• Although the rapids are calming, 2012 is not for amateur adventurers or couch sitters. As you head for open seas and uncharted waters, check your rations. Let your intention be your guide to unlimited horizons and bounty.
  • A new year, a new mood. Your choice of mood, one way or the other, controls the energy that surrounds you. Change your mood, change your circumstances.
  • Grasping at straws, you have tried N, S, E and W to find happiness. It is not an external direction, but an internal choice.
  • Misery loves company but this year it’s going to have to do without its Meals on Wheel’s visitor. Share your precious portions with positive peeps instead.
  • Shed your winter coat and your anonymity. It is time to show your sparkle.
  • When your tank is teetering on E, put the putty on your cheekbones, rig the strings and pull up! Your expression has flat-lined—it is time to crease your cheeks.
  • Lovebirds sing for each other. It is you who chooses whether to hear a sweet song or a screech.
  • You were not sent with shoulder pads and shin guards, prepared to do battle in your relationships. Rather than keeping a safe distance, let your guard down and allow yourself to be loved and lovable.
  • If you were wronged, release it quickly lest it take hold like a barb riding around in your soul, pricking, poking, causing harm and havoc. Don’t claim ownership of the perpetrator’s foul.
  • Determined ‘not to fail’ is fear based, determined to succeed is not. Repackage your thinking.
  • The fabled wolf may have blown over a house or two in his day but remember a house is just sticks and bricks—you are the home.
  • Your mood, one way or the other, either recruits more joy or blocks it entirely.
  • Shaping your image with Saline and Botox, use caution lest your find yourself on the pages of Ripley’s Believe it or Not: Glam Squad Tragedies. You are beautiful as you are.
  • No need to wait for the coin toss or the snap. You are perfectly positioned to catch the game-changing ball.
  • Underlying vulnerabilities weaken your pose and poise. Weaknesses are holographic and a choice. Choose perfection as it is your truth.
  • Just as the ballplayers stepped from the corn and onto the grassy field, you too are stepping out of your silky stalk comfort and ready to play ball.
  • A seed planted online is now the brightest bloom in your garden. Feed and water your idea until its strong full-petaled stalk can be seen from your kitchen window.
  • Fred’s and Barney’s feet scrambling to make the car go, you too have built momentum. Time now to paint your toes, smell the roses, and let your quarry come to you.
  • A salmon swimming upstream to spawn, your uphill battle is now over. Let the current carry you to soft shores and greener pastures.
  • Placing a quarter in the Zoltar machine, what child’s wish would you make? While a fortune teller can reveal a glimpse of your future, it is your truest desire that is ultimately written on the card. What is your one pure wish?
  • Jelly-filled and whole, you are ready to let others feel your sweet glaze embrace.
  • The lone couch sits sagging and worn, its cracked leather arms a testimony to all who have been held in its embrace. Old age does not ask to return to its fresh-from-the-factory new leather smell, preferring instead to cherish the memories made on its cushions.
  • His wings itching to take flight, your dragon has waited with bated breath for you to walk through the door. As the knob turns, do not fear a singed eyebrow or an enthusiastic pounce. Climb aboard the scaly saddle and fly fearlessly into your future.
  • Laughing awkwardly, you wish you could rewind, have a do-over. Failure is your teacher in grade school but embarrassment is your teacher always. You learn by “mistaking”.
  • Hens cluck over their morning feed, happily sharing the news of a newly hatched chick. All it takes is one opportunistic, egg-hunting fox face to turn a happy morning into an unhappy afternoon. Are you the hen or the fox?
  • Mislabeled fish? What label are you wearing that is not your truth? Whether Ahi, Opah or Trout, peel off the expired label and replace it with fresh new “I am beautiful” packaging. Let there be truth in your advertising.
  • Like an artichoke, you have delicately removed each prickly layer working your way toward the delicacy, the heart. An online friendship is about to become an offline romance.
  • Stomping the muck from your boots, you ultimately decide to enter the threshold of this new relationship in clean stocking feet. Thank you for not mucking it up, for wisely leaving your stinky stuff at the door.
  • Are you holding onto something that doesn’t belong to you? Perhaps a bundle of five pound grudges and ten pound disappointments? Set your burdens down child.
  • An election year is like the ocean, full of squids squirting ink. Swim away from the soiled tentacles lest all rational thought be squeezed and sequestered.
  • Lying your head on your feather pillow, remember you are only as down as you allow yourself to be.


  • With a belly full of bravado and a smattering of sass, you turned the knob wearing your best “charm the pants” smile. Now walking the talk, remember not to leave your attitude of gratitude scarf in the back of the closet.
  • A little known work has been sitting out at recess. No more forged notes from pop, step up and let yourself be picked for the team. It’s time to publish.
  • A rarified flower in its first petal form, you are moving from bud to full  bloom. Open fully to reveal your potential.
  • It is not a carbon footprint that should concern but rather the footprint of your spiritual moccasin. Do you leave a deep depression or a barely disturbed leaf? Tread lightly and with love.
  • Crossed eyes and a deep squint, you do not believe what you see when a spirit butterfly lands on your nose. Marveling at the tickle and wing movement, your bully brain cuts in shoving sensation out of the way in favor of first place position. We may be subtle, our wings moving too fast to see, but you can sense when we are near as our hug is unmistakable.
  • 25 cents on Kraft Macaroni, $1.00 on Lemon Fresh Joy, you stand satisfied as you survey the shelves mentally calculating the nickel and dime savings. Step away from the hoarder’s larder and dedicate those coupon clipping hours to creating real wealth, you.
  • Like suitcase toting fleas on their way to join the circus, many are jumping off the corporate dog for softer fur and fun. Design a destiny that suits.
  • When wearing a Durante nose, that bulbous outcropping over your lip, put the ample schnoz to work sniffing out opportunities to shine. Dive nose first into your big break and the spotlight.
  • Disappointment hitching a ride on your shoulder, the bothersome guest leans in to whisper that this new venture will never work. Remember that disappointment is like a pouty three year-old, never a reliable source.
  • Just as the eyelid rests on soft pillow of lash, you too have found a soft place to land. Put your doubt to rest, you are safe and well loved.
  • An accidental pink shirt pulled from the washer’s hat, you groan and dig for the red offender. Now pretty in pink, you realize that this was part of the plan all along.
  • A muscled and dimpled slice o’ heaven offers his best Valentine smile. You can have your cupcake and eat it too but remember the filling is infinitely more important than the frosting.
  • Delivering a stem to an unsuspecting heart is the equivalent of a day-long hug.
  • Live your love story writing your own happily ever after each day. When to the final chapter, remember it is “To Be Continued” rather than “The End”.
  • An inchworm works its way incrementally across the pavement, ever watchful for leather sole and pointed beak. Consumed with the effort and what might transpire, it does not notice that its path has been paved, its slithering smooth.
  • An unexpected sale when you get to the register, a perfetly timed taxi, surprised fingers discovering $20 in your pocket, we send tokens to remind you that you are loved and supported.
  • Accepting a sloppy kiss from a speckled toad, you watch for the magical transformation. People come “as is” and without guarantee of a pedigree. Accept people for who they are warts and all.
  • What you do not close the book on in this life, will be seen as homework for the next.
  • Even the events that rip your heart to shreds will eventually appear as a kaleidoscope of tear-stained colored shards of glass sprinkled with light-hearted confetti laughter. It takes both ends of the spectrum to create true beauty.
  • Just as an ill-fitting shoe can cause a blister on your heel, so too can an ill-fitting relationship cause a blister on your heart.
  • The opposite of innovation is “following the rules”. You are capable of creating worlds, but a new and better way to transport a peanut butter sandwich is brilliant too. Think big, be bold.
  • Turning to face the music, you hear “Lucy you got some splaining to do.” Everyone has days when good decisions are hard to find.
  • You are the perfect shade of lipstick for Mother Earth’s wizened face.
  • Give us your slim wallet to be filled, your discomforts to be made comfortable.
  • Stretched out on the couch, the remote umbilically attached to your hand, remember that growth is not gained from nearness to a box, but rather from purposeful movement away from the pabulum and into your own thought.
  • You are all descendants of vibrant culture but more than what once was, is what has yet to become. The legacy you leave will be one for the history books.
  • A placemat is a follower happy with the crumbs. Better to be the spoon who delicately dips or the fork who is always willing to take a stab.
  • She who seeks imperfections in others will find them… in the mirror.
  • All fails are actually wins in disguise.


  • Divinity does not have to be esoteric and unattainable. It is not something to attain but rather your birthright carried in the pocket of your soul.
  • Imperfect cookie dough dropped on the sheet, it departs the oven with smooth edges and even surfaces, finally relaxed. Regardless of age or circumstance, you quit this life only when you are fully baked.
  • Turning the black plastic ball, you patiently wait for the answer to float to the surface. “Without a doubt” guidance can come in the form of any gadget or gizmo. Sometimes a crazy 8 ball is not so crazy.
  • Enthusiastic legs pumping back and forth, beads of sweat on your little brow, you believe if you stretch your toes you will touch the clouds. Stretch goals are good.
  • Being told you are a dime a dozen? Your worth is determined by you, not by those who would seek to get you for a song.
  • Looking to others to be your lifeboat is only meant to be used in case of emergency. Once ashore, you are to walk on your own two legs rather than be a weight carried.
  • Heaven is not in the nosebleed seats, nor is it reserved seating. Every soul holds a ticket, is guaranteed a VIP backstage pass and place.
  • You want to follow the script but you know magic happens in the outtake. Unscript your life.
  • Just as the rain falls to form a perfect puddle to play, a “manna from heaven” gift will soon be landing at your feet to the delight of your rubber covered toes!
  • On the days when nothing but a soft place to land will do, when pillow and warm blanket of quiet is a “need to have” rather than a “nice to have,” remember that all creatures seek the solace of their cave from time to time. Retreat to recharge.
  • Love would come knocking on your door if not for the neon no vacancy sign around your neck. Holding on to Mr. What Might Be, you leave no room for Mr. Really Right. Evict the placeholder.
  • A water lily floats, contentedly buoyant and bobbing, just waiting for sunset’s signal to close its petal shop. It does not concern itself with first to open nor last to close, nor should you.
  • A paw placed on your hand can power you up as effectively as a charging station.
  • If you feel you are clothed in flesh unbecoming change your costume.
  • Just as the emerald green stem extends its heart-shaped petals N, S, E and W, you too will be extending your outreach to all corners soon.
  • The luck of the Irish can be had by any who understand what it means to make your own.
  • Your bucket o’ gold jackpot is not at the end of the rainbow. Your wealth is you. You are and will always be your greatest asset.
  • Look closely and you will see the pebbles perfectly placed for your sure footing. You are safe to step into the current. It will flow around you, not over you.
  • Death will one day go the way of hot rollers.
  • Fussing and fuming creates the “Pig Pen effect” and since like attracts like… enough said.
  • A spring in your step, you now recognize the point of your winding path.
  • You are nimble and you are quick but life does not require ‘over the candlestick’ heroics to be successful. Your endurance has paid off, now your endurance will pay off.
  • Your “Lucy gobbling chocolate” frenzied pace is slowing to allow you time to delight in each morsel delivered effortlessly into your hand.
  • Devoted the hard diamond, you fail to notice the sparkle and shine of other more brilliant matches.
  • An old quilt may unravel but the heart that it was made with never does.
  • Sitting at the table twiddling your thumbs, you watch the second hand and wait to be excused. Listen until the last word is spoken as it is always in those final notes that the truth of the message is revealed.
  • As the horn sounds, you dive into the water pulling, kicking, hoping to shave a half of a second off your time. Warp speed does not always mean time well spent, or more importantly time well enjoyed.
  • Whether in training or double Ds, you are all developing nations.
  • Like a sequestered jury that forms friendships over ham and cheese, you too will have an opportunity to chew the fat with a new friend soon.
  • You ask for larger incentives but your true happiness does not reside in the cauldron of coins at the end of the multi-colored arch. Move the glare of the gold aside to find and live your happy thought.
  • Feeling like your spirit signal is jammed? Remove the ego earwax.


  • Laughter is the forgotten cure.
  • Eye to the hole peeping at the world within the shoebox, you are amazed that the diorama dwellers seem so content in their dark confines. Lift the lid to illuminate your options.
  • Soul crushing sadness is a choice. Allow the sadness wash over you like a wave, acknowledge the mouth full of kelp, then rise to the surface and swim willingly toward your next wave of potential.
  • An elderly loved one needs to share the memories long cradled in the scrapbook of their soul. Lighting up one wizened face lights up the world.
  • A tabby reaching out for its favorite toy inadvertently topples you but never fear, you too will land on all fours.
  • A’s and F’s do not apply in heaven. You are not graded on a curve, you are not graded at all.
  • In Sunday best and with baskets swinging, children eagerly seek what you have left for them to discover. Reese’s pieces lessons are perfect for little hands and hearts.
  • Sometimes the little brown pellets left behind are simply meant to reassure you that you have indeed had a magical lop-eared guest. Look for the little signs we leave behind.
  • Panicked, the kite swoops and dives pulling against its tether and its limited figure-8 options. Cut your strings and let your spirit soar.
  • Pulled in every direction, you are starting to feel like taffy stretched beyond your limit. Relax into the rhythm of your fluid and adaptive dance.
  • Your dejected “I give up” voice is the saddest sound in heaven, a hopeful voice is carried on every angel’s wing.
  • Budget cutting measures that seem critical to survival… are not. Life is meant to be lived until it is completely spent.
  • Having spent the week straining against rocky soil circumstances, it is time to hang up your collar — time for a rub and some rest. The field has been plowed and is ready for planting.
  • Just as the ballplayers stepped from the corn and onto the field, we can go from one heavenly realm to another. We can appear as a creak in an old house, a light flickering, or a glove and ball if it serves. Don’t be surprised if you catch a glimpse of your mother rolling pie crust, your father fixing the brakes. Your heart knows the truth even if your eyes refuse to see.
  • You clap your cymbals hoping to be heard in heaven but it is your quietest gestures that are loudest and most symbolic to us.
  • Hoping to stay under the radar and out of the conversation? Little mouse, it is time to peek out from your nook. An entire chevre-filled world awaits.
  • A copper kettle is meant to roil and boil, you are not. Release some steam before you blow your top.
  • Forgetting the wad in the dryer, you now open the wrinkled thought to iron out your truth.
  • Harming a beloved, a gentle, or an innocent causes more harm to the ruffian.
  • Into the fitting room you march, arms overflowing with different destinies to try. Gazing into the mirror, your intuition tells you whether a good fit or if you still need to keep shopping. Find your perfect fit.
  • Divine counsel does not mean high heels and tiaras, although we are not above such magnificent measures to make a point.
  • Like Mr. Holmes you look for clues as to your next step. To magnify your answer ask for angelic assistance.
  • You painstakingly minister to every pore, line and wrinkle but it is inside where the truth of your beauty resides. Spend time today on your truth.
  • Whether licking your wounds or your paws, it is time to let go of your determined task.
  • Walk in sunshine regardless of the weather.
  • As if your Tin Man’s heart was being pulled toward a giant magnet in the sky, your heart feels the natural tug toward elevated thought, action and deed. Your compassionate and noble deeds are duly noted by the wizard.
  • Feeling like the battered ball at the end of the elastic string, now is the time to put the paddle aside and hang loose.
  • Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound,  our loved ones, no longer bound by convention or an unhealthy suit, return to their superhero status sans cape and itchy wool tights.
  • Trying to control who is “in” or “out” you quickly discover it is your nosed pressed to the pane peering in at the party.
  • We do not come brandishing long sticks or lightning bolts. We come with pavers to pave your way, polishers to smooth rough edges and flashlights so you are never alone in the dark.


  • You wonder what happens when you die? … You live!
  • Every day includes a cherry, a ripe juicy miraculous moment. Focus on the juice and forget the pit.
  • In the land of scarcity, it is hard to imagine abundance. In the land of abundance, it is easy to imagine scarcity. There is no place like home, a truthful land where scarcity has no fuel nor freedom to roam.
  • Like a Swiss watch, you have been finely tuned for precision performance. Not shock resistant, remember to accept change lest you get too tightly wound.
  • The tomato sits patiently plumping on the vine, dreaming of the day when it will be deemed suitable for serving. You are ripe and ready to serve.
  • Smoothing the sand stationary with your hand, your finger writes the words you wished you had said. Let the sand note be swallowed by a wave, erasing and releasing the shoulda woulda couldas. You now have a clean slate.
  • One sharp cookie, the freckle-faced Scout offers her wares with a sample and a smile. Guile is not necessary to make the sale.
  • Eyes on a stick peeking up from the sandcastle’s moat, he sounds the all clear to his comrade crustaceans as he bravely claws his way to the surface risking sun and sharp beak. Lead by example.
  • Nose in Farmville, it is easy to forget the cows that need milking, the fences that need mending, and the newly hatched chicks for which only your brand of mothering will do. Don’t forget to count your chickens.
  • She loves you, he loves you not. Pick only from the petals who have agreed to join you on the stem. You have a deluxe bouquet from which to choose.
  • Having been through the ringer and flattened in the process, it is time to shake yourself out and billow in the breeze.
  • A purse is a magical mystery tour but is the bounty worth the extra baggage? Lighten your load.
  • The essence of motherhood,  your helicopter heart keeps you lifted and hopeful.
  • Value yourself as much as we value you and don’t surround yourself with those that don’t.
  • Swiping the card, your gut clenches hoping enough cash will be found behind the gate. Only you can wrangle the runaway steer named Financial Fear.
  • You can not fathom the depth of our love for you.
  • Bending to sniff the beckoning stem, you find yourself nose to locked and loaded stinger. Fuzzy big belly over black belt, the sated soldier staggers a step and then lifts unsteadily into the air following his perfumed happy thought. Despite the buzz, all creatures can peacefully co-exist.
  • Saying “forget about it” in your best Jersey Shore accent, let yesterday’s upset remain on yesterday’s calendar, never to be seen or heard from again.
  • The slipper slid on easily, the ball a huge success. Now comes the main event, the true beauty of the happily ever after fairy tale called life.
  • Lounging like Cleopatra, expecting the 5-star palm frond treatment, is it any wonder that willing universal fingers oblige offering juice-laden grapes to your open and expectant mouth? Your expectation drives your experience. Expect your highest.
  • Charlie happily swallows the hook, expecting to be canned with his buddies. Failing to read the fine print, he finds that mayo and relish are his new co-workers and his fins get bent out of shape. Don’t go along to get along, just get along.
  • Watching from the dugout and wishing for more, just one more time at bat and a way to make a difference, remember that the greatest leaders are most often found inspiring others to step up and swing away. Thus their difference is made.
  • Whether scribe or scribbler, thought bubbles or finger paints, it is time to exercise your talent.
  • Stop leaving snarky snail trails as we have the salt and we will use it.
  • Shared values assure no broken hearted letters to Juliet will be written.
  • Swinging through the jungle calling to his mates, Tarzan got the attention of both beauties and beasts. Heeding the call of the wild is not necessary to find your Jane.
  • Let the earth’s whiskers tickle your soles and soul. Hang your shingle “stepping out for awhile” and go wiggle your toes.
  • A soldier’s heart is the rarest form of high-level humanity.
  • Twinkle twinkle little star, there is no need to wonder where they are. Your loved ones are safe, happy, surrounded by bright light love and if you stop a moment to think you will definitely recognize their wink.
  • Kernels of truth fall from the mouths of t-shirted toddlers just as surely as kernels of corn land whole in their diapers. Listen for your truth.
  • Now ready for your close-up Mr. DeMille, it is time to take center stage and the spotlight. You have everything you need to shine.


  • Toes touching the arrows, visualizing X marks the spot, your neighbor steps up and your concentration steps out. Rather than striking out, remember that you all have kindness to spare.
  • Just as a moth swims toward the light drawn as if by an invisible force, you too are escorted by a current unseen toward light and love.
  • After the bath but before the mascara, remember that your grace of God robe waits to wrap you in its strengthening embrace.
  • Hoping to put their best foot forward, painted toes slip into plain pumps content to hide their shine. Don’t wait until Happy Hour to reveal your sparkle.
  • Your light diminishes with every snipe and swipe so heed your mother’s ‘if you can’t say anything nice’ advice.
  • No Ralph, I have not seen your bowling shoes. Sometimes people need to seek before they see.
  • We trumpet your prowess so you don’t have to.
  • The Farmers’ Market bustles under a clear blue sky. Mouths watering and tongues wagging, seekers peruse the stalls hoping to bag more than the perfect tomato. Seek nourishment for your soul as well as your belly.
  • Even ruby clad feet can misstep, tumbling off the golden highway skinning knee and bruising ego. Remembering there is a brilliantly lit path pining for a swift return, they leave their scarlet lettered baggage by the side of the road to resume their journey one bag of lessons lighter.
  • Going from rock to rainbow is disconcerting but you volunteered to step up the ladder, be a part of this turbo transition.
  • Class separation can only survive as long as you are willing to embrace the role of victim or haute couture crony. You render it irrelevant when you decide it is no longer the fashion.
  • In the dark and trying to pin the tail, you feel foolish when the blindfold is removed and you completely missed your mark. It takes heart to take a shot in the dark.
  • Upon close observation, you notice the prickly yellow caterpillar inching its way through the grass barely bending the blades. With your human wide lens, you notice barriers this little fuzzy guy will soon face and quickly move them out of his path. He will never know your intervention but with a glad heart will be grateful for his good fortune, a safe smooth passage. There is a hand of God that intercedes on your behalf as well, removing obstacles unseen. Gratitude paves the way for your smooth passage and don’t forget to help the little guy.
  • Believing what goes up must come down, your catapult into the corner office has left you wondering when your helium will begin to leak. Your trajectory is your choice and you chose stars and stripes glory. Defy gravity.
  • Worried, remember that sometimes claws extend simply to stretch.
  • Thinking “must run faster” as you feel the warm lick of the dragon’s first kiss, remember sometimes the best solution is not a need for speed but to turn and face your fear with SPF50 confidence.
  • Even when a person seems trapped inside a less than healthy suit, rest assured that their soul is not bound by convention and never misses a tee time. Until such time as you are able to shuck the heavy body armor and swing freely, your soul plays free of hazards and roughs.
  • Love leaks from your pores, emitting a fragrance sweeter than sunshine. Glisten happily ever after.
  • Opportunities flow to you as cool clear water from heaven’s fawcett.
  • Wanting to shrink the kids, or at least their ear-splitting volume, you ask honey for help. Twin brows furrowed and good humor bent out of shape, chubby little fingers offer their paper towel roll perspective, a glimpse into their gigantic world of wonder where you are always the hero. Sometimes parents need to be rescued by their kids.
  • Examined with a fine-toothed comb, it is safe to embark on this seemingly hairy adventure.
  • Dreaming on your drive home of a welcome more exciting than a dark house and a TV dinner, remember that it is difficult to fulfill your desires from the comfort of your La-Z-Boy. Up and out for more loving options.
  • Grizzled and grouchy, bearish in your penchant for sleeping away the seasons, remember fresh air is fuel just like sunshine and salmon.
  • A bonafide cheapskate rarely recognizes his value. Spend a little to spoil Scrooge.
  • Turn on the tunes to tune into us. Listen to the lyric for the lesson.
  • As a crab scuttling from this possibility to that, you are missing the treasure below the surface. Slow so that you can savor.
  • Pan or hand tossed? Regardless of your crust, you are all born with the ingredients to make a perfect pie. Remember the planet is like a pizza, the more toppings the better. Be your saucy self.
  • The novelty of nice never wears thin.
  • Hot dogs and hang gliders are both a delicious but risky proposition. Risk it.
  • I’ll have what she’s having opens the door to orgasmic opportunities. Rest assured there is plenty of pleasure to go around.


  • You are a firecracker who is playing it safe and sane. It is not necessary to dim your brights so that others may shine. Show your sparkle.
  • You are Bert and your Ernie awaits. Butch had Sundance, Donny had Marie. Your friendship has the potential to be legendary. Friendship awaits.
  • Galileo, Poe, Thatcher. You are all of the same blood… human. Delight in your tribe.
  • When everything goes boom and the smoke cloud clears, you will see the big picture and wonder that you did not recognize it before. Heart still hammering in excitement at the epiphany, you are grateful that the loud crack of the sky confetti got your attention.
  • A horse’s hoof is hard as nails, but a horse’s heart is tender and true. We are filing away the old to prepare you for your new lovely and loyal shoes.
  • Hey Sleeping Beauty, don’t wait for his kiss to wake up and smell the roses. Start the marathon without him and let him catch you.
  • Focusing on your weaknesses, you forget your strengths. You can bench 500lb burdens by yourself but let us be your spotter.
  • There are times when porters are scarce. You can sit on the curb and wait, leaving your destiny in the hands of others, or you can look for a cart to keep the adventure rolling.
  • Keep your board waxed. You never know when the perfect wave will ring you up for a parlay.
  • Rolling out your blueprint, you realize the wise architect did not design a static story but rather a journey that allowed you to step up and out of each condition, moving instead to one that better served. Embrace the change.
  • A bowl once full of cherries, the tongue tells the tale of an afternoon well spent. Just because your day was the pits, remember you are walking away with a fruit-stained smile and a full belly. Spit the pit to enjoy the fruit of your labor.
  • Sloppy Joes are usually not slovenly, but Manwich men tend to be messy when it comes to the care and feeding of their big juicy hearts. Not only is he worthy of you, but you are worthy of him.
  • Confidence shaken as you went from simple stumble to full-blown tumble, you are now ready to stir it up. It’s your happy hour, enjoy it!
  • Getting a case of the sillies, your putty becomes soft and pliable allowing love to stick. Laugh to love.
  • You all have the healing touch in your hand, the healing tone in your voice. Dispatched, you were entrusted to a sacred purpose. Go forth and deliver your fare. 7/15/12
  • Life is like an ear of corn, each kernel a lesson to be savored. Whether you daintily nibble or gregariously gobble, ask us to add butter to smooth and salt to flavor the feast.
  • Marveling at your spouse’s ability to read your mind, you settle into the flow of her knowing. You can be Professor Marvel too, lifting her up not with hot air but with “there’s no place like home” love.
  • We grant you that this evolutionary process feels a bit like riding a rabid bull. Rodeo Days may result in a few sore muscles but wrangle your way up to the gate and go for it. Cowboy up!
  • You are finding your muse irritating these days but remember that an irritant results in a pearl. Before you roll your eyes, remember you are being inspired toward your ultimate creation, your highest potential. Perfect your pearl before it goes public.
  • Like the Pizza Delivery guy, deliver cheesy smiles.
  • Feeling every bit the groovy garanimal, it is time to strut your stuff! Label notwithstanding, you will find your perfect lion to lion match.
  • Little feet dancing through the door smelling of chlorine and sunscreen, giggles and growling bellies tell you that it is time to resume your lifeguard duties, whistle and lesson plan in hand. Your bliss has not been interrupted, it has now just begun.
  • Your burgeoning career prospering, you are glowing with satisfaction. To flourish long term, remember all work no play makes for a very dull girl. Your light will dim without outside inspiration. Balance to thrive.
  • Those who persist in learning nothing new will soon go the way of the transistor radio. Technology is a gift, not a test. It is meant to bring people together, not separate the willing and the unwilling.
  • Drama is meant for the stage, not the living room or the cubicle.
  • Putting the squeeze on your precious mammary as your fate is caught on film, you know that you will easily bounce back from this momentary reshaping. Don’t get bent out of shape.
  • Shea butter love softens even the most callused of hearts. Slather to soothe.
  • A Yo-Yo for the last few weeks, you are more than ready to shoot the moon.
  • You may dance like no one is watching but we are two-stepping right along with you. Your joy turns on your radio, your smile amplifies your prayers.
  • Plucking the scratcher from the “Gold Found Here” machine, you say a quick prayer while digging in your pocket for the coin with the sharpest edge. Finding only fuzz, you have just taught yourself that saving a buck is better than scratching a quick pick itch.
  • Your helium slowly leaking, a quick shot of happiness will have you back to your buoyant self and dancing on the ceiling.


  • Toes wiggling into stilts, the sky walker strides toward the grey glass confident in her latest fashion contraptions. Before 4″ heels or after, you are the height of beauty.
  • A magnificent piece of artwork held by a strip of scotch, lately you have felt every bit the wallflower, restricted, muted and flat. It is time to peel away your bindings and self-imposed limitations. Be free to be.
  • Radiant from a chance encounter, it is easy to wonder if a glass slipper will result. Before you are swept away by passion’s tide, pause for a bit of crystal clarity.
  • Walking around like your favorite Martian, your antennae turn this way and that scanning for divine guidance. Continually on seek for the mother ship’s signal, you forget that the answer always lies within.
  • Sherlock in your soul, build a case with the clues to detect your destiny. We’ll provide the magnification, just ask.
  • Customizing life may sometimes feel like turning the bow of the Titanic, a slow and arduous process, but it can be as simple and easy as a thought. You had it down to a science in heaven, all you need do is remember.
  • Mild-mannered Clark Kent was a clever disguise. Assume your superpower role and let no rock or villain hijack your destiny.
  • Staying stuck in your story causes your options to dwindle.
  • Like a trapeze artist who swings by her knees, trust that your partner will catch you, releasing you only when you are ready to fly through the air with the greatest of ease. Trust is your truth.
  • Squatting in front of the gumball machine, you turn the knob knowing the prize you wish for will be the prize delivered. There is a plastic bubble prize with your name on it. Wish, intend, receive.
  • It is not just little ones growing like weeds. You too are evolving at breakneck speed. Step out of the highwaters and into people and situations that are a better fit and don’t constrict.
  • When you see little footprints in the sand you are charmed and sit spellbound by the potential. When we see your footprints we feel the same.
  • Feeling you got bupkis out the deal, know that bupkis is often food for thought, fodder for forward movement.
  • It is easy to lead forward while standing on the shoulders of others. Choose to lift others up and over the fence before asking for a boost for your boot.
  • An old crone waving her tired trinkets in the face of each passerby, she has long exhausted the sympathy of the village with her oh poor me spiel. Perhaps its time to change your merchandise and machinations.
  • Hood up and stalled, you stew as the traffic continues to flow. Call in the AAA angels to tow you to safety and inspiration.
  • Life’s treasures can be had immediately on demand without pay-per-view. You command the remote pushing rewind, stop, play or fast forward.
  • Your head holding the pillow like a paperweight, we step into your down under dreams to remind you of who you really are.
  • In search of One-Eyed Willie’s gold, it is easy to miss the glorious Goonies’ adventure.
  • What you should do + what you could do + what must be done. Is what you love to do to in the equation? Focus on what is desired rather than what is required.
  • Love can get bumpy, especially when it reveals itself as like.
  • The time of living in the shallows and scraping bottom is over. Prepare to receive the incoming tide of good.
  • It is sometimes difficult to remember there is a divinity in your soul when you are swerving through rush-hour traffic, jockeying for first place position.
  • Risking the waves that may crash over your head, you have decided you have been underwater long enough and bravely start to ascend. Surface, remove your mask, and breathe. You are not in over your head, you are safe.
  • Exiting the barber’s chair after getting your ears lowered, you question your strange new cut and the validity of the framed certificate of completion on the wall. When you design your destiny be specific lest you lose your sideburns.
  • Have you noticed all the little heads poking up out of the cabbage patch lately? Having picked their parents, they will now grow into their purpose. There are many standing in line to return to usher in the next level of goodness, but these little people were chosen to grow the world into its good.
  • The seas have parted and all that is needed is your brave step forward. Walk into your potential.
  • Famous Amos wasn’t always so famous but through perseverance and passion, his calling card soon became fresh baked smiles. If you want to run with the big ovens, do what you love.
  • Like a salmon hopping the ladder, you too are ready to spawn your idea.
  • Wiggling your eyebrows after a day at the races, we are pleased there is no Grouch in your Groucho. Lead with a smile so that others may follow with one.


  • Your enthusiastic blood-curdling scream can be heard throughout the jungle. Way to go Tarzan!
  • Foster you. Open your heart and home to the Toys R Us child within. It is time and safe to play.
  • You ask for further evidence and we answer in many ways: a light that surges a quick hello, house settling pops, a hug that squeezes a fond memory. Lyrics and license plates, you ask and we answer.
  • Late, late for a very important date? Always running to catch your flight, it is time to slow your pace. Step on the go-with-the-flow belt and let us convey you to your next destination.
  • A page dog-eared from sharing its wisdom, it smiles remembering all the fingers who have traced its words. Better to be a treasured  and rare first edition than a glossy throw-away monthly.
  • Like a beautifully tipped meringue, you sit perfectly perched by the tip jar hoping to be seen and valued.
  • Suds and cycles may clean the exterior but your clean team is standing by to scrub your undercarriage and inner workings. Ask your angels for Merry Maid assistance, as they have the equipment to restore and renew.
  • Every Shaggy has a Scooby, a friend willing to climb aboard the Mystery Machine to share adventures. Whether animal or human, you have a sidekick who is happy to tag along only asking for a quick belly rub from time to time. Acknowledge a friend.
  • All want to put Humpty Dumpty back together again but it is you, your heart, your hands, that have the skill of a healer.
  • What is a necessary evil? Absolutely nothing.
  • When tragedy strikes and life seems unfair we take extra care to comfort and when you’re ready, and ever so gently, we remove the sadness Band-Aid to reveal the purpose of the scar. There is never pain without purpose.
  • There is nothing more truthful than a 2-year-olds’ sweet lisp, except perhaps the mirror.
  • You were our first-round draft pick. Just like fantasy football, we build a dream team of complimentary talent for your exceptional performance.
  • You are the jet touching down after a long flight, we are the parachute that slows you to safety.
  • Popping a canned biscuit on the counter, the silver spiral suddenly reveals the compressed promise. Wearing oven mitt protection and hoping all went according to plan on the pan, the timer has signaled you are about to taste your freshly baked dreams.
  • Vanilla, citrus or cigar, a smell remembered is a loved one recognized.
  • Like a favorite chipped old mug, you have proven your capacity time and time again. Enjoy your cup runneth over success.
  • Tossing the light as air ball it plinks from rim to rim, ultimately creating a soft splash and one very surprised goldfish. You too have bounced from rim to rim but having set your sights are now about to make your own splash.
  • Stalled and wishing that Scotty would beam you up, your departure date has long been planned by you. We are here to engineer a perfect transition, but you are the Captain who commands the enterprise.
  • Volunteering is not civic atonement, it is sharing the greatest gift you have been given, you.
  • Customizing your caper to wiggle out of or in, remember life is meant to be enjoyed not exploited. Let us read of your exploits in the smile lines on people’s faces, not in the tabloids next to the toilet.
  • What is heaven? Drinking iced Coke on a hot summer’s day, a child blinking in wonder at their grandparent’s disappearing thumb, the first moment when all are safely tucked in their beds and finally still, sailing across the bay in a pristine craft and perfect conditions. Heaven is being blessed with bliss.
  • Appreciate the moments of miraculous intervention and you will open the flood gates to all that the universe has to offer. Gratitude is the key to the city.
  • Staring at the finished product with pride, a memory of a 3rd grade “A” scratched in red brings a smile. We love it when you give yourself a gold star.
  • Our fan base cannot be measured on the big blue social network or even on the big blue planet. Your supporters are too numerous to count, but they happily stand up to be counted when they are called.
  • For those of you who believe doom is just around the corner, doom is just around the corner. Change your thoughts, change your destiny. FYI–Can be applied on a global scale.
  • Fresh from your facial, you have forgotten to frown. Bottle this feeling, applying a little soul revitalizer each day. Forget your worries, indulge in well-being.
  • You are being discovered daily by those who genuinely care so relax your fingers and your heart to release those who genuinely don’t.
  • Prosperity may feel like a light bulb dimmed but with a switch of your outlook, abundance will do more than flicker, it and you will glow.
  • Laughter was conceived and perfected in heaven. Want to step into the sacred? Practice laughter.


  • When accused of riding your broom, perhaps it is time to reign in your power. Remember your tenet, first do no harm.
  • Fondle your fanaticism, delighting it not with negativity and narrow thought but with workarounds, paved new paths and non-partisan parlays with purpose.
  • A passionate performer, you design each nuance for its desired effect. It is time to be a truth enthusiast as earthly performances net you no audience in heaven.
  • The jack-in-the-box has been dutifully wound but the arm is beginning to tire and the hopeful heart is beginning to wonder when, if ever, the promise will be fulfilled. Check your mailbox — a surprise cometh.
  • Like a battered old Ford pickup, you rumble down the road kicking up dust and spitting exhaust. Park in the shade, pull out a picnic, and welcome all comers including the ants. Close your mouth to open doors.
  • Flat on your back and grass reaching up to tickle, your sleepy eyes search the puffy white Rorschach clouds for signs. Watch as we stitch the sky with hearts and angels blanketing you in our love.
  • There are many popular formulas to determine your age but we assure you that your soul has existed always.
  • Poised, toes gripping ten, the horn sounds and you dive faithfully into another week. Wishing for more freestyle rather than breast stroke gulps for air, surface and backstroke toward your sunny outcome.
  • A tender mercy is when you are tightly wound and still choose to sing a sweet song.
  • Cracking the whip on yourself lately, remember that “hooves in the air” play is the other half of a perfect performance. Live high.
  • Wound tight, the chattering teeth hop across the table in an effort to charm, convince and convert. Return the smile, applaud the effort, and then lovingly vote your conscience.
  • Feet propped and pillows plumped, your flat screened cinema awaits your command. Push play to make your day!
  • Life is like dim sum, steamed to perfection goodness just waiting to be uncovered. Lift the lid and nibble on your next choice. Your path has been perfectly prepared but you must choose it.
  • Feeling about as inspiring as an animal cracker, remember how you used to cherish that circus in a box when you were small. It was a treat then — you are a treat now.
  • We are part of your imagineering team, and our whiteboard is infinite.
  • Are you a bloatware distributor or do you keep it real? A tall tale told for personal gain is tantamount to a slap of the listener’s face.
  • The pursuit of happiness ends when the play begins.
  • Do not be chocolate flavored mousse — do not let yourself be whipped into a fury.
  • Myths and mystery. To find out the truth, how it all ends, simply look within and ask. But you’ll spoil the surprise if you skip to the end without the intrigue and storytelling.
  • Visit the spirit hydration station to quench your thirst for ‘what’s next’ knowledge.
  • The cape finally draped, the little superhero bounds down the step, his much rehearsed ‘trick or treat’ line ready to be delivered on cue. Pail swinging, he has hit the ground running, trusting that goodies rather than goblins await. Knock and you shall receive too.
  • Entrusted to light and delight, your toothless smile stands sentinel in the night. Your path will be illuminated by smiles.
  • Thinking it may have the ick factor, you still bravely reach in to the unknown. Bravo for your bravery.
  • Having finally slowed your pace, the ripped gauze strips sag and pool at your feet. Thinking the thread is unraveling, remember that this is not your future but now your past.
  • Watching the shell game, you think you know under which cup the best ball resides. Rather than watching closely for slight of hand, step back to see the bigger brighter picture.
  • An eye for an eye is appropriate in concept, but inappropriate in practice. Plucking out an eye makes for a good looking pirate, but harms the opportunity for 20/20 reparation.
  • You have the power to pinch or pleasure, soothe or stroke. Wield your wand with caution, aware always which way it points.
  • In times of terror, whether real or imagined, we hold your trembling hand and quiet your racing heart. Banish the bogus boogeyman.
  • When the tilt-o-whirl chaos is over and the ride finally slows to a stop, your opportunity to step out and up will begin. Prepare your heart to lend a hand.
  • Patronized by the wizard, you begin to stew your protest brew. Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble, let the inconsequential behavior go lest there be consequences.


  • Wondering at the sanity of the mechanical bull operator, you hold on for dear life and pray for the buzzer. Glaring even before the dismount, you search the room for someone to blame. Sometimes the purpose of being thrown is simply to remember how not to be.
  • Jumping the broom, you let go of the past to claim your future. Congratulations on your willingness to be more tomorrow than you were today.
  • Remember that evolution is a birthing process, ultimately resulting in great joy. Whether you take away a bundle of joy or swaddle the sadness, the choice is up to you.
  • Imagine the gridlock caused by ‘my way or the highway’ thinking. Open your gate and allow for safe and sane passage of this episode.
  • Do not judge too harshly your marketing countrymen. Their job is to heard the sheep to market. Your job is not be one.
  • Regardless of who has the better bike or the more sculpted thigh, the ‘mine is better than yours’ sentiment closes the window of opportunity on everything that your soul holds dear.
  • Juggling for the crowd, remember you were elected for your sincerity not your snake oil. It is now time to earn the honor.
  • Each new moment allows you to choose to focus on disappointment or delight. Be awake and aware of your choices.
  • Twinkie-on-a-stick is a marvelous invention. We can’t wait to see what you come up with next.
  • Still stinging from the not-so-gentle Gibb’s slap, we understand why you would think this awakening rude. Just as you are determined to experience more than a lifetime of gentle caresses, we are determined to keep step and your Michelin-Man outfit zipped.
  • There is no fence too tall to hop, no barrier that can’t be swept away. You are limitless in your potential. Unsure of your next step? Ask for guidance!
  • The uniform may be packed away but the soldier’s character never is.
  • Accepting an offer of a tasty tidbit, you demonstrate your willingness to receive more from the warehouse floor of wonder.
  • All Nutty Professors sometimes feel like a nut. When you don’t, you know it’s time to dig deep into your mound of goodness and spread a little joy on your day.
  • A perfect way to test your patience is to stand in line at the speedy checkout when it is not.
  • Recent events have left you feeling skewered and a little burnt. Having generously shared your juices with the coals, now it’s time to rub the smoke from your eyes and the salt from your wounds.
  • It is difficult to look at the face of famine when sitting down to a feast, but do not feel guilt over your good fortune and full belly. Guilt diminishes joy and joy is what will ultimately feed a starving soul.
  • When stubbed toes and skinned knees happen, we are there with comfort Band-Aids and kiss it better compassion. We can help with both the pain and the strain. Ask for healing.
  • Not tempted by the shiny boxed stuffing end caps or Christmas cupcake sprinkle display, the practical mother calculates how many days of leftovers her family will tolerate before the Pizza Hut rebellion finally unfolds. In this case as in most, mother knows best.
  • Hoping for the gravy train, remember to stay in the latitude of gratitude.
  • In the still moments as you quietly prepare we are there. As you remember how mom used to make it, say hello as she is there standing at your side surrounding you with love and whispering her motherly “add a pinch more salt” advice.
  • The seeming imperfections, burnt pie crust and grass-stained knees, are what create the texture of a truly perfect day.
  • It is a magical day for movement. Whether from work to home or store to store, tis the season of glad tidings and joyful noise.
  • Your wish was made long before the make-a-wish bone was discovered. Rather than counting on the fortune telling fowl, create your own lucky break.
  • Much in the same vein as ‘if at first you don’t succeed’, we will send signals (albeit nuanced) until the epiphany hammer hits home.
  • Gravity and little hands tug but is everything that pulls at you legitimate? Take a moment to rethink what you’ve added to your peppermint embossed plate.
  • All that glitters is gold in the eyes of a child. To relive the “I believe” magic, allow the “I am blessed” fairy dust to settle on your shoulders.
  • Carrying the weight of the world often cannot be contained in your soul and will show. You will eventually carry the weight of the world.
  • Gucci, Prada, Levi, you choose the labels you wear. Happy, kind, joyful, wear only the labels that reflect your personal style.
  • Watch as the virtual becomes real.


  • For chubby pink cheeks and little chilled hands a winter wonderland awaits. Just as the cute bundles wobble out the door toward the promise of snow-packed fun, you too should sled toward your snow angel bright future. Go for it!
  • Unwrapping each memory, you put hook to ornament and circle the tree, picky in your choice of perfect and prominent placement. Just as you do for decorated baubles, handle yourself with caution and care. You are the treasure and deserve to be picky about your perfect placement.
  • When you feel you have no gift to share with the King, remember you all have unique gifts and talents that have no price tag other than imagination.
  • Deliver unto me a golden button or an old shoe, we will be equally well-pleased. The energy passed with your love-infused offering is exactly what we wanted this Christmas. It truly is the thought that counts.
  • Standing ramrod straight and at attention, the Toy Soldier smiles at his impeccable stance. What seems perfect to him, appears rigid and unforgiving to others. Bend a little.
  • Naughty or nice is a choice and each have their lessons.
  • Lipstick applied and bow perfectly attached, you are the whole package. Give the gift of yourself today.
  • Lighting the way for others often illuminates your path as well. Let your candle burn bright for all who would see.
  • Wearing the mantle of sage, healer or magi simply means saying “yes” to your God-given talents. Say yes to yours and then stand back as the doors of opportunity will most assuredly fly open!
  • Still feeling the warmth of Santa’s lap and knowing your whispered wish will be waiting when you wake, you moved from standing-in-line hopeful to merrily convinced. Just as you did when you were six, manifest your merriest outcome.
  • Stomping into the season with glee, your joyous attitude is contagious. Thank you for leaving “merry and bright” footprints.
  • What began as an interior change has now made its way outside of your skin and into the world. Your conscious choices leave no room for fear and have paved the way for good. Enjoy the shift in axis and positive perspective.
  • Worry is a waste. Believe it when we say change is your friend not your foe. You have finally reached the highest limb and can now see what before was just a jungle. No binos necessary to understand. You can now see the forest for the trees.
  • If one bulb is extinguished, the entire strand struggles to twinkle.
  • We are happy you are taking a break from your workshop little elf. It is time to kick up your pointed toes.
  • Fresh baked sweetness waiting for frosting and fingers to sprinkle, even with the cookie cutter shapers no two are identical. You are uniquely sweet and perfect to share.
  • Just like a perfectly laced boot, we lend support when you are trying to balance on the blades. Tie up loose ends to steer clear of thin ice.
  • Only Santa maintains a naughty and nice list. You need not make those judgments.
  • This time of year combined with this time in history make life like walking on an undulating sidewalk. In this funhouse time, your sure footing is assured.
  • Mirth and merriment light the candles in your window, signaling to opportunity that your stocking is ready and waiting to be filled.
  • The globe righted, as the crystalline dust settles the scene’s promise is revealed. Right your world to reveal your potential. Your diorama no longer needs the drama.
  • Waiting for the other shoe to drop, you miss the fact that there was only ever just one leg. Do not fear what will be, celebrate what is.
  • Keep the ‘grateful for all that you are about to receive’ in your heart all year long. An expectant and grateful heart keeps you in a place where dreams come true.
  • Rudolph, clear in his mission, leads his team from rooftop to slippery rooftop all the while knowing that the truest gifts do not require power cords or a/c adapters, they are powered by love.
  • Hands and backsides warmed by the yule log, hearts warmed by proximity and sweet memories, it is in the simplest moments that you find comfort and joy.
  • Just as you created beautiful bowed magic for others, their joy upon discovery returned the magic ten-fold.
  • Running with scissors leaves you little time to snip your snowflakes. Take the time to carve your circles and squares trusting in the beautiful outcome. Shape your world.
  • God does not leave marbles for your bare feet to find. When life gets slippery, remember your non-skid booties are just a prayer away.
  • Just as your fingers seek warmth in the familiar cocoon of woolen mittens, your heart will find warmth in the familiar blanket of love shared with family and friends.
  • In 2012, you were Indiana Jones, nimble of foot, your crusade the pursuit of Holy Grail enlightenment. In 2013, you are more Sherlock Holmes, agile of mind, examining the evidence, understanding the big picture and helping others to understand it as well.
  • Turning the page, you smile realizing Chapter 1 has ended but the story is far from over. You know to expect more thrills, spills and chills, but you wouldn’t have agreed to be the main player if there was anything but a happy ending.









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