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More Than A $5 Destiny

More Than A $5 Destiny

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For the last few years we have paid our $5 and repeatedly stepped up to the mechanical bull. Fearlessly approaching the cowboy-hat-wearing-Oz, we handed him his fee, and mounted the metal beast with fingers and spurs crossed. Settling in and activating our “no guts no glory” determination, a quick nod to the corner and the switch was thrown and just as quickly so were we. Landing half way across the room on foam and our face, we got up, dusted ourselves off, and set to digging in our pocket for the next $5 bill.

Despite all evidence to the contrary, it is not that we are gluttons for punishment, but rather that we know we have it in us to intuit the mechanical bull’s next move and master this wild ride called life. Yes, knowing what we are capable of is an intoxicating elixir, but we are finally ready to step off the treadmill and onto something more inspiring, more fantastical and frankly kinder to our backside…

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This was written for the new book: 2013 Messages for Peace. Read more about the book