Channeling ETs

Extraterrestrials—Our neighbors, both on and off-planet, working for the greater good of humanity, our evolution

If I were to come and sit on your couch and we did not have this initial meeting it might very well cause disruption in you and that is the last thing that we would want. So, we make ourselves scarce so that we do not frighten, and we can observe rather than be the cause agent.
—Bea, The Brotherhood

Human beings, once homo sapiens, are being upleveled to homo luminous. What I once thought a rare privilege, now I know that we are all celestial shamans, starseeds, planted here to spark imagination and each other, to remember our true home and reach for the stars. And we’re being helped.

Woman being lifted by light

We are the tall redwoods that have lived long and have much wisdom to impart to the seedling who has just broken through the surface.
—Tetron, On Behalf of The All

Sapling between two large trees

New growth

Why are they here? To help us grow. To see us safe. To usher in the conscious human being.

There is a remembering that is happening on a global scale, a planetary preparation as we shift in consciousness. In a very real sense, we are lightening up.

Transmitting divine downloads directly to our soul, they and we are serving like midwives in the birthing of humanity from dense physical into the etheric light. 

I am originally not from your star system but was assigned here many eons ago to assist and plant the seeds for what is occurring at this moment in time. I am proud of what I have accomplished so far but there is much yet to do until all my precious human beings have stepped into the next level of understanding and awareness. Because I so enjoyed your world and my time on it, I am now an advocate for your soulsmanship and have been selected as a steward of the most precious—human beings. —Arman, Source Consciousness

Benevolent beings

Channeling ETs is not so different from channeling Uncle Fred or Aunt Sue except that you know with every exchange—which they call a joining—healing is happening.

I connect with benevolent beings who resonate with my soul. The conversations, communications, and energy exchanges I have had are, without fail, from a place of equality, respect, and, for the most part, genuine affection. There has been a grumpy gus or two in the bunch, but I eventually tickled their funny bone.

UFO clouds
Woman with glow-in-the-dark balloons


Commingling with energies from all dimensions of time and space can get quite interesting. Each new experience expands my balloon as a bridger, an escort to other worlds. In the upcoming book, you’ll experience their otherworldly humor, passion, purpose, character, and customs. Reading it, you won’t stay a tourist for long.

Seekers of truth shall become knowers of truth.

It is very much an expansion and although it feels like a step-up process it is truly a step-out process. —Galen, Acturian

If you and others like you manage to pull earth up by its bootstraps, and that’s what we see happening now, it will be as if you’re taking black and turning it into white, so different peoples’ lives will be. —Balu Varshtaya, Wise Maker

We are happy to extend our hand in friendship and most pleased to interact with those with an open mind and an open heart. We are not interested in meeting your diplomats for there is guile in their hearts and guise in their speech. —Bea, The Brotherhood

This one made me laugh. After I dermaplaned my face and removed the peach fuzz…

You shaved your mane. Your cultural norms versus ours. You have hair and yet you long to be hairless. We have hair and yearn to have more. It is a statement of pride. —Lion People, Lyra

Excerpt from the book

I loved the hokey sci-fi movies of the ’50s and ’60s, had a crush on the hunky Capt. Kirk, but it wasn’t until Spielberg’s blanket-wrapped ET went flying past the moon that I paused to consider the possibility that we might not be the only inhabitants of our universe. After Alien and Predator, I decided I was on a “need to know” basis and I definitely did NOT need to know. More than happy to keep my feet on terra firma, my mind away from thoughts of humans housed until the next feeding in spaceships full of gore and goo, I shelved all curiosity.

When I realized that I was talking to Spirit, I didn’t consider “them” ETs, but an extension of humanity, our relatives hovering close by to assist, console, and guide. Because I always saw Spirit in human form, heard them speak in my tongue, it never once occurred to me that any of them might be extraterrestrial in nature. And then I met my first little green man.

Calling all kindred spirits, it would be an honor to have you join us at @spiritsayshi.
The more, the merrier!

Connect with Spirit

Dolphin and woman connecting

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