• No longer satisfied with the 2013 status quo, she puts pen to parchment to draft this year’s determined decree. Resolve to live your dreams.
  • Flexibility is in his DNA. Although not as nimble as he used to be, he is still willing to bend over backwards to help at a moment’s notice. Appreciate his big-hearted stretch.
  • If there truly were a sucker born every minute, life would be magnificently sweet.
  • It’s always hard to step into the unknown but you are not a cowardly critter and it’s time. Take a chance, it will pay off big time.
  • When life takes you off road, adapt. Be grateful for the detours, for they ignite your adventuresome heart.
  • This is the year you will see with your soul.
  • When you’ve fallen and you can’t get up, have faith. You were designed with heavenly ballast, always able to right yourself. Steady as she goes.
  • The undisputed champ of the playground, it is easy to be first in line at recess knowing that you will shine with each clockwise hit. Be just as joyous when a serve is returned. Remember, it’s just a game.
  • Even knowing that noses who live in glass houses should be the last to throw stones, they can’t help but laugh at the frosty freckles sporting the newfangled snow cones. Don’t take yourselves so seriously.
  • Faith a little rusty? Invite the angels to scour your seams and polish your high beams tonight while you dream.
  • Oh if you could see what we see, you too would be doubled over in glee. You’re so much lighter, brighter and kinder than you think you are. Appreciate the great and wonderful you.
  • Pushing with all your might, you hopped aboard and gave yourself the ride of your life. Ready to take it for a spin again?
  • On the days when you feel small, remember your soul always walks tall. Walk your soul’s talk.
  • Table piled high with homework, all he wants is to get outside and play in the spray. See it through little man and soon you’ll be on the other side looking in.
  • Your character is unimpeachable so never fear your daily weigh in. You have stepped up time and time again.
  • We give you the equipment but you have to be willing to use it. Buckle up and let’s see what this baby can do!
  • We love selfies as much as you do, as long as in post-production pesky self-criticism doesn’t sneak onto your shoulder when you’re looking at the end result. No filters needed. You are beautiful inside and out.
  • Determined to make this the year you step out of your shell, with a bit of muscle and true grit, you crack open your potential and say yes to a new wave of good.
  • Knowing he was next in line, soon to be the recipient of a magical delivery, his imagination soared with possibilities. Step into the place where all things are possible, and dreams really do come true. Expect your wish to be delivered today.
  • Samson stared at Delilah wondering why she was being coy. He liked water and thought it could work. Alas, not fond of land, she knew there was a part of his life that she would never share. Not all love affairs are meant to last beyond the first kiss.
  • Chalk it up to inexperience, but not every surface is your easel. Your enthusiasm is commendable and so to is your willingness to color outside the lines, but your office is sneezing because of your Mad Hatter strokes. Calm it down Picasso.
  • Cart full of faith and a fist full of tickets, he stepped up and felt the clown’s measuring hand pat the top of his silky brown mop. He was finally tall enough to ride this ride. You always measure up.
  • Over the hurdle and through the woods, he can finally let go of his dog and pony show. He’s learned this week that Trix are for kids. Silly rabbit, no tricks are ever needed.
  • Seeing the shiny copper out of the corner of his eye, he wanted to simultaneously keep his butt in the seat and reach for the prize. Those who reach for their dreams always receive.
  • Deciding to live dangerously and tempt the fates, he lay claim to a patch of sand directly under the most fickle of fronds. We can protect you but please help a guardian angel out and don’t paint a bullseye on your noggin.
  • Just like cream rises to the surface, all souls go to heaven.
  • When you’re wondering what to do and can’t find a clue, rather than studying the scene for a Where’s Waldo meme, slow your show and you will know.
  • Sliding on people moving ice, you are grateful when your rubber toes stop at the snowy bank and you find yourself still standing. Now is a great time to be on your feet and looking forward rather than on your backside staring at the stars.
  • Enthusiasm is contagious. Don’t be afraid to spread it around.
  • We know it’s hard to shift from control to cruise but keeping it full throttle is adding unnecessary wear and tear to your engine. Ease up just a bit lead foot.
  • When the year bucks, and it will, it is your choice whether to be thrown or to take the reigns and settle it into submission. Don’t let the year throw you.


  • Always game for a hair-raising experience, you jump in with both feet inspiring others to do the same. Way to be fearless Freddie. Game on!
  • Maybe you should’ve had a V8 instead of a Hawaiian Punch, but now you know that you can take a punch and are ready for a swig of your next grand adventure.
  • Gator boy by day and putting on a show for the crowd, Mr. Tough Guy disappears as soon as he slides into home. It is the sweet guy that is simply irresistible.
  • Pulling over for a pit stop, he grabbed the only seat open at the counter to watch the street action and his hot wheels. When we have a “big picture” message for you, we eliminate distracting options so that your nose has only one direction but to point. Pay attention to your street view, we’ve got a message for you.
  • Getting a little too big for his britches, the Caped Crusader was mortified when his Batmobile inexplicably wouldn’t start and he had to ride the bus to work. Humility is a lesson learned by all.
  • Rather than keeping the memories boxed in the dark alone and afraid, open the lid and gently lift each one up to cradle. The box, once too heavy to lift, released from the gloom is now light as a feather and powerless. Love the past for only then can you love your present.
  • A black whisker left on clean white sheets, there is only one in this house who fits that rap sheet. Give an extra cuddle to your furry culprit tonight.
  • The least prominent of places are the most likely to generate love. Enjoy the puzzle as the pieces fit perfectly together.
  • Thinking that lightning would only strike once, no one is more surprised than you when love reveals itself a second time. Do not shy from this love note from the sky.
  • Whether your relationship needs ‘Dear Abby’ advice or ‘Dating for Dummies,’ start by loving yourself and you will have all the clarity you need.
  • Cupid is not averse to technology, as you now know, having felt the supersonic speed with which you now find yourself in love. We understand why you’re quivering.
  • Cute as a bug but a capricious flirt, she sashays into the room and starts flashing her brights at every Tom, Jason and Harry until she spots her crush and transforms to her authentic love bug self. Want to receive a Be Mine? Be real.
  • He loves you true and for you, only the perfect sentiment will do.
  • It is the everyday gestures, stacked one upon another, that are the sweetest and sincerest signs of love.
  • You are sprinkled with God’s grace just as you dust powdered sugar on a chocolate cake. Enjoy your delicious blessings.
  • While their likeness may never be seen on the “heads” side of a coin, whether taking a temperature or teaching a child how to play her first note, truly great men are measured by the lives they lift up.
  • Some men wade boldly into their greatness, while others stay on the sidelines and nibble at the edges. Destined for your own brand of greatness, someone else’s crust will never do. Step up and in.
  • Chilled to the bone and thankful for the green, she keeps pace knowing it’s just a short city block to sweet Starbucks’ warmth. Your true warmth resides within, an inner fire stoked with marshmallows and magic, just waiting for its go signal to make s’more magnificent outcomes. Create the day your way.
  • Every little princess imagines her prince will come with the toss of a penny. Now that you are a big princess, you are grateful your childhood placeholder stayed at the bottom of the well for now you know exactly who you are and what you want. Get ready for your big girl dreams to come true.
  • As unlikely as it may seem, when you are meant to find love, you will.
  • It’s been an epic run, but now the day is done. He who walks away lives to shred another day.
  • Thinking that running away is the answer, she tucks her pennies in her purse and packs her favorite teddy. Getting as far as her front yard, she realizes that sometimes ‘no’ is the right answer.
  • Staring at the hand puppet’s mouth as it moves up, down and side to side, your finger itches for the munching maneuvers to settle so it can make its pick. You’ve had a mouthful of guidance — it’s time to choose.
  • From the prow of the boat you scan the horizon for the telltale sign of tail fin or misty spout, knowing that your magnificent outcome is just waiting to surface. And it is.
  • Thinking we are impervious to your first request, you change your tone and structure but what you need to know is you had us at hello. When you ask, you are always answered.
  • Suddenly energized and arms riddled with goosies, your body will always tell you your highest truth, that you are just steps away from spirit.
  • Every where you looked there were signs — the white feather that danced by your shoulder on non-existent wind; the puffy sky filled with angels and hearts; misty spouts like exclamation points punctuating the horizon; and under your sandy feet a shamrock path leading you home. Antennae on alert, you caught every bell and whistle the universe blew at you today.
  • Wishing for a clearer signal, we’re sending you signal-strengthening power. Tune in to turn up the four clairs — clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance.


  • Frozen and losing your grip, you slowly slide out of the tube into warmer climes and crystal-clear waters. Stir it up sunshine. Here’s your immune boost from Spirit.
  • You lead, we follow. If you say you are healed, we align behind to fulfill your order. Please pull forward to the next window to be the beneficiary of your ‘no more poke and prod’ vision.
  • A purveyor of principled decisions, you look for the same trait in others. No mustache-twirling posers need apply. Hold firm to your principles.
  • Arms rotating at warp speed and shredding the wind, the towers imagine that with a little more effort, they will soon be like Pan and take to the sky. Hey you with the high energy, you too are ready to fly!
  • 9 to 5 just to survive, you realize that just keeping your head above water is no way to thrive. Working to stay afloat, your soul is weary of the ‘must go faster’ pace. Let us give you a hand up and out. Treading for scarcity is no longer an option.
  • When you’re hanging on for dear life, appreciate the finger that reaches down to the rescue. Curl up in the safety of a friend.
  • The fun is a built in feature… you just need to remember and make time for it.
  • Like ships that pass in the night, spirits come in and spirits fly home, sharing knowing smiles and giving air high fives. There are no strangers in spirit.
  • Running the first leg, the sweet spirit hands off her baton to her successor, the next person who will love and teach you. Panting and bent, she walks off the track for some much needed R&R. She did her job — now you do yours. Grief is holding you back and she trained you to sprint, not sit on the sidelines.
  • Oversized clown shoes getting too comfortable on his feet, he deepens his voice and straightens his smile to reclaim his authority. Leaving Jolly Roger in the closet, he unwittingly left the ‘Best Boss in the World’ title too. Reclaim your title.
  • The magic does not reside in the outcome, but rather in the wand wiggling creation. It’s time to use your elegant equipment.
  • When you find yourself growing wildly insecure, remember you are resilient and irrepressible — you have everything you need to thrive.
  • Luck a little bit rusty, you look to the sky and wonder why. Instead of the endless spin, step off of the hamster wheel and look within. Slow to reignite your ‘all things good’ flow.
  • Hiding in plain sight, wearing a touch o’ the green your impish spirit can always be seen. Share your good vibrations.
  • Frosty mug slid down the bar and into waiting hand, the first chilled sip of frothy hop is everything you imagined it would be. No malarkey — you can have your Guinness and drink it too.
  • Lucky placed his tiny wizened hand on your arm and in an ancient voice so familiar, spoke straight and true “you already have everything that matters — and that my dear is worth its weight in gold.”
  • With a stroke of luck and a bit of genius, you have spun your world into gold. Not to put too fine a point on it, but it’s time to enjoy your handiwork.
  • When you lose focus, we are here with smelling salts to wake you up to your potential.
  • Sudoku asks your intellect to search its database for a probable answer. Searching for a soulmate is exactly the opposite. Turn off your overthinking brain and on your underfeeling heart.
  • Winter cocoon finally outgrown, the screen door is thrown open so newly made wings can gulp their first taste of flight. The door is wide open — spread your wings and fly.
  • There is only one reason to scale Mount Doom — to reach Castle Bloom. Your fate is to flourish, as predetermined by you, so save yourself the trek.
  • You are the rarest of all treasures… you.
  • “Will we be okay?” your inside voice whispers. Your soul, on speed dial to God, responds immediately with “of course.” Calm your soon-to-be mommy’s heart — come what may you and your baby will be okay.
  • Ketchup sliding off of the frank, you look down to see your fries now graced with a tasty new red overcoat. Something great will soon be landing on your plate.
  • Yes, wise old owls are here to teach but sometimes the delivery sounds a bit like a screech. Don’t let your feathers get ruffled—settle your tone to speak volumes.
  • Don’t step on those who venture into your brave new world, as the sturdy newcomers will bloom into your biggest allies. Cultivate the eager cracks.
  • Remember you are divine, not a pincushion waiting to be pricked.
  • The playground, having waited all winter to work out the kinks, valiantly ignores its old tubes’ squeaks and groans as it carries its first passenger into the sky. Extend yourself.
  • Spending the day in his happiest place running with his chums, he couldn’t believe his ears when the tailgate went down and he heard dad’s whistle. Spend time in your happy place and soon your cheeks will be flapping in the wind.
  • Just like Snow’s small but mighty helpers, we’re here to do the heavy lifting. Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s off to your adventurous gig we go.
  • Frozen stiff and still, you dream of happier times and warmer climes. Body in Siberia and mind in Aruba, your internal clock ticks off the days ‘til the spring thaw when your toes will again go with the flow. Here comes the sun.


  • Farm to table is a glorious goal, even if your garden suffers the occasional mole. Enjoy the crunch of your homegrown crudité.
  • Remember crawling into your grandfather’s lap and smelling his aftershave, his fresh from the garden sweat? If you smell a familiar smell now, know that a loved one is stopping by to say hi.
  • Playing in your mashed potatoes, you were sent to your room to ponder your choice. It’s time to choose wisely.
  • Waiting for her date in her prettiest fluff, she second-guesses her dress for success efforts. When any new skill is first being learned it is wise to ask the opinion of a discerning eye, but this is not your first time to the rodeo sister so sit tall in the saddle. No slouching lady or second-guessing either.
  • Born loving thy neighbor and thy brother, you quickly toddle into the ‘mine’ mentality. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to outgrow your childlike penchant for hoarding your toys, but your truest nature—the very essence of who you were, are and will always be—is love.
  • You have listened well fine-feathered friend, and now it’s time to take a leap of faith and fly. The skies will be friendly on this your first solo flight.
  • When you feel like you’re getting mixed signals, pull over on the shoulder and idle awhile. One way will light up brighter than the others.
  • When smooth sailing becomes rough seas, remember it is not ‘calm before the storm’ thinking that will win the day.
  • Still seeing stars from the last rock, feathers flew when he heard his golden gummy worm opportunity knock. When asked why he crossed the road, he crowed the best response, his truth, that although he was willing to claim his destiny one worm at a time, he was ready for more than bite-sized pieces of responsibility. Go for it, you won’t lay an egg.
  • All your clients, tigers and bears seemingly in a row, you’re missing the most important of all, the ‘just under the surface’ starfish. Chew on that for a bit — does one name float to the surface? Discover your superstar lineup.
  • An appetite for everything life has to offer, you go from one culinary delight to the next, delighting in each tidbit, morsel, powder and paste. Even if you choose Red #40 or Blue #1, the magic munching machine known as your stomach will know what to do when you add it to your cart. Enjoy the different flavors of life.
  • When you step out of the closet and into the light, you become a beacon lighting the way so that others can find their safe harbor too.
  • Our gift to you, petals and blue. Your blue sky day is here to stay.
  • Spring is the season of painted eggs and new beginnings. You’ve been sitting on it long enough, now is the time to hatch your new idea.
  • It doesn’t have to be hard or taxing — living can be as easy as the feathers landing at your feet.
  • Not able to remember from year to year whether it was vinegar or salt t’would keep the precious shell from cracking, she opted for salt and crossed her fingers. Your fingers will only find the recipe for good decisions.
  • For years trying to hide her oversized ears, she grew tired of the pretense and finally set the disguise aside to walk the catwalk in all her pretty-in-pink glory. Celebrate the real you and others will too.
  • Wearing your best Easter bonnet and hoping that everyone will do the same, you show up for brunch bedecked in your new blue tiara. Princesses need not ask permission to feel beautiful.
  • Hammond, wearing an ear-to-ear grin, waited all morning for the sounding bell. Familiar with the hunt, this was his first year to join in the egg seeker fun. He just hoped his ‘walk softly’ practice would pay off. Go forth and crush it!
  • Preparing the Easter meal triggered memories of family get togethers when favorites were still alive and standing at your side. We are always near, chirping cheer in your ear.
  • Jagged fingernails proof of a weekend well sowed, she drops her crocs at the door content with her poppy-filled palette. Leave goodness in your wake.
  • Thinking he is your sun and soil, you are grateful for any little drip of attention. Unrequited love will leave you prickly and unapproachable, mayhap missing the one who will happily shower you with affection.
  • Backing not one of her strongest suits, she eased into the stall until she felt her bumper kiss the wall. Seeking refuge from the elements, remember the bud takes longer to bloom in the shade.
  • With a simple turn of the dial, you can adjust your outlook and your day.
  • Industrious beavers build dams for it is their purpose and their home. Remove the sticks and stones to let the emotion flow.
  • Slick from the surf, she joyously rolls in the powdered sugar sand to feel its good vibration. Revel in the warmth of the sun.
  • The monster under the bed bends over backward to show you his soul, hoping you’ll see his whimsical nature rather than jagged teeth. What appears scary at first glance isn’t.
  • Peeling the paper off of the opinion-filled cupcake, the foil bends to reveal swirled chocolate and vanilla thoughts just waiting to share their goodness. Let the ‘cherry on top’ messages melt in your mouth.
  • A slice of heaven or simply illusion, magic is in the eye of beholder. Let the figment be unchallenged for its appearance is to inspire.
  • Sucked back in, she wondered at her weakness. What you see as limp noodle, we see as strong stick. What may seem melodramatic is actually miraculous, as you are surrounded by those you can help.


  • Wondering what her future has in store, her curious fingers reach for the drawer. Much to her surprise, sweet pop n’ fresh blossoms arise. Your April showers will soon be May flowers.
  • Wise old owls and new hatchlings both forget the need for beauty rest when they’re haunting the rafters. Curl up in the barn and close your peepers.
  • Fork doing a pirouette in the pasta, she was used to twisting everyone around her tines, so it was no surprise that she was bent out of shape when she discovered she was playing second fiddle to a meatball. No one can upstage you but you.
  • With pillows punched and popcorn settled on your lap, you push play to end the day. No need to watch the past. Clear the queue. Make room to download your next award-winning adventure.
  • All the bugs worked out, he stands up and stretches, grateful this will be an early and ibuprofen-free night. Dilemmas disappear and solutions come easily to your fingertips when you let them.
  • Rocking back and forth like a banshee, she drove the pony forward inch by inch across the room. She knew she could do it and we did to. Ready for another ride?
  • Lurking by the bedpost, curiosity gets the better of her and she simply must peak. Scooped up and snuggled, she is now one with the sleep-over fun. Scoot over, your heart and bed have room for one more.
  • How do you sop up an ocean of lonely? Never meant to be an island, immerse yourself in the beautiful azure hues of others.
  • Blushing, you now know that people think you’re a slice of heaven. Thank you for being a blessing to all, especially those who bite first and ask questions later.
  • Just like the redheaded rooster who crows to wake his crew, one by one you kiss foreheads and throw back covers, getting little feet ready to greet the street. Mommy magic—the best way to start the day.
  • Missing the person who taught you to draw sunshine on the sidewalk, her ‘teaspoon of sugar’ love is still brightening your day, just another way. Just as you think of her today, she is thinking of you. You are her sunshine.
  • Just because you put your heart into it, doesn’t mean it is your heart work. Take a step toward the one thing that will make your spirit soar.
  • We knew you needed a soft landing today. As your feet gently touch the ground, be grateful for the ups and the safely downs.
  • From aluminum trays requiring muscles and force, to Rubbermaid and a flick of the wrist, now with the push of a button your cup can runneth over with “cubed or crushed” goodness. It’s easy to manifest ease. Fill your cup.
  • Tickled with your performance, you bow to your adoring fans. Sweat-soaked and happy, this is just the first of many ‘make your mama proud’ moments.
  • Loose, at odds, and blowing in the wind, you’re looking for a strong and sturdy fence post to settle against. There is one who waits to catch you, so just roll with it a while longer.
  • Not trusting the teen prepared fare, you’re pleasantly surprised when gray hair greets you at the window. Trust that you will receive your healthiest and highest outcome, regardless of the age of the dish that serves it.
  • Leaving the dentist with new bands in your hands, you can’t help but smile at your groovy new grille. Soon your struts will be removed, and you’ll be grinning from ear-to-ear.
  • Wearing your emotions on your sleeve, perhaps it is time to wear a jacket. Arm yourself with a mood ring—others with an early warning system.
  • A delicate shell washing over your toe has the power to delight just as surely as a just found $100 bill. A simple gift is coming to tickle and delight.
  • Running on success, you slide into class and the smooth wooden seat, eager eyes and enthused ears ready for the next multiple choice challenge. Given the choice, you always know the answer.
  • With a twinkle in your eye, and a dimple in your cheek, you say, “If memory serves” and yours does. Serve up your story, with a hefty side of experience, so that others may sidestep life’s curveballs.
  • There’s never been a better night for practicing your power. Shine your gigawatt smile on he who needs it most.
  • Nostalgic for neon, you can almost hear the calliope music and smell the deep-fried fritters. Your future will be just as sweet as your past.
  • Your love knot will never slip.
  • Mourning their cherished hero, the stooped old man with an easy smile and a willing lap, it would not be until much later that they would understand the scope of their papa’s heroism.
  • Leading by example, he gently blew dream after dream into the suds, and then with a quick wave of the wand released them to the universe for fulfillment. Exhale thoughtfully.
  • Hoping to hitch your star to the next big thing, it’s easy to put others on a pedestal while you stay on the sales rack. Steam out your ‘furrowed brow’ wrinkles and stand up straight for very soon you’ll be in the window, featured and fabulous.
  • Sharing your happy message through every post, tweet and text, you spread your light. Continue your ‘cheer’io manifesto. It’s working.
  • Having picked up an unintended thing or two along the way, you put a quarter into the slot and start the bubbles. Scrub your spiritual grime, rinse and repeat.
  • Zero lot line often means up close and personal, listening to tears as well as laughter. Be a good neighbor with a broad shoulder—in other words, a friend.


  • After the initial gasp, and the first few tentative steps, you realize it’s an all or nothing kind of week. Dive in!
  • Brushing away the ‘woe is me’ from her tongue, she was amazed how quickly she started to rub shoulders with a happier class. Positive begets positive, and like attracts like.
  • Undecided whether it’s a good day to mow, blow or glow, you give the ride-on mower some gas and go for it. Shine little glowworm, shimmer.
  • Twirling the tube, the hot sugar binds crystal to crystal until a pink heavenly halo is formed. You are forming your success—your crowning glory—and getting sweeter with every round.
  • Wearing many hats, it’s time to reveal your truest color to the world… and yourself. Be your bright, bold, beautiful self.
  • The smell of pine filling your head all week, you grab your backpack and go. Just as the butterfly emerges from the cocoon reborn, you will emerge from your sleeping bag soul renewed. Let nature nourish you.
  • There is nothing as beautiful as a cone coming into her own.
  • Doe-eyed and diminutive, take a quantum leap into your potential. Speak your truth.
  • We see your sweet soft velveteen rabbit heart, so put the punk away for the edge no longer suits.
  • For every step that you are willing to take, you crank open the sardine can a notch further revealing a potential delicacy.
  • From green lights and great parking spaces at the mall to unexpected deals at the register, all week long you’ve felt magically supported. It’s not a streak of luck, but a streak of flow. Go with the flow.
  • Kindness is a never-ending story—one random act upon another until the plot thickens—a summer read too delicious to put down.
  • Whether luminary or huddled masses, each of you has a unique and brilliant shine.
  • Cool as a cucumber, you slide on your shades ready for some quirky fun in the sun. Soon you’ll be terry to terry with someone who will put their own stamp on your summer. Prepare to be charmed.
  • It’s not the size of the swath, but the size of the heart that created it.
  • As seen through the View Master’s all-knowing eye, you are offered inspiration a peek at a time. Mediate to upgrade to telescope with a galactic view.
  • Looking for a way out of the concrete jungle, watch for a terrestrial blessing. Rather than trying to control the how, spend time feeling the freedom of when.
  • For as long as you can remember you have kept the dream under lock and key in a sacred space in your soul. Bring it into the light of day—it’s time to play.
  • Tickled at the prospect, you gleefully accept the ‘better than blueberries and bottomless jars of Nutella’ offer. It’s a sweet deal!
  • You are her sunshine and she’s got the bloom in her cheeks to prove it.
  • Writing poetry with each graceful stroke, her buoyant message is punctuated with every flip of her fin. Climb out of your shell dear one for a wonderful world awaits.
  • Praying for “Marco Polo” guidance, now sit back and soak it in.
  • Being liberated from your cubicle seemed melodramatic but was actually miraculous for now you know what soul happiness feels like.
  • Exhausted from the struggle of the net, she finally let go to rest on her laurels. Busy doing battle, she had missed the moment when she moved from one-hit wonder to gold-standard. Luxuriate in your success.
  • On your belly, you take aim and shoot. Glass hits steel and you are now one marble richer. Way to keep your eye on the prize.
  • The closet overflowing, you find yourself elbowing your way through the crowd vying for the front of the line and space to shine. Remember the divinity in your soul—don’t get hung up on the small stuff.
  • Your sacred space is calling. Your soul wants to recalibrate, your mind to relax, your body to recharge and your heart to be healed. Curl up in the light and let us get to work rekindling your spark.
  • In storage for 9 months, you’re anxious to cruise the strip and show off your new cool fins. In the pink and galvanized to action, the key is turned and you roar to life. Welcome to the world little one. Remember you are a classic.
  • Regardless of whom you pray to, it is the sincere heart most cherished by God.
  • Climbing aboard your rainbow rocket you pick up speed and lean into the turn. Thinking that you’re going to fill your basket with wildflowers and watercolors, be open to baguettes and bubblegum. Be open to the joy that lands in your basket.


  • Chasing other people’s approval is a sure-fire way get a side ache. Euphoria comes from within rather than without.
  • You are becoming a tonic chord — your harmonic heart resonating with all who listen. Keep up the joyful sounds of love.
  • You have a daily requirement of nature and nurture. Recognize your needed nutrients.
  • Wanting thrilling rather than humdrum, you ask for neon billboard-sized guidance to pump up the joy juice. Pull in and let us serve you.
  • Little legs pumping to build big wheels that keep on rolling, your daily workout is readying you for an ‘arms raised’ finish. Your hard work is seen and appreciated.
  • A fairie spirit is whimsical, good-natured, and always sweet. When you feel the ‘duh’ leaf slapped against your forehead, you will know that you are about to bloom.
  • Out of control and zooming, you know there’s a world beyond the bubble but you’re caught up in the exhilaration as you careen head first toward the light at the end of the tunnel. Wild joyous rides do not happen on cruise control.
  • Addicted to the opiate of your perfectionist house rules, your 5 year-old heart longs to color outside of the lines with clumsy fingers rather than a clever brush. Let your messy makeover begin.
  • Getting their final instructions from Spirit, the soon-to-be emissaries flutter with excitement. Commissioned to deliver light, they will be drawn to each promise fulfilled, gentle touch offered, and easy smile shared—your unique current of love.
  • Wading into unknown depths, your stoic heart prepares for a battering. Watching the horizon, appreciate the calm without the storm.
  • Even though his dreams always seemed to be on the other side of the window, his faith was strong enough to lick the glass. There are no barriers to your dreams.
  • Seeking your loved one, you pull back the veil hoping for a glimpse. Squinting against the bright light, you suddenly understand that the promise you seek is the light, not someone that lives beyond it.
  • Enamored with something out of her reach, she prays for a very tall man and his dexterous hand. Some day your prince will come bearing keys and a boost, but you have everything you need to open the door today. Why wait?
  • He found it hard to stand out in a crowd in the fast-paced world of brilliant thinkers and wicked wit. Stand tall in your own unique gifts and talents.
  • A cherry snow cone was deliberately designed to stain your lips so that your smile would shine brighter. Red velvet cake is in our repertoire too.
  • You have a gift for making bells chime, whistles blow and everyone you touch glow.
  • Knowing that you are destined for more, it is not greatness you fear, but of missing or not making your mark. Appreciate who you are and where you are now, for then you will be gifted with your legacy of more.
  • Uprooting old ideals, so begins his flight of fancy. Let whimsy be your guide speeding you to an unexpected spirit-soaring adventure.
  • When you offer your heart on a silver platter, be certain there is someone willing to receive it.
  • Once the crispiest of crèmes, a day in the sun has left you melted. There are dozens of us standing by to shore you up and offer respite from the heat.
  • Worried that the day may not go your way, you have the power to make it okay. Happiness resides in putting a positive spin on small wins.
  • Limiting your beliefs creates rust in the hinges of your heart and theological disappointment. Unroll your windows and open your doors for some fresh air faith.
  • The best laid plans often change shape, form, and function. Stay open to the possibilities and keep your humor close.
  • Perfectly patient, you trust your bowl will soon be filled with and kibble. Having first learned to ask, now you’re learning to receive. Curl up in the sun and dream of your next bigger bowl of fun.
  • So she thought she could dance but quickly realized that she had two left feet. Stand on our toes and we will gladly guide you around the room until you are confident in your next steps.
  • Intent on resurrecting the 60’s, she packed her trailer and hit the road looking for good vibrations and groovy sensations. The intuitive traveler knew she would pick up energy everywhere she flew.
  • Used to renting her fins by the hour, her mermaid’s heart dreamed that one day she would slip into own custom-made prosthetic. Like a barnacle, she stayed stubbornly attached to her single solution. Once you let go of the how, the door opens to infinite ways to continue your adventure.
  • Heading straight for trouble, you suck it in and hope for the best. Just breathe — you will float right past this issue.
  • Hanging onto the old, you leave little room on your tongue for new sweet treats.
  • When the telltale crumbs disappear and your path seems unclear, never fear. Guidance is not offered in blurred lines or disappearing ink. Trust your intuition and follow the dotted line detour to your new and improved route.
  • From his perch, he could watch every make and model planted on the beach — girls giggling with their girlfriends, squealing happy children, longtime couples comfortable in their love — and thought this was heaven or as close to it as he would ever need to be.


  • Holding on with all your might, you do not fear scarcity — your gentle heart fears disappointing others. You could never disappoint.
  • Like learning to make bunny ears with your laces, once learned, unconditional love can never be unlearned.
  • She stands in the meadow alert, ears perked and listening for sounds other than bumblebees swilling their fill. Keep your ears perked for opportunities. Something sweeter than honey is on its way.
  • Grumpy Miss Gulch worked herself into a frenzy peddling her righteousness from mailbox to mailbox. Trying to control the universe of public opinion, the beauty of life simply passed her by.
  • Finally liberating the thought, his spirit soared creating a constellation of joy. Create your joy.
  • When things don’t go quite as planned, a mess ensues. Be grateful that it will still live up to its potential of melting in your mouth and not in your hand.
  • Knickers in a twist, you head for the hills hoping to outrun the huffing puffing blowhard. Let your little piggies stay home rather than roam.
  • We see your smile and raise you two.
  • Seemingly unaware of our presence at your elbow, you plead for a moment of our time. We are near enough to hear every hopeful beat of your heart, every wish whispered by your soul.
  • Mr. Puffinstuff knew that he had a good thing going. Not thinking about when this all might end, he chose instead to bathe in the bliss of the moment. For every bliss-filled moment you savor, many more will collect at your feet.
  • Wondering whether the situation will be sticky or sweet, you walk through the turnstile trusting. Hold out your hand — goodness is coming your way.
  • Your garden doesn’t have to be perfect, but you are expected to bloom.
  • The mini Marilyns giggled as they were transformed into fashion-forward balloons. Make over your day to include play.
  • After a summer stuffed with cannonballs and squeals, the first day of back-to-school quiet is the hardest. Just like her sunscreen-slathered charges, she loved the sunup to sundown play, and now has to invent new ways to fill her days.
  • Having carted its newly wedded passengers across the bay for more than 40 years, the wrinkled boat found itself suddenly dry docked. If you are ever put out to pasture, remember only you can decide to stay there.
  • The beaters loaded with batter offered to your waiting tongue, your tail starts wagging knowing that your dreams are about to come true. Harken to all whose dreams seem unreachable — there’s a hand reaching down from the heavens offering not just a taste but the whole bowl.
  • Having taken a bite out of summer, you’re content to flow into fall knowing the current will take you where you need to be. You are floating from the channel out to the big blue jewel of your purpose.
  • If people seem a little crusty on the outside, it is simply to protect their soft underbelly. Don’t be intimidated — taste their true goodness.
  • Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble, you’re getting overwhelmed and feeling blue with so much to do. You were never meant to chew on everything at once. Pop that illusion right now.
  • When looking at who you are makes you smile, then you are truly celebrating your pride.
  • Having sworn off the roller coaster emotions of love, you find yourself tempted to buy one last ticket. Although life may have its ups and downs, when you sit shoulder to shoulder with love, the ups and downs eventually come to a complete stop. Don’t be afraid to climb aboard.
  • You are protected every time you walk into the world, and embraced every time you return.
  • Seeking your truth, your perspective is changing with every inch you ascend. What you thought you would see is not to be. Slake your hot pepper vision with your cool mint destiny.
  • Hanging on by a thread, you wonder not if, but when you’ll unravel. Remember you were made with love by resilient parents, and stitched with strength by God’s own hand. Gentle your hold and let the current lift your spirits.
  • Having scoured every nook and cranny and looked in lost and found, you wonder where she went, that young girl so full of optimism. The girl that once was, still is. Positivity is a choice made every moment of every day. Luckily it comes naturally to you.
  • Looking over your shoulder is only necessary when driving. Let the past be the past.
  • Willing to freeze your tongue into submission, you’ve got to find a way for your mouth to obey. Our tip: Suck on sweet and you’ll never spew sour.
  • On hold and listening to the muzak, you hope someone will come on the line soon to help you out of this jam. Our chat line is always open.
  • Wrapped in the luxury of your penthouse perspective, you’ve watched the world make haste to their people, places and things. We’re tickling your feet with feather duster inspiration, telling you it’s time to leave your comfort zone. Live little bird, fly.
  • Examining the rounded edges of cobalt, seafoam and amber, you marvel at how time etches softness into even the hardest of souls.
  • Best friends huddle on a warm summer day to see how far their soul can go. Three skips, four, skimming the surface for just a little more, they know their BFF power gives them the furthest reach. Spend time with besties.


  • The environmental fairie gives a gentle tap to your shoulder, asking if you noticed your deeper than usual footprint. Mother can handle even the deepest footprints, but is always grateful when humanity treads lightly. In return for your raised consciousness, you may find a little green — the kind that grows in your wallet — coming your way this week. Green attracts green.
  • This is a reminder that your life purpose is past due. Snooze a bit longer, but very soon you will find slippers on your feet and coffee under your nose. It’s time for you to wake — to throw back the curtains on your big beautiful destiny.
  • Slow cartwheels through space, the stars now float like dustmotes in front of your face. Teasing and tickling with their “dreams come true” promises, you invite them to coalesce on your fingertips, your new accomplices. The stars are aligned, now put them in motion.
  • Knowing you have bigger fish to fry than what’s currently sizzling in your pan, start formulating your ‘how to get from here to there’ recipe. The perfect ingredients and golden crust timing will soon be revealed, so keep your pantry door open and your spoon ready.
  • Floating up from the depths of your dream, you’re aware that you’re bringing a present back with you, not just your average hitchhiker. Spirit gives gifts from the land of nod, messages and tokens to inspire and delight. Before you nod off tonight, ask to remember your dreams when you wake.
  • Her keepsakes kept near to your heart, you still find yourself having to wipe at an occasional tear. Your tears didn’t go unnoticed then, nor do they now. She was always handy with a hanky. Appreciate the chicken skin moments.
  • A dandelion in the forest is a rare treasure found. You have a wish that rides around in your soul unformed. Find a quiet spot in nature to commune with your heart’s desire. Once you are clear, seal it with a kiss and deliver unto us your wish.
  • From above, you look like tightly wound coils, having ratcheted your life until there is simply no play. Rather than putting the screws to your psyche, relax your curls. You were meant to bounce, have give, be joyful.
  • You hydrate the parched, soften the chapped, and shield from harm even during the roughest of patches. A jewel, your unconditional love is the grease that keeps things running smoothly.
  • When something has nibbled a hole in your soul, remember you are not damaged goods. You can be mended.
  • Tim kept his marshmallow heart tucked in the pocket of his soul, only occasionally risking the reveal. Let her see your goodness, both inside and out.
  • Feeling flat as a pancake, you’re ready to roll it up and call it a day. Don’t worry, soon you’ll be slathered in a sweet weekend.
  • Happy to stay in the land of make-believe, you hold the key to call your sleepy dreams forth. Gratitude for what is turns the key to release what will be.
  • Seatbelt on and sitting in trust, you can’t help but smile knowing the adventure is about to begin. Get ready for a big Spirit push.
  • Although your choices are many, there is one that stands out above the others—one that you are itching to taste. Your wishes strung together, every one a treat, the attention paid chooses which will manifest next in your mouth. So close you can almost taste it, focus on your most desired outcome.
  • Look for clouds and you will find them.
  • Working up the courage to dive in, for a fleeting moment you wonder whether you were really built for this. Don’t talk yourself out of this ‘sink or swim’ moment for you will float right through it.
  • Fluent as a sea otter, joyfully flipping back to front and top to bottom, you liberate others with your celebration of ease. Teach others your tricks.
  • Watch for the fork in the road. Get ready to jump-start your stroke of luck.
  • A whiz with the tweezers, you gently remove the offending splinter from the tear-soaked finger. Heart hurting for today’s pain, you assure him that this will be all but forgotten tomorrow.
  • Confident of his purchase on the perch, he went for the gold. Reach out to receive… often.
  • Falling squarely in the dreamer’s category, you prefer to watch rather than do, imagining one day that it will be you. Today is that day.
  • With the uncanny ability to sense and see, is it any wonder people gather round to be blessed by your brand of sunshine? Let the energy run through you to them—let’s give the folks what they came for.
  • Feeling a sneeze coming on you start to panic, wishing you could warn all those within earshot you are about to live up to your reputation of challenging even the most sturdy of drums. If you blow it, watch as the Kleenex comes out of the woodwork to help.
  • To keep your backbone from buckling, you plant your feet determined to hold firm. Bend a little and watch as the world still turns.
  • Pondering life on other planets, your pert nose is up sniffing for a hint of Martian air. No need to look past the clouds for their flair, for they long ago landed and you already share. Sniff out likenesses rather than differences.
  • Being pulled by this and that all week, we’re just waiting for you to unwrap your delicious day.
  • Once upon a time, your childish hand drew ponies, princes and a sunshine in the corner of every page. Now in your big girl’s handwriting, and with more water under the bridge, you journal all the things for which you are grateful—chaos filled bedtimes, take out dinners, spit up kissed couches, sunset shoulder rubs—and you know all your dreams came true.
  • A good idea can always be made great by sprinkling it with the wisdom of others. Be liberal in your application. Dip into a mentor’s wisdom.
  • Are you disrupting the natives? We hope so. Having stayed in their comfy cone of silence for far too long, it’s time to teach those old dogs some new tricks.


  • Stepping up on the rock and peeking over the fence, you wish you had your neighbor’s life. Travel, luxury, love and even the perfect pony-tailed kids, you ache to trade places. Busy watching her, you miss what’s below your nose—the rock where she stands wishing she were you. You both have it all, you just ordered from different catalogs.
  • Bingo! Enthusiasm trumps disappointment every time.
  • Dropping the keys on the table and making a beeline for the bedroom, you strip down to your skivvies and fall face first on the bed. Knowing it’s a tossup between stir-fry or nuke, you decide you can muster the energy to open a box. Although the cuisine will be lean tonight, you vow to be back at the chopping block tomorrow. Cut yourself some slack.
  • Is it plausible that you shall one day ride a unicorn? Yes, but not in the way you might imagine. Stay open to possibilities for the magic is about to happen.
  • Curate the museum of your soul, saving the best artifacts and removing the relics.
  • Inspiration may seem a dime a dozen, but you’d be surprised how much words feed your soul. Ignite your essence with positive wisdom today — write something to spark imaginations tomorrow.
  • No coins under the cushions, on the nightstand or in your winter coat—searching for abundance in all your tried-and-true places is leaving you empty-handed. You can create more than pocket lint and dust bunnies. We’ll help you think outside of the pocket.
  • Looking for things lost, you pray for ‘warmer colder’ Marco Polo guidance. Whether mind-blowing chicken skin revelations or ho-hum insights, everything is discovered in its perfect time. Keep a lookout.
  • Having entertained children for years, you’re putting away your magic show and dusting off your clubs. Whether for tots, teens or travel-weary snowbirds, your special brand of magic will always be needed. The magic has always been you, not what you do. This is not the end of your working life but simply the beginning of your next chapter, with fewer breaks between tee times.
  • Normally buoyant and bubbly, able to stay aloft for weeks, you find yourself spiraling toward terra firma, and a potential bummer. Keep your cool—a soft landing cometh.
  • Fully charged and fabulous, power dripping from every pore, Jamie knew there was no time like the present to take on the world. You too have stepped into your power and are ready to meet your unlimited potential.
  • With a few more strokes, your feet will touch the soft sandy bottom where you will finally gain purchase. Until then, keep your head above water and your eyes on the prize.
  • Your angel’s heart melting, you wonder if you’ll ever be served a slice of good news. The answer is yes and very soon.
  • When you don’t know whether you’re coming or going and everything’s one giant blur, we lift you up out of the haze and into clarity—a penthouse view of what you’re next to do.
  • Silly plot twists in the office, you decide to stay pliable putty, wisely waiting to wrap yourself around leaders with concepts that support the all, not the few.
  • Just as you lift others with your kind thoughts, words and deeds, we lift you. Get ready to be lifted out of this situation.
  • Throwing caution tape around your heart, you are signaling loud and clear that you want no one near. Throw caution to the wind instead.
  • Displaying unprecedented levels of trust, you choose to test your skills on the longest tightrope ever recorded. We appreciate your adventurous spirit, and step up with an invisible net so even when you don’t realize it, you are safe and protected.
  • Your nose her favorite toy, you happily oblige with a noisy honk getting a gasp and a giggle. Through simple and grand gestures, every smile you bring allows light to slip through the veil, so honk if you’re happy.
  • Swinging her heel, she is happy to be the sassy footnote to the meeting. She knows that the real work began long ago in another realm, and she was there to kick it off.
  • There are many who dream of the next big shiny patent leather thing, but few have the courage to try it on for size. Slip into your potential.
  • Your screen is starting to look like sticky notes central. When the volume of “to do’s” overwhelms your day, take a walk on the wild side and strip down to the bare essentials.
  • Hopping from one thing to the next is a skill that requires no mastery. Park your toes to grow bows.
  • Universal intelligence is like a crystal clear waterfall cascading from the heavens filling the cup of your soul. Divine inspiration delivered, how will your clever fingers choose to flex?
  • You are no less lovable whether you grow round, tall or twisted. Regardless of shape, size or symmetry, you are perfect. You will be picked.
  • Fearful of things that go bump in the night, you pull up the covers and squeeze your eyes tight. Rather than worry about phantoms under the bed, flip your thought to good fellowship instead.
  • Wicked smart has carried you this far, but now it’s time to step into your power and be guided by your heart.
  • All the bugs worked out, you’re ready to take your first taste. We’ll be by your side from the first yummy morsel to the very last crumb. Whip up a masterpiece!
  • Just as you appreciate the artistry as the final brush is put down, we appreciate the artistry before the first brush is picked up. Your beauty is carved soul deep.
  • She curled up for her bedtime story excited for the tale, but soon her lids were drooping, dream twitches revealing her listening fail. Sleepy, she missed the part where black cats are creepy. Regardless of your fur coat’s label, only you are able to stitch the fable.
  • Getting into the spirit from your nose to your toes, you can’t wait to see how tonight goes. Spooky music and tea lights lit, you pull up your chair to patiently sit. Get ready for the good to come knocking.


  • When you try to mold something into what it’s not, expect to suffer a few lumps and bumps. You will always recognize your highest by the smooth and pliable putty in your hands. If you feel resistance, you’re forcing rather than creating.
  • Once a shining star, you were left in the dust once your light started to dim. It took a bit of time, but you picked yourself and dusted yourself off once you remembered that nobody puts baby in a corner. Your hand holds the dimmer switch, and you control how bright you shine.
  • Things that seem small and inconsequential, barely registering in your consciousness, are often breadcrumb messages from your Spirit guides. Take a moment to focus on your next steps.
  • Patiently waiting in line to vote your conscience, instead of falling in lockstep with your lookalikes, you’ve chosen to claim your truth in the booth. Thank you for stepping up and in.
  • Designing your destiny is often slow and go. From our vantage point on the top bunk, we see the perfection of design, your ultimate outcome. Chalk it up to experience, but you too are starting to sense a plan in play. One day you will see the big picture and know why sometimes you were stuck in traffic, and sometimes every light was green. For now, know that you chose a beautiful route.
  • A six-pack in each holster, you’re ready for your day at the ‘O.K.’ corral. What you intend is what you experience. Aim a little higher than a ‘better than just okay’ day.
  • Emotions written all over your face and helium happiness leaking from every pore, smiles are blooming in your wake Lil’ Miss Sunshine. Keep sharing your twinkle.
  • A wee bit perturbed by the weather, the commute and the kids, you go to bed with a storm cloud over your head. Deep breath dear lass, for tonight in your dreams we will release the steam.
  • Wondering if she’ll ever love again, she ducks the romantics in favor of less warm and fuzzy classics. Lift your beak and take a peek at your “to have and to hold.”
  • Every day a clean slate, as you make your judgments and draw today’s boundaries, keep your eraser handy. Tomorrow’s experiences will expand your soul and erase the old.
  • There are so many sacrifices that one has to make to wear the uniform of a hero. It only ever fits a few of you.
  • Gathered around the water cooler, the idioms get colorful as the creative juices flow. Noticing Yellow still sitting at his desk, you invite him over with “a penny for your thoughts.” In your office everyone cuts the mustard.
  • Unintended, your creation takes on a wiggly jiggly mission of it’s own. All your greatest works are conceived in and blessed off in heaven. Don’t be surprised when they mold themselves to serve a high purpose.
  • Creamy peanut butter spread throughout the realm, the knight’s sword dips into the jelly knowing that after salty comes sweet. The first step is complete, and you know what to do next.
  • Loose lips sink ships, and others have been trying to get a word in edgewise. It’s time to put on your listening beanie, as there is much we want to share with you. Let’s close the gap between what you know, and what you think you know.
  • Unraveling, you forget your soul has been stitched for strength.
  • Balanced on her backside and using her tail as an anchor, she stretches her paws toward the sky and extends her claws for good measure. Really reach for it this week.
  • Fresh from the dark ages, it seems every opportunity is seized by high-tech “youngers,” and sometimes it’s hard to love your low-tech self. Your wealth of experience has brought you this far, but so as not to be typecast, you might venture out of the old school and into a new.
  • Hitching a ride these past three years, it’s time to set him down and send him on his way. As long as he has your ear, “the one” (sans warts) will stay away. No more settling for sloppy joe kisses.
  • Things stacking up on your desk, your sanity is starting to teeter. Unless you’re planning on learning to juggle, let’s remove the struggle. Striving is getting in the way of your thriving.
  • Choosing their best riders and swiftest steeds, Spirit sent out a missive to all corners of the realm reminding all who would listen that Upset and Chaos need not rule the day. Banish the benighted imposters. Choose your idyllic life.
  • Like the recalcitrant Pan who prefers Never Never Land to the real world, your dreams rest lazily on the mount content to stay parked and stargaze. When your dreams are slow to materialize, it doesn’t mean it’s time to blow them off. All in divine time.
  • Playing the first few notes of the song, the jazzman’s arthritic fingers started to smile. Ushered back to zoot suits and smoky clubs, he remembered a time when his joints were jumping. You were the bee’s knees then, you’re the cat’s meow now.
  • Doing a face plant in the squash, you angrily determine the vines are too dangerous and scratch them from your next winter garden. Rather than trying to trip you up, perhaps it was simply the squash needing more facetime.
  • Rattling chains or squeals of delight—you hear what you choose to hear.
  • Setting your intention is a beautiful thing.
  • An unlikely menagerie of fur, feather, fin and skin gathered for the feast. Some squawked about the state of the Union, while others turned a deaf ear, but all in all it was a good year for this makeshift family with goodies gobbled, belts uncinched, and smiles from ear to ear.
  • It’s hard to hide your sparkle this time of year.
  • There is an answer that shines brighter than the rest, just waiting to be discovered. Unwrap, give it a shake, and the beautiful key will fall free.
  • Diving into the Christmas spirit, Peggy couldn’t wait to recreate her favorite childhood memories for her children. She knew the lasting gifts do not come from stores, but from magical memories made.


  • Promising to be pals forever, Tom misses his friend who’s gone a-hiding. When people need to be alone, don’t take it as a personal affront or a barb to your heart. Familiar whiskers will be peeking from their hidey-hole very soon.
  • Wondering where your adventurous spirit will take you next year? Just like Dorothy and snow drifts notwithstanding, you’re about to open the door to your technicolor new world. In the meantime, watch for a pop of color to come your way for the holidays.
  • Feeling like you want to hang this entrepreneur thing up, you wonder how much longer you can hold on to the rice paper dream. Hang in there—don’t let the dream slip through your fingers.
  • A dream wrangler, the stars coalesce to play on your fingertips awaiting your direction and command. The stars are aligned—set them in motion.
  • This one too tall, that one too small, it took a trek but you finally found one that made the cut. Soon your pine prize will be seen twinkling through the bay window, saturating the air with its seasonal scent. Breathe deep of your success.
  • Digging for treasure through the sugary shells, he’s mistaking this bag for the crackerjack track. When you have explored every option and all passages are dark, turnaround and look at the light at the end of the tunnel for that’s the way that you should be going. Your delight will be found in the light.
  • Just because things don’t quite meet your expectations doesn’t mean they’re not perfect ‘as is.’ Appreciate the twist of fate.
  • When it comes to your dreams, never choose the runt of the litter.
  • Memories unfold with each ornament unwrapped. As you walk down the memory lane of sweet moments and funny stories, they are there with you whispering “Remember the time we…”. Surround yourself with love today.
  • The brighter your world, the lighter your heart. Amp it up!
  • Whether on your tree, at your table, or in your heart, there’s always room for one more.
  • When you’re feeling a little squeezed by the holidays, ask for abundance in all things—time, energy, health, wealth. We’re here to help so all you ever feel is soft gums rather than sharp teeth.
  • Wonder is coming your way. Get ready to make a joyful noise.
  • In closets and attics, on bookshelves and crates, this was the one time of the year when Elmer simply couldn’t resist his sniffer. Nosy makes a surprise hard to find.
  • Shake off the old for now is the perfect time for a clean slate.
  • Your closet a veritable smorgasbord of holiday party possibilities, you start imagining which wearable will suit. Take a turn in front of the mirror. Do you see what we see? Regardless of your bows, bells and whistles, you are a keeper.
  • Your Christmas traditions not something to trifle with, when another suggests an add-on, you immediately put the kibosh on the proffered new twist. Remember the spirit of the season, and open your arms to the adventure of something new.
  • Snoopy had dreamt of this day for ages, the day when he would get to be Rudy’s stand-in. Neither rain nor sleet nor snow would dampen his enthusiasm to try out his temporary reindeer magic. You can fly too!
  • Needing a gift giving muse, you look in window after window hoping to be gobsmacked, or at the very least for a bulb or two to twinkle. Alas, no light bulbs go off and you’re left wondering what would ignite their smile. The answer is simple… you. Give the gift of time with you. Everything else is just window dressing.
  • A tough guy on the outside, your marshmallow heart melts every time you see her smile. Spend time with the one who softens your crust.
  • Ladies dancing, lords a leaping, pipers piping and drummers drumming, the noise is finally starting to wind down and so are you. Slow down silly goose—the golden ring is within reach and all you need do is open your hand to receive it.
  • Trying to ride the monster waves of the last few days has left you leaning on ibuprofen and praying for a nap. The frantic flow is about to ebb, and this week will be glass smooth with nary a ripple in sight. Trust the soft sweet swells to carry you safely to shore.
  • Having whispered her wish, she faithfully listened knowing an answer would find its way to her ear. Listen child for your answer is being carried on the soft trades, and you will recognize it as a chicken skin moment that speaks directly to your heart.
  • Stockings still to be stuffed, you zombie walk to the kitchen for a milk and cookie pick-me-up. Your secret Santa’s heart knows that Christmas morning is epic to a child—that every toy discovered is actually a gift of love originally crafted in the workshop of your soul.
  • Legs shaking as you step down from the sleigh, you’re ready to hang it up. Eyes sleepy and back stiff from schlepping the velvet bag of lifelong memories, you’re content to resume your status as a beloved and enduring myth until next year. Job well done.
  • Just getting the hang of this elf thing and having spent the day rocking around the Christmas tree, you’re still filled with the spirit of “merry.” Keep it up sweet pup. Your jingle will be music to jangled nerves.
  • Trust that things will gently fall into place.
  • A master of antiquities, he ambles to the podium and frankly and without preamble gives you a choice. You can stay buried like the ancient treasure you are, or you can let those who would adore you discover your riches. Agree to the terms and let the digging begin.
  • Couchsurfing stint over and carrying everything you own on your back, you set out for your next adventure-filled lesson. Long ago deciding not to throw your weight around, you’ve learned to throw your thumb out and gracefully accept your ‘come what may’ destiny. You carry freedom in your soul.
  • One stick removed and the flow will again trickle. Two sticks removed and the clog will come crashing down and be carried away by the current. Let it go, let it flow.
  • All aglitter, you can’t wait to zap them with your high beams this New Year’s Eve. Your 1000 watt smile is the perfect accessory to bring to the party. Radiating joy, hope and happiness, you shine brighter than any disco ball or firework.









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