Karen Weikert, Channeler and Author

Spirit talker

I am a scribe—of ancients, ancestors, extraterrestrials, and earth wisdom, of comedy writers, witty and brilliant prose creators, and heavenly helpers of all forms and levels of finesse. Channeling higher realms, outside agencies, other worlds, and dimensions means that I can show you the marvels under the hood. And do.

It’s sticky wisdom straight from the source.

Karen the Author

Tapped on the shoulder by Spirit for years, I finally made the commitment to do what they asked…write. And I have. Every day since January 2011.

I had no idea the impact that #spiritsays would have, nor the thousands of people I would be blessed to connect with. Today, #spiritsays has over 25,000 fans and followers who read the channeled wisdom daily.

You never know what Spirit has up its sleeve for you but believe me when I tell you it’s something grander than you could ever imagine.

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Beloved ancestors

Karen the Channeler

Spirit is in the business of oohs and ahhs, and I should know. For more than two decades I’ve had front row seats to the Spirit Show and, without fail, every performance has amazed, opened doors, lifted people up by their bootstraps, comforted, healed, matured, and loved.

Even living in a world of enchantment, the true nature of things cannot stay hidden forever. What was invisible yesterday, in a blink of an eye will make itself known, and you will realize the enormity of the magic that is afoot.

Next-level enlightening

After decades of having heart-to-hearts with Spirit of all natures, I can tell you that they have an agenda and it’s good stuff Maynard. Laden with love and goodwill, Spirit awakens our dormant divine consciousness, tunes up our vibration, unscrambles our low-res thinking, and reminds us of our power to love “it” into being, whatever our happiest “it” is.

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Spirit says publish

The Book

Reading the words in Spirits’ own voice (the Q & A), you’ll be healing, expanding, evolving, and just plain feeling good.


What is #spiritsays? A daily sentence or three of channeled wisdom meant to inspire, elevate, and delight.

Making the divine accessible, I share my actual conversations with Spirit showing that Spirit can indeed “boom the room” with great and powerful Oz-like wisdom, but they can also kick back and crack wise with the best of them. 

#spiritsays: Creating a hush

#spiritsays: Creating a hush

#spiritsays: Stopping to take a breather, the source held up its hand and the universe came to a full stop creating a hush...

#spiritsays: Wise decisions

#spiritsays: Wise decisions

#spiritsays: Taking great pride in always making wise decisions, when you find yourself upside down in the moment, cut...

#spiritsays: Satin and sequins

#spiritsays: Satin and sequins

#spiritsays: Lilah knew satin and sequins did not make the princess, that it was who you were on the inside that made you...

Calling all kindred spirits, it would be an honor to have you join us at @spiritsayshi.
The more, the merrier!

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