What my friends have taught me. In 2011, I resolve to: 

  1. Embrace leftovers and whiskers in the sink. (David Ballard, Randy Weikert)
  2. Kiss my husband more and my cats less. (Luana Kuhns)
  3. Actually use my Bollywood Dance Workout DVD instead of just listening to the beat. (Ricky Tank)
  4. Celebrate my lightning rod personality. (Vikki Clark, Michael Margolis)
  5. Teach others to be a lightning rod… and then duck. (Myka Hughes)
  6. Use sunscreen on my cleavage. (Maile Alau)
  7. Douse rather than fan. (Camp Fire Girls, Charmaine Damon)
  8. In the category of use it or lose it, remember to phone a friend at least once a week. (Nan Ferris, Patti Ambrose, Mary Beth Wegher Lohman, Joy Ellis O’Dell)
  9. Remember that email or texting doesn’t share the smile in my voice. (Desiree Ramos, Jenna Bleth, Kitty Dier)
  10. Unleash my passion for dimples. (Leslie Cox, Randy Weikert)
  11. Practice patience in rush hour traffic and poise while restoring my operating system. (Ben, Eric Hallett)
  12. Walk away after 2 hours rather than after 12. (Gwendolyn Woltz)
  13. Fit into everything in my closet… or just fit everything into my closet. (Leslie Cox)
  14. Defy gravity with regularity. (Michael Pulsipher)
  15. Study my rights and Indian mythology. (Kevin Marshall, Glenn Beck, Vywamus)
  16. Use a coat hanger to open the door. (Vicki Smith)
  17. Rather than leading a horse to water, take a swim instead. (Charmaine Damon, Heather Moore)
  18. Listen to my elders and the ancients. (Dad, Jenna Bleth, Michael Pulsipher, Poha)
  19. Rejoice in my body’s ability to sweat. (Holly Santos)
  20. Work my way up to a 5 degree comfort zone. (Elena Musillami)
  21. Laugh at others more and myself less… then switch just to keep me on my toes. (Ricky Gervais, George Lopez)
  22. Find a wine that won’t cause migraines. (Darren Ramos, Jennifer Bleth)
  23. Express my joy, say my gratitude out loud, give hugs often, love well and laugh until I can’t breathe.


Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!

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Wishing all of you a magical, kind, inspired, lucky, funny and fabulously healthy and wealthy New Year. Love to all.

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