The Book

I thought I knew what the book was about. I began writing it 20 years ago so I’ve had plenty of time to figure it out. Like all things, it has evolved and it is clear now that it has a purpose and a timing of its own. Its time is now. Oh, and it’s not just one anymore.

Spirit says publish
Parachuting in tandem


My journey has been in fits and starts and so much of it has been for my eyes only when it really wasn’t meant to be. Spirit told me to write a book 20 years ago and I did… and then I put it down. A part of me knew there was more to say and I had to live it before I could speak it.

And then the visitors arrived.

No negotiating

Knowing exactly what Spirit wanted, like a child working her parents, I tried to negotiate out of their “write a book” mandate and a daily #spiritsays was my negotiation.

Publishing every day for ten years, I’ve been told that it will continue until I die so, in the end, I just added to my pot. Bone head move on my part, but also an epic blessing.

Man holding box turtle in shell
Golden water flowing

The big questions

In the upcoming book, I share my all-time favorite convos with Spirit. There are some doozies, both big picture and small, and their answers will surprise you!

• What, where, who is God?
• What is the nature of the universe?
• Why do we exist?
• What is the future of man?
• Why COVID?
• Should we eat meat?
• Do plants have souls?
• Can I win the lottery?
• Does my grandmother watch Netflix with me?

Just as you create, so can you uncreate or re-create. On one level you are the master of your destiny, on another you are allowing your destiny to unfold, and there is a small part of you that acquiesces to perceived dominance and allows others to tell you what your destiny will be. Only you can decide where you want to be on the spectrum at any given time. We suspect that you like riding roller coasters and therefore the ups and downs are a thrill. —Tetron


And, while those are all relevant questions to our now, the galactic switchboard has been hopping lately as 5th dimension understanding comes in, not in trickles but torrents. Channeling at warp speed, the book is no longer one but a series and I can’t wait to share the scoop.

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Vintage switchboard

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Connect with Spirit

Dolphin and woman connecting

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