• Watching for the end and wishing it wouldn’t, spectacular buds of opportunity float by unseen. Appreciate the rosy present and rose-colored glasses will not be needed to see your grand future.
  • On tiptoes and fingers stretching, you resolve to reach your “do better” goal. Stretch goals are admirable, especially when started with loving who and where you are now.
  • Fiscal promiscuity pulls at the thread of sustainability. Do you remember what it is to darn a sock? 0 debt will take more than a virtual commitment.
  • This too shall pass. The house will soon land and when it does, the door will open to wondrous changes in the landscape and radiant smiles on your neighbors’ faces.
  • Pining for comfort and the familiar, you wonder if you can do a U-turn to rekindle the past. Let the past stay where it belongs as there is a suit waiting to walk in that is a much better fit.
  • Understanding the gift of a clean slate, you are loathe to step wily nily into your next adventure. We understand your reticence to step up and in, but it is time. Your footprints will be the breadcrumbs that others follow.
  • Timing is everything and this is your time. The seedlings held close to your heart are now ready to be planted. Grow your joy.
  • Like a curly willow, you were born from a seed with the desire to grow and expand so strong that you spend your life stretching for the sky. Nurture your nature.
  • You are a package deal. Stay balanced and remember that no one part deserves the spotlight or front row seats every day.
  • Lulled by the rhythm of the regularly spaced and only momentarily felt bumps, skating on sidewalks is giving you smooth sailing time to think. In this space you meet your potential.
  • The foam remembers the way you like to be held but arms can remember too. Climb out of your queen bed and back up on the dating horse. It is time to get cozy with something other than your comforter.
  • Putting in your coin, the ride starts and so does your smile. Remember the fun is in the ups and downs, not the round and rounds.
  • Just as baby’s chubby fingers curl instinctively around yours, you too know that the hand reaching into your crib is a helping hand and one to be trusted.
  • Cloudy days are like curly fries, all are unpredictable in their form and duration on your plate. Let the storm pass.
  • It is important to love your budding self just as you do when you reach full bloom.
  • Deserving of the whole cup of tea, why then do you settle for a thimble full? We are ready to pour, but first you must hold out your cup.
  • High castle walls that have long been impenetrable, it is time to lower the drawbridge and let in your knight in shining light. Let down your guard and be open to possibilities.
  • Just as suspenders hold up the saggiest of drawers, we hold up the saggiest of hearts. Your job is to believe all things are possible — our job is to support you in that belief, showing you that your dreams can and do come true.
  • As the wave recedes, you have but a minute to witness the salty foam trail before it melts into sandy oblivion. Messages meant ‘for your eyes only’ are written in disappearing ink and do not stay in solid form for long. Pay attention loved one, we are sending you a sign.
  • Remember making a whirlpool in your doughboy with friends and then on 3, all turned to sprint slow motion until you were once again controlling the current? You are always in control, now which way do you want to go? Hint: Collectively you have said 3!
  • Once but a dream of the wisest of men, ‘hear no evil – see no evil – speak no evil’ is now a living breathing reality. Doing good is a conscious choice made moment to moment by a conscious people.
  • Opening the book, a line catches your eye. Even as you read further into the story, your mind is busy wringing wisdom from the original words. Sentences for the soul are the juice, small shots meant to guide and affirm.
  • You were chosen to do this task, by you and by us, long before you ever stepped foot in this world. You are on your crooked mile path and this is to remind you that you are safe and surefooted.
  • The pebble in your shoe does not mean to be an aggravation, yet that does not stop your sole or soul pain. When missions do not match, let the pebble be whisked away to new off-road adventures.
  • An umbrella knows its purpose is to open and shield. Your heart was raised to be open, your arms were strengthened to shield. Like an umbrella, you are here to serve and protect.
  • Do not push copy if you want something brand new. Shred the old to start anew.
  • A cocoon is never more beautiful than when it is baking a butterfly.
  • Bills to pay, we hear the collective groan but we remind you that there are some who would feel blessed to receive a bill for electric lights and hot water.
  • Whether tapping your toe in impatience or to the beat, the movement is the same. Set your intention rather than letting it be open for interpretation.
  • Whether in Notre Dame or Nordstrom, release the behemoth baggage on your hunched backed shoulders. Set your burdens down before worry adds a chip to your shoulder and cripples your outlook.
  • A fling is a recklessness weed that can overtake even the healthiest of hearts. Lust is a vine that grabs and entwines, and all who come near can be caught in its carnivorous grasp. Don’t let it take root.


  • As others get ribboned and bowed treats, you wonder when it will be your turn for goofy bears and big red hearts. You are as loved as you allow yourself to be. Be lovable and an unexpected heart will arrive on your doorstep.
  • You do not need Maker’s Mark to make your mark.
  • Another may claim victory but only you can allow defeat.
  • Stuck at a crossroads wondering which way to step, there is one way that feels lightest, brightest and right. In the immortal words of a shoebox, just do it. Take the steps necessary to empower yourself.
  • Staring at the mirror and wondering at the overnight appearance of the tiny pink mound, you realize eruptions in the skin happen first in the heart. Journey to your center and calm the blister.
  • Content, it is easy to hit the snooze button on life. Time to leave the confines of your cozy little world as you have places to go and people to meet.
  • Lightly kissed by the flame, the sugary crust blushes gold. A kiss from an old flame will reveal your creamy custard heart.
  • The giraffe wonders at the fuss made over low-lying fruit. For him, he prefers to pick from the top. Be the fruit at the top of the tree, a treat for those who reach for the highest.
  • Your spirit guides come in all shapes, sizes, and breeds. A teacher with fur slides under your hand as you walk into your dreams tonight. Sleep well and welcome the wisdom.
  • Hoping the snake bite kit won’t be needed, you lace up your boots and set off eager to explore new territory on your annual hike. This year both fangs and claws will be content to stay sheathed, preferring the warmth of the rock instead of the tough hide of your soul.
  • Lift up the film to erase past hurts. Let this be an etch-a-sketch moment. Wipe the slate clean.
  • A master at stepping over puddles and avoiding pitfalls at work, why do you put your intuition on the shelf when the clock strikes 5:00? Listen to your inner “Dear Abby” advice.
  • Forward, backward, side to side, you step in tandem to the music only love can hear. Soulmates in sync, you are beautiful ballet.
  • A ripe tomato bursting at the seams with juicy goodness, now is the perfect time to grace the green leaf. Together you make a delicious combination.
  • Like the snake that sheds its withered winter coat for a shiny new spring style, you too have left your dried up old self in the dust.
  • Like meteors that dance through the night sky, a rock is about to land on your unoccupied couch. Enjoy the friendship and the grounded advice.
  • Driving neighbors crazy with your daily practice of scales, why does it surprise you that they are first in line at the box office to buy your tickets? Mastery of your gift was a collaboration of callused fingers and closed windows. Appreciate your supporters.
  • The heart-shaped balloon sways gently to and fro in an effort to finish the helium-filled hug it started. Appreciate a job well done.
  • A swashbuckling pirate at heart, you are fearless in your desire to seize the moment and capture the wheel. Captivate hearts and the captain’s hat will soon be yours.
  • A little bird shared the gooey gossip worm but don’t swallow it hook, line and sinker. There is more to the story. Avoid the sticky situation.
  • Your calling is calling. Instead of letting it go straight to voicemail, answer the call to create. Your unique notes are needed now.
  • The slowest on the playground, it is understandable that dodgeball would be your least favorite sport. Instead of playing the game by ‘their’ rules, is there a game where you are hitting the bullseye instead of wearing it? Time to find a better fit.
  • Feet stomping the yard in a statement of solidarity, points made with a smile rather than a sword are sticky notes for the soul.
  • A parent’s love doesn’t end when they cross over, but their worry does as they now see the big picture and purpose. Are you being nudged? They will move mountains for you but you must be willing to walk through the pass.
  • Do you remember the last time your cheeks ached from smiling? Your joy guide says it is time to laugh. A belly laugh a day is even healthier than an apple.
  • Taught to finish everything on your plate, it is good to know when to push back from the table and onto your next adventure. You’ve eaten all your peas and now it’s time to make a change.
  • Tall in the saddle, hands holding the reins, you are ready to enter the arena and dazzle the crowd. Your preparation is about to pay off.
  • A lover of the latest trends, a conspicuous consumer of the finer things, let go of the pressure you put on your wallet. Do you know how beautiful you look naked? Love yourself unadorned first.


  • You never outgrow the need to build, scratch, and rebuild. Surround yourself with the building blocks LEGO maniac, as you are never happier than when you are creating the whole.
  • Whether the friendship was built over jacks or a martini, a BFF is not a ‘nice to have’ but rather a ‘need to have’. There are many significant others but a true friend is the most significant of all.
  • The tiny hand wrapping your own is one of the biggest thrills in the world. When the hand matches your own in size, and the mouth is the size of the foot, the thrill may feel like it is gone but it is just warming the bench while the real parenting steps up to the plate.
  • Weak-kneed at the prospect of your first public speech, rather than imagining an ’emperor has no clothes’ audience, imagine ‘we heart you’ poster boards waving and you will rock the crowd. What you see is what you get.
  • Is your last thought of the day gratitude for what was? In your pursuit of happiness, include gratitude with every step.
  • A natural Pied Piper, you lead and others happily follow. Trust is an earned award, so step lightly and avoid toes.
  • Yanking on your new employer’s girdle, it seems one size does not fit all after all. No need to struggle or settle, find your perfect fit.
  • Seeking the sun and finding only grey sky, stop searching for answers outside of yourself and look for the sunshine within. Your truth and Vitamin D nourishment lies within.
  • A shooting star sails across the night sky and a ‘jinx’ wish is made. In that sweet synchronous moment, a future is born. It’s make-a-wish time and remember to thank your lucky stars.
  • Samson may have been brought to heel by a barber but you have the strength, courage, and wisdom of 100 armies. No need to play it safe, not a hair on your head will be harmed.
  • Synchronized and diving into the deep end with your team, it doesn’t matter who grabs the golden ring on the bottom of the pool as all surface with a grin. Unity and shared goals leave the fewest ripples.
  • Skating down the primrose path, your big wheels keep on rolling. Remember there are others who would like to join you on easy street. Offer an introductory hand.
  • We, like your softest fluffiest blanket, wrap you in our comfort and love. Our heavenly bodies are one size fits all.
  • Eyes crossed and headache starting to form, your determination to look within is admirable. Still the Grand Central Station noise in your head and all will be revealed.
  • Playing the odds, we will always bet on you as we know you are a sure thing. We are the lucky ones.
  • We do not ‘live’ only on the other side of the rainbow but also at your elbow steadying, in front of your nose guiding, inside your heart loving.
  • Doing a jig and raising your glass yet again to be filled, your jubilant optimism guarantees that your glass will be more than half full. Lucky you!
  • Waiting for the coin to drop from the sky, your bucket list sits on the shelf gathering dust. Skip your Starbucks and make your sky diving dream come true. Better to do than to dream about doing.
  • Jelly beans in a jar, your hand reaches in to pluck out today’s tiny treat. Trust us to guide your fingers to your favorite fruity flavors.
  • When barren winter gives way to spring bloom, fairy wings work overtime to swing our door open to the colorful world of intuition, kindness and good fortune. Tis’ the season to blossom.
  • Daisies, marigolds and poppies as far as the eye can see, your romantic future is a meadow filled with petals ready to open to the morning sun. Prepare your heart for a soft opening.
  • Ready to wiggle your nose Mr. Cottontail? Your ‘grass really is greener’ basket awaits.
  • Dating is like the Hokey Pokey. You put your right foot in and then your right foot out. Now is the perfect time to shake it all about.
  • Pinching yourself to see if it’s real, your dream has now become a reality. What’s next on your manifest?
  • Leaving head-scratchers in your wake, you exit the building and the business suit bound for seemingly less exciting climes, but we know stay-at-home motherhood is anything but.
  • Whether you are the tortoise or the hare you will get there. Your decision, if made in haste and happiness or with deliberate determination, is supported. We adapt your course so you finish a winner.
  • Porcupine quills by themselves are unique and pliable but in a woven basket they offer both beauty and strength. Join hands with others to serve your purpose.
  • With a few newly missing parts, the chocolate soldier bunny stands tall enjoying his edible role as a sweet tradition. The parts you have are unimportant, the pieces you serve are very. Serve only the sweetest pieces of yourself.
  • The crunchy baby carrot sits eyes glazed and smile wide, seeing not the withered and wizened old tuber but rather his favorite root, his grandpa. Remember your roots.
  • Little fingers peel back the printed tin and within seconds chocolaty goodness is dribbling down the chin. With no thought of tomorrow’s waistline or cavity, delight in the supreme goodness of the day.
  • Jesus walked the talk leaving ‘lessons of love’ footprints for all to follow. Live love to create miraculous moments and magnificent monumental outcomes.


  • With grass stained knees and jelly bean stained lips, you begin the month ready to leap tall buildings and slay all dragons. Dreaming big is never a fool’s errand.
  • Like an organ grinder, the white starched elbow cranks to create a masterful mound of “yes, please” cheese. Preferring your lessons al dente, it is no surprise that they take longer to digest. Lesson learned, next to the table is your “cake and eat it too” dessert.
  • An incandescent moon sends its slivers to dark discouraged corners and crabby crannies. To lighten your load, brighten your outlook. It’s a marvelous night for a moondance.
  • Eyes closed and brain quiet, you pick up the headset to phone home. Just as ET and Dorothy ached to return home, your soul needs to reconnect with more than brief moments of clarity. Meditate to phone home.
  • The bed filled with snoring fur-covered scoundrels, you find your smile even knowing that you will be reporting for litter duty at dawn. Great attitude of gratitude!
  • Following a checklist of orderly nexts is fine as long as you are prepared to be Dorothy when the gale hits. Chaos requires adaptation and ruby red heart strength.
  • You are cookie dough not yet fully baked and ready to call it a wrap.
  • Once a contented sleepy little hollow, the rooster’s incessant bark seeps below the closed lids’ consciousness and as eyes slowly open, realization dawns that awake and aware is much preferable to the drone of the communal snore. Wake up and smell the coffee. There is much to see if only you do.
  • It makes no difference what flavor you are or which packaging you prefer — cherry, orange or lemon-lime — our hearts are bursting with love for you.
  • Rest in our wings tonight. We’ve got you covered.
  • Rocking in the big rig’s cab and lulled by the white noise of the road, as your mind starts to wander so too do your tires. When you start to drift from your path, we are there with “good neighbor” guidance to help you stay the course and between the lines.
  • Thinking you’re armed you prepare to be charmed, but soon discover that chain mail around one’s heart only serves to keep out rather than let in. Set your Sir Lancelot expectations down and take your first deep trusting breath. Your white knight cometh.
  • Streaming content directly from the divine, there is no need for buffering by others. We answer even before you ask, and the answers stay stored until you tune in. Listen to your righteous heart as it always knows the way.
  • French toast blissfully floating in a golden maple lake, the sausage barely breathes so as not to cause a ripple in the peaceful morning scene. He loves his sweet wife and his idyllic life. Cherish the bliss-filled buttery smooth moments.
  • When bad things happen to good people, pay attention to their story. There have always been the brave few willing to sacrifice for the many, stepping in front of the arrow so that others will be touched and change trajectory.
  • Bundling your ‘best self’ package to sell, prepare to negotiate the deal. They want to work with you. They love your silly putty self.
  • Slipping into 4″ heels your perspective immediately shifts. Take one step away from your story and watch as your whole snow globe world shifts and then settles anew.
  • The magical ball is in your court. You are about to amaze with your brilliant long shot.
  • Turning a skeptic into a believer is not the end game, being an inspiration is. Time to be a walking talking example of love.
  • The neon sign glows bright in the night for all on the interstate to see. Offering the road-weary traveler a ‘like mom used to make’ meatloaf moment, cruise control is turned off and imagination is turned on. Come sit a spell and don’t forget to order the ‘best in 4 counties’ strawberry pie goodness.
  • Fingers dredging through the sugared grit, the printed dollar pancakes are slowly brought to light. Dig a little deeper. Your treasure lies just below the surface.
  • Already rolling the window down and grabbing the sack of bread, you cruise past the ‘Do not feed the bears’ sign and straight into hungry maws and long-reaching claws. The signs are placed for your protection, but only potent if you pay attention.
  • Purple haze and parlor games are only mystic chic affectations. Expecting an appearance from your favorite aunt, don’t be surprised when you smell her favorite perfume. They do not hover or haunt, but are always within earshot. Invite a chicken skin moment.
  • The teacup sits dutifully brewing the Earl as the cucumber sandwiches pull up a plate to wait for munching orders. All is in readiness for her highness’s tea. You will soon be called into rose garden service.
  • A bona fide phenomenon, is it any wonder that wide grins flock to your show? Lift the flap so that others may sneak a peek of the greatest show on earth. Teach others to reach for their three-ring extravaganza.
  • Sharing your menu with the outstretched hand, the ‘we’ve decided to share’ order is placed. Enjoy today’s two plate special friendship.
  • Pick up your princess phone and mild-meld with others. Listen as elegant wisdom always rings true.
  • Lincoln walked tall so it was a stretch to offer a hand to a child but his large hand was often offered. Be the bigger man and settle your fore score.
  • Squeezing the handlebars and pedaling at breakneck speed, the ‘what was’ and ‘what will be’ worries are replaced by pure ‘streamers flying’ glee. Go for it.
  • Each person’s grief timeline is unique to them. Grief is not meant to be sustainable. It is not eco-friendly or you-friendly. Open the curtains and allow in the fresh air healing.


  • The promise of smoothly sliding up and down and round and round, with a fistful of tickets and a wide grin you climb aboard the cavorting carousel creature. Whether the tamest ride on the midway or the most exciting, it’s all about perspective. Enjoy the ride.
  • You were not meant to burn the candle at both ends sizzling until you fizzle. Before you snap, crackle or pop, take a krispy treat time out.
  • When ears twitch and tails thump, it is a sure sign that claws are soon to follow. You have been fed, watered and it is time to find a sunny nook to curl up and cat nap.
  • The red rubber ball rolls out on the street quickly followed by sneaker-clad feet. An angel’s raised hand stops the oncoming flow, as big eyes stare at the headlights’ bright glow. Slow down, children are playing and you should be too.
  • Groaning springs heard round the block, the black rubber stretched beyond endurance catapults you into the bright blue sky. Most of the time you will land feet first but don’t let it throw you when you seat drop or belly flop.
  • Watching Miss Gulch’s prim and proper pedaling, you wonder how others don’t see the truth of her broom. Dispel her potency and your ‘watch the skies’ angst. Focus on your power, not anyone else’s.
  • As the elephant’s truck tickles your peanut holding fingers, you open your hand giving the gentle giant easy access to your nutty tasting palm. Extend yourself for they will not bite the hand that feeds them.
  • You feel as if your hands are tied behind your back but remember that Houdini perfected the straight-jacket escape. Break free of your bondage to closed minds, including yours. You can do this.
  • Examine your goal. Is it to survive or thrive? Once you claim your destiny, we will support it.
  • Lakes calm on the surface are swimming with activity below. Only if you cast your line can your invitation to dinner be accepted.
  • Running from the bulls and wishing your blue shirt had been clean instead of your red, as you glance at the feet next to you and see slippery sandals, you realize the red Nikes you’re wearing better prepared you for this race. You are guided in all things.
  • Running from the bulls and wishing your blue shirt had been clean instead of your red, as you glance at the feet next to you and see slippery sandals, you realize the red Nikes you’re wearing better prepared you for this race. You are guided in all things.
  • Your mother’s heart carries the dream until such time as your children can see it for themselves. Gently handing it over takes a lifetime of love.
  • Technology rewards those who are nimble of mind and fearless of spirit. Life does too.
  • With a “been there done that” sense of déjà vu you stop for a moment to recall, trying to coax the slippery filaments into a sensible form. Although the past informs the present, it is the future to which you are headed. Focus on your future.
  • The machinations have become more important than the outcome. Listen for the truth.
  • Eccentric in your ideas, you are just as cherished as those who embrace conformity. The easiest way to release the pressure you put on each other is to look through the opposite side of the telescope.
  • At the end of the week and ready to exhale, take heart. A new and fresh breath of air is just around the corner. Breathe deep of this new opportunity.
  • Sensitive as a snail when he hears the word salt, you naturally retract into yourself around loud voices and bruising words. Your hypervigilant antennae send you into your cramped little house where boundaries leave imprints on your skin. It is time for confidence in your opinion, and comfort in your own skin.
  • You came fully loaded, equipped with a magnificent operating system already installed. Pull your divining stick and do a gut check. Your GPS gut will guide your sneaker to its next ‘high’ step.
  • Walking through the field and seeing trees heavy with fruit, you marvel that this old orchard still produces the best in four counties. Look to an elder for wisdom. They are happy to extend their gnarled branch to help you grow.
  • The Earth must shed its withered winter skin to slide into the summer sun with a shiny new coat. Do not hold onto the old for fear of the new.
  • You were not meant to be utilitarian, but rather a joy finder. Dreading the daily drudgery, innovate your infrastructure. Be your own startup.
  • Just like hairnets and hair spray, we hold and support you. We are stronger than firm hold, we are everlasting.
  • Just as charcoal filters water making it tastier to drink, your guides filter information making it easier to understand. Wring out your sponge so you’re ready to absorb the juicy details.
  • Tassels have transitioned and caps have flown. School may be out for the summer but the “real live boy” no parental strings attached future has officially begun. Just as when you were in diapers, it is time to take those first few steps to stand on your own.
  • Checkered tablecloth waving like a flag, pinned by paper plates and baggies of buns, the family dutifully lines up to answer the grillmaster’s “with cheese or without?” call. Remember those who serve.
  • Hand on your heart and pledging allegiance to a flag, in this moment you are reminded of all those who stood in your footsteps and did the same. Patriotism is a heroic act, not shown in words but in daily deeds. Let freedom ring.
  • Pointed ears and olive eyes peering up over the end of the bed, it takes only a moment before you feel the weighted pins of her four paws as she steps up onto your pillow. Even nocturnal prowling types know where the light resides.
  • Wingtips standing toe to toe and feathers tickling your whiskers, your angelic spirit guide assures you there is no need to live on a wing and a prayer. Waiting for the other shoe to drop guarantees it will. Exercise faith, especially in yourself.
  • Ready to blame the monkey business on mojito madness, remember controlled crazy is okay. It’s time to get your mojo on! Have fun and harm none.
  • Preferring the straightaway rather than the switchback, it is time to roll out your crooked mile path. The rolling pin is only a prayer away and we stand at the ready to smooth potholes, erect guardrails and bore through mountains. Let’s make the perfect piecrust path.


  • Stepping into the garden each morning at dawn, it’s as if your Jack and the Beanstalk seeds have grown another inch overnight. The magic of your green thumb extends beyond the garden fence and into upturned freckled faces. Nurture your wonderful nature.
  • Like a rain puddle shrinking, your sad story is no longer saturating your soul. Hang up your worry raincoat and stash your ‘what if’ umbrella. Way to hang in there.
  • Unlike Humpty Dumpty, you are not about to have a great fall. Although your eggshell body can break, it takes a mad hatter whisk to separate your soulful yolk. Stay away from those who want to stir it up.
  • Flying through the sky, Captain Serendipity searches for his next ‘not so chance’ encounter. Watch this month as people, places and things seem to serendipitously cross your path. Ready to fly the friendly skies?
  • With glow in the dark belief, you put one faithful foot in front of the other trusting that the foundation will rise to meet your step. And it will. Our masons work tirelessly to give you safe passage.
  • Resilient, you have learned that the Bouncy Castle can be your friend. Whether you’re on your way up or just about to land, the joy is in the ride, not the direction. Let’s bounce.
  • Glorying in the feel of the fine mist after a dusty day long hike, you are ready to shuck your chinos and 10lb pack for a quick dip in falls. Revel in your newfound freedom.
  • You have given your name to the maître d, but the wait list is long and your belly is starting to grumble. Let us give you a ‘we appreciate you’ tip. Place your order and let us serve.
  • Your week doesn’t have to feel like a Polar bear sprint. Tame the stress so that rather than extreme exhaustion, you feel exuberant ‘just took 1st place’ joy.
  • Wanting the whole shebang, you settle for the blooper reel. Just as you give VIP service, expect rock star treatment too.
  • Take a note from the philodendron who strains to touch the streaming beam. Light beings need light. Settle your pot on the windowsill and lean into the warmth of the sun.
  • Smooth out the crease in your forehead. Play in a space of peace today.
  • Hearing the familiar hiss as you tilt the iron, your mind assembles a ‘to do’ list that leaves no room for wrinkles. Do not put ‘buckle the knees’ expectations on yourself or others. Relax.
  • Effervescent, your sparkling personality is the perfect cocktail to remove the pit from their day. Cheers to Miss cheerful!
  • Like fresh-squeezed ice-cold lemonade after an afternoon of flea market madness, your thirst for a “this way” sign is about to be quenched.
  • Trust is another word for love. Enjoy your day — you’ve earned it.
  • He understands the power of his charismatic smile. Turning on his high beams, he happily greets the tourists, inviting them to his ‘one hump or two’ tour. Whistle while you work.
  • Wishing you could scratch the itch, you wiggle your nose and make a wish. Next time instead of wishing for a seat on the bus, wish for your own driver. You are only limited by the fences you build around your dreams.
  • Having built your nest, you’re wondering when the hatchlings will arrive. Climb into the clean sheets knowing that God’s hand is on the alarm clock, the timing perfect. Rest assured your ‘lay an egg’ plan will soon be hatched.
  • Feeling the tickle on the palm of your hand, it is a sweet surrender moment between woman and whiskers. Ears and tails up it’s a good day to sow your oats.
  • Finally comfortable in her own skin and able to hang, we’re so glad that Stella got her groove back. Reveal your soft underbelly. Let it all hang out today.
  • Dreaming of picnicking on the moon, your bucket list gets longer with every click of the bic. Moonbeam dreams, you can still fill your paper plate with juicy strawberry and sweet pickle goodness today. Your wicker hamper awaits.
  • It’s a good day when your play shows from your nose to your toes. Thank you for celebrating the child within, without. Way to lead by example.
  • Let go of what you think you should do, what you think you must do, and hold out your hands to receive what you can do, what you are meant to do, your true future.
  • Everything changes over time as its meant to do. Appreciate the thoughtful evolution.
  • Raising your knees to the sky, high-stepping to the “this is me” beat, you walk the confidence talk leaving bleachers full of smiles in your wake. Twirl on sweet treat!
  • Love has no expiration date. The “You’re so romantical Popeye” moments continue long after the first grey hair.
  • Shaking off the week, he rolls around in the sun until joy shows on every furry fold. Bask in your bliss.
  • On the porch and gazing out at freshly manicured perfection, he feels a sense of satisfaction at a job well done and one more tick off his ‘honey do’ list. You are a good man Charlie Brown. Even as you were sweating in the sun, she was busy stirring up a ‘honey, what can I do for you’ thank you. Your marriage is a grassroots success story.
  • Finding your answers will seem a puzzle for only a moment for they hide within plain view of your heart. Seek and you shall find your ‘Where’s Waldo’ answers.


  • Stocked up on sunflower seeds and orange slices, you are ready for his day of play. Watching your favorite little runner slide into home, your heart swells knowing that he too saw his spirit coach’s arms waving him on as he rounded first base. You are guided in even the smallest of things.
  • Coming through the front door grumpy from the ‘fry an egg on the street’ heat, you go straight to the ice maker hoping to cool your sweating jets. When Plan A doesn’t work, you activate Plan B, water balloons and little squeals of delight. It is a wise man who can turn mud into molasses.
  • Whether egg salad, tuna salad, macaroni or potato, your unique ingredients bring a special blend of love to any event. Pack your picnic. It’s time to take your show on the road.
  • Looking in the rearview mirror, you now understand the point of the long and winding road that brought you to this day and your destiny. You can see clearly now, so eyes and best feet forward.
  • The ground littered with snake ashes, your aloe slathered shoulders strain to sweep up yesterday’s fun. Your soul still wearing the imprint of last night’s blooms, your eyes crinkle and your cheeks crease knowing that store-bought fireworks are not the only things that sparkle. Reveal your sparkle Miss 4th of July.
  • Looking for your match made in heaven, you search the cosmic dryer for the perfect single sock. Soulmates do not require a perfect match, just a perfect fit.
  • Straining to hear from your loved ones on the other side, they lift up the earphone and whisper ‘we are right here.’ Looking for guidance does not mean hard work, fasting or spiritual protocols, connecting with your spirit guides is as simple as ‘please join me now’.
  • Believing safety in numbers, together you wait for the invitation to the perfect moment to step up and in. Consider this your Evite.
  • Naysayers and nonbelievers say you must be this tall to ride this ride, but you know you’re more than capable and your hungry heart is chomping at the bit for a chance. Bravo Ms. Fearless. Here’s your ticket to ride.
  • Locking down your privacy settings and sitting huddled in your corner? You are safe to reveal who you are behind the avatar.
  • Smiling at your spouse, the smile returned warms your heart. Today is a lucky day. Lean into it and him!
  • A huge fan of her nightly grape, she was already thinking about the evening’s pairing on her way home from work. Having toasted to the period on the end of her week, now starts the real work of caring for and loving her own vine.
  • The umbrella fusses and fumes that it would rather be a sail flapping in the breeze than on a pole parked and planted. Even beach umbrellas have “I wish I were” dreams.
  • Shaking your sandy towel into the wind, you realize a little too late and now wear a gritty grin. You don’t have to grin and bear it, but you do need to remember you are washable.
  • A beggar in a past life, the crab carries a kernel of scarcity in its heart as it scuttles from mountain to molehill seeking scraps. Don’t dine on crumbs.
  • Bolting through the door and calling shotgun, you stake your claim to today’s fame. You have no rival for our affection, and will always be guaranteed the best seats in the house in our heart.
  • Step away from ‘us vs. them’ to remove the electrified fence manipulation. Although your stripes may differ, your souls do not.
  • The stitched ball soaring through the sky, all eyes and gloves are up hoping to be this season’s star. Get ready to catch your ‘I wish I may, I wish I might’ falling star wish made so long ago.
  • Determined to dig all the way to China, you wonder if it will take a handful of months or a handful of minutes and then you remember that bliss is the point, the actual “X marks the spot” destination.
  • Your thirst for more reaching mythical proportions, you put the pedal to the metal looking for the nearest Big Gulp answers. Time to take a swig of your highest.
  • Wishing to go back to the magical world stat, as your sleepy eyes open your dreams slip slide away. There are no rules that say only three ounces of dream juice can go through the security gate. Ask to remember.
  • Your soles tell the truth of your soul. Kicking off your restrictive leather size 8s, your toes smile as they remember the “do not walk on the grass” workaround. Release your bindings and relax your soul. Step into nature and your ground.
  • You can fully customize heaven.
  • Feet stuck in the quicksand of the Tara memory, it is hard to imagine your southern spirit rising again. When you feel that your glory days are behind you, remember that even crinolines have found their revival.
  • Wearing your ‘he loves me, he loves me not’ angst, it is time to remove the daisy-made vest. It no longer suits.
  • Happy that your heroes triumphed in the end, you set your popcorn aside to push play on the next Mission Impossible adventure in the queue. Saving the world is hard work, even from the comfort of the couch. Hang up your cape tonight.
  • After a night of flying over fields, valleys and the big old familiar oak, your head gently resumes its imprint on the pillow. In truth, you are not restricted by the show that you wear during the day. Fly the friendly skies.
  • Thinking you’re a sinker, you push off in faith knowing your fingers will find the other side. Magical thinking creates buoyant bliss-filled outcomes. Bless yourself with faith.
  • Your office a tricky ecosystem of industrious and independent organisms, you sometimes feel the bottom of the food chain, the least likely to evolve. Your heavenly Farmer’s Almanac forecasts that this will be your season.
  • Stepping into the unknown depth, you are surprised when your toes are met by soft sand, your ankles caressed by the warm wave welcome. You are not in over your head. Take the first step and we will lift the reef to meet your feet.
  • Feeling like a marionette, your puppeteers shout “you’re slouching lady” from the corner office. Finding your backbone, you take a deep breath and stand tall, finally remembering that it’s much better than staying small.


  • Your spidey sixth sense tells you that there is more going on here than meets the eye. And you would be right.
  • There is no need to stand in long lines in the summer heat just waiting to give your ticket to the taker. Life is every bit a carnival ride, and we are your seatbelt helping you hold onto your cookies.
  • Having learned that the grass is not greener, you are content to munch on the perfectly sweet stems in your own back yard. For you, there’s no place like home.
  • A note typed and left in the fold of the book for you to finally find is a gift to remind you that although our form has changed, our love has not.
  • Aiming at the catcher’s mitt and trusting, he lets ‘er rip. Life is a game of catch. Know that you can handle anything that is thrown your way.
  • Hoping they will sit up and take notice, you step into the room and the role. The presentation goes off without a hitch and all that is needed is the sign on the dotted line. Job well done.
  • Through invisible speakers, we pipe the latest hits from heaven. Is there a song that has stayed on your Billboard Top 10 for the last week? Listen to the lyric for your answer.
  • The genius of God is the allowance of free will.
  • Have you saturated your sponge so that it can no longer absorb? Feeling wrung out, it is time to leave the noise behind and find a quiet space to recharge.
  • In your struggle to control your “earth is flat” world, you undermine your opportunity to see beyond the horizon. Set sail as your destiny lies in uncharted waters.
  • Focused on protecting fins, feathers, and fur, it is easy to forget that all things, including humans, deserve your fierce mama bear love.
  • What you read and what you watch impacts your outlook. Pigpen or Pippi Longstocking, the positive or negative choice is up to you.
  • You sit gazing into the aquarium, mesmerized as the iridescent fins glide slowly past. Like you, we sit gazing in awe at your beauty, your compassion, your forward progression.
  • Even with roots and rough nails, you are radiant. True beauty escapes the confines of lip liner and Botox. Your beauty creates color outside the lines.
  • Devil’s food cake is a misnomer. Angel food cake is not.
  • We do not leave you guessing as to which path to take. We illuminate with “walk this way” guardrails of love.
  • Each moment is a gift, but there are some that will ride around in your memory and be remembered as your sweetest. The day you are officially initiated into the “peed on” club by your little darling is one of those “joy of parenthood” moments.
  • Striking your best Sasha Fierce pose, you assume that the next wave will try to knock you down rather than lift you up. No need for fisticuffs. Get ready for a softer, gentler wave of love this week.
  • The spectacle underway, your participation ensures you the best seats in the house and a command performance. Way to rock socks!
  • Showroom perfect, your sleek exterior is what fantasies are made of. Just remember it’s what’s under the hood that counts.
  • Jumping through thistle hoops easily and effortlessly in your dreams, you now know what it feels like to skip the stickers. Let’s bounce, this time without the daytime drama of the thorn.
  • She believes you hung the moon just to make it easier for her to read her nightly chapter. Is it any wonder that she is able to reach for the stars, especially with you as her shining bright knight? A pedestal is not necessary when you stand on love.
  • Knocking on the window with his horns, he asks for a nickel or what you can spare. The Golden Arches bag still warm on the passenger seat, your hand reaches out before your face forms a pout. Your simple sacrifice made his unsuspecting day, your unsuspecting year.
  • Exhaling and etching a heart on the frosty glass with your finger, you tell your sweetheart in no uncertain terms that Lover’s Lane is still an option. You are cherished beyond even your recognition.
  • First knock-kneed and then bowed, your knees finally find their center raising you to your full height to take your first staggering steps into your new life. New relationships, new businesses, new journeys, the fun is in the frolic.
  • Congratulating yourself on being a walking, talking example of what “to do” to make the grade, it surprises you when you find yourself next on HR’s hit parade. This is not a failure but a mastery. Having mastered this level, you are ready to move on to the next challenge. You are not a one-hit wonder.
  • There are not six degrees of separation, there is not even one.
  • You worry that you cannot see but the problem is not that you have no sight, but that you refuse the truth put before your eyes.
  • Wanting to bail on the relationship, remember what made you choose her as a friend to tow in the first place. No tricks. If you part, leave kindness in your wake.
  • Once upon a time the earth was flat or so said the leaders of the time. Just because a thought is the popular kid in class doesn’t make him or it truthful.
  • Lifting your hammer to construct your next fence, remember surrounding yourself with high walls and barriers only removes you from public view, not personal scrutiny. Remove your hard hat and deconstruct your ‘hard to reach’ heart.


  • Your daddy may have driven a Ford, and your granddaddy before that, but you are putting the past in the rearview mirror. Celebrate your now.
  • Puffing up your cheeks, you secretly wish the candles would stop their yearly spread. Such thoughts are a waste, for with every additional year wisdom is unleashed, with every candle lit you become a lighter brighter lesson, teaching others to delight in their day. Celebrate every day but especially today. Tomorrow repeat.
  • Feeling like your life is one long drive-thru, wishing you could spend more time in than out, you long for a stationary bike even if it means a bit more sweat on your brow. It’s time to weigh your home sweet home options.
  • Wanting to deactivate your account and call it a day, sometimes it just takes one more try, one more turn of the knob for your dreams to be delivered. Give it a whirl.
  • From quill to keyboard, the flow of prose does not come from the tool but from your soul. The where and how is unimportant, the what and when is very. It’s time to write.
  • When you tilt your face to the sun and feel its warm kiss, remember how loved you are by the universe.
  • Cheerios stuck like concrete to the throne, the highchair remembers the giggles, not the pieces thrown. It takes a spinach strong heart to be a parent and keep your sweet potato smile.
  • Worried that you’ll draw the short straw, you timidly take the pro-offered striped stick. Remember no one need draw the short stick. It is time to rewrite the ending to your story.
  • Snapping the Popsicle in half, it’s time to freeze your tongues and share a grape stained smile instead. Your best thinking can be done when your mouths are otherwise occupied.
  • Whether a mountain or a molehill, the decision is always yours to make.
  • Any mother knows that finding a peaceful moment is worth its weight in gold. Time now to find a piece of peace.
  • Trying to reconcile the sticker and the bloom, you realize there is perfect symmetry between the two. Focus on the fragrant flower rather than the barb.
  • Wishing you could run away and join the circus leaving sweaty socks and carpools in your rearview, you take a moment to huddle. Remembering you are paving the way for others to practice and play, the midway mom will just have to wait. Letting your dreams take a backseat so that others can fulfill theirs, you have accepted the sacred assignment of motherhood.
  • Visualizing your dream house, your dream cars and your dream life, it is easy to miss the dream you are living now. Live the dream!
  • You’ve been standing on the corner for months just waiting for the green. The light has turned and it’s time to commit to the crosswalk and the ‘grass is greener’ sidewalk to success.
  • No strings attached, you take your first stiff-legged steps of freedom as a real live girl. It is safe to step into your future.
  • The hobo reaches into the car and hauls himself up. His coat may be tattered and his shoes soleless, but his heart is anything but. He understands that life is not a free ride, but every once in a while a fella needs a hand up to get his big wheels rolling.
  • Don’t wait for October to celebrate an Oom-Pah-Pah moment. The barrel has been tapped, and now is the time to drink your fill of good cheer.
  • Remembering what it was like to smell freshly inked print and finger the parchment page, you swipe at the electronic screen and marvel that you can let go of the past so easily.
  • Heart ready to burst at the seams, unzip and step out of your shell. Your soul needs some elbow room.
  • Lessons do not come from limbo.
  • Animals soften the edges.
  • His skinny arms straining to push you in the metal rust bucket, you whoop and holler in your first class (albeit bumpy) seat. Off to the races dear one, but remember to let him bounce in the bucket once in a while too.
  • A frosted flake may be sugary sweet and delightful on the tongue, but the lack of follow-through in the belly is an example of why people prefer the “sticks to the ribs” truth rather than the flake. Fill your bowl with the truth.
  • Nonsense reigns, but never let it rain on your parade.
  • Whether you prefer brain or brawn, it is time to lift a hand to help yourself.
  • Heading straight for the cushioned quilt, you throw yourself on the bed, unzip your pants, and breathe easy for the first time all day. It’s time to unbind and unwind.
  • With each stroke of the stiff brush, she carefully applies the glossy coat to her day. Blowing on her pretty in pink toe, it tickles her to know she is giving it a go.
  • Feeling the familiar takeoff tingle, his ears start to flap and soon he is skybound soaring over imagined hill and dale. This is where you belong too, this world of wonder where dreams really do come true. Tonight, take flight!
  • Off her nose for a quick cleaning, in that moment of crystal clear clarity she understands how others might view their cup half full. Accepting a differing perspective, she has paved the way for cooperation. Let the collaboration begin!


  • She sweeps into the room and gets straight to the business of taming the wild child dust. Even bristled and busy, she is prone to flights of fancy. Dream on.
  • You need not live a ‘sink or swim’ life. When your ducky starts to deflate, call in your angelic lifeguards to float your boat.
  • Coalescing around an idea, the night sparks imagine they are pieces of the moon come to earth to illuminate. Let your little light shine.
  • Both Shaggy and Scooby understand that freedom equals bliss. It’s time to take your joy ride.
  • Thinking that you are only 80% matched, you wonder if your mate is still tumbling in the dryer just waiting for discovery. Two of a kind does not always a perfect pair make.
  • Looking at the “not allowed” sign, her gigantic heart wonders at the narrow mind of the decision maker with the Sharpie. Turning the knob, she is determined to demonstrate that even those with white whiskers, saggy skin and big ears can be loved. Open your heart to an elder today.
  • Wondering if you might be a redneck as you blow dry the Schlitz, others think you’re clever for using the tin tubes and spritz. Innovators celebrate what works, they don’t focus on what might not.
  • Perfectly polished and in a row, you stand out with your grubby toes. Usually thicker skinned, you find yourself guilt-ridden over this week’s scuff. Next week’s inspection will go better, we promise. No hiding your toes under the rows.
  • The straw man thinks to himself if he only had a brain he could change the world. It is not the brain, but the heart that moves mountains. Make a visit to the tinsmith this week.
  • Working hard to pump up the volume, you don’t miss a day at the gym. Focused on being the pick of the litter, your “dream big” goal is beginning to show. Way to grow.
  • Claiming he’d rather fly, the closet broom is between his legs before he can say boo. In a less than graceful dive, he quickly learns the lesson that ascent is more fun than decent. Sputtering as he comes for air, he is now a healthy skeptic of the infomercials and the proclaimed powers of household cleaning equipment. Don’t give your power away.
  • Wishing he could give you the moon, he climbs on the scaffold and pulls down a star. While not your dream diamond, the gold band glistens on your finger and with love you look into his hope-filled eyes and say it’s exactly what you wished for.
  • From village to village she wanders, her satchel overflowing with lotions, potions, ointments and cures. Whether it be bee sting or heartbreak, she can conjure up a concoction that will take down the pain. Her special love-filled brew is just what grandmothers do.
  • Off to the job with a smile, you and your cohorts agreed to the cape and the supersized ‘S’ on your chest. Superheroes may be able to leap tall buildings, but creating ‘gloom to bloom’ smiles is exactly what this world needs to take down the bad guy. Little acts make big heroes.
  • She makes a date to gently pack her crate, already imagining steaming pies and fresh squeezed cider. And speaking of low-hanging fruit, for your apron there is ample.
  • Turning into a grumpy old man? It is time to say “yes please” and reach out your hand to happiness.
  • Always the last one to be picked, you wonder if you’ll ever have your day in the sun, run with the popular crop. Have faith plump pumpkin, you are exactly what they are looking for. Your heart will not be squashed.
  • The stiff stalks determined to keep their upright form, you gleefully barrel through making a path for your little brothers. Leave your kernels of goodness for others to follow.
  • The pumpkin coach always knew it had a destiny to fulfill. Even when pushed or pulled, it was happy to carry its precious cargo. From diaper to glass slipper, it served its mistress well. Serve your highest purpose.
  • Run, run, run, as fast as you can, remember to be a sweet ginger this week but hold the snap.
  • Luck belongs to those who believe that it is not only possible, but probable.
  • No one can belittle you as effectively as you can.
  • Signing on the ‘no whining’ dotted line, you initially felt brave and up to the task. You now know that square pegs never fit into round holes. Live your truth.
  • Tutus in place and waiting for the music to begin, the dancers assume the first position. When you’re waiting to go with the flow, appreciate who got you here in the first place… your mom.
  • Wound tight from a wicked week, you’re ready to lighten up. You can unravel the mysteries of the universe next week, but for now it’s time to unwind.
  • Used to winning every ‘how many can you eat’ contests, Mr. Pumpkin Eater was confident of his win, his place and a really big show. Unfortunately, his ego forgot to remind him to take a Pepcid before he stuck his tongue out.
  • When you put more on your plate than you can handle, we are there to help you do the math. We take one away at a time until your focus equals not how much you can carry but how much you should.
  • Told to sit up like a lady and keep her hands in her lap, she sighs wishing that some day she too would have the freedom to wear pants. The ladder to success is just waiting for your stilettos.
  • With a few nurturing rays from your sunshine-filled heart, the runt of the litter will soon grow to be an award-winning squash. Nurture your big idea.
  • Can’t decide what she wants to be this year, she starts with paper and scissors, and with her skyscraper heart and a few dollops of glue she adds dimension to her idea. It’s time to create.
  • Telltale tails start to wag under the sheet signaling to all little feet on the street that this is the home of premium treats. Watch for the signs and your sweet treat.


  • Slip sliding into fall, your fingers losing their grip on the last days of summer, you are remembering the pleasure of a sweater. Get ready for a new season of joy.
  • Little feet swarming to the door, she closes her eyes and wishes for Calgon to take her away. You have the power to make your wish come true. Take a moment to pamper yourself today.
  • We helped you pack and then like worried parents watched as you walked down the path and into this life. You are on your path, even as we prepare the welcome home banner.
  • Do you swoon from the gravitational pull of the new Mr. Right? Like magnet to metal, you are drawn as if by an invisible force. Remember happiness is a choice and only you can make it.
  • He and his brother made a pact to resist the new adventure, but once the foam found their feet, their bundled angst simply melted. Untried is only frightening until it’s tried.
  • Committed, Ms. Green decides to forego full-serve for her DIY pumps instead. Ms. Earth appreciates your cheerful ‘fill her back up’ nature.
  • In your mad dash for cash, remember that living ‘well’ is a marathon of choices and long goals.
  • Your spirit is constantly downloading from the source—you have a permanent library card and login—you are never without access to the wisdom of God.
  • Karma is not cosmic payback — it is cosmic balance.
  • The wind howling at the moon, your golden leaves decided to join the fun doing the shake, rattle, and roll before collapsing on the ground in laughter. Happy to see you got your groove back.
  • Beneath the uniform beats a brave heart willing to take a bullet for his brother—his father’s tears so grateful he didn’t have to.
  • Carrying him from Pond A to Pond B, with one last stroke of his fuzzy little head you set him on his way wishing him a long and happy life out of harms way and long claws reach. This vocation suits you better than a castle full of clothes.
  • Face turning every shade of pink, you wish that there was a hole other than your mouth for your foot. You learn by mistaking your foot for a lollipop.
  • Just as the wise woman animated the story for the children of the tribe, you too have wisdom to share.
  • Now is the time to let it all hang out.
  • Pulling up to the drive-thru and speaking loudly and clearly, you order your day just the way you like it. Way to express your happy!
  • Dismiss your worry for your dandelion wish was heard and granted. Expect your miracle.
  • You are all an integral part of the quilt of connectedness.
  • Thinking about which corridor to take, a people mover suddenly appears. Let us convey you easily and effortlessly to your destination. Everything is in perfect timing. Relax, you will not miss a thing.
  • You can limp with a frown or hop, skip and jump with a smile.
  • Trusting the dapper dresser’s smile, you bend to sniff his petaled lapel and get a squirt. Don’t be fooled by the artificial bloom and artifice.
  • Ready for a toe tag, you’re grateful that the closing bell has rung and your day is finally done. Dorsal dragging, it’s time to glide to your final destination; friends, fajitas and ritas. Enjoy your breather.
  • 31 days until Christmas and Holly is already amping up the good cheer. In her new ‘Noel’ sweater and favorite red tasseled hat, she stirs the hot chocolate and thinks it’s never too soon to celebrate the ho ho ho.
  • Within you lies a treasure as yet undiscovered. With each day and each layer peeled, expect a tear or two as you uncover your pungent and potent power. Life is a never-ending journey of tapping your potential.
  • Pacing, waiting for the smell to be presented to his picky palate, he was not quite sure how to attack the unwieldy featherless form he finally found under his nose. Take a big bite out of life.
  • Offered the whole pie, she is unsure whether to accept. This is what you’ve been waiting for — go for it!
  • Grateful for your knightly spinner, its four wheels carry you effortlessly through security and down to your gate on your way to celebrate. Enjoy the smooth reunion.
  • Giddy about remembering their lines, the Puritan pretenders exit stage left to gobble their Scooby snacks and grab a quick nap before the next matinee. Take a much deserved bow.
  • The cinnamon spiced Starbucks cup warming her chilled hands, she raises her cup to her counterparts toasting the official start of the holiday shopping season. Cheers to a good day.
  • Climbing out of the truck, Will surveys the orchard looking for the tallest ‘straight and true’ tip. Saw in his left hand, and your hand in his right, boots step into the field on the hunt for this year’s perfectly boughed treasure. Your love is straight and true.


  • Eager to lend a little helping hand, he opens the first box and gingerly takes out the glass ball. This is the magic of Christmas, a heart who believes in all things precious and possible. Tis the season for wonderful discoveries.
  • Mirth is the magic that will light the candle in your window, guiding opportunity to your doorstep and your stocking.
  • Self-effacing for a good cause, you happily wear the placard of dullard so that others might avoid the same fate. There is no shame on you.
  • Seeing the shiny black engine in the window, he could easily imagine being the conductor on Christmas morning. All aboard, it’s time to manifest your boxcar wish.
  • Kelly dropped her defenses at the front door and rushed to the fireplace to toast her frozen nose and toes. Sighing as she snuggled up to the warm grate, she knew it was just a matter of time before her Chilly Willy outer layer would thaw and expose her soft sweet marshmallow heart. Stay warm, both inside and out.
  • Getting into the spirit, he dons his Santa hat and heads out, whistling one of Bing’s favorites. It’s never too early to get your jingle on. Don your gay apparel.
  • Wondering if the lonely chill will ever leave you, you add layer after layer of ‘Mr. Warmth wherever you can find it.’ Here are your mittens Miss Kitty. Sometimes a soul just needs to sit content in its cozy cotton.
  • Sprinkle saw angels everywhere and although he could not speak, he demonstrated his willingness to fly hoping that others would understand and feel their winged love too. Thank an angel today.
  • When something smells fishy, trust your gut. Your inner wisdom knows when something is on the up and up, and will warn you long before you step into anything slimy. Follow your intuitive nose.
  • Deciding to walk the ‘be there with bells on’ talk, Helen delivered Christmas spirit to every cardboard box on the boardwalk. Volunteer to spread some cheer.
  • Your heart will always guide you to be good for goodness sake.
  • Devon knew he was on this earth to make people smile. He carried the spirit of the season in the flannel pocket of his soul, but from time to time it would leak through his pores revealing his true elfin nature. You are here to spread good cheer.
  • Jingle boots ready to rock around the tree, the Christmas music starts and so does the toe tapping. Taking Ms. Encouraging-Smile’s hand, they two-step their way around the room recognizing each other even on this their first date. Save the last dance for your soulmate.
  • Feeling pressure to perform, and at the urging of his mother, Arnie climbs up on the lap and shares his dog-eared Sears and Roebuck wish. His little boy heart wonders if the white beard can deliver. Have faith child. It’s time to believe.
  • Guidance comes in all forms and from the most unexpected of places. When you’re wondering what your next steps should be, start watching for three-of-a-kind. Messages from your heavenly Aces often come in threes.
  • Not worried about the pecking order, you’ve decided to serve a higher purpose. Your calling is calling but remember you never have to dilute your dreams to accommodate others. Your highest outcome is always a win/win.
  • It’s been quite a journey Mrs. Sisyphus. Now let go of the ‘push and pull’ controls and let the snowball roll where it needs to go. It’s all downhill easy-going from here.
  • Balance is a beautiful thing. Remember to balance your load.
  • When things don’t go as exactly as planned, don’t stop your tail wagging for just like your dashboard GPS system, we whisper instructions to your new and improved route. Ask your guides for a little roadside assistance.
  • Ginger went a little overboard on her tanning this week and figures a milk bath is just what the doctor ordered to soothe her blistered butt. Calm your nerves and cool your jets.
  • Calling it a wrap, you’re pleased with your purchases and hope Santa will be to. You finished just in the St. Nick of time.
  • Closing their door and praying for a silent night, you settle on the floor with gift wrap and scissors, a vision of their sugar plum Christmas morning dancing in your head. Mom, you are the magic.
  • Thinking like the ‘are we there yet’ little kid in the back seat, you march through the knee-high snow wishing your boots were an inch higher and your destination a few feet closer. Never fear, your cozy destination is very near.
  • Determined to be the life of the party, Betty and Helen put their heads together and came up with a fashion statement worthy of any unconventional challenge. By creating the day’s agenda in their heads, they created the day’s outcome and exactly what they hoped to accomplish. Smiles. Carry on the tradition.
  • Returning to the magical realm from whence they came, the elite toy-toting group celebrated another secret mission’s success. Knowing they would be dispatched again next year to spread the cheer, they had just 9 months to target hopeful hearts and capture “make a wish” moments, for it was these special souls that would carry the spirit of the season in their heart year-round infusing all who came near with their extraordinary brand of merry and bright cheer. Carry it forward.
  • He has waited for his day in the sun and now it has come. Yours has too.
  • The holiday temp job over, the six geese lay off their laying and, punching their timecard one last time, the gaggle gossip all the way home. Friends make for a lighter tread and a smoother ride.
  • Feeling the cost is of your last few decisions, you vow to make a change and live with more than pocket change. When you want s’more, remember your destiny was never intended to be crumbs and spare change.
  • The pond taking on its wintry form, white and black boots gather to glide with the greatest of ease. Start the new year in a glide, rather than a spinning your wheels.
  • Sliding the clay up, folding it over and beginning anew, this year is your native clay to do with as you will. Whether for form or function makes no difference as all will find a way to serve.
  • Having kept everything bottled through the hustle, bustle and crowd, you’re feeling a little flat. It’s time to pop your top, and show your sparkling personality.









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