• Let go of the hologram of fear—of falling on your face, of failure, of the unknown.
  • Be yourself. You and only you can gift yourself to the world. Participate. Speak your truth. Share yourself.
  • It is your choice to live up to your aspirations. You designed them and now you split yourself between the cheerleader and the critic as you effort to master each step. Bravo!
  • Baggage causes weight. You do not need to carry around excess baggage. Release your fears and let us do the heavy lifting. We don’t charge a surcharge.
  • What brings you joy? Name 3 things and do them tomorrow, without equivocation. Stay in that joyful place where everything is probable.
  • Time for rest and play. Do you remember how to play? Be nonsensical. Play now child and nourish your soul.
  • With humor, life and love bounce back.
  • Imagine yourself a firefly—you carry the light within you.
  • Fear is our ‘F’ word.
  • You are a lightening rod for all that wants to be known.
  • We’re cheering you on from the sidelines but you’re the only one that can run the play.
  • Gravity secures your feet so that your kite spirit can soar.
  • Blink and you’re home… blink again and you’re reborn.
  • It is long past time to release your Rolodex of old hurts. They no longer serve.
  • Quiet your soul, steady your feet, and prepare to be overtaken by a new wave of good this year.
  • Lonely should only reside in the Urban Dictionary now that you know we are here eating your popcorn.
    1/29/11 – 2
  • You are perfection regardless of what you think when you look in the mirror.
  • We talk to you through license plates. It’s like our Scrabble.


  • One of your most asked questions is “Am I on my path?” The answer is always yes for even now we are realigning your wheels to the track.
  • When a loved one passes gas, do you really mind? Do you not smile and love them all the more for their humanity? Even flatulence has a sacred purpose.
  • If you are a raisin shriveled by life, remember that you did not intend this for you and neither did God. Rehydrate with love, humor and health.
  • Leaning back, pushing your feet high into the sky… this is how to live life… toes touching heaven every day.
  • Mega Millions can be life changing… but so can a smile. Doors swing open with either.
  • Time to release your “perfect life” vision to the Amazon.com universe for fulfillment. Be sure to ask for overnight shipping!
  • Just like ET said as he pointed to Elliott’s heart, “I’ll be right here.”
  • Running engines and purring cats can stop and start but your heart beats with all the efficiency it can muster… until the day it just needs a break. Appreciate the cool runnings of your wondrous equipment.
  • The pot that called the kettle — you see in others what you need to acknowledge in yourself. Let the healing begin.
  • Sit down, take a deep breath and just stare at the hot dog vendor as he loads the relish. Relish the day… tomorrow.
  • Every time you pick yourself up and dust yourself off, cymbals clap so loud the sound reverberates throughout heaven.
  • Your spirit can be a punching bag only for so long before it starts to deflate. Move from the toxic situation before you no longer bounce back.
  • You are your soul’s magician and only you can pull a rabbit out of your hat.
    2/12/11 – 2
  • You pray to the sky even as we whisper in your ear that your prayer is answered.
  • Love is a gift and the greatest kindness you can bestow upon yourself.
  • Take three steps up a ladder and your eyes peek into heaven.
  • You have patience for your puppy but a neighbor’s crying child makes you cringe. You are responsible for nurturing and protecting the innocent, both with fur and without.
  • The ritual of wiping sleep from your eyes prepares you to see with the eyes of a child, filled with wonder and without barriers—to see what is.
  • You are wave, we are mp3… We are you, simply in a different format.
  • Milk mustaches and traffic-stopping underwear ads make for an interesting commentary on life. Imagine the delight of a first time visitor–you would at once be assured that these fun, quirky and creative humans would make interesting friends indeed.
  • Stupid is as stupid does sir.
    K: Is staying stuck ‘stupid is’ or ‘stupid does?
    2/19/11 – 2
  • You pray to the sky but God lives in all things—even that peanut ‘M’ you just popped in your mouth. God is.
  • Elastic was invented for those of you with flexible spirits who continue to imagine more. Keep expanding!
  • The “grin and bear it” is difficult for us. We admire your resilience and applaud your stoic effort but we’d rather you put the pedal to the medal to move through it, steering instead of hands off the wheel.
  • Fancy footwear is fine in heaven.
  • Rewind, begin anew, without the sticky substance on the DVD this time.
  • Burgers and fries are like angels and guides… we just go together.
  • Notice the ‘aha’ moments as they wash over you with wave after wave of enlightenment.
  • Cherish the freckle and the rest will follow.
  • Even on the days when you would auction them off to the highest bidder, remember that your children are your luxurious blessing.


  • Emergence of good is happening, despite some evidence to the contrary.
  • You can design clothes, curtains, furniture. Expand your thought and design your destiny.
  • The connections that you see will one day put supplier with buyer, empty belly with oatmeal maker, lonely heart with love, options with those that need them. All things are happening in perfect time.
  • You are beyond the tipping point and now it’s all about releasing the agony of the climb even as you delight in the thrill of the downhill “end in sight” ride.
  • Ripples are not only potato chips — they are what happens throughout the universe with each thought, action and deed.
  • Every day humanity will discover a new truth which was unsuspected the day before. What you believe to be your truth today is only an inkling of what your ultimate truth will be.
  • If you are rowing your boat down the stream, your life might pass you by at a pretty good clip. How bout’ floating down the stream in an inner tube, butt tickled by the pebbles below, toes tickled by the current and face tickled by the sun? We know which way we’d rather you get to your destination.
  • There is nothing you can do to be more loved in heaven but here on Earth you might start by first remembering that you are lovable.
  • Worry doesn’t change an outcome. It is a stubborn behavior and yet you persist. Set aside your burdens, and let the massage and messages begin.
  • God is the War and Peace version, we are the cliff notes.
  • Calming the storm has taken place and now it’s time to comfort the heart.
  • Your body is a beautiful fortress but, as is the way of all things concrete, the walls eventually decay and fall. Your soul, however, walks away unscathed.
  • Even as you think “I can make a difference”, you just did.
  • As you feel your energy shift, flow with it. Just as a duck takes to water, you will openly take to your new energy as if it was yours all along.
  • At the end of the day you see the ripples you caused and are flooded not with guilt and shame but stand in awe, for the first time seeing the person you really were and all the loveliness you wrought.
  • Holding things tightly doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t slip through your fingers.
  • Does not the giggling baby help you find your lost smile on a dark day? Even as you are sad, life goes on and celebrations occur. The laughter and joy of those gatherings raises the frequency to a higher and healing vibration. Go forth and be merry… and help heal the planet.
  • Slats leaving an imprint on your backside, you gaze at the night sky and wonder. You are not alone–there are many who are reclining, gazing in Earth’s direction and wondering also.
  • We are in transformation. If we were privy to all that awaits on the other side, we would drop our bodies like an ugly prom date.
  • Just as a little flower girl or ring bearer receives smiling encouragement from both sides of the aisle, we whisper guidance so you too can reach your destination. Humanity is being ushered to their seats.
  • When you troll for answers you will only find snippets and mismatched socks at the end of your line and even those are dependent on your bait… your mood. Store your pole, quiet your soul and look within.
  • Carrying ‘weight of the world’ worry on your back not only hobbles you, but hinders your ability to manifest change for your planet. Leave your overstuffed and overweight bag of worries at the curb and trust that next passerby will be a curbside check-in angel who will transport your message, cleanse the situation and transform the outcome.
  • After a long winter’s nap, the people are awakening, stretching and finally hungry. We are feeding you information—massive doses of wisdom—to which the end result will be an awareness of your place in this world and a claiming of your power. With power comes responsibility but do not fear, it will not be a hardship to serve your brother or love your neighbor.
  • Within you resides the knowledge of your power and potential. Close your eyes and ask. Your answer will appear as a grain of rice on your tongue, a seemingly imagined and too convenient thought in your mind.
  • There are high choices and low choices and all emit a frequency. A high choice might be smiling at a stranger or holding the elevator, while a low choice might be cutting in line at Costco. Every day you define your personal signal by the choices you make, and your DIY lighthouse sends those messages to the universe affirming what you value. You have heard that like attracts like so make conscious choices and send out your intended signal.
  • Just like a Band-Aid, we offer a barrier and protection from further harm. We are protecting you when you look up in time to slam on the breaks, when the signal says go but you wait that extra second, when you get a vibe and know you should see what your toddler is doing. We protect you from harm inasmuch as we are allowed within the alignment of your destiny and life lessons.
  • Want to heal yourself? Want to heal the planet? The magic potion is really not magic at all. Mix equal parts of love and laughter. Laughter is the activator and love is the change agent.
  • Fall in love with yourself first. Once this is accomplished, you have practiced and are now ready to love others well and true.
  • Remember the universe is full of magnificent surprises just waiting to be delivered to your doorstep and unwrapped.
  • Sing — sing in the shower, in the car, during Idol. Sing to tune in to the harmonies of the angels and harmonize with the world.
  • Will you let this triumph or this failure define you? Will it matter in 10 years?


  • Days of gaiety energize the entire planet. We do not take ourselves too seriously and neither should you.
  • Laughter is penthouse sleep number living while worry is a basement cot. One is very forgiving and one doesn’t give much at all.
  • There is no secret to connection–to tapping the universal knowledge–although many would say there is. You were designed and configured with the ability to see above and beyond what your eyes can accept.
  • Like a Siren song, your soul sings to connect with others who know you–who recognize you at first chord.
  • We are not a Board-like entity that determines and judges, rather like aunties and uncles that cluck and whisper as you play blocks at our feet. Even as you are focused on the project before you, we see you, smile and send love.
  • A highly developed sense of humor keeps you in the realm of magical manifestation.
  • Be happy in the moment. You can dream about and plan for tomorrow, but live for today as you never when know you might end up wearing the ghost urn.
  • Uncork and let yourself breathe for awhile.
  • There are days when you feel like you can reach for the stars and other days when it’s all you can do to reach for the toothbrush. Those crash n’ burn days are simply you slowing to a stop to take a breath, check your feet for blisters, scan the horizon and re-examine the map before you take the next step forward.
  • A rational explanation gives you momentary satisfaction but faith in the unseen but known leaves you full and replete.
  • Whether your shoelaces are tied or not, sometimes slip n’ falls just happen. With each knee scraping moment, you test your mettle, restate your resolve and celebrate your enthusiasm for more.
    4/10/11 – 2
  • A pebble in your shoe stops you from taking the next step but that should be the only thing that does.
  • Open the door to your gifts and talents so you can open the door for others.
  • Donning angelic protection is as easy as slipping into a Snuggie.
  • We show you the big picture in countless ways so you are assured that there is one.
  • Some people ‘don’t do’ and yet ask that you do for them. You ‘do’ and don’t ask for others to do for you. Find a harmonious balance between giving and receiving.
  • If you think you don’t have intuition, go to the middle of a book store and wait. As if aboard a mystical people mover, you will gravitate toward the section and selection perfect for your eyes, ears and heart.
  • Trust that you have all the ingredients to bake your perfect life.
  • Time to transcend your frustration.
  • Donkeys bray when they don’t want to move forward. Don’t take a chance at a similar behavior.
  • Life is like a swing set, swinging back and forth in a natural rhythm. Although the structure itself is firmly planted in the ground, there are  many moving parts and many experiences to be had — opportunities to fall and opportunities to squeal in delight. Only because you were brave enough to climb the ladder, did you get to experience the “grin from ear-to-ear” joy as you slid down. Every moment is an adventure. Be brave enough to experience it.
  • You are wasting energy dragging your feet, moping and hoping things are not what they are. Push the Staples button and reset. Acknowledge with gratitude what is and release it so there is room for what will be.
  •  If you can make even one person smile, it is as if you have helped them atop a lit birthday cake, so surrounded by light they now are.
  • Sometimes when life is rolling along great, your skate wheel hits a pebble and down you go arms and legs flying without flattery. The onlooking smiles tell you all you need to know about the why. You just taught a “how to avoid the rock” lesson. You fell so that others wouldn’t have to.
  • Life is fluid — what seems insurmountable today is already forgotten tomorrow.
  • Heroines and villains make for a good story but you are all just shades—open or closed shades in a room. If your light is blocked you can easily play the villain but when light is allowed to enter there is only one possibility.
  • You are the cake and we are the icing. We stick around just to make your life sweeter.
  • Be kind–one of the most authentic, heavenly and difficult of all assignments.
  • It’s never a solo effort.
  • It does not take monumental cunning to be loved.
  • As supposed, intentional imagery is placed in cotton candy clouds. As the cloud changes form without, pay attention to the impression left within.


  • You have been given more than a chance to voice your thoughts, you have been gifted with the responsibility to choose how you think.
  • An apple’s skin can be tough. Fine for the apple but not for you. You become less enjoyable when you harden against others, and less able to enjoy yourself.
  • Remove the bark and let the syrup flow. Buckets in your community are waiting to be filled with your natural and unique sweetener.
  • Time to take a giant leap into faith… in yourself.
  • You are washed, waxed and now shine for all the world to see. Time to detail the interior. It’s what’s under the hood that matters most.
  • Remove the suit coat, shrug your shoulders and let your wings unfurl. Time to be authentically who you are. Reveal your truth.
  • “Danger Will Robinson” disappeared with the show but your gut will send out the same head-spinning, arm-rotating messages to be sure it is heard… and heeded.
  • Chuckle knowingly but with compassion when you see a mother struggling with her misbehaving toddler. That toddler was once you.
  • Like the tale, be nimble and be quick… to adapt. Let the “cat inside the bag” struggle subside.
  • Some close their eyes and batten down the hatches only allowing pinpricks of filtered information to arrive. Throw open the windows and breathe deep the fresh air of universal knowledge.
  • Barbershop quartets may seem old-timey, but they are a breathing example of the harmony a friendship can achieve. Spend time harmonizing with friends.
  • Break-time is over. Happiness begins now.
  • Costco vendors offer up delicious opportunities to sample and enjoy. So does God. Be open to “sample and enjoy” opportunities once outside the warehouse too.
  • Change is like diving in cold water. After the shocked gasp, the delighted squeal reigns supreme.
  • Overcoming adversity is admirable but more admirable is not to create it in the first place. Design your destiny.
  • Clear diction without clear intention falls on deaf ears.
  • Rejuvenate your soul and your mind and body by necessity have to follow.
  • Like street sweepers and chimney sweeps who clean gutters, remove the debris of old hurts and harms so your gutters are pristine and no incidental hurt can snag and clog.
  • Your heavenly wish list is duly noted. Watch for the alterations in course as the universe conspires to fulfill your requests.
  • Do you believe time is nearly up? If you sincerely thought these were the last days, how would you spend your time? Now implement those thoughts and live a long happy life.
  • Shifts are happening… shifts in your awareness, shifts in your understanding. Like kids banging through the front door on the hunt for an afternoon snack before the game, these shifts cause a temporary ruckus but soon all will quiet. Still chewing the last crumbs, the noise makers will drag their bats out the door leaving you to  sigh, settle and regain your footing.
  • Unlike a book that is bound by cardboard and leather, you are not bound by any restrictive covenants except those you place on yourself. God did not create you with restrictions and guidelines in mind, but rather envisioned the infinite possibilities you would choose for yourself. You were entrusted with the treasure that is you and were trusted to make the right choice.
  • You look for visitation patterns, signs that we exist. Close your mouth and open your spiritual ears. Ask a question from your heart and feel the “bells and whistles” answer reverberate within your pinball soul. There is no mistaking the answer and no risk of tilt!
  • It is valuable to get your hands dirty only when helping unbury and unburden another.
  • No glam squad required. You are beautiful beyond measure and powders and potions will not add or detract from that truth.
  • We are in your corner and only sit ringside when you feel confident to conquer.
  • Plump your prune. Drink in sunshine, water and kind words and remove the wither.
  • Like a bouquet that arrives at your door and reads “just add water”, you are thirsty after your long voyage too. Drink of the cup of relaxation to quench your thirst.
  • You are watched with loving and appreciative eyes as you honor their memory.
  • As you consider those who have gone before you, remember that every life and death experience has ushered the brave into their next higher and lighter opportunity.
  • Deploy the truth.


  • Boxers or briefs? Undergarments do not matter. Pay attention to which inner garment you pull out of the drawer. Choose the best as it the only style that suits.
  • The word “diet” conjures restriction but you can also have a diet of abundance and plenitude. Feed the imagination. Starve the fear.
  • The circus was in town this week. Remove your greasepaint knowing that your audience was well-pleased with your performance.
  • When you feel pulverized by life understand that like a kidney stone, it may be painful but one or way or the other it will pass.
  • Are you smarter than a 5th grader? Does it matter? You all have unique knowledge to contribute and what matters is that you share your thoughts, your voice.
  • When searching for a role model, you never have to look further than your own nose.
  • Caramel corn sticks to your fingers and gets stuck in your gums. Caramel corn is persistently sticky. You stick to your gums and guns too!
  • There is nothing and no one out of your league. Now go hit one out of the ballpark!
  • Life is like skating on a frozen pond. You can approach with caution fearfully watching for cracks, or you can fly with abandon delighting in the speed as the wind kisses your cheeks.
  • You are a crackerjack creator of joy for others. Time to create a surprise moment for yourself.
  • Your life is a cinematic version of happiness and joy. Settle in with your popcorn and enjoy the show.
  • Just like Houdini who escaped bonds and confines, now is the time for you to regurgitate the key and break free from your self-imposed smallness.
  • A spectacle of love and magic surrounds you. Banish the notion of “not possible” and the walls will vanish as quickly as a circus tent folds.
  • Your loved one is with you tonight. You may not see him as he has changed his form from concrete cocoon to butterfly of freedom but he floats near you whispering love and encouragement until you too are set free to fly.
  • Exiting the water after an inadvertent belly flop, you reevaluate your form. Remembering the sting as your toes creep to the edge, this time the headfirst entry is perfection. Lessons sometimes hurt but the hurt in relation to the gain is incidental.
  • You are all in a photo booth, shoulder to shoulder, cheek to cheek, the flash going off even before the next smile forms. Be kind when you see one who is caught with their guard down for the next time it may be you.
  • We understand your desire for subtitles, a that life that comes with instructions. They exist and you can see them, just not with your eyes open.
  • Pull up to the self-serve and fill ‘er up… with love.
  • Tree trunks are only as strong as their root system. Nurture your roots.
  • Go big or go home is not a mantra that extends to the spirit world — it is often the smallest quietest gestures that create the largest ripples here.
  • We cross our Playtex hearts—we are here and supporting you.
  • Protecting yourself with gloves, scrubs and non-stick booties can’t protect if a lesson is careening your way. Add a layer of God’s white light and what might have been a train wreck will now be a fender bender, not even worthy of a claim.
  • Monuments and momentous moments. Although inspiring, they pale next to the laughter of a toddler. Resource some one rather than some thing and create a legacy that matters.
  • You wonder what we show her. We show her exactly what we show you — signs, doors opening, doors closing, pain caused, opportunities to heal, love.
  • If you want to be part of a dynamic duo, park the “crabby” cape in the coat check.
  • Whiskey can be sour, lemons tart, chocolate unsweetened but humans, they are not meant to be bitter.
  • When you have a bee in your bonnet, remember only you can hear the buzzing. Remember too to keep your stinger in check.
  • We are your agents. We book the gigs to showcase your talent but it is who must bravely step up to the mic.
  • You have been told there is a giant scoreboard in the sky, keeping tabs on every home run and every slapped face. You are your scorekeeper. It will be you who presses play to watch the scouting film of your life. It will be you who decides what to change next game.
  • You have designed a good day when you remember to wiggle your toes and your nose.


  • Bottles are beautiful, but not meant to be lived in. If you stay swirling in the sorrow pool, you not only drown your sorrows but your spirit as well. We are throwing you a life preserver–sink or swim, the choice is yours.
  • You are born an A-lister. There are no exclusive clubs from which you are barred–no burly bouncers nodding yea or nay. You are the bouncer of your life–only you install and enforce the velvet ropes.
  • Whether you’re rubbing salt on a chicken or just your bruised ego, remember that you are seasoned to perfection, a desirable and full-flavored dish. Perfect ‘as is’.
  • As the bloom appears in the sky, let the smile that blooms on your face remain long after the last lawn chair is folded.
  • You are our Joey and even when you climb out of the pouch to strike out on your own, we watch over you helping you keep a bounce in your step.
  • Drinking the Kool-Aid of this person or that? Better to mix up a pitcher of your own wisdom nectar and drink your own advice.
  • You have theories about what happens after death. The show is under way and we wait patiently for our turn to go on stage. We are proof that Orville is still popping in the green room.
  • You came equipped with a recharging station. Take a few hours to recharge your batteries. You’ll know when you are fully charged when the smile escapes the confines of your eyes and your lips.
  • Your mother counseled you “don’t lose that bus token” so you tucked it deep in your pocket for safe keeping. Now is the time to dig deep and reveal your hidden treasures.
  • The tides are waiting to recede and reveal your next chapter. To everything there is a season and a reason.
  • Be cinnamon toast sweet today and don’t forget to sprinkle in a kind word or two.
  • Slather yourself with “love others, love myself” conditioner to smooth the barbs and quiet the snarls.
  • You may come from a long line of pious gents, and proudly wear the collar of morality yourself, but we tell you no man is more or less deserving than another. We caution you to be kind not only to others but to yourself. Judgment is a slippery side note to righteousness.
  • Activism to bring gentle awareness is kind but activism is often hijacked by the zealot whose heart has no room for differing opinion. Your way is not the only way.
  • Every day you face a blank coloring book page. The lines are meant to guide, not define, and your choice of colors is infinite. Color your “best” day.
  • We have given you the sun and the moon. Take time to enjoy your gifts.
  • As a child squealing with delight and running to grab her pennies at the first tinkle of the ice cream truck, it is time to treat yourself!
  • When your face ends up covered in whipped cream and graham cracker crust, smile and remember you recently asked for the lesson.
  • Hop the fence that you yourself built and next time you feel like erecting a fence make sure there’s a gate so you don’t get splinters.
  • We envelop you like a bean bag chair. Our whispers, the moving beans.
  • Girdles, corsets and Spanx redistribute and reposition the girth. Better to reposition the candy dish on your desk.
  • Little boys can be rough and tumble making their mothers long for a moment of peace. Just as a mother quickly remembers to cherish this “blink of an eye” time, so should you.
  • The folly of mankind is not folly but rather you creating opportunities to pick yourself up, dust yourself off — improve the situation.
  • A spirit laugh manifests as a tear of joy.
  • Like a plate full of nachos, wisdom is meant to be shared—the story savored like each jalapeno laden bite.
  • The applause light is not necessary as we, your audience, love the performance so far. We’ll meet you backstage after the last curtain call and stand with you as you read your reviews.
  • Forged bonds last long after the rust stakes claim to the metal.
  • If you wear rain boots when you jump in the puddle you miss the point.
  • Much is said about soulmates. You are all soulmates. Some are matched socks while others are salt and pepper.
  • Whether you’re a water carafe or a brandy decanter, all vessels carry a like and liquid soul.
  • There is no such thing as a secret. Once whispered, it will escape any boundary you thought you set.


  • Stop, go. You are in the driver’s seat and only you can move your foot from the brake to the gas.
  • Do not mimic each other’s movement. You can mime without voice as a lark but your life must be lived walking your own path, speaking your own truth, following your own destiny.
  • Something borrowed or unwittingly given must be returned for the heavenly transaction to be complete. It is not yours just because you discover it in your hand.
  • Fear of the future is creating a yo yo effect as energy careens side to side, swings to and fro and whips  round the world. Cradle the fear, gently rocking it until it willingly stills.
  • Sugar free, 0 calories: healthy matters, dimples do not. Restrictions restrict more than just your caloric intake.
    8/4/11 – 2
  • The right decisions may seem to evade, but you are simply in the fitting room trying your options on for size.  You have almost found your perfect fit.
  • Be patient as you walk your crooked mile path. Stride with a smile rather than stomp and seek shortcuts.
  • You are jam-packed with goodness but your seal is too tight. Release the vacuum seal and offer a spoonful for others to taste.
  • Life sometimes feels like a Ferris wheel abruptly stopped at the top and left rocking. A perk of this nauseating episode is the big picture view and a kindred experience with those rocking with you.
  • Are you fertilizing your business while taking Roundup to your relationships? Within you resides sufficient nutrients to nurture and grow both.
  • Everyone tastes the sole of their foot from time to time, but don’t let those awkward moments hobble you.
  • We double-dog dare you to be happy while dipping your toe in disappointment. “Happy” prevents anything other than a toe to be affected.
  • You notice what’s missing but it’s time to notice what’s not.
  • Once you were a glazed donut, your missing center evident for all to see. Now you are jelly filled goodness, sweet and complete.
  • Drama begets drama so be cautious what you decide to unleash.
  • Slowed by the pebble in your shoe, will you continue to tolerate the wicked wobble or finally bid farewell to the stone skipping it across the lake?
  • You ask for larger incentives but your true happiness does not reside in the cauldron of coins at the end of the rainbow.
  • Treating each other like black sheep creates lack-of-compassion craters in your soul. You need not be besties to the beasts, but bestowing benevolent mercy is a must.
  • Life can sometimes feel like Dodgeball as you feint this way and that but you need not face the red rubber alone. Wearing polyester sumo-wrestler padding, we’ll happily step in front of you to soften the blow if asked.
  • Just like a mandolin, a banjo and a ukulele, you are similarly wound tight and fret, but oh what a beautiful sound you make when you play.
  • Dinosaurs and cell phones roam, but you and your lust should stay home.
  • Rejoice in his happiness, in her success, for when you don the choir robe to sing the praises of others, spirit gives you a shout out too in the form of doors opening and prayers answered.
  • Hair appearing in unexpected places? Whiskers have more wisdom than you can imagine.
  • AM or FM, you tune into the station that supports the current status of your soul. Surround yourself with buoyant behavior and watch the playlist change.
  • Constipation happens. Take a big swig of movement juice and tap dance your way to a smooth solution.
  • Like you would block and tackle a running back, be aggressive with your health not allowing illness to bust through your shoulder-padded barriers. God is coach, we are your cheer squad, but you determined the “no guts no glory” strategy. Be strong, we’ve got your back.
  • Strapping yourself in is fine, expecting a bumpy ride is not. Your end result is your expectation fulfilled.
  • Mother Nature may seem like she is raising the stakes. She is not. You are simply now aware when she deals, holds and folds.
  • Whether your cheeseburger comes with pickle or without is a test of tolerance. If you treat others poorly in minor situations, how will you react when an entire meal is ruined?
  • A pizza sliced is still a pizza whole. You are still whole regardless of how your Pillsbury dough suit gets kneaded and tossed.
  • You donate at work, give when the plate is passed and never miss an outstretched cup, but is not until you give of your talents and strengths that you truly make a difference in the life of… you.
  • Limping to the finish, feet blistered, knee bruised, know that we see and applaud your heroic effort. We’re waiting at the finish line with “no pain” pillows and your “rest now” recliner. Good journey.


  • Focusing on the things that don’t count blurs your vision to what does. Uncross your heart and your eyes will follow.
  • Just as the sisters put the lime in the coconut to spike the brew, you are an infinitely potent concoction. Conjure to create good and be especially kind to those most affected by your charm.
  • Seeking a legendary love affair? Be very specific what you wish for as you don’t want a knight who brings his sword and mistresses.
  • Premium sod or crabgrass? You choose how you grow and with whom.
  • There is one who is waiting to unwrap the present that is you but you continue to gift your heart to those who do not know how to write a thank you.
  • Midas merely turned objects into gold. You are a much more powerful alchemist as you turn sad into smiles.
  • Nostalgic for the way you once looked is a nonsensical waste of your beautiful now.
  • Everything may taste better with butter but sometimes a situation calls for industrial vats of Crisco to smooth and to solve.
  • Your relationship can be more than a ping pong volley of shouts and snide snippets. Walk way from the game.
  • Be not the damsel who delights in the rescue but rather the dame who determines the trajectory of her independence.
  • Tap your keg of kindness, filling all cups within your compassionate reach.
  • To look and feel beautiful, apply copious amounts of fast-absorbing compliment cream… on others.
  • Begin to close the chasm, building bridges to those you can help rather than those who can help you.
  • Instead of limping home on a wing and a prayer, ask for angelic intervention and fly first class!
  • Puppet or puppet master? Do not let others pull your strings or push your buttons.
  • Puppy dog eyes gaze at you expectantly hoping you will open the door to fresh air and freedom. You too yearn for the sights, sounds and smells of life unseen. Turn the knob and open to all that awaits.
  • “Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead” is an anthem of freedom. In reality no spell holds you captive and your lion’s heart is anything but cowardly.
  • Holy can be found in velvet robes but we are just as pleased by the clothes folded with love. It is the action that is holy, not the apparatus.
  • Today your thought is “this potential”, tomorrow your thought is “that opportunity”. Instead of the crooked mile mind meanderings, choose a path and follow it to fruition. In the journey will your potential be fulfilled.
  • If you say “hard-earned dollars” your coffers will not easily be filled. The universe fulfills literally, and in accordance with your words.
  • Dressing up in your mother’s prom dress and pearls, the point was not to follow in your mother’s footsteps but to create your own. Using her as a pattern and trying “grown-up” on for size, it was the first time you made alterations to the garment you would one day become.
  • “What big ears you have” was a line from a tale about a red-hooded lass who could not be fooled. Listen for the truth. You will know it when you hear it as it has a completely different timbre.
  • Like the tooth fairy, we slip abundance under your pillow while you sleep. If you have a specific need write a note and sleep on it, expecting a “this or something better” outcome.
  • You are “Wheel of Fortune” lucky regardless of the 7’s that appear in the window or the coins that drop in the tray. Look at your life and appreciate how cherry-filled it really is.
  • As a toddler you were willing to wind the jack-in-the-box knowing that soon it would pop, fright and delight. Why then as an adult do you stand back, eyes closed and cautious? Return to the child who sought wonder and expressed delight.
  • Your cloak of invisibility is ready for the rag bin. Once removed, you will finally be seen as the treasure you are. Start polishing and shining to be ready for the reveal.
  • We give you the tools and opportunities to create a “Get Out of Jail Free” card. Be your own bail bondsman and release yourself from this soul-stealing burden.
  • Pack your overnight bag and be sure to include your worry wart socks and plum tuckered pants. Don’t be surprised if your bag isn’t in baggage claim when you go to claim it as we are notorious for losing nonsense and negativity.
  • When you look at a hermit crab, do you see him dragging his burdens or is he simply keeping his comfy couch nearby? It is all in the perception.
  • It is time to step out of your “Boy in the Bubble” suit into risk and your heart’s next adventure.


  • Wedged into your seat, cheeks swollen with popped corn, you sit transfixed as the drama unfolds but remember you sit in the director’s seat for a purpose.
  • Can you imagine who you’d be without that Quasimodo hump of worry on your back? Without fanfare, unbuckle and set it to the side. See how much taller you stand, how much further you can see?
  • We are not covert, spying on your every thought, word and deed. We keep a respectful distance — only intervening when you ask or are about to follow your ball into the street.
  • Coins falling from heaven rather than searching for pennies in the couch — the bounty can come when you send scarcity packing.
  • Neither luxury nor scarcity will derail you, as you were meant to experience samplings of both. What is your Chef’s special? Take a taste of your life’s soup to see what it needs more of and then add a pinch or a pound.
  • As you lay your head on your pillow, let your last thought be gratitude for what is vs. despair over what is not. Do not carry your sorrow into sleep but rather enter slumber with an arms wide open come what may trust and watch your dreams become reality.
  • You can cut with scissors or run with them, but when you cut and run you miss the opportunity to design a different and delightful outcome. If the relationship must be severed, walk away tall knowing you held your end of the bargain.
  • You hold the key to unlock your super human powers. Serve others and watch your telephone booth transformation as your red cape magically appears.
  • The belle of the ball, remember there are others who don’t feel quite so pretty. Extend your gloved hand to bring others into the spotlight and the fold. Your charmed life is meant to be shared with others.
  • Just as a dog shakes after a quick dip, you too can shake off your fear of failure. Shake off the droplets of everything keeping you a wet noodle, limp and afraid.
  • Looking for a little fun, you extend your claws to take a swipe at the new young pup walking by, a self-satisfied grin appearing after the yelp. Be kind to the fresh new face and try to remember that you were once a rookie yourself.
  • A toad on a stool looks a lot like a lump on a log. Are you awake and contemplating your next move or daydreaming that someday your prince will come to whisk you away? Hop along, nap time is over. If you want it, better get jumping!
  • Trudging to work in a zombie-like fashion, your glazed eyes do not see or seize opportunities. Move from your dissatisfied daze into a satisfied “job well done” smile.
  • No more pussy footing around — it’s time to slide your foot into the Cinderella slipper, and your destiny.
  • We grant you that the this ascension process is a bit like the up and downs and round and rounds of the Octopus at the County Fair. You may hold on for dear life but don’t close your eyes, as the ride will be over before you know it. FYI: You’ll be the first in line at the ticket booth waiting to do it again.
  • Walking the tightest of tightropes, your sure-footed skill is not enough to maintain balance. Ask for assistance to stay aloft and righted, a cotton candy landing if you fall.
  • Take the advice of the smooth scales in the tank and glide effortlessly, without struggle or speed.
  • A Pachyderm lifts its trunk in friendship but your nose in the air is not quite so friendly. If you want your daily ration of friendship peanuts, a smile and an extended hand will do.
  • Hands gripping the tow rope, there is a fleeting “what if” thought but your higher bolder “just go for it” voice kicks in and you jump the wake making a picture perfect landing. It is time to launch on a dream and stop worrying about the “what ifs”. You too will land perfectly.
  • Got a little gout in your Klout? Stifling your voice doesn’t just stifle your influence, but also limits the ability you have to make an impact for the greater good. Be bold, say your truth.
  • Before you can save a village, you must first rescue and resuscitate yourself.
  • Remember the tart “squeeze your eyes shut” taste as the pixie stick built a mountain on your tongue? Stick out your tongue and taste your tart and tangy life.
  • Invite your Healers to come scrub behind your ears and between your toes until you are squeaky clean and soul refreshed.
  • Like cargo pants, your soul too has deep pockets and secret recesses. Time to reach deep to remove the buttons that bruise and the old lesson lint.
  • While flying first class is an option, flying solo is always a choice. Want to fly with more than your carry-on for company? Be flexible as you may be led to an unexpected gate.
  • A ping pong volleyed between this need and that, step out of “their” game and into a jersey of your own making.
  • Two scoops of cookie dough ice cream with chocolate chip sprinkles is not overkill, nor is it overindulgent — it is simply the cone living up to its fullest potential.
  • Recognition of your truth revolutionizes your ability to think and be small.
  • A diamond in the rough is still a diamond. Be grateful for those as refined as cane sugar and for those whose elbows prefer the tabletop to their lap.
  • There is no such thing as “sweet” revenge.
  • Ghost stories are founded in truth. Although with time comes the ability to cause mischief, you always control the ghost. As with a child, you set the boundaries and then start figuring out a way to send the errant mischief maker into the light.


  • Your unique Olive Oyl stride is taking you to the bouquet of posies and the throbbing spinach-filled heart that beats only for you.
  • Extended fretting over the same issue will eventually lead to a “I could care less” callus. Worrywart blisters and calluses only form if you let them.
  • Button button, who’s got the button? Go fish! The “seek answers” and “ask to receive” games are our favorites.
  • You are creating the masterpiece that is you, so don’t lose patience when you can’t paint it in a night.
  • Determining your X Factor does not require outside mentoring but rather inside certainty.
  • Holding you safe in our clamshell cupped hand, we gently set you down to walk of your own accord. When your legs ache and your eyes threaten to close, simply ask to be carried to your next destination, placed gently on your path.
  • Reset your odometer to 0, old harms and hurts forgotten, the slate clean to begin the relationship anew. Bless you both with a new day, a fresh start.
  • You need not ride on low E. If you want the goodness gas to pump full throttle, insert your gratitude card and fill your tank.
  • Seasons pass and hair grays. Those who now appear shriveled and frail once held your diaper pin and your well-being in their hands. Now that you hold theirs, will you be as gentle soothing their rashed bottom?
  • Stepping barefoot in a cow pie, you curse and quickly wipe your foot on the grass. Better the curdled custard as a “watch where you’re walking” warning than something than can not be so easily resolved. You do not have to step “in” it — step “around” it instead.
  • Your horn of plenty flows to you whether you acknowledge its abundant river or not, but gratitude will open the spigot all the way.
  • There is a loved one leaving you tokens to trip over, not to trip you up but to inspire and delight.
  • A girl is never too old to giggle with girlfriends. 2 or 82, that sweet tinkling is our timpani concerto.
  • The mouth opens and words flow. Like petals, the phrases are carried by the current but whether they land softly on shore or are caught on sticks and stones is determined by you.
  • Does this relationship offer nutrients that seep into your roots, strengthening your stalk? If you’re thirsty, there are other watering cans just waiting to nurture your brilliant bloom.
  • Still feeling the sting from the failure fly swatter, you are reluctant to fly. Spread your wings confident that this time the window is open.
  • A toothpick or floss, both tools clean the hard to reach recesses. Whatever your tool, remove the pity party plaque lest it move from your mouth to another’s ear.
  • Coke or Pepsi? When other than your sugary preference is served, it is an opportunity for you to ask for what you deserve. Don’t drink of the cup of “I’ll settle”.
  • Tipping your oyster to deliver the delicacy to your tongue, you slurp at the silky morsel until there is naught but a husk. Life is meant to be enjoyed in that same manner.
  • Your body has an expiration date, your soul does not. Until you are removed from the shelf, from pimple to wrinkle, there is purpose in every bump, bruise and bandage.
  • Expecting the machine to dispense your favorite afternoon pick-me-up, it delivers a tasteless bag of crumbs instead. Do you walk away grumbling, nibbling on less than you deserve? Do not settle for crumbs when you deserve “fresh off the assembly line” goodness.
  • Are you the house on the block with broken windows and shutters hanging askew? It is DIY time. With a little elbow grease you can make-over your façade and soon be as welcoming outside as the fresh baked sugar cookies and cider warmth within. The treasure inside should outside be revealed.
  • How long can a plate spin on a stick before it topples? You are that plate dear one, juggling one too many saucers. Move from exhaustion to activities that fuel and float your gravy boat.
  • The manicured table and magnificent meal are just appetizers to the main course of your just desserts, love.
  • “No nonsense” your mother shouted as you ran out the door already counting your coins for corn dogs and cotton candy. Remember what it was like to delight in the delicious?
  • Bundled and brave, you navigate to your seats before the coin is tossed. Faith in your team, you rejoice at their success, cheering even louder to support. We too sit in the stands and wave our #1 Fan foam hand — for you!
  • Hearing the soft crunch as you glide on the ice, you are grateful to be strong-ankled and surefooted. If you happen to hit a slippery patch, remember your protective packaging and trust.
  • Walking bravely up to the tent, you hand over your half dollar for three tries at success. With belief in your world-class arm, you throw and miss. The second try teeters the bottle for a “hold-your-breath” moment then settles. Doubling down and determined, you take aim and this time win your prized puffed panda. Sometimes success takes more than one try.
  • Worn once, your new pants now ride high on your ankle and tight on your waist. Garments may shrink, but your personality should never be shrink-to-fit. Walk boldly down the runway confident in your unique style.
  • Guidance comes to you in many forms seeking your ear and your success. Pay special attention to the song you find yourself humming, the radio ad that keeps playing during your commute. There is a message coming to you shortly. Be sure to push play to listen.


  • As the tree is removed from its crate and pulled to its height, the seasonal elf squints and shakes his head while he takes its measure. Finally free to stretch, the tree stands tall and chest-puffed proud as it patiently waits to be chosen. It hears the murmurs of “too thin” and wonders what a “Charlie Brown” tree is, but it knows in its heart that scrawny trees sometimes get the most love. You don’t have to be perfect on the outside to be perfectly loved.
  • Just as Rudolph with his odd shiny nose prevailed in the end, so will you.
  • Sparkle and glow, the lights delight. You are our Christmas tree lights blinking bright messages of beauty for all of heaven to behold.
  • Every Grinch can redeem himself, but sometimes it takes more than a one night restoration to restore the faith.
  • In this season of magic and miracles, hard nuts are cracked, hardened hearts opened. It may take may seasons but every Scrooge’s heart eventually gets tenderized. Follow Tiny Tim’s lead for even the hardest heart cannot withstand the nutcracker’s sweet voice.
  • The sky is not falling Henny Penny — you’re sounding a bit like the Boy Who Cried Wolf. Isn’t it time to change your story?
  • Sticking your tongue to a frozen flagpole is never a good idea nor is sticking your foot in your mouth. To save face and your job, treat your colleagues with kindness.
  • The outside packaging can be beautiful but once the lid is lifted is there beauty inside as well? You are the whole package and deserve the whole package — don’t settle for just a pretty bow.
  • Etch a sketch of the life you would choose — now choose it.
  • We do not keep a “naughty or nice” list nor should you. Release old hurts to enjoy new pleasures.
  • You’ll shoot your eye out Ralphie! Sometimes a Red Ryder BB Gun is not in your best interest. Reexamine your wish list.
  • Kiss your distractions goodbye. Your mistletoe mate is waiting.
  • Fra-gee-lay is not a salsa-loving city in Brazil. Fragile is the magic of the season as seen through the eyes of a child. With a strong gust of frustration-filled wind, belief can blown. Nurture the wonder in others to nurture the wonder in yourself.
  • Riding the wind waves, the kite bobs and weaves tugging at its tether. The more it seeks to escape, the tighter your hand squeezes. Relax your fingers and release your bonds.
  • A doubting Thomas relishes the “I told you so” but it is short-lived satisfaction. Those who believe will a happy outcome receive.
  • More jangled than jingled? Slow the pace, this is not a race.
  • The tree is complete and contentment reigns supreme as you sit and reminisce, retelling the tale of each bough’s bounty. Capture the eau de contentment cologne to dab as needed later.
  • You have all the ingredients to bake a perfect apple pie life. Get rolling.
  • An elderly man living at home needs a meal brought in and some company while he eats it. A single mom needs babysitting to shop for her child. Goodwill toward men is not simply a seasonal statement but rather a mandate to live high. The most powerful gifts cost not a dime.
  • Fixated on the latest ‘must haves’ splashed on the page before you, don’t lose sight of the true ‘must haves’ that have nothing to do with Chanel, Coach or an apple.
  • Piece by sugary piece Patience gingerly assembles its home, gifting all who enter with a confection injection. Be a sweet treat to yourself and others today.
  • From our perspective, giving and receiving looks like a perfect energetic ebb and flow tide. Tis the season for giving but remember to allow yourself the joy of receiving as well.
  • Like a PEZ dispenser, you offer sugary goodness to all in ear’s reach. Tilt back and let yourself be refueled and refilled.
  • Beneath the bright balls and bustle, there lives the spirit of Christmas which can be found in every cookie crumb covered smile, every ornament handled with care, every ‘ugly’ sweater worn to please its maker. Never fear, Christmas is here!
  • Tonight of all nights be grateful for the gifts you have received, those which were freshly unbowed and those that you carry in your soul.
  • Stockings flung, energy wrung but boy was it fun! Take 10 to rest before the year-end’s best.
  • Have you inflated your expectation balloon with “goals and desires” helium? If you do not ask, your air swimmer float will likely stay parked in receiving. Set your intentions and expect them to be met. If you do not ask, you will rarely receive.
  • A little concerned that the training wheels come off in 2012? We will catch you if you teeter, but you have been pedaling by yourself for a while now. Have confidence in your capabilities, we do.
  • Pregnant with expectation, every fiber signaling a change is gonna come, we tell you that change is here now. The stork has come and gone and now you reside in the loving arms of an enlightened universe.
  • Walking out of the sea and blinking saltwater, you catch your first glimpse of the promise of your new landwalking life. Every princess must leave the comfort of her salty scales but do not fear, you will not flounder.
  • Whether nose in the books or nose to the grindstone, look up! The marching bands have passed but the best float is only moments away. Have faith, your long-awaited surprise is about to appear right before your very eyes.









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