About Karen Weikert

We all walk a tightrope that doesn’t feel so tight. Like you, most of the time I do a “world class” balancing act but every once in a while I go ass over tea kettle and am ever so grateful for the net and the ability to bounce.

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Sages and Such

I come from a long line of odd women… sages, suggestion makers and such. It seems that my great grandmother Maude was the town seer, women with wringing hands and averted eyes showing up on her doorstep at all hours. Not sure what Grandma Maude offered, but counsel, herbal remedies, weak coffee and the best pie East of the Mississippi would be my guess. (We are big bakers in our family.) We also don’t truck with nonsense, meaning we have no patience for those who don’t think for themselves. Our weakness is that we can feel their pain, feel what they are feeling, and that sucks us into their story every damn time.

The family biz, each of us has come to our spirit work of his/her own accord and in our own timing, but it seems the stars have aligned and most of us are finally falling into lockstep. Just so you know up front, I’m the most recalcitrant of all the familial players. As you read more of my story, I’m sure you’ll groan every time I drag my heels but not to worry, the mule eventually learns to turn on a dime.
My Awakening

… Daughter Jenna has an intuitive practice in Southern California, specializing in intuitive wellness, branding and business development. Check out her website and whatever you do, don’t miss her blog!

… Daughter Leslie is a salon owner in Northern California and her clients know that they’ll get more than just the latest ombre look when they sit in her chair.

Spirit Says

For more than a decade, I’ve had front row seats to the Spirit Show and should by now be a full-fledged groupie waiting at the stage door waving paper and pen. Without fail every performance has amazed, opened doors, lifted people up by their bootstraps, comforted, healed, matured, and loved. I’m a practicing “reluctant” so Spirit has had to prod a bit to get me to step out from behind Oz’s curtain and into my potential.
Stepping Up to Full Serve

When they told me to write #spiritsays, I had no idea that it would evolve into a nightly serial of clichés, pop culture, and butt-kicking wisdom, nor did I understand the impact that it would have. Of course, Spirit intended to pack an inspirational punch, but I thought I was being offered “lite duty” for time well-served. I should have known better. Spirit is always evolving us; opening doors for us to sustain and support others. Love (serving others) is, after all, what we came here to do. Just ask Jesus or Buddha.
Who is Spirit Says

I’ve been working on “What the #%@! Chuck” (or whatever title it ends up having), a book about my Forrest Gump journey for several years, and as a talk show host recently pointed out, it is about time it was published so watch for it in 2019. (Thanks Matt for the swift kick!) In the meantime, here’s your spoonful of #spiritsays sugar.

What I See

I hear voices. I see shadows. I see body parts walk briskly by and sometimes even whole bodies. I see wispets of energy. I feel Spirits when they are swirling with frenetic energy but my favorite is being blanketed with their waves of warm, unconditional love. I get feelings about things. I recognize patterns, synchronicity, the big picture. I sometimes know what people are thinking but, more often, feel what they are feeling.
How It Works
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My Day Job

I’m a ghost tweeter for business. Even as I write this I am smiling. Ghost tweeter takes on an entirely new meaning when you actually talk to ghosts, but much like Lisa Williams who puts on her “I’m not on the clock” hat, Spirit knows when to interrupt and when not to.

All of us integrate our soul work with our daily bread. Spirit wouldn’t want it any other way.

The Other Side Of My Coin

Having the subtlety of a buzz saw and the attention span of a gnat, I am still amazed that web design — an exercise in patience and finesse — chose me. A sculptor and jewelry designer for 20 years, I imagined that my life would always be art and then one day I woke up sick and my world changed forever.

Not one to go quietly into the night, I put down the brushes and picked up a mouse, transitioning my passion for art to website design and especially the end-user experience. One thing led to another and I found myself leading a digital marketing team and eventually developing and managing large complex websites.

My enthusiasm for anything digital has not waned over the years. I’m a fiend for emerging technologies, jumping in with abandon just like a child digging in her toy box for her favorite ball. Once upon a time, I worked for a mom and pop company that decided to close their brick and mortar store and hoist their shingle to an online door instead. Sales literally exploded overnight and from then on I was hooked. I believe in the power of the internet, and especially social media as a connector. The internet brought me to my husband ( – gotta love the double dog dare), keeps me connected to my children and grandchildren, and allows me to forge relationships all over the world.

I am the co-founder of Wahine Media, a social media agency in Honolulu. An author, speaker, coach, radio talk show guest, and instructor, I teach brand storytelling and businesses/nonprofits how to truly inspire. Consciously blending together all the flavors of my life, social media management is my perfect brew and here’s a taste of what we do!

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