running through your computer mind, you are really sucking up your resources. Plug into nature to recharge your batteries.
  • Told it was as easy as floating down the stream, your skeptic’s voice wonders if rapids are just around the bend. Trust the divine guidance and go with the flow.
  • There is a wish buried deep and just waiting to be lifted into the light. Time to examine your deepest desire.
  • Pressed, starched, and at attention all week, you can’t wait to loosen your belt. Suck it up soldier, you are accomplishing your mission of dressing to impress.
  • Wanting nothing more than to just hang out, gather the gang and take it old school this weekend. It’s time to rock and roll!
  • How do we get a word in edgewise when there is no quiet to be found around you? Seek a quiet space and we will happily communicate.
  • Close but no cigar, you are tempted to give fate a little nudge. Play the game the way it’s meant to be played, for only then will your hole-in-one be truly soul satisfying.
  • Think of the universe as Play-Doh, and it is up to you to mold your future. Dig in.
  • Without complexity, the kaleidoscope that is life would lose some of its color.


  • Smoothing the sand with your hand, the beach teases with flecks of sparkle. Focused on the tiny grains and whether they shine bright enough to be worthy, you are buried the nitty gritty details. Nose down, you fail to see all the other shimmering fish in the sea.
  • Furr love is pure love.
  • Remember when waving your wand would keep you happy for hours? To live your happy thought, your wish making needs a little more practice so dip your wand and blow!
  • Patriotism doesn’t simply require lip service, but an abiding respect for the gift and willingness to take responsibility for its care. These truths are self-evident.
  • Wishing you were one of the cool kids, you feel like you stand out like a sore thumb. You stand out not because you look different, but because you are outstanding.
  • Yes, you’re ready to launch.
  • Stalking your prey all day, in a single bound you pounce. You ‘believe’ you’ve got this, and we ‘know’ you do.
  • Buried under a mountain of work and feeling the dead weight of the burden, a small part of you keeps seeking the sun. Make a play date with the sun.
  • Wondering if and when you’ll ever find your place in the sun, grab your beach bag full of faith and get ready to be slathered in inspiration. We have an umbrella with your name on it, ready and waiting for you to stake your claim.
  • Having picked up many treasures in his time, the one that would matter most was still elusive. You have to let go the many before you can pick up the one.
  • Politely asking the sky why it’s blue, it stubbornly refuses to answer you. When the answer seems to elude, ask your spirit guides. You’re always riding a bicycle built for two plus a few.
  • Happy childhood memories lifting you up, sad childhood memories bringing you down, you’re letting yourself be carried round and round rather than making a choice. You have a carousel of memories to choose from so ride the ones that swell the heart, not shrink it.
  • Using the moon to navigate and the Milky Way to orient, you’re rigged and ready for for exotic trinkets and shark tank deals.
  • Hanging on by a thread and inching your way along, you wonder how much of you is an American Ninja Warrior, and how much longer you can hold on. Granted you still have the Warped Wall ahead of you, but we promise the final buzzer is within reach.
  • Tuned into her temperament, you don’t need a mood ring to tell you that she’s in a snit. Your special brand of TLC is the perfect balm to smooth her ruffled feathers.
  • Tips a little light lately? When wondering if you’re wearing a “No Tipping” sign on your forehead, here’s a tip: do good and good will be done unto you.
  • We want you to live knowing “there’s more where that came from,” rather than “this is the last sweet treat I’ll ever have.”
  • Let us dust your nose with freckles, warm your shoulders with sunshine, tickle your toes with nature and return your smile ten-fold.
  • Remembering the fearlessness of childhood, diving into the deep end has somehow gotten trickier with each passing year. Stuff your “what ifs” back in the beach bag and jump.
  • From your perspective, both are equally outstanding choices. Look closer, for there is always one that will stand a little taller, be a little brighter, its fronds whispering “pick me, pick me.” Both choices are good, but one is higher.
  • Wondering if you’ve got the arm and the aim, you pay for three balls deciding to give it a go. Even though your first throw feels good, you quickly realize it’s harder than it looks when only two cans hit the dirt. Your second throw is close but no cigar as the bottom row is left standing. Thinking it’s an impossible feat, you give it everything you’ve got. The third time really is a charm.
  • Comfortable in the chorus, you’ve been called to the spotlight and your first solo. Yes, all eyes will be on you as you tap dance, but if you look out in the audience you’ll see a sea of support. It’s time to trot out your talent.
  • Even now, all these years later, you still feel his indelible footprint on your heart. In high spirits, he’s romping in a field of tall grass with others of his ilk, just biding his time until you again throw the Frisbee. He was, and always will be, your true blue friend.
  • She understood that there were many different ways to see things, but from her viewpoint the world was a life-affirming place if you gave it half a chance.
  • Once upon a time you had something borrowed and something blue. Now you find yourself having to try something new. You’ve heard it before about the infamous door, but its true even for you.
  • Told not to pass go, not to collect $200, you heard the challenge and took to the trail. Opening up your engines you sprinted toward success, knowing what it would look like when it was written all over your face. We love the hues of your heroics.
  • Surrounded by dough, your day tasted pretty good even before the condiments. It may sound corny, but relish your day.
  • Unless you’ve suddenly become a quilter, no more scraps for you.
  • Shaving a little off the sides, you question whether the curls are worth keeping. Unless you are Samson, your strength does not lie in your newly shorn locks. A true show of strength would be to let the remnants go.
  • Grazing and deep in thought, Ramon wondered why the color of one’s stripes mattered—why the jungle couldn’t peacefully co-exist. After all, wasn’t he was an example that two colors are infinitely more beautiful when living together?
  • Shaking off a stellar week, you wonder how it can get any better. It can and it will.


  • We see the brilliant effervescence of your beautiful soul. Never tone it down.
  • Your higher self is the best friend you will ever have, whispering loving messages meant only for you. Ask for “highest, healthiest, happiest” wisdom, and then close your eyes and listen to… you.
  • When the same situations keep repeating like a broken record, it is a sure sign to turn down the sound and go within. What is it about this lyric that you still haven’t heard? Thumb through your choices and pick another outcome.
  • Like clockwork, she pulls up with a smile and a ham on rye to go. One nourishes the body, the other feeds the soul. Both are life-sustaining.
  • Tired of playing for pennies, you wonder what more you can do to move the needle in your savings account’s favor. Expand your repertoire to include a new happy tune and watch as others join your band of merry men and women who support your cause. We see and applaud your effort. Rehearsal is now over.
  • It’s not necessary to be in one camp or the other, although some would say it is. Live true to you, for when you zip up your tent there is no other voice that matters half as much.
  • Smiles from others sticking to you like glue and inhaling positive energy wherever you go, unbeknownst to you it’s starting to show. You’re getting a little happy around the edges, and we like it. Soul-filled and helium happy, it’s time to lift others until they too are as high as a kite.
  • Sweat-stained t-shirt and sopping wet curls, your merry attitude for TSA is quickly melting. You deliver your sagging boarding pass to the sweaty palm, and feel yourself getting hot under the collar when you are directed to yet another ridiculously long line. Don’t let the events of the day get in the way of your poise, patience and imperturbability.
  • Filling her belly full of air and throwing her arms wide, she fell back trusting her inner wisdom that told her she would stay afloat. Relax in the knowledge that you will always be supported.
  • When shaken, only martinis are not stirred.
  • Wondering whether to shave or go au naturel, you decide cruelty-free is your only option and put down the razor. Bravo for letting it be.
  • Once touted as having the greatest legs in town, even though you are now relegated to flats and support hose, you know the bloom is not off the rose. Your perennial beauty will never fade.
  • Seeing it as a personal challenge, she tightens her grip and deliberately wheels down the cookie aisle, her ear guarded against the all too familiar “Chips Ahoy” call. Cookies can be friend or foe, but never let an Oreo become your master.
  • Happy to snag your favorite table next to the fountain again, you thank your guides for another midday tranquility break. Lately you’ve noticed it’s all green lights and best seats in the house. Practice bliss-filled gratitude to pump up the good fortune volume.
  • When something rubs you the wrong way, it’s a gift—a “look in the mirror” sign that there is something you need to work on. So what do you need to work on?
  • Neighbors above you and neighbors below, you yearn for a place of your own to call home. You are the master builder of your destiny. Take steps to create your castle.
  • They say butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth but we know you better, and know that with the least little warmth your buttery heart melts. Show the truth of your inside, outside.
  • Roped into doing something you were quite sure would land you face down in the dirt, you let yourself be led to the chute anyway. With a nod it was go time, and before you knew it the whistle blew and the hairy ride was over. Not only will you not eat peat, you will land on your feet.
  • Spending time around deflated people who suck the air out of the room and the life out of you, it’s time to seek helium-filled goofy voices that will bring you joy and laughter. Only you can fill yourself up with light and love, so it’s time to dance on the ceiling with a new lighter brighter crowd.
  • Your pipes a bit rusty and stuck in their ways, it’s time to open the valves and let new experiences flow.
  • Fresh squeezed lemonade or a cold beer? Decisions, decisions. Wilted from the day, let the cool light guide your way. The decision you make will quench your thirst in more ways than one.
  • Having spent sufficient time separating the wheat from the chaff, you’re now ready to try the cream of the match crop.
  • Tail wagging so hard his butt was a blur, you couldn’t help but giggle at his enthusiasm. When it came to dog park time he just knew, and didn’t stop his mania until he was sure you knew too.
  • Scrambling to squeeze the last bit of summer juice before the leaves start whirling and you are whisked away by fall, remember summer fun ends only when you deem it done.
  • Keeping his issues waxed and ready, he knew he could pull them out at a moment’s notice. Make peace rather than waves.
  • Until your long-held idea is unpacked, you will not be immortalized nor will your pocketbook overflow. Your real world—your future—starts now.
  • Although born naked, you are never truly afraid for you have within everything you need to thrive in this wilderness.
  • Mary Ann loved the Professor and her island clan but knew that even in paradise, sometimes one had to find a quiet place to just be.
  • Filled to capacity and floating on air, you now know what it feels like to be inflated with love.
  • It’s always easier to sit back and chill when you know you’re surrounded by friends and supported by Spirit. Relax, we are not fair weather friends. You are loved unconditionally, eternally.
  • Everyone chiming in, adding their two cents and revealing their true colors, you understand for the first time that words can be music to your ears.


  • Elevated beings always take the high road and swim above the fray.
  • Whatever lights your candle, may you do it many times today.
  • Despite what others say or you might think, your hour is not expiring any time soon. You are still needed to serve—and only you will do—which in turn will feed your meter, and your soul.
  • Hands on hips and full of “sassitude,” wasn’t it just this morning you were sporting spit-up stained tee shirt, boxers and bed hair? It’s a transformative day.
  • Are you doing much with the message? Love yourself enough to act on the guidance and you will endow your life with new meaning. Joy will spring forth when you live your purpose.
  • Wanderlust is in your nature for there is a gypsy in your soul. Stop dreaming and start packing. It’s time to roam.
  • The fruit of your labor is a delicacy to be enjoyed not just by others, but by you as well. Stand back and witness all the good that you serve.
  • The water cooler gang especially tight-lipped lately, you wonder where all the hot air has gone and why. No one wants to walk the red carpet at the Foot in Mouth Awards. Appreciate the restraint.
  • Your growth has surpassed everyone’s expectations, including your own. We know it’s a tall order, but it’s time to come out of the shadows and reveal your stars, stripes and rock star polka-dots.
  • Hearing “batter up,” she ran to the kitchen knowing her tongue was in for a treat. Listen for cues to life’s goodies.
  • You may never forget, but the wisest of you understand the power of “forgive.”
  • Wondering what it would taste like to be truly happy, you tempt fate and lift the fork to your mouth. That simple step taken in faith triggered an ambrosia explosion, a shout out to the universe to bring you silver platters full of exquisite sweets and mounds of delectable good.
  • It’s never just you and your shadow walking in fields of barley, for your universe is filled with Angels doing flyovers, always listening and ready to lend a loving hand.
  • Praise from your teacher one of your very favorite things, you study until your eyes cross hoping to please. Although no grades are given in heaven, consider your effort covered in A+’s and gold stars.
  • Knowing the situation has become hazardous to your health, you call in your spirit hazmat team to detoxify, cleanse and heal. As a reminder, they are on-call 24/7 and no job is ever too big or spicy.
  • On the days when you feel like an insignificant weed, look in the mirror and see what we see, an exquisite bloom.
  • Turning on a dime not your strong suit, you’re actually looking forward to your new higher happier direction. Joy waits round the next bend.
  • Some see only the hole, but the very blessed see only the smile, for they know that a nuisance is always easier handled from a place of good humor.
  • Yoga on the beach having revealed your core strength, you now reach for your goals knowing the sky is the limit.
  • We’re cheering you on every step of the way and should a mountain ever seem insurmountable, give it to us and we will smooth the way.
  • Established attitude of acceptance, usually willing to embrace differing ideological tribes, you’re surprised by your “talk to the hoof” soundproof window that slides closed every time you hear rhetoric regurgitated. The test of differing opinion is an opportunity to remember that you are always speaking to the divine.
  • Mitzie yowled and paced for what seemed like hours, and still the door would not open. Having watched the two-legged creatures, she decided her admittance was going to be DIY. When things don’t go your way, you can lick your wounds or try another tack.
  • What appears to others an unconventional decision-making approach, perhaps even foolhardy, makes perfect sense to you. You know when you need guidance all you need do is take a sip of Spirit.
  • We bet you dollars to donuts that it’s going to work out even better than you expected.
  • Not one to let falling temperatures put a damper on his weekend, he cranked up The Beach Boys, put on his Ray-Bans and paddled towards his perfect day.
  • Every pore open and expectant, waiting to embrace the good you’ve heard so much about, you settle in and wait for the telltale bounty to float by. Miracles in all forms are coming your way.
  • Searching for your purpose and the punch line, you sense that there is more to your story, and wish you could just magically find the “x” and start digging. Your buried treasure lies not without, but within.
  • Staring at the line in the sand you typically don’t cross, you wonder at the significance of this bold new you. You are stepping from the minors to the big leagues—you’re growing up.
  • When things don’t add up and you find yourself going back to the drawing board, ask for the puzzle to be solved, the answer to reveal itself and it will.
  • The wide-held view that mistakes are not allowed is hogwash. Ignore the pesky “what ifs” and wade in. Only when your little piggies no longer touch the reassuring soft bottom, will you discover your true talent for swimming the channel.


  • Normally blessed with a cast iron stomach, lately you’ve had bubble guts every time you’ve had to try something new. Stewing over it only makes matters worse. Time to step out of the frying pan, away from the fire, and let yourself simmer down.
  • Thinking something’s fishy in Denmark, it doesn’t occur to you that he might be getting a bad wrap and this is just how he rolls. When you peel back the layers, you will not find a deceitful bone in his body.
  • Content in her cage, she did not know she would soon be in the arms of someone whose heart would beat only for her. Trust that the perfect love will come.
  • People flock to Spirit knowing in their heart that they are actually circling the wagons with their kin. Whether helping granny peel potatoes or pa fix a spoke, your loved ones are always tickled when you tune in and, should you need, will help you do a little soul-searching to get a N, S, E, W fix on your “Happy or Bust” trail.
  • The summer games over, you’re ready to start training for winter for you live by the tenet “no guts no glory.” We love your winning spirit.
  • Questioning your campy performance, you find a spot in the shade to think it through. Quickly joined by your favorite straight shooter, you know he is a more trustworthy reviewer than your inner critic. Be an appreciator of good friends, for they will keep you out of your head and into your heart.
  • Taxes honking in the distance, you feel the weight as their headlights close in. Having made some adjustments last year, you will fare much better than expected.
  • You’ve learned by watching others catch air, and now you want to take your own shot at the half-pipe. It may be a grind to learn your no footers, but soon you’ll be killing it.
  • Partway through the page, you realize that you’re so much more than the author portrayed. No one can write your story but you.
  • Desperate for a miracle, he couldn’t believe his eyes and yet he knew it wasn’t a bird or a plane for the wings were unmistakable. Angels are among us and not just filling the sky, but by our side looking every bit like regular Joes. Ask for hands-on healing.
  • All souls are plugged into the same source, but each bulb chooses whether to burn bright, flicker, or stay dim.
  • Dreaming of uncharted waters and wishing the tide would carry you out, remember that you are not dry-docked. Sail under your own steam.
  • Starting your life in a padded bumper cocoon, you wish your world were still made up of pillow tops and poufs—soft, cozy and comfortable. We can soften the edges and cushion the blows, but only when you step out of the swaddle do you have the freedom to grow into your butterfly potential.
  • A posh pop confection, around you no one can stay blue. Taking swipes not your style—slathering sweetness is. May others take a slice from your recipe book.
  • Normally a human GPS, intuitively knowing which direction is your highest, don’t get rattled if you occasionally have to make a u-ey. There is purpose in learning to recalculate too.
  • You asked for a Times Square billboard-sized sign. Consider this it.
  • Fearful of monsters under the bed and things that go bump in the night, you pull your covers up and before you know it you’re being chased by lions, tigers, and gummy bears. When you’re tired of palpitations and sweat-stained sheets, imagine yourself swaddled in a snuggie of God’s white light.
  • Looking across the field at an exceptionally good harvest, you take a moment to appreciate your golden delicious life. Sharing the wealth will not take away from your bushel.
  • Team not self-priming, some days you feel ready to hang it up. When you feel like you’re getting energetically hosed, realize where the strain is originating and fix it. Leaky gaskets can be replaced and in so doing, you grease the skids for better soul-supporting options. Seal the deal.
  • Feeling long past your prime and as if the field has been picked clean, you imagine your future is to remain sole proprietor of the stalk. You are too sweet to slowly shrivel. Put yourself out there so you can be found.
  • Spirit guides, angels and ancestors light your way, only content when they brighten your day.
  • Once only living in your imagination, you now know you are capable of sprinkling fairy dust on your life. It’s time to tinker Ms. Bell.
  • Collecting others as you would collect shells on the beach, you rarely have a moment to call your own. Take a timeout to bathe in the warmth of the sun and the light you absorb will shine on all your tribe.
  • When you want the big picture, slow down, close your eyes and look up.
  • As a sorcerer’s apprentice, Amelia knew she could conjure a little of this and that but the little soulstress wanted to expand her repertoire to include miracles and marvels. She practiced and she prayed, and soon she could wield love with the best of them.
  • When you decide to pick someone’s brain, make sure it’s ripe for the picking.
  • Used for everything but his intended purpose, Melvin kept his game face on hoping that one day he too would get to swing from door-to-door like his pals. Your never-ending smile is about to be rewarded.
  • The Halloween forecast chilly, the little pumpkin bundled in sweater, scarf, and beanie for the long night ahead. She knew it was easier to be scared when fingers were frozen, and this year she was not taking any chances. She would keep it real… and warm.
  • Scouts honor, the three musketeers were inseparable friends who lived by the motto “one for all, all for one.” Their exploits legendary, they looked for any excuse to get together and rehash the ghoul ole times. It’s Halloween—get in the spirit and hang out with the guys.
  • Trying to gin up enthusiasm for his newly elected role as candy giver for the night, he wonders how much of Hawaii Five-0 he’ll actually get to watch in between knocks. Deciding to have a little fun with the kiddies, he tilts his head back and practices his growl. Only if they don’t run will he offer his sweet treat. Yep, he’s ready for his role.
  • Costumes on and excitement bubbling from every pore, they huddled at the door watching for the first little feet to hit the street. Only then would mom give a nod, agreeing that the fun had officially begun.


  • Looking out at her future, she couldn’t help but smile. Once you see what’s on your horizon, you’ll be smiling too.
  • Lifting your damp finger up in the air to test the warm afternoon current, you wonder if on this day the wind will blow your way. You’ve got this.
  • Thinking you’re simply holding firm in your position, you refuse to listen to the advice of your spiritual elders. Open your heart to the wisdom of others.
  • Having spent years growing your shell, you are tired of toting the extra crust. For you, the Under Armour turtleneck was never a good fit, so we’re happy you’ve decided to slip into something more comfortable.
  • All day measured against others, Raye thought there was nothing better than coming home and putting her feet up, heel to toe with her perfect match.
  • Feed your soul here.
  • When the walls are closing in and things are too tight for comfort, remember your life is not set in stone. Be your own Arthur and rewrite your story.
  • Ready to punch the clock on your seasonal job and hoping it will turn into something more, you stow your dreams for the time-being and focus on bringing your best self to the register. Your permanent name tag awaits.
  • A wish barely whispered is about to take center stage and rock it “loud and proud.”
  • This fall a toss-up between simply great and spectacular, you know this winter’s going to be even better. Consider the leaves turning and curling a thumbs-up sign from Spirit, as they get ready to parachute into your waiting hands. Rejoice in your good fortune and their perfect landing.
  • Charlie gripped the chain link, nose peeking through the diamond, searching for the familiar face of his hero. Only then would his world be right. It’s not just the men and women in uniform that serve, but their families are heroes as well.
  • Nobody puts Baby in a corner. You see yourself as a rental, dinged and dented, but we see you as a Stradivarius, exquisite in construction and tone. Step into the light and your power—let your beautiful voice be heard.
  • Not one to cry over spilled milk when things don’t go as smoothly as expected, you go back to the angst-filled drawing board, but find it hard to trust divine timing and flow. Let it go so the good can flow.
  • When you need a boost, ask the angels to elevate your mind, body and spirit, and feel your load be lifted.
  • Let your memories go round and round, only allowing on board those that you truly cherish.
  • As tempting as it might be to slow the pace, now is not the time to hit the brakes.
  • Every day life offers you infinite choices, new things to try. Try it on for size and if the shoe fits, by all means wear it.
  • Having proven patience is your virtue, you no longer need to wait.
  • Used to being a one-man band, you dream of a duet rather than a solo career. You will soon strike a chord with the one who will be your contributing crooner.
  • When you want a Spirit sleepover, just pick up your soul phone and dial our digits. We’ll happily be your wake-up call.
  • Intuition telling her she needed to increase her salt intake, the mermaid left her sandy toes and leapt into her true form. You are in rare form today, and we like it.
  • Are you buying your own mythic hype? We are, every delicious morsel.
  • Squawking “I’ll do better” as you’re hauled to the woodshed over your less than stellar performance this quarter, you count your lucky stars when you escape unscathed albeit a few ruffled feathers. It’s time to walk your squawk.
  • Jake knew that it might look like he was lying down on the job, but he knew he had gone the distance and was determined to coast in the latitude of gratitude until the next storm took him back to square one. Enjoy where you are at this moment.
  • Knowing that even if you hid the olives, there is no way Aunt Nancy and her furry boy toy would stay home, you resign yourself to another year of cheek pinching and off-color jokes. Rather than worrying about what others might bring to the table, put on your Superman glasses to see their truth, a heart-of-gold. Appreciate the characters in your clan.
  • Waiting for her best friend to walk through the door, Sadie’s tail suddenly starts mopping the floor. Love polishes even the hardest of surfaces to a deep golden shine. Let love greet you today.
  • Black Friday exploits legendary, as steps slow and yawns widen, you think of today’s haul to make this season merry and bright, and are tickled by your “deal of the day” coup. Your strategy was a stroke of genius, and the payoff will come on Christmas morning with ear-to-ear grins your heart’s reward. Everything you do is wrapped in love.
  • True love stems from a grand idea that all things are possible.
  • Emissaries walk among you, looking for opportunities to deliver good. Accept their generous offer.
  • Taking a beating at the last board meeting, there is no need to take one for the Gipper. Show them you have skin in the game and that you’re prepared to leave it all on the field. Your valiant effort will be seen and rewarded.


  • His stripes not rubber-stamped, some saw him as one thing and some saw him as another. As far as he was concerned, he was a horse of a different color, and more than happy to have broken the mold.
  • Shaking your head at a society that sits side-by-side speaking not with their lips but their fingers, you wonder when it all went to hell in a handbasket. One day you will stand at our side sharing our perspective, and see that communication in all forms is a blessed and beautiful thing.
  • Believing mastery is just a quarter or two away, you insert the coin and give it another go. Inner wisdom guiding your hand and whispering “steady as she goes,” you know your desired prize is within reach. It is.
  • Told by the elders from the time he was a sapling that he would one be chosen for a monumental task, he leaned in and waited for his day in the sun. Like a shining beacon, you stand out amid a sea of candidates. It’s time to fulfill your destiny.
  • Looking forward to this all year, one by one they left their tissue jackets at the door, and entered the gala to mingle with old friends and new. To a ball, all were excited to hang with the host and share the shine.
  • Putting the finishing touches on your favorite time of year, you stand back and admire your twinkling accomplishments and sparkling success. Curl up with your cocoa—it’s time to reflect.
  • Saying goodbye to a primo pal is never easy, but walk on so he can too. He will remain unrivaled in your affections, but there is another who will love being barefoot in the sand as much as you do, share your silly sense of humor, and make your heart go pitter-patter.
  • Memory not what it used to be, you surround yourself with wicked wit knowing it will test your limits and keep you on your game. Wise move.
  • “Made with love” gifts are always the best.
  • All the pieces falling into place, you now see the grand design and realize that you were supported with love every step of the way.
  • Herman had spent the week dodging mom’s tinsel toting hands but when he heard the jingle, he knew he would soon be crowned this year’s silliest elf. Not wanting to spoil mom’s joy, he decided to take ‘tis the season to be jolly literally.
  • Every day sweeter than the next, you wonder what mystical button you pushed —what heavenly fount you tapped—that keeps blessings filling your cup; ginger, spice and everything nice on your plate. You have allowed.
  • Get ready for a growth spurt.
  • All your choices this week will lead to comfort and joy.
  • Retired from racing, Bob remembered his glory days, the exhilarating feeling of crossing the finish line first, and wondered if he’d ever feel that head rush again. Only you can choose to stay parked in the pasture.
  • All the good ones have not been taken. There is one meant only for you and, when the time is right, you will find each other.
  • A veritable smorgasbord of choices lay before you. Help yourself.
  • Tree up, presents wrapped, and jingle tunes spinning, Sam was ready to get the party started. Having this whole holiday thing dialed, he loved his role as office Kris Kringle. Be merry and mingle.
  • Cutting it close with so many gifts to buy this year, you wonder how you’re going to make the dough stretch. Give 30 minutes of your undivided attention, and that gift will bless you both infinitely more than anything made in China.
  • All your favorite things rolled into one peppermint filled month, you can’t understand why some people think this time of the year sucks. Go forth and sweeten a naysayers day.
  • Let yourself be wrapped in ribbons of joy this week.
  • It’s no yarn. Life can sometimes be a tangled tale, but in your family you are the knot that holds the stitches together. Could any design be grander than that?
  • The tide has turned and waves of good now flow through your door. ‘Tis the season for receiving.
  • Santa, in the business of granting wishes for others, rarely used the magic for himself but on this incredible night sitting snug in his waterproof red velvet, he recognized the invitation and couldn’t resist. Make a wish.
  • Let your good cheer lift up everyone who comes near.
  • Let the gentle lace of grace land on your shoulder.
  • Squeezing in and out of chimneys all night taking its toll, he breathed a sigh of relief when finally able to shuck the brass buckle and let loose his jolly jelly roll. Last but certainly not least on his list was to signal his gratitude for another angelic assist.
  • Folding the newspaper and swallowing the last dregs, you turn your attention back to the task at hand. Break time is over—it’s time to get back to work.
  • Having tried “subdued” on for size, you’ve decided that it’s not quite the right fit. Everyone missed your jokey jolly self, especially you.
  • An idea beginning to form, it will soon crystallize into your destiny. Allow your thoughts to coalesce.
  • You’ve run so fast and so far this year we can only see your taillights—and we like it.









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